First Saint Seiya Chronicle Trailer Pile Drives Online

By Spencer . June 22, 2011 . 11:07pm

Dimps’ third Saint Seiya game takes inspiration from the Musou series. Players will pummel enemies with Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, and Phoenix Ikki. Watch the trailer and see Pegasus Seiya take on Tarus Aldebaran.


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  • epy

    Looks like it will only be covering the 12 Houses saga and while I usually shun the Musou gameplay, the fan in me is screaming “I WANT THIS!”

  • shion16

    2011: Hokuto Musou, Naruto Musou coming up to PSP ,Bleach Musou and now Saint Seiya Musou to PS3 …..and we couldnt forget the classics Sengoku Basara and Gundam and Sengoku Musou .

    Too many anime button mashing action games even for japan.

    • Someone, somewhere, made a list of equally bland shooters and/or racers and said America had too many of them.

      Let the market decide. Just like JRPGs before them, Musou games will be evened out when the flood starts yielding horrible sales results.

    • ShinGundam

      Well, that’s what we call 3D beat’em up not button mashing action.

  • joesz


  • “Watch the trailer and see Phoenix Ikki take on Tarus Aldebaran”

    You know theres something wrong here right?
    the one taking on aldebaran is seiya lol

    • Aoshi00

      Ikki would break Aldebaran’s mind so fast like how Sorento did *.*…

      It’s a little funny we don’t hear any voices yet.. probably don’t want to dampen the fans’ enthusiasm w/ the new seiyuu cast..  I actually bought the 2 drama CDs where they used the new seiyuu from Hades to act out the Sanctuary arc, but it just isn’t the same… Seiya is not Seiya w/o Furuya Tohru.. all thanks to Kurumada’s stupid decision :(… wonder how many fans are still interested in this game though.. most fans in Jpn were so put off and boycotted the Hades OVAs later… they just watched it on SkyPerfect pay per view but didn’t buy the DVDs… the new figures still sold a lot though..

      The game looks nice, but have a feeling it would turn out to be mediocre..

      • Kibbitz

        Well, I guess we’ll see when it comes. I’m not a Saint Seiya fan actually, so my interest in this is largely because I like these sort of games and that I’ve no interest in Sangoku/Sengoku Musou. However, I do like Furuya Tohru, so your comment makes me somewhat sad at how things are likely to turn out. Also a little cautious with this since I’m not familiar with Dimps having any experience in this sort of game.

        • Aoshi00

          The two PS2 Dimps Saint Seiya games actually kinda played like this, there’s a mode you brawl thru small fries before reaching each temple then it’s a 1 to 1 fight against the gold saints.. hopefully this game would turn out to be at least decent w/ cool looking cutscenes.. the signature moves in the trailer look kinda cool.. I’m not a fan of the Musou gameplay either… I’m keeping my expectation low.. and no Furuya Tohru as Seiya was a major bummer, fans hate it when the titular Seiya is being voiced by Bleach’s Ichigo now :(.. If Furuya were still Seiya, we would’ve heard his voice yelling “Burn My Cosmos!!” riling up all the fans *.*…

      • Belenger

        Yeah… I remember being a kid and watching Saint seiya on tv, all little kids around that age mimicked fights so it was a healthy youth (lol), but yes Hades was just an insult in so many ways the whole 3D+2D digimon style just didnt cut it, at least the new animated “Lost canvas” does redemm some gold saints.

        I mean imagine being a kid and everyone having a super extra awesome sign which they can relate and you end up being either Cancer or Piscis, you can see in your classmates eyes the sheer pity that overflows them when you have to tell them what’s your sign.

        Kids these days have it easy so many unlimited gadgets… back in that day… there was just gameboy or the lovely “brick” and that’s it.

        Thank you siliconera! Now I feel old.

        Quoting a bipolar genderless loving user around here:

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. I was gonna say all these pretty looking young boys would make someone DAY ONE BABY :)  Nah, he never imports since it’s not dubbed in Eng..

          I role played the saints w/ my friends too when we were kids.. I was Aiolia and Seiya, Leo was my sign and then each of us gets to be a Bronze too.. we had a tough kid being Ikki lol..  back then you just watch the anime and make pretend lol..

