Is This Atlus RPG Character Inspired By Hatsune Miku?

By Spencer . June 21, 2011 . 12:50am

Vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku made a few video game cameos and lent her signature costume to many other titles including Tales of Graces. Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest, a new Nintendo DS RPG from Atlus and Atelier series storywriter Shinichi Yoshiike, doesn’t officially have Hatsune Miku. Mellow may be inspired by her.


Nora finds Mellow who is lost in a garden. Mellow is a gentle girl who always has a smile on her face, even though she lost her memory. She joins Nora as a playable character.


nora3 nora4 nora6 nora5 nora2


Mellow looks somewhat like Hatsune Miku. Atlus’ artists appear to have used the same palette, but that’s not the strongest connection between the two characters.


nora1 img_MIKU


Hatsune Miku’s "voice" is made from samples from voice actress Saki Fujita… who also happens to voice Mellow in Nora and the Time Studio.


Nora and the Time Studio: The Witch of the Foggy Forest comes out on July 21 in Japan.

  • Likely an homage.

    Aside from that, I hope this game gets translated and published. Preferably by Atlus.

    Uh, correction: I hope both announced Nora games get translated and published.

    • You’re most likely right.

      I’d also like to see this title localised. It looks really intriguing!

      • I’m hoping for an Atelier-style item crafting with a battle system refined, if not overseen, by Atlus. As much as I like the humor and character in Gust games, they were never big on battle systems. Atlus, on the other hand… they are hardcore.

    • It’s the most possible theory.
      Hope the game comes to the west

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yup. More than once I’ve seen a character handled by a VA cosplay a character done by the same VA or make some kind of inside joke of similar type.

    • blah blah

      Wait, a SECOND Nora game?
      I thought just one was being made.
      That maybe too much moe for me.

      • Well, that’s the impression I’m getting so far. There are two titles I’ve heard on this site for sure: “Nora and the Time Studio” and “Nora and the Carving Studio“. Problem is, aside from that “Time Studio” will be released on 21st of July in Japan, either game has too little information out at the moment. The titles themselves don’t seem like the often-seen regional title discrepancy to me, unless they actually turned out to be just that through a really convoluted logic.

        But to be honest, I’m pretty confused myself.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I wouldn’t mind a real Hatsune Miku RPG lol

  • Her dress makes her look like she has a real long torso, and short legs – at first glance.

  • I knew I recognized the voice!Yeay for more Elise- eh Saki Fujita!

  • puchinri

    Initially, I didn’t really see the connection, but some of the colors on the outfit do seem awfully close. (I’m sick of Vocaloid myself, so I wouldn’t have minded not having a homage, but Mellow is awfully cute.)

    I totally forgot to keep checking up on the site and all. I need to go visit…

    I really liked the Carving Studio name more than the Time Studio name too. Shame it’s not Craving Studio (though time makes sense and has context).

    Oh, and I don’t know if the PV was linked on Sili anywhere, but there’s one with Mellow (and other characters) in it kinda.

  • midgard229

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah just because someone has the same hair color meeans they are the based off another character…….man Hey people out there!!! since one of you have spike hair, or buzzcuts, are bald, and have dark or blonde hair, you guys are ripping off someone else in real life too! I think your based off of them!

    freakin retarded.

    Im a character designer and I designed a character with green hair, not even the same green, way different outfit and body type, and what happens? people ask if thats miku. NO!! sorry stuff like that really bothers me lol

    • Zero_Destiny

      Wow Hold on there buddy. Not once in the article did Spencer say that this new chara Mellow was ripping off Hatsune Miku. Don’t start putting words into other people’s mouths. That’s really not cool. And calling people retarded is just really mean. >_<

      I understand that just because some charas look alike that doesn’t mean people are ripping them off or that their even inspired by the other chara for that matter. But really when you take into account that this new chara Mellow who does look kinda similar to Hatsune Miku and has the same exact voice actress, you know something’s up. I mean you don’t do that on accident. The chara was most likely inspired by Hatsune Miku or meant as some kind of homage if you ask me.

