Ignition Intends To Have DLC For Dragon’s Crown

By Spencer . June 23, 2011 . 4:05pm

dragons_crown_003Our interview with Kashow Oda has lots of details about Dragon’s Crown. (Read it if you haven’t already!) We also spoke to Shane Bettenhausen, Business Development Director, about Vanillaware’s HD title.


"When I first met him [George Kamitani], we started talking about Dragon’s Crown, back then, two years ago, he was still kind of new to downloadable content. He was eager to learn what American’s expect from DLC, how it works, and what kind of stuff he should put into Dragon’s Crown," Bettenhausen recollected. Ignition picked up Dragon’s Crown after working with Vanillaware on Muramasa: The Demon Blade.


"This is a game that we’ve had a lot of ability to impact development and tell what a global audience expects from a game. I think Japan is a little bit behind on things like DLC [downloadable content]. Hopefully, with this game we’ll be able to give you more of it," Bettenhausen added.


I cut in, "it sounds like Dragon’s Crown is going to have DLC." Shane laughed, "I hope so. With this kind of game wouldn’t you expect it? Other maps, other characters, other items?" "You can say we intend to have DLC for this game."

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  • HarryHodd

    I’m cool with DLC as described here. I also noticed Dragons Crown up to Number 4 today on Amazon PS3 best sellers. Surprised to see it so high this far from launch.

    • I friend mentioned last night what the price was and I preordered right away… just in case it was a typo. Unlike OTHER sites (ahem, Target, TRU, etc) Amazon actually gurantees the cheapest price! But, then I thought about it and remembered Ignition selling Deadly Premonition for $20, and wondering if this is another budget title… Either way, good deal!

      • HarryHodd

        I did the same thing a few weeks back when it went up. It spiked then too.

      • kupomogli

        I saw it for $29.99 for PS3.  I should have preordered it :(.

  • tr1gun1212

    With a game like this, I would have hoped for free updates or at least proper expansions for new characters, a la Diablo II. Maybe that is indeed what the DLC will turn out to be, but this dampens my interest somewhat.

    • raymk

      So your telling me you don’t buy any games on consoles now?  Just so you know 95% of them have DLC in some shape or form so you must don’t buy games anymore lol.

  • The best type of DLC is the one that offers you more significant content.
    Take Burnout Paradise, Wipeout HD Fury as two examples. The first re-created the whole game thanks to DLC. The second expanded the original with new campaign and play modes.

    If they can do DLC at this quality for Dragon’s Crown I will gladly purchase the DLC (the game I’m buying regardless of what happens)

    • I agree. As nice as it would be to see the Sorceress in skimpy clothing I don’t want to pay for costume packs. I’m not saying don’t throw away the skimpy costume just put it in a larger package :)

      • raymk

        I just want Demon blade characters and i’ll be good.  they can throw in a bunnygirl costume for the sorceress and i’ll be good to go as well :).

        • ninjaonizuka

          sir u read my mind im reely not fond of these characters :/ i hope u can customize them and if they released a kisuke dlc i wud never change my character ever again i luv muramasa :DD

  • I enjoy games that keep on giving. I hope they follow the route that Bioware does with their games and strong extensive DLC support in the same vein as an Awakening pack, etc. 

  • It’s good that they have long term plans for the game, but I can only hope that none of it involves day-one DLC.  That always seems like a huge slap in the face to early adopters of a game

  • Bikini outfit for Sorceress please.

    • z_merquise

      Shhh! Don’t motivate them. Or else they’ll charge it $15 just for that. Haha!

  • z_merquise

    Sounds like it wasn’t confirmed yet but if they do add DLC, I hope it won’t be like cheap cash-ins (stuff that should be unlockables) or day 1 DLCs.

    Ignition is the publisher and they may have the final say on this but I love Vanillaware and I’m really going to support them but I do wish that they won’t be tainted by dirty business practices that most companies were doing.

    • raymk

      See whats the difference between day 1 DLC and 5 month DLC if the content was held back on purpose so that it looks like they worked on it sense then?  U can’t really tell so there for DLC in general is bad or good depending on weather you want it or not.  

  • Was there any confirmation on whether or not that rumor of Ignition porting Odin Sphere and Murmasa into the PSN was true?

    • Ignition wouldn’t have anything to do with Odin Sphere, Atlus owns that IP entirely.

      I asked Marvelous and Ignition about Muramasa and the short answer is no.

      • Well damn.

      • Ladius

        Thanks for the info, maybe you could write a story about it since it’s a common rumor amongst Vanillaware fans.

  • please let them add a sexy spellsword lady > w>

  • I wonder what kind of DLC he has in mind. It sounds like he already decided, and is just teasing.

  • Yamaneko22

    Thinking about DLC’s when game is pretty far from being released… How I hate this generation for introducing this. Even Vanillaware is going this route.

  • Ladius

    I don’t mind, with a 29$ price tag this game is already too interesting to miss, and side-scrolling beat’em ups lend themselves fairly well to dlc expansions (new stages, classes and so on).

  • PrinceHeir

    as long as the content is good :P

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