We’re Going To Fix Siliconera’s Comments And We Need Your Help

By Spencer . June 25, 2011 . 10:32am

mbIn the past months, the comments went from being thoughtful and helpful to flame wars and off-topic rants. I rarely speak personally on the site because Siliconera is not about me, it’s about video games, but I’m going to step out and say I’m disappointed to see the community deteriorate.


Creating an environment ripe for discussion took a long time and it was not solely my effort. It was our effort, as a community. Readers set the tone with thoughtful contributions and fan-powered Q&As were born. Now, we even have developers pop in and directly answer questions in the comments. We don’t want the increasing number of flippant remarks to sever the line of communication between developers and commenters or the welcoming nature of the site.


In the spirit of keeping Siliconera strong, we’re going to make discussion rules clearer.


  1. Read before you write: If you’re glossing over a post in a hurry, that’s fine. If you intend to enter the discussion, make sure to read the full post properly.
  2. Think before you write: What you say and post on the site has an impact. Comments that generate discussion are highly encouraged. On that note, flaming is in no way constructive, and should be avoided.
  3. Don’t clog the comments with console requests: We’re sorry that "super awesome game X" isn’t available for a specific console, but spamming the comments with "why isn’t this for NeoGeo Pocket" isn’t going to make it happen. Each console, in every generation, has exclusive titles and also misses out on select games. Try to enjoy what you have!
  4. Cogitate then criticize: We get that not everything is going to be your cup of tea and you have every right to voice your disdain on Siliconera. We ask that you elaborate your point when doing so. Subtle trolling and snarky remarks about how you hate a developer and their pets aren’t going to cut it. Don’t repeat your argument every time a certain topic or game comes up either, if you articulated your point well the first time you won’t have to!
  5. Keep an open mind: Siliconera covers a wide variety of titles and we realize not every game is going to click with every reader. Don’t care for a particular game? OK, cool, but there’s no need to ridicule others for enjoying it.


We understand that most readers naturally adhere to these guidelines without them being written and for that we thank you. Here’s another way you can help. If you see someone breaking these rules please tell us. One way to do this is by clicking on “flag” to mark a comment as unacceptable. You can also e-mail us if you spot someone causing problems in general. We will review their account and ban them, if necessary. I saw some of our paragon commenters fade away and I apologize to all of you for the mess. We’re going to work hard to improve on-site discussions starting today.


Remember you helped develop Siliconera into the stellar place it is today and all of you will continue to shape the site tomorrow.


– Spencer

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  • I think I’ll just stay away from the comment box from now on.

    • Stahn Aileron

      I do that on the vast majority of the sites I frequent. I find it easier to keep my mouth shut than write something most people won’t even read properly in its entirety anyway (if at all.) I may answer (or ask) a question here and there, though.

      The only true exception is an imageboard I help mod and admin. We actively delete useless comments or those that violate our Comment Guidelines/Rules there, however. (Traffic is relatively low enough that it isn’t much of a problem to screen comments manually.)

      I’m actually somewhat tempted to take the points laid out in this post and adapt it to our site. (I’ve been meaning to re-write our guidelines as the current version was written by the site owner and ENG isn’t his first language.)

    • Apache_Chief

      These rules aren’t meant to scare you away. As long as you give a moment’s thought to what you’re posting, I don’t think you’ll get in trouble for breaking them on accident. This is a very forgiving community.

    • Yeah, I’ve been trying to do this more—but goodness, sometimes I can’t just leave something alone. What I think I’m going to do is AdBlock the comments section, and if you’re interested in doing the same you can use this filter:


  • HarryHodd

    I’ve been posting less and less here I guess that’s mainly because this site is so focused on handhelds. I just post on stories relevant to my interests which are home console games.

    • Just to be clear our site is not “focused on handhelds” or consoles. If Japanese developers continue to release games on handhelds then…

      And apparently you didn’t read what the post was about…

      • HarryHodd

        Just numerating my posting habits around here and how I feel about the site. Thought it might be helpful.

        I will say sometimes it feels handheld centric to me but I agree it’s pretty well rounded.

        PS I read the article twice.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        What has set and will continue to set this place apart is that we really do discuss and share about anything that falls into our sphere. You can’t find VN talks like we’ve had outside of the forums of H-game sites like PeachPrincess, there’s more than one anime post a week and h*ll we even find ways to talk about TiTS. It can be hard to fit in the western RPG because those have evolved so much from what many of us included in our buying habits from past generations.

        And there’s always tsun tsuns and yanderes…….

  • How about having a message board to divert some of the off-topic discussions and rants away from the news posts?

    • We have one, although we haven’t exactly publicized it. If you check the bar under the site header, you’ll see “bounce”. That’s our off-site forum, and it has a few active users already. :)

  • This is the first time I’ve seen “paragon” used outside of the Mass Effect series. But on a serious note, I think its nice to see the rules laid out as now I understand clearly what is expected in this community. I will do my utter best to follow them. 

    • Thanks for following the rules.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      As good a time as any to give a big thumbs up since your return. We wouldn’t have worked to get you back through that bounce thread if we didn’t want ya!

  • I will just keep posting like i’ve always been doing. Hope the “snarky remarks” meter lower, that is what bothers me the most, but that wont be enough to make me stop posting.

    • Thanks for sticking around!

  • karasuKumo

    Understood, I shall try my best to stick to the rules. :)

  • Hrk. I’ll try to be more constructive from now on.

    • Don’t worry, there’s no rules against loving on macho men.

      • PersonaBull

         There better not be~<3

        • Ren

          I agree wholeheartedly.

          • 禁止!!!!!!!

          • Ren

            Only if you find the porn tab~

      • Ren

        Buggy Disqus is buggy http://i52.tinypic.com/2weyyac.jpg (Don’t comment on the TVTropes open tabs, those are