Final Fantasy VII And Final Fantasy VIII Are On Steam… But Not Available For Download

By Ishaan . June 25, 2011 . 11:31am

 Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII are up on Steam…but not for public download. The two Steam games are based on their PC ports in 1998 and 2000 respectively, with a few modifications made to their files in an attempt to get them to run better on modern PCs.


The report comes from RPG Site, who came across the two games using the Steam Registry Editor.


The Registry Editor is currently the only known way to even view the game files. Interestingly, Square Enix had tinkered with them as recently as 2010, to try and make them compatible with modern operating systems, but to no avail.


This news doesn’t necessarily mean the two games will be seeing a Steam release of course, but it is interesting to know that this was, at some point, under consideration.


A big thanks to Ariah for the tip!

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  • Selaphiel

    Random thought: FF12 would work great as a PC game.

  • lostinblue

    a remastered version with re-rendered backdrops @ 1080p and 16:9 support should be looked into by them, for all platforms.

    Not a remake, just an enhanced version with better resolution assets that I’m sure, since it was pre-rendered CGI they do have.

    • fallen

      This is such a great idea. This, coupled with modern computing power to reduce or eliminate loadtimes would make for, bar-none, the definitive versions of these games.

  • malek86

    Guess we won’t be seeing them on GOG either, then. Too bad.

    Well, the PC port of FF7 was pretty bad to begin with. Unsynced clock, cutting music…

    • ninjaonizuka

      not for me

  • xhunter

    Weird. I still have the PC version of VIII and it works great on newer PCs. Oh well.

    • endaround

      Is it a 64 bit system?

      • I’m pretty sure FF8 was built for a 32-bit system.  I’m not so sure about VII, though.  I think that was right on the cusp of 16/32-bit and I know VII has a large amount of issues with XP on up.

  • Oh wow.

  • NotABananana

    I hope they don’t! My FFVII PC version would be useless then!

  • I still own both and what to say, i think this wont happen.

    these pc versions are rare and still stand.

  • If they do get it to work, I might just have to invest in Steam immediately.

  • Suicunesol

    Yay! Maybe I can finally play Final Fantasy VII for the first time and see what all the fuss is about!

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      At this point in the game, I think you may be disappointed. IMO it was a great game for its time and it hasn’t aged as gracefully as, say, OoT, plus your expectations are probably really high after 10 years of praise for it

      • Suicunesol

        Nah, my expectations are already fairly low. I saw a video of it on youtube. It looks terrible. And its atmosphere seems nothing like that of Advent Children.

        But I’m also pretty forgiving as far as DS graphics go. FF7 can’t be much worse.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Perfect then. Wait, you’ve seen Advent Children already? That hardly made sense even after playing the game first >_>

          • Suicunesol

            Aeris dies. Sephiroth kills her. :P I never heard FF7 fans talk about anything but that, so I assumed that’s all I needed to know before seeing the movie.

          • Code

            “Protagonist goes on an adventure and saves the day from the antagonist.”

            There I saved you from needing to play most games of the last 25 years too owo;

          • GamerKT

            SPOILERS! Gawsh!

    • puchinri

      I still don’t see what all the fuss is about even after playing it way back when. But it is fun for the most part. I hope you get to play it some time so you can experience it firsthand~.

  • Can’t speak for 8, but modders have long gotten FF7 PC to work with custom video drivers. It has no problems running on modern PC’s. I’ve got a Core i7 laptop with an x64 Windows 7 OS, it runs perfectly with a downloaded tweak or two. Dunno what Square Enix’s problem is. I can only assume they just don’t wish to put the effort into it, it’s extremely easy to get the original retail release to work on new PC’s… Needless to say, i won’t buy this for steam if they did get it working. Already have the original (got it many years ago). But it’s strange how they’re having issues getting it working.

    I’d have liked to have seen more Final Fantasy games for PC, like fully 3D ones. The stuff on PS2 would have looked amazing in higher resolutions (already does if you don’t mind emulators, but that’s another story).

  • Very, very interesting. Too bad the PC ports are such rubbish, I’d love to see these games on Steam and GOG, strengthening the market, even old as they are.

    • Gelsa

      If I remember correctly (and keep in mind that I didn’t even own any of the ports, a friend did so my memory is extra fuzzy) you couldn’t even remap what buttons the games used… Which was extra bad since they used the numpad for everything :/

      • ninjaonizuka

        i have ff7 and i have no probs and i  can config everything tht i need :/ 

        •  Same. I even found some online work-arounds back when I had a Windows XP PC to get both FFVII and FFVIII running on them.

