Did A Retailer Leak Onechanbara 2 For Xbox 360?

By Spencer . June 20, 2011 . 11:35am

onechanbaraD3 Publisher and parent company Namco Bandai haven’t said anything about a new Onechanbara game unless you count Onechanbara Special, a remixed PSP title released in Japan earlier this year.


UK retailer Play.com says Onechanbara 2 is in the works and its an Xbox 360 title. Particularly odd is the unannounced game has apparently been rated by the BBFC, according to their retail listing. Play also has other unconfirmed titles – One Piece: Unlimited Cruise (likely an error, but this is listed for Nintendo DS), Saint Seiya for PS3, a 3DS Dragon Ball (although a specific game has not been announced), and perhaps most intriguing "Super Robot" for 3DS. Super Robot Wars and Dragon Ball series titles are said to be in development for the 3DS in Japan, but details have not been revealed, even for Japan.


Some of these listings are probable like Saint Seiya since Atari brought the PlayStation 2 games over. Namco Bandai also released the One Piece: Unlimited Cruise series on Wii for PAL regions even though the game didn’t come to our shores. Namco Bandai also assists Rising Star Games with distribution so that’s why Rune Factory 3’s European release may have leaked out too. We’ll keep an eye on this surge of retail listings to see if any of these are confirmed.


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  • malek86

    I wouldn’t trust every info those retailers put up. They used to have Fatal Frame 4 too.

    • landlock

       That’s because Fatal Frame 4 was planned for a European release until Nintendo later pulled the plug. Play.com/Amazon.com are always leaking unannounced games.

  • AnimeRemix

    If this is true, then all I can say is wow… I haven’t played any of the games, but they didn’t seem that interesting personally… To anyone who enjoy the games, congrats, you might be able to get to play another one. =P

  • Matthew Emirzian

    There’s an announced 3DS Super Robot game, but no details on it. It’s likely to be an original generation title if they are considering an English release.

    • Guest

      Then does that mean I can has SRW OG fpr PS3 as well in English?

      • Hraesvelgr

        Doubt it.

      • LynxAmali

        Super Robot OG3…..
        HAHAHAHA! Nope. Can’t let fans have what they want. That’s Atlus’s motto for anything SRT.

        • Guest

          *stomps floor in anger*

    • Which we mentioned and linked to in the article.

  • the reviews for this game was hilarious.

  • I expected HMH2 to get mentioned in this post as well. maybe it’s coming in a future post since it’s worthy of its own article? :)


  • I loved the first Oncechanbara released in the usa, as well as the wii version!

  • Darkrise

    Well, hopefully they can make a big improvement for the 2nd one, I actually liked the ones released on 360 and wii but I tried out the psp version, and I have to say, pretty disappointing controls…

  • PrinceHeir

    seriously though i have been waiting for a Oneechanbara game for the PS3 :P

    most of the simple series are from PS2(including oneechanabara and earth defense force) so why not multiplatform?

    plus Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is on both consoles now so why leave out the other?

    i would love to play Aya on HD with Move(except make it more NMH control scheme this time around)

    please D3!!!!!

    • Let us hope so. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t go multi-plat with this…

  • Please just don’t make it as bad as the 360 previous title.

    Horrible screen shading, they didn’t put in dynamic lighting even though though the game had normal maps EVERYWHERE. The screen tore so horribly and you couldn’t do cool combos because each time you did one, the game skipped the frame you had to input it on.

    The wii one was way better and that was just a small spin off.

    So long as the gameplay is not messed up I’ll be happy

  • Allerina

    Why X360 again, Oneechanbara is soooo better on Wii(even though not HD, and even though I have a JTAG360, and an NTSC-J one also, I like wii better). Starting with controls, and covering everything else besides graphics.
    Though, seeing as Wii U is already announced…

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