          I actually didn’t have a problem w/ the animation of the Hades OVAs, I mean the action wasn’t very fluid but it was mostly the inconsistent seiyuu cast change for the Bronze that caused the fan uproar and backslash..  Kurumada the author thought the original voices were too old, so he wanted to use newer seiyuu, he would’ve let Furuya Tohru stay as Seiya but change the rest, but Furuya stuck his neck out and said unless the rest of the Bronze brothers come back I wouldn’t be in it, so that’s how we got Ichigo Seiya right now :(… so the OVAs would’ve turned out totally different if the original voices weren’t changed.  And then it was too late, Suzuoki Hirotaka the voice of Shiryuu passed away from cancer in his mid 50’s…  the famous scenes just sounded all different than everyone imagined all these years, everyone had in their mind Horikawa Ryo (Vegeta) being Hades Shun.. and the scene btwn Ikki and Pandora..  I mean the new cast wasn’t half bad, but fans were too familiar w/ the original cast for the last decade or two, and Kurumada ignored the fans’ petition and went w/ the unnecessary change… it was the old fans who (now all grown up in the 30-40’s, men or women married w/ kids lol) would spend big money to buy the DVDs anyway, not new fans like those watching Lost Canvas now..  the thing was they made big bucks from the Cloth Myth figures though, I myself have bought 3 lol…

          Would’ve been nice if the Hades OVAs had similar quality to the 3rd movie.. that had amazing animation to this date..

          As w/ this game, I don’t want to pre-order and then it turns out to be bad (bought too many bad games alrdy).. I’m going to wait for reviews..

          • Kibbitz

            Sorry to hear that, though what exactly do you own in the bad game list so far?

          • Aoshi00

            Tsukumonogatari, Kenshin PSP fighting game, Tale of the Last Promise *.*… Like Kenshin I just got doped since I was a fan of the anime I knew there’s a chance it wasn’t going to be good but turned out pretty crappy, so was Last Promise… that’s why I think I might skip Black Rock Shooter now..

          • Kibbitz

            Ouch, sorry to hear that =( Didn’t like Last Promise myself, skipped Kenshin and Tsukumonogatari passed under my radar due to being an AVG (my JP reading abilities are still too weak to have any interest in these). Tsukuomonogatari looks like a huge waste too, with a lot of voice talent that I actually like.

          • Aoshi00

            I learned my lesson and swear I need to stop blind pre-ordering games just because the trailers look “deceptively” cool w/ nice music and art design and need to wait for reviews.. I mean imports are not exactly cheap, like $70-80 a piece, so that’s a couple hundred dollars down the drain.. ImageEpoch’s JRPG revolution was a joke, for BRS, I definitely need to wait, just because it has huke art and good opening doesn’t mean it’s a good game…

            Same for Last Promise (the artbook has hardly any artwork at all..), they really tricked us w/ the trailer w/ this great seiyuu cast but there’s hardly any voices :(…  I remember you did a short review for it right?  Those were the exact same feelings I have (at that time I reserved my judgment since my copy was in the mail, but the negative reviews everywhere made me regret alrdy).. I just couldn’t get past the stupid premise of them running around the castle.. so war started, 30,000 people died, w/ 2,000 left over and you have to save as many of them as possible, that’s just so trivial.. I heard you need to save like over 1600 citizens in order to get a good ending.. I want to go back to finish it to get my money’s worth, but the game was just so bland and there’s tons of other great games on my backlog… remember they said the game was like 250Mb and everyone was like don’t sweat.. but man, the scope of this game is indeed small.. 

            I just finished Alice Madness Returns and loved it.. now my priority is Steins;Gate sequel and Pandora’s Tower.  So far the Wii games have not let me down, like Xenoblade and Last Story, I especially loved the latter. But I felt so burned when it comes to PSP games.. Kenshin PSP fighting game was crappy, that’s why despite being a huge Seiya fan, I can’t just blind buy this.. people alrdy went down the memory lane w/ the PS2 games, this just has better looking HD graphics (which admittedly do look quite good)..

          • Kibbitz

            Understandable. I stopped blindly preordering stuff myself after I got burned by the Queen’s Blade LE, which is why I am waiting cautiously for Queen’s Gate. Last Promise, yea, well, it is what it is. I didn’t like those aspects either, but I wasn’t sure whether it was just me being tired of standard RPGs.

            At least you have the Wii, I guess? =) The titles you listed look almost good enough for me to want to get a Wii, but already my DS, PS2 and PS3 are underutilized, so it feels horrible to add more unused hardware to my collection. Stein’s Gate at least has a pedigree and Pandora’s Tower is looking pretty cool too.