      That’s all the article was saying. That this chara kinda looks like Hatsune Miku (at least in Spencer’s opinion) and that she has the same exact voice actress. Both of which are true. :D There was no reason to explode like that at Spencer. Not cool dude. I understand that some people can be ridiculous and love to accuse others of ripping people off but there are better ways to approach them. Please keep in your anger in check. No one here is trying to accuse anyone of anything. So please don’t be so angry. ^_^

    • No one is or was accusing anything…

      The reason why we mentioned it specifically is because the *voice actress* of both characters is the same too suggesting something like a homage.

      • midgard229

        sorry guys lol, didnt mean it as offense, guess its easy to take text in any sense off a mood. 

        im not mad, just defending character designers haha. and yeah it could be a homage, though the same voice actor thing is semi common since japan re-uses their voices like crazy, still could be right :P sorry if i sounded mad hahaha, guess it reads like that when i type fast

        • “freakin retarded.”

          Are you kidding me… you obviously wrote that to be offensive.
          “NO!! sorry stuff like that really bothers me lol”

          While we can split hairs about you being “mad” or not, something rubbed you the wrong way. Whenever I type a comment or write something it’s with respect. You didn’t. No one was attacking character designers here.

          … and Saki Fujita isn’t a common voice actress. Hatsune Miku is her lead role that or perhaps her character in Working.

          Not you specifically you (although you are *part* of the problem) people react first and type without thinking. Respect is thrown out the window. Siliconera didn’t start this way, but it sure seems like its going to end this way.

          Anyway the door is over there, please do me and the community a favor and show yourself the exit.

          • midgard229

            well if u get offended off of internet text than thats sucks for you. i told you i wasnt mad, I wrote it that way, OPS, but what annoys me is that people like you act like you are king or something on the internet, like you are superior because you talk nicer. please dude, its the internet, things are far worse are on it than the comments  people type on here.

            i dont care if you take my sorry, but i take it back since you wanna whine about it. stop acting like you know people when you don’t. I’m a very calm mellow person, extremelly friendly and talkative, Im just opinionative and am allowed to be wrong once in a while. 

            people like you who get offended so easily need to get off the internet if they cant take it, So there is the door and don’t get scared when it slams shut. can’t imagine you in reality lol

          • The issue isn’t politeness – it’s thought and respect and that’s the kind of community we’d like to have here. 

            It’s not about being “superior.” I tried to reason with you, like how two people would talk in real life without shouting, which on the Internet I realize is worthless because you don’t want to discuss you just want to whine and that’s what you started with – not me. Your complaint was about character designers, which wasn’t what the post was talking about at all. You, as a character designer (as you stated), took offense to it. I’d say it’s *you* that shouldn’t be offended so easily.

            No one is saying you can’t be wrong or opinionated, again you’re not paying attention to the crux of the discussion, all I ask for (and I think this is quite reasonable) is to *read everything* and then *think before you type*

          • Actually the aggressive people, like you, should be the one getting out of the internet, just because you are on the majority doesn’t make it right…Spencer never acted like a “King”, here in any kind of way, you were offensive, and like you have every right to be wrong on a statement, he has every right to keep his site clean from insulting. And no one cares what person you are when you don’t act like that~

          • It’s people like you, who lacks etiquette and manners, which makes the internet as bad as it is now in the first place. You go around throwing comments that can easily pick a fight, and then when somebody calls you out on it, you say they’re too serious?


            Siliconera is one of the most formal and mannered sites I’ve ever seen; for the very least, its most frequent visitors certainly are. You’re the one who doesn’t belong here.

          • midgard229

            tis fine dude lol. I was wrong, shoulda read it all, ops sorry. Better? man lol not that serious :D, im sure we’d get along just fine in RL, Internet doesnt do it haha, My fiance and her best friend run into the same thing when they chat on AIm, its w/e enjoy life  dude

  • Most anime characters out there have blue hair. If anything, Hatsune Miku is based on every anime character that has been created since the 1960s. 
    This just seems like journalistic BS. Please don’t be like this. 

    • TanyaRei

      Oooh, ppl have been banned for less

      • Are you… serious? We almost never ban on Siliconera. It’s something that people have been asking us to do, but I’ve been opposed to it since I want everyone that have an open discussion. The downside is we lost our articulate and thoughtful commenters to a sea of nonsense. Even I stopped commenting on my own site, only stepping out to defend myself like now. It’s truly a sorry state from what the site *used* to be.

        • TanyaRei

          Yes, ive seen ishaal do it to someone he picked a fight with

          • They were probably either being rude, hateful, or constantly de-railing discussions. We’re very careful not to ban people simply for having different opinions.

          • Hraesvelgr

            The fact that I haven’t been banned yet really makes me want to tell you you’re wrong.

          • TanyaRei

            Alright, to prove me wrong, continue making comments like that.

        • mirumu

          I’m actually glad you generally don’t ban people and for my 2 cents would ask you to keep things as they are. A lot of sites ban people simply for having an opinion that’s unpopular and that kills open discussion. When a comments section is a bland melange of uniformity it’s barely worth reading let alone contributing to even if everyone posting is getting along swimmingly.

          Unfortunately in this case there do seem to have been a few people who simply didn’t read the post properly and completely misrepresented you. I like to think most regular commenters would see that for what it is.

          The combination of look, voice and especially the pallete suggests a definite Miku homage to me. Love her or hate her Miku’s a cultural icon that many appear to feel an affinity for, so I don’t know why some have trouble accepting that’s what it is. One thing I especially like about Japan is how a fan can feel some cultural ownership of a character and do something like this without threats of IP and copyright violation being thrown around. I think perhaps the stigma of “copying” has become so strong in many parts of the world that some have developed a kneejerk reaction to deny it at all costs.

        • Well, don’t be so down. I’m admittedly a very recent visitor, so I wouldn’t have known how the site was like. But the way I see it, at least you guys, as moderators, actually drop by to quell fights – i.e: actually moderate – the state of the site, instead of ignoring rude, hateful speech in favor of a misplaced sense of “freedom of speech”. That’s always a big plus for any community.

    • Did you read the entire post? It’s not just that both characters have blue hair, they also share a common voice actress…

    • Get some glasses, it obvious it has at least influenced a bit, just look at the hair and how it ends with a bit of green, most of the drawings styles come based out of something else anyway, so that is not something you gotta tell us….

  • TanyaRei

    That game is so cute!
    Which means I cant resist it

  • masuto

    That’s a bit of a stretch there.

  • Same hair color, clothes in same color format, eyes are blue-ish. Looks like it could be Hatsune Miku from the past or something.

  • AzureNova

    So she doesn’t remember anything huh……..  (Looks around, ties her hair in pigtails and hands her a mic) lol. But seriously, Mellow for the win, she’s too cute =^_^=. I think Mellow should be the next Vocaloid!

  • Is it coming out to America or is it another 7th DragoN/

    love that nora1 pic. thanks for high-res quality.

  • basically SRPG is easy to understand even on japanese version.So there is no hassle in terms of playing it.just imagine it as a luminous arc 3 game.It’s easy to understand but I’m more greatful if they localize it but apparently, what are the chances of this getting localize ’cause I’m aware of some changes you can’t prevent to happen.I’m happy on Atlus on some awesome release on this past years but definitely we’ll see something new.on the other hand, Atlus seems to had the majority over the nora game so let’s hope for the best you can imagine……….

  •  yay. Fujita Saki was pretty cute in “Working!!”. i hope we get this game in the west…although i kinda wish nis would publish it out…and like not change any of the voices or anything. just gimme a few more golden rpgs on the ds, thats all i’m askin’…

  • the personality is different though

  • TenRX

    *Insert any girl blue-green haired; now it’s Hatsune Miku*


    • blah blah

      Not just blue hair.
      Voiced by same actress.
      Fairly similar clothes.

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