See Steins;Gate Running On An iPhone & iPad

By Spencer . June 22, 2011 . 4:08pm

For those of you that missed the PC, Xbox 360, and PSP releases of Steins;Gate, 5pb is bringing Nitroplus’ visual novel to iPhone and iPad. This version contains the extra content from the Xbox 360 version, but doesn’t come with an app to send text messages to the past even though its on your phone.


Famitsu shared two videos of Steins;Gate running on Apple’s hardware.




Steins;Gate is will be released on iTunes sometime this summer.

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  • Well, as long as this means more money for 5pb, but i hope they dont forget they still have to forget the dating sim of steins gate to the psp too!

    • Th..they should not forget to forget the dating sim Steins;Gate game for the PSP…?

      • Let’s hope not my friend, let’s hope not, for all we hold dear

        • I’m confused, but whatever yeah I’m looking forward to the PSP Steins;Gate games!


    Extra content from the XBOX 360 version? Do you mean the PC version, or did I miss something on the XBOX? Lol.

    • Aoshi00

      The extra content for the PC release was also available as DLC for the 360 version.  The Platinum Hits budget re-release or Double Pack (w/ the sequel) also includes the DLC on disc.

      • It’a a proper sequel or it’s the original game as a dating-sim ?
        I’m asking because if it’s a sequel I can expect a second season for the anime series. I don’t know enough japanese to play the game so I’m relying on the anime >.>

        • Aoshi00

          It’s a dating sim spin-off, like a “what-if” scenario.. specifically what if they failed to invent the time machine and just go on w/ their regular lives, like a love comedy..  I’m anxiously waiting for my copy in the mail, hope dang customs doesn’t open my package this time..  Based on the original story it can’t have a proper sequel unless it’s an alternate world line..   I guess the anime being 24 eps arldy count as 2 seasons right?  Yea, the game does have a lot of Jpn text even physics terms and net slang, but a very useful glossary. The anime is grade A quality, rather faithful so far and even expanded on some scenes, and the dialogue is modified a bit to flow better in real time conversation.. If you’ve watched the entire anime later, there’s not much reason to go back to the game since there’d be no surprise to the story.. I must say the touch screen on the iPhone or iPad makes a very interesting and immersive interface.. I do want to buy these again in the future…

        • Nah, i dont think they release those in anime, Chaos;Head also had a sequel dating sim and didnt got anime

      • FHOIW

        Oh I see. Only read the PC version. Lol.

  • mirumu

    Looks like it’s come across rather well. I don’t really like the iPhone for many games due to the lack of analog sticks, but it’s ideal for VNs like this. Hope they at least consider an English localization at some point.

  • Everyone could use some mindrape while on the road.

  • Aoshi00

    Wow, the iPhone displaying the entire phone e-mail is a very nice touch.. but it’s much easier to read playing on the bigger iPad.. how much are these games going to cost?   If I have either an iPhone or iPad I might buy these again.. Personally I don’t like playing shmups on a portable, but VN is just perfect..

    It’s funny at first I wasn’t used to the new anime char design.. but now I’ve watched the anime for several months it takes a while to get used to the original huke design..  Okabe really looks much better in the anime, in the game he looks kinda bug eyed and weird.. Gotta love Miyano Mamoru, so far he has voiced some very nice chars (Yagami Light/Elza from Last Story/Okabe, etc)..

    • i thought so too, im scared that i might get a little out of note because of the psp designs xD, i got used to the anime’s in those 8 episodes i saw

      • Aoshi00

        yea, Christina looks weird in the anime at first.. but in the anime her expression is softer and doesn’t look as aggressive it’s actually quite lovable :)  Not to mention a lot of the anime drawings (action scenes) are actually better than huke’s.. the PSP cover art is really nice though..  I think Okabe and Suzuha look really good and much improved in the anime.  Just imagining how they would animate the rest of the series gives me goosebumps… this is not a quick cash-in, it’s work of love and Steins;Gate truly deserves it..

  • Souji Tendou

    Well, it’s nice to hear it’s getting iPhone/iTouch/iPad treatment, but it’s useless if I can’t read even a singe darn thing. So, I hope it get localized. :p

  • Guest

    A dating sim kinda defeats the purpose of Steins Gate and what made it so popular

    • Aoshi00

      How would it affect the main game?  There was a lot of funny moments in the first game too.  Seems to be highly rated by the fans, 4-5 out of 5 stars on average.   You haven’t even played Steins;gate and grown to like the chars. What made Steins;gate popular was the good story, likable chars, and music. At least this is a worthy spinoff.

      • Souji Tendou

        What Aoshi said. Anyway, I really like Hououin Kyouma, imo he’s a unique character, it’s rare for me to see such a unique main character like him in anime nowadays.

        • Aoshi00

          I love the Mad Scientist :)  Also Assistant, Shining Finger, Part-time Warrior, they’re all great :)  But yea, Okarin/Hououin Kyouma is one of the most unique game/anime main chars I’ve experienced in a long time :)

      • Guest

        I never said it would affect the main game. The main game came first obviously so it’s done. Steins; Gate broke the norm of this genre by not focusing on the dating sim and eroge or hentai and look how far it excelled. Sure people like the characters, but it’s the characters AND the story that totally takes a different direction than “just a dating sim”. Since almost EVERY freakin VN is a “dating Sim” with eroge or hentai forced in, this was a refreshing change and as such, what maked it a successful unique gem out of the oversaturated mass. Now they just sold out with a cheap rewrite of the story. Rather, to have a proper sequel or spin off focusing on a different main character of sorts : /

        • Aoshi00

          There can’t be a proper sequel w/ those chars, they’re done, their fates are sealed in the first game.  The spinoff here is an alternate scenario in which Okarin and co. were not successful in creating the time machine.  This is just a set up that you could see the beloved chars in a more light hearted situation, since the 2nd half of the main game was too bleak, so it was good to see the chars enjoy their normal lives (instead of being in danger). This is no cheap eroge, there’s no hentai, it’s just funny situation that brings a smile to your face. And most of all, fans of Steins;Gate enjoy it. So you might want to play the first game, try the spin off, and then form your opinion. Also there was some romance in the first game btwn Okabe and Kurisu, which was very integral to the story, but in the main game, their relationship unfortunately could not carry out at the end due to many pressing dire situation, it was very sad. BTW, I just rec’d the last drama CD, those stories were a bit sequel-ish, I heard those are even more emotional, they expanded some stories from a different view point..

          If you’re talking about using different chars, that’s what 5pb is making, Robotics;Notes, as their 3rd game in the science adventure series. This goofy spin off is strictly for existing Stein;Gates fans..

  • They took out all of the font effects and made the nametags actually legible this time.

    The lip sync looks horrible.  If they couldn’t get it as good as the PC version, they should’ve just dropped it.
    But the phone interface is brilliant.

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