Tecmo Koei Teases Important Announcement For Dynasty Warriors 7 PS3

By Spencer . June 25, 2011 . 1:00pm


Sure, Dynasty Warriors 7 has been out for a months, but something new is cooking. Tecmo Koei promised on Twitter an "important announcement" for the PlayStation 3 version. Any guesses?


Perhaps, it’s tied to the PSP port? Put save data from the PS3 game on to your memory stick and Dynasty Warriors 7 Special unlocks characters so you can crush enemies with whoever you want.

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  • DLC Map Pack of new stages?

  • ManaKnight

    I’m curious about the news myself.  Either its DLC and/or DW7 + DLC retail release.  Can’t wait.  Although I wish DW7 had the regular free mode.

    • Zal_Yagun

      More dlc is fine, GOTY edition wouldn’t be that great unless the Japanese is totally fine with buying the same stuff again. though i read from kotaku (http://kotaku.com/5815157/well-the-psn-isnt-online-in-japan) that jp PS3 online is still down so may be the only way (for them) to get dlc.

    • They still haven’t finished releasing DLC for even thinking about doing a DW7+DLC retail release. XD They still gotta work on the original costumes for Wu/Shu/Jin/Other.

  • Kevin_Levin

    Suddenly companies are giving PS3 users more content. As compared to the limited 360

    • Zal_Yagun

      since in japan, only the PS3 version exist, it makes alot sense for Koei to make PS3 only content.

    • Testsubject909

      I was expecting something like this to happen down the line.

      Early on, Microsoft rushed the production of their console to get it out of the gate before the PS3, it showed badly in the form of shabby product that caused them a few legal troubles that extended their warranty yet still held a dreaded high console failure rate (RROD). They purchased many time-limited exclusive titles which garnered them some favor and interest at first but as the years passed by, consumers began to catch on that many titles would end up being multiplatformed.

      Not only so but Sony often pushed and applied certain pressures/encouragements to possess extra content for their versions so to compensate the late entry which often formed polished games on the PS3. On 2010, it was clear that the PS3 began going full steam ahead with a clear and full list of brilliant upcoming titles and 2011 is shaping to be an equally strong year for the PS3 despite the PSN incident (which has begun spinning about into the year of “Hacking is the new sport” where multiple companies have had their sites and servers hacked. Some retaining their silence on the matter as they believed it unnecessary to inform the public *coughNintendocough*)

      With the PS3 attempting to also push it’s boundaries again into the alternative control market, first with the PSeye, attempting to makes gamers become the controller (sounds familiar?) and now with the incorporation of the PS Move (still under that ‘it’s being used as a gimmick’ period though, but there are certain games that does make the control scheme of the PS move quite valid, such as R.U.S.E. the RTS) though with enough awareness and information provided by the Wii’s run through a large variety of shovelware, it will certainly be slow moving but the Move will eventually come to have some good use.

      And now with the PSV rearing it’s lovely head up, region free and a competitive price with a decent line-up of titles and strong third party support with previous interviews describing the PSV as an easier console to make games for compared to the PSP and the PS3, cloud saving and Hideo Kojima’s incorporation of the similar Transfarring. Sony’s going to have quite a future in the gaming market and many more companies are sure to dote on the PS3 and the PSV as well as the dual PSV and PS3 cross-platforming play.

      So yeah. You can definitely see the result of the short terms quarters profit mentality utilized by Microsoft and the long term initial loss for continued profit mentality by Sony.

      Note: Not hating any consoles here. Microsoft has a strong backing by indie developers holding many strong titles that aren’t available on the PS3 and the Wii is a solid console by itself holding a few exclusives of it’s own that certainly does appeal to the more mature and core gamers as they would describe us so vaguely while also being the, what would most certainly be, the most couch-sociable console out there making gaming as accessible as can be and aiding in expanding the market and the exposure of gaming to the world.

      • mikanko

        360 still gets exclusives first and the better ports of games with a western demographic like Call of Duty.  360 just has a niche market in Japan for the 2d shooter and visual novel fan and other genres Sony doesn’t push to get on the console.  MS still has a super small install base in Japan though.  Obviously something like Musou games that are far more prevalent in Japan than the US, and sell a ton more on the PS3 are likely to get exclusives and incentives for that system first.  I doubt it has anything to do with the hardware, the game isn’t even released on 360 in Japan.

        The 360 itself isn’t really that inferior to the PS3, as it’s still a lot easier to program for.  the units made post 2009 also don’t have a failure rate any worse than PS3s really.  I have a hard time abandoning it simply for the far superior ver. of Bayonetta.  Games as recent as MvC3 are also running much cleaner on the 360.  The problem with the hardware is Microsoft went super cheapo on production, and outsourced multiple pieces of hardware to different companies.  PS3 spent more money on the systems production than what they could sell it for.  The tech for both are pretty close to the same 360 with more ram, PS3 with more raw power.

        In the end it’s hard to say which worked out better.  Would be interesting to know if MS kept the profits from system sales after having to refurbish every unit out of the first few productions, while it’s known PS3 lost money on every PS3 for a while there.

  • mFrog

    Co-op in story mode would be great!

  • big fixes for the disappearing enemies during co-op play mode? co-op story mode? updated to current gen graphics? new weapons? NEW CHARACTERS? any of these would please me so.

    • Zal_Yagun

      Disappearing enemies isn’t  a bug, the game only shows a certain amount of enemies, it just temporary adds or removes enemies to keep the game from chugging along. Its just not as subtle as other DW games.

      Since the PSP version of 7 has Character changing for story mode, I hope whatever they added to the psp version makes it over to both console versions overseas.

      Graphics are fine, Just resize the “mini-map”, and remove the auto-leveling of the camera.

      There are reports of 2 new weapons, the Great Axe (xu huang’s old weapon) and a sai, never heard any more information than that.

  • Edi

    Dynasty Warrior 7 Empire !!!!

    • Testsubject909

      With a playable Guo Jia!

      I mean damnit, he should be in already!

  • kroufonz

    -DW7E ?
    -DW7Z ?
    -DW7XL ?
    -DW7 with transfarrrig stuff ?
    -DW7 with 3D, Move support ?
    -DW7 with DLC+JP voice on disc

    • shy_mel

      Doesn’t DW7 already support 3D?  As for JP voices on the disc, this is coming from the Japanese branch of the company, so no need to worry ’bout that ’cause the voices are already there.

    • Move support wouldn’t do so well but Empire is the more likely candidate.

  • AdrianHeng

    Dynasty Warriors 8 XLZ (Subtitle: We Ran Out of Ideas). 

    Ahh, Dynasty Warriors. Much like the western sports games, this is one game that just refuses to die. =P

  • KyoyaHibari

    Isn’t the PS3 version supposed to have Move support? Well if it isn’t already integrated I can only assume it’s that.

  • Guest

    Chinese dubbing

    • mikedo2007

      That would be awesome, Chinese dub for DW7.

    • hehe i see what you did there xD

  • when are they gonna release the annoucement??

  • Ultimate_Tifa_Fan

    Lmao I coulda sworn i saw an Asian Snake in the preview picture.

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