            Your case for Saint Seiya is pretty much like mine with Hokuto Musou, except that my like for Hokuto no Ken is most likely not at the level of your love for Saint Seiya. I really liked the idea but was very wary, so I waited until I could actually see and read up on reviews for it to form my own opinion. I consider myself lucky that I mostly loved the game even with its flaws.

            Gundam Musou 3 was a far bigger gamble. I have no love for Gundam but I bought a copy to play online multiplayer with my friend. I was so lucky that they fixed almost everything I didn’t like about GM2 because we ended up not playing much multiplayer at all (friend hates how the online missions are structured… I can’t disagree.)

          • Aoshi00

            lol, I got Queen’s Blade too, but not LE, I played a little and put it down, I’ve got more bad games than I could count (oh Sigma Harmonics also)..  It can’t be just us getting tired of standard RPGs, because I loved turn based like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey or ASH, I thought I couldn’t get enough of them since they’re like extinct.. (and I don’t play Atelier and such).. Last Promise reminded me of Archaic Sealed Heat, but I liked ASH a lot more in terms of story, chars, music, gameplay, the strategy, etc..

            I kinda let my PSP gather dust.. I like the DS because of Layton and Phoenix, 3DS I only have one game the new 3D Layton but sent it to NoA to fixed the crooked screen (also majorly disappointed no Netflix nor Jpn shows), I played my 360 the most, then PS3 (but mostly I just watch blu-rays on it).

            I was never big on the Dynasty Warriors games, and I wasn’t a big fan of Hokuto either, so when I heard the mostly so so reviews I just skipped it.. I was a big Gundam fan, but after I tried the Musou demo I thought it was pretty boring..  that’s why I’m not terribly excited about this Seiya Musou brawler now, seems similar to the PS2 games given a new coat.. I mean the Saints’ special moves are pretty cool, but I will see.. like I said, the trailer was careful not to use any voices here because long time Jpn fans hated the new voices lol..  since the original voices were just so ingrained in all the fans’ mind.. if it were Ichigo saying “Burn My Cosmos”, it would just remind them how mad they were at the Hades OVAs…

            My Steins;Gate sequel just shipped, I got Pandora’s Tower alrdy just don’t have time to play yet.. but reviews for both are excellent across the board, so that’s good :)

          • Kibbitz

            Yea, Queen’s Blade is the biggest burn I had with my own money. Otherwise, for RPGs, the last one that I really, really liked was Mugen no Frontier EXCEED for its characters and game simplicity. A lot of the big name titles feel a bit overwhelming with the side quests and things to collect, and since I’m completionist, I usually avoid most of them to avoid killing myself over 100%ing it. I’ll probably try them after I wean the completionist urges out of my system some more =P
            Hardware-wise, my PS2 and DS were bought purely for Super Robot Taisen. Can’t remember what I bought my PSP for, but I would have anyway for Dai-2-ji SRT Z2 Hakai-hen. PS3 was an impulse purchase, sadly, from a friend who got two for two huge Sony TVs he bought. At the moment, I only own Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Gundam Musou 3 and Hokuto Musou for it, with 2nd OG and Asura’s Wrath being my next targets. I am hearing that Shadows of the Damned is awesome though, so I might grab that too.

            For Saint Seiya Senki, well, guess we can only wait and see how it turns out. At least you have Pandora’s Tower and that Stein’s Gate sequel coming. I have nothing that I have absolute faith, so I’m mostly playing old stuff until 2nd SRT OG is in. To Heart 2 Dungeon Travellers might hold me for a while if it turns out to be good though. I will probably pick up Shadows of the Damned after my friend returns my PS3 when he’s done with Ar Tonelico 3 though, if 2nd OG isn’t out yet.

  • I watched this anime before when it was on CN, I was in and out of the whole thing to be honest. But in the end, it hooked me. And I haven’t played the PS2 games, so I’ll keep an eye out of this one. So far I’m liking what I see.

  • HarryHodd

    This is my first exposure to the series and I really like the setting and look of the characters. Don’t mind musou type games so some of the moves looked good. I’m hoping there will be a good game behind all this.

  • I want this …

  • Quick Note: Namco Bandai EU is getting their hands on this one.

  • Masengan

    Arg, I wanted to see some Andromeda chain action, looks good, and I would like to play a Saint Seiya game for once.

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