Heroes Of Ruin Is A Fantasy Game You Can Play With Your Call Of Duty Squad

By Spencer . June 21, 2011 . 1:30pm

“It’s a demo that we were really excited about that we started to put together on our own, and you know, we shopped it around  to a few other people,” Heroes of Ruin producer, Tim Schwalk, revealed to Siliconera recently. “And I think Square certainly saw the potential in it, and we really liked the relationship.”


That’s how the Heroes of Ruin project got started. Square Enix’s London studios, specifically, are overseeing the n-Space Nintendo 3DS game. This project has nothing to do with Square Enix Japan, and it isn’t an RPG either.


That’s right, n-Space prefer to call Heroes of Ruin an action-adventure game. Aside from the melee and magic classes, Heroes of Ruin also has a Gunslinger class that uses guns and grenades. Allowing for different play-styles is something n-Space wanted to focus on, to broaden the game’s appeal.


“I think that’s one thing we were trying to do to differentiate ourselves from other RPG genres specifically,” Schwalk explained. Another n-Space employee, “We’re not an action-RPG, we’re an action-adventure game.”


“I think we’ve got a lot more mainstream appeal than just another RPG would or just another action game would [have],” Schwalk elaborated. “If I had a copy of this, and I really wanted to play with magic, I could choose an appropriate character. But my buddy who always plays Call of Duty and Madden, he can jump in as a Gunslinger. He’s got bombs and guns, and he’s going to ‘get it,’ you know?”

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  • badmoogle

    As if any COD fan would give this game a chance.

    • Yukito

      Agreed. Most don’t even step away for a different FPS game, or heck, anything else that “looks” good, let alone buying a 3DS to play an RPG game.

      Really, the RPG makers should make games for specifically the RPG players, be them TPS/FPS/S&S/whatever type of RPG player. They should just stop bothering with trying to pull the Dutyheads away from that game, because it is like trying to single handedly pull a sunken ship out of the deepest ocean.

    • You can’t just speak in sweeping stereotypes like that.  The guy who’s more into Codblops than anybody else I know has, over the years, turned me on to Tales, Castlevania, Dark Cloud, Soul Calibur and many, many other great game series.  Sometimes a little mindless shooting and lite team work is all you need, and I mean, not a lot of people that I’ve met actually do pigeon-hole themselves into liking a few select genres.

    • Sad but true.

  • First, I need a Call of Duty squad…

  • Im quite sure the amazing experience with Call of Duty, apart from short yet explosive high action high value single player mode, is the intense fun and addictive competitive multiplayer aspect that I think transcends just the choice of grenade spamming, and runnin and gunnin. I doubt theres even sniper class, and itd be odd for a COD fan to jump to a 3DS consisdering the library of titles available.

    • I…think you missed the point. What he’s saying is that it’s more relatable for people that play that genre than something strictly fantasy-based would be. Considering Heroes of Ruin has a very heavy online co-op aspect, there’s a good chance that people fond of multiplayer will take to it, provided the game gets enough word of mouth.

      • If they want to appeal to multiplayer fans, probably better to get Monster Hunter or Phantasy Star type of fans than saying CoD gamers will love gunslinger.

    • Ease up on the adjectives, man. It took you half a paragraph just to say ‘fun’.

  • Syltique

    This is pretty silly.  It looks like Hunter, which is admittedly not much of an RPG.  But the gameplay is pretty similar to Diablo, Torchlight, etc.  There’s just not really any emphasis on loot collection and detailed leveling up.

    Appealing to the Call of Duty crowd so blatantly is just another sad reminder of the times we live in.  “When my mage uses magic missile, honestly it’s not that different from a rocket launcher in Call of Duty, or a hail mary in Madden.  So yeah, they would totally ‘get it.'”

    • Actually, there’s a really heavy loot element that we’ve written about before. I thought it was little odd that they don’t consider it an RPG, considering it has all the elements of one. :p

      • It’s like Fable2/3 all over again. Hopefully it doesn’t go as badly for them as it did Lionhead.

      • Syltique

        I stand corrected.  Very weird indeed.

  • To be honest, if they tend to stick to games along the lines of Call of Duty and Madden, and would require a Gunslinger-esque character to even get into the game, I don’t think they would be prospective Nintendo 3DS owners and probably aren’t part of your target audience as much as you’d like.

    Although, I’m sure there are a handful of Call of Duty/Madden players that do have a 3DS that would play this game, but they’re also probably fans of this or similar genres to begin with and don’t need “Ohh, guns and nades bro!” shoved in their faces to see the appeal.

    Sometimes I think developers are shooting for mass market appeal without truly understanding said audiences. Not that I’m taking a stab at Mr. Schwalk in particular.

  • malek86

    I’m pretty sure the bombs and guns in this game won’t be used in the same way as COD, so it’s very unlikely that they would “get it”.

    Of course, they could simply get it like they get any other game, but in that case, why refer specifically to the COD players? They might have just said “anyone”.

  • Uhhh… I’m not sure if that’s how I would exactly explain it. Just because there’s a gunslinger character and online co-op doesn’t make it more relatable to Call of Duty.

    To me, Heroes of Ruin looks like a beat-em-up game with co-op, and a bit of customization. This might seem more mainstream than other fantasy titles – because of it’s co-op heavy gameplay – but I wouldn’t say a Madden fan or a CoD fan would “get this” anymore than other fantasy games.

  • …wait, no. hold on. not an RPG? so… no RPG elements, like leveling up/experience? no character stats, skill sets/trees? how about equipments? is it gonna have enemy powerup drops and stuff?

    then this is more like Gauntlet or those D&D arcade games… i’ll pass. don’t want. :/

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