Solatorobo: Red The Hunter Lands In North America This Fall

By Spencer . June 24, 2011 . 9:00am

OP1004_00073As some of you guessed, Xseed is handling Solatorobo: Red the Hunter in North America. I saw an English build of the game and controlled Red Savarin, the main character, who rode a mech. Red could throw objects at enemies, but since I was early in the game there weren’t many fights.


There’s only so much you can get out of a brief hands-on, especially because CyberConnect2 created a rich world for the title. A Japanese art book Xseed showed me was like an encyclopedia and covered little details that didn’t make it into the game like the favorite sport of the dog people (it’s disc catching). CyberConnect2 poured a ton of effort into pre-production. Said to be a spiritual successor to Tail Concerto, I noticed there were more "direct" connections to the PsOne game, but saying anymore may spoil a surprise.


Solatorobo: Red the Hunter’s localization will be based on the European version from Nintendo. The Nintendo DS game is slated for release this fall.


I suppose this would be a good time to mention… we have an interview with Xseed to share too.


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  • Can’t wait!

  • Kaoro

    Based on the European localization? Interesting. I know Solatorobo is not a Nintendo-made title like Xenoblade but I wonder if this kind of scenario could play out with some of the titles that NoA is refusing to localize.

    Glad XSEED picked this one up tho, will definitely buy.

    • Ryos

      Hope you’re right.  I bought a Wii explicitly for Xenoblade (and of course in the hopes of getting the Last Story). :(

    • puchinri

      That would be interesting. 

  • kylehyde

    So that means that the translations work is going to be the one realized by NOE?

    If thats the case, then sweet, I think that they made a good job with last window.

    • Perfect job, i just love all that feeling of “like a nove” its still an unique experience xD.

      But this made me considere these Jake Hunter games from XSEED, have you tried those? If so, what do you think of them? o-o

      • Come on man, we did Jake Hunter, not XSEED. :(

      • kylehyde

        I haven’t tried so I can say at all if they are good or not, but I was checkig on internet and I found that they were published by Aksys.

  • Awesome! Finally after following this for a while and its coming to the states! :D
    Tho I have to wonder if they will include the art book in a special edition? That would be awesome. Day 1 buy for me!(also I heard they are keeping the japanese voice actors in the us  version from 1up) the special editions of Ys seven had an art book.

  • CaveNut

    Is this interview with Xseed a Q&A?

    I would like to ask if they would continue bringing more dungeon crawlers such as Elminage and Students of the Round.

    As well as Tengai Makyou IV. . . . I want this one for YEARS.

    • The interview is done already….

      • CaveNut

        Oops. . .my mistake. So what’s it about? Can’t wait to read it.

        • You’ll see soon…

          • Lookin’ forward to that interview. Should be interesting~

            Any hint as to when it’ll be posted?

    • I can field that one (Tom from XSEED here!).

      We’ve been looking at and considering a lot of dungeon-crawler titles lately. Nothing’s set in stone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of ’em wound up in our future release schedule.

      A lot of that depends on how well Wizardry does, of course… but just working on Wizardry did spark a bit of a renewed interest in the genre for us, so we’re definitely keeping an eye out for any other games in that style that we might be able to get ahold of. Just keep your fingers crossed, I guess, and stay tuned for future announcements!

      • CaveNut

        Thanks. Oh by the way. I might as well say this. . . . XSEED IS

      • shadowind

        As someone who lives in the UK and who’s concerned that the only releases of Wizardry will be the downloadable ones (like the Falcom ones which in my opinion was a bad idea to do as downloads here), are there any plans to release the version that featured both Wizardry games on disc for PS3 as I would definitely buy that one because it would be a lot easier for me and other European gamers to buy… (Also, can you guys look at getting yourself a proper European distributor rather than going with various ones for what few games we do get from your company!)

  • XSEED<3333333333333333333333

  • greenellow

    Just preordered my copy from amazon (i didn’t think they would have it up this quick)

    im just happy exeed is publishing this in america, I already have the import but now i can know what the hell is going on

  • Here’s hoping this isn’t the last title Nintendo has been content to leave stranded in Europe that gets rescued by a well-intentioned U.S. publisher. :3

    • But this is not a “Nintendo” title, it’s from Namco Bandai (they own the IP) and CyberConnect2.

      • So, CyberConnect2 is the developer, NamDai is the IP holder, Nintendo is doing the Euro localization, and XSEED is doing the US localization, right?

  • Sweet just waiting for to put a listing and its pre-ordered.

    EDIT: Found it.

  • @XSEEDGames Thank you for localizing this.  I sincerely hope Namco Bandai America could learn a thing or more from you guys, about niche titles.

  • Yay, way better cover art than the European release.

    • That’s not cover art, it’s just concept art.

  • Xseed, I love you like Gir loves Tacos, if I don’t get your games I’d explode.

    Solatorobo is a day 1 buy.

  • Code

    rar, looking forward to it owo~! I’m so glad to see it actually get localization here, it seems like a real loss if we missed out on it omo’

  • What a nice pickup Xseed.  We can always count on you for some cool Namco stuff.  I never played Tail Concerto but still want to play this.  I wonder if Atlus will put the game for PSN…

    • puchinri

      Ah, that would be awesome.

  • Solatorobo & Devil Survivor 2. DS is still surviving! Anything else I forgot?

    • Zero_Destiny

      Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. ^_^ That’s my most looked forward to game right now for the DS. :D

      • Give me Joker 2 Pro and I’ll be totally crazy

  • A spiritual successor to Tail Concerto? Sign me up!

  • puchinri

    Oh gosh, I’m never going to have any money between now and fall. But I’m excited regardless!

  • Hot damn. Can’t wait for fall.

  • PrinceHeir

    yay more niche games FTW :P

  • looks like this is my next ds game for purchase. Radiant historia was my last and most recent one. 

  • YsyDoesIt

    With as much as I loved Tail Concerto, I’m totally budgeting for this.

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