Pit Can’t Defeat Palutena In Kid Icarus: Uprising’s Augmented Reality Card Game

By Spencer . June 23, 2011 . 5:33pm

Shown briefly in the E3 trailer, Kid Icarus: Uprising has an augmented reality card game. Those are some sample cards below of Pit, Palutena, and Medusa.




When I met with Nintendo, I tried the card game out. I started by pointing the 3DS at two cards, which made 3D models of Pit and Palutena pop up on the screen. The characters stood in place until a Nintendo representative rotated the cards so the two characters faced each other. I pressed A and a battle started… where Pit lost.


Curious to see if the game was based on luck I pulled the Pit and Palutena cards out again. Pit ran in place towards Palutena (just like last time), sparks flew, and Pit was defeated again. I asked if the fights were pre-determined and the Nintendo rep acknowledged they were.


Being the star character, I wondered who Pit could defeat. I put Pit against Magnus, a seasoned warrior with a sword as tall as him. Again, Pit lost. There was only one opponent left, a generic fighter (the three pack of cards I received after was different). Finally, a win for Pit! Maybe he would have had better luck fighting the Underworld Army (look a the Medusa card) instead of his own team…

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  • Hopefully this is a testbed for a Pokemon Trading Card game.

    • Code

      rar, smart thinking, Tsuna! I wouldn’t have thought of that one~!

      • They already have models ready, as you could see with the pokedex 3D, but I would hope to see something more along the lines of a Pokemon Stadium 3D (get it?!) w/ 3D card battles, with possible cross-game battling (i.e. KI cards vs PS cards, Starfox vs Animal Crossing, etc.).

        What is more concerning is that the fights are predetermined. I hope that is because this is just beta, but that would suck if that were the final product.

        My other fear is that this will not be supported at all in the US. Eye of Judgement kinda died, and while Invizimals is cool and stuff, I don’t know anyone else who has it.

        [also, just realized I responded to the wrong dude. osry, code.]

    • Elemiel

      I approve of this idea.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Considering how awesome the Pokémon TCG game on the Game Boy Color was, I approve of this idea.

  • Personally if the make a Yu Gi Oh game that uses cards like the show. My body is ready.

    • Which would you prefer: a giant stadium, an arm attachment, or a motorbike?

      • Card games on motorcycles?!? What will they think of next, card games with Geass Powers?

         . . . oh, no . . .

      • darkfox1

        HAHAHA Card Games on motorcycles……

  • …I must admit that my first thought was a 3DS version of Aquarian Age Alternative. It will probably never happen, but I will wish for it.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I really need to get a 3DS soon >>;

  • Seems pretty awsome but I’m trying see how can this work with yugioh considering with the actual cards

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