          The problem with FFVII is that its default control scheme involved a number pad. As long as you find the work around fan-patch (I think its still online somewhere) and start the game with number lock on the first time, you can map the buttons however you’d like.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Please stop wasting your time and try coming up with a new IP, squeenix

  • IB2004

    Wow sure skip IX just because its not a tetsuya nomura creation

    • ragnarok989

      Or they skipped it because Square never brought it to PC in the first place and putting it on Steam would require a team to port it…Don’t blame them now, blame them 10 years ago.

      • IB2004

        Ok then damn you squaresoft for skipping ix

  • Mister_Nep

    I keep forgetting there’s a PC version of 8. I should pick it up one day. I love 8 so much!

  • Covnam

    FF VII is the only title I don’t own, but since I played it on the PC I definately wouldn’t mind finally owning my own copy on Steam. I’ve got VIII somewhere around here, but I haven’t tried it on any OS later than ’98 probably.
    Even better is that if it’s on Steam, then one of steam’s wallet crushing sales will probably have these titles show up sooner or later :)

  • For God’s Sake Squeenix! Just tell us that either,
    A.) You make remakes for either/both on the NGP/PSVITA
    B.) You make remakes for either/both on the PS3( *cough* remember tech demo    FFVII)
    C.) You give us – 2 sequels like you did with FFX or like your doing right now with XIII.

  • I wouldn’t mind paying a couple of bucks to have those on Steam.

  • It would be cool to have upgraded versions of these, but I am also hoping for a remake, as long as they give FF5 and FF6 some love first. 

    Perhaps they could have a remastered version for the purists, and then also work on a remake with more experimental features (battle system like type-0 or Versus but with materia?).  I’d easily buy both.  They could even bundle them.

  • Code

    rar, it’s honestly a little surprising there isn’t more Japanese games on Steam opo; I remember running into a topic on Jamestown* just the other day, about why there couldn’t be Cave games on Steam, which got me thinking on this notion. I mean I understand why there isn’t; but seriously it’s a missed opportunity for Japanese companies. And this is coming from someone who generally doesn’t even like PC gaming opo;

    *Highly Recommend

    •  I bought Jamestown the weekend it came out, I was VERY excited for the game.  I started playing it but something about it felt very off.  Like, its feel wasn’t familiar at all, though it looked it.  It’s a damn good game, but I need to spend some more time in it and get used to its bullets.  The bullets definitely don’t behave the same as most other shmups that I’m used to.

      • Code

        rar, agreed it is a little different owo; Personally I feel like it’s for the most part though really nails Cave’s style. But I will agree even compared to Cave titles, bullets are a little different, and even a lot of enemies that change pattern based on if you shoot them specific ways. But definitely recommend pushing through, and it’ll be fine owo; definitely one of my favorite little shmups I’ve played in the last few months, worth every penny, and definitely worth the time >w<' My only wish was that it had more scoreboard options as I feel like it bunches a lot of types of scores together opo;

    • Same feeling.  If only companies localized some Falcom games over the years I’d be playing on PC much more.

  • Don’t forget about all the mods for pc version of ff7 such as hd models and new gfx and menus.

  • I only recently picked up my first Sony console, in the form of a PSP, so back in grade school my PC was the only way to play Final Fantasy VII and VIII. I don’t have the boxes anymore, but I still have the discs. I installed FFVII onto my Win XP comp recently– a little patching and everything worked fine.

    It’s just funny to run it and have to go through “memory cards” to save my game. Great porting there.

  • Sam Jones

    Seems like the games are too buggy to finish what they started ( Hopefully that’s because they are putting massive effort into something new.

  • C’mon, Square Enix, while a lot of us already know of “OH MY GOD, THEY KILLED AERIS!”  “YOU BASTARD!”, it is extremely nice to have both VII & VIII available via Steam, as FFXI is available that way.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    I’m not a big fan of Final Fantasy (I think Crisis Core was one of the few I actually got into as well as the first few hours of XIII) but I would like to give this a try again. (I had it on the PS1 with the original black box but gave it to a friend)

    I could get it on the PlayStation Store but I think it’d be a nice addition to Steam. I think the only reason I haven’t even used Steam all that much is because there aren’t any JRPG’s on there (to my knowledge) and that’s about all I play anymore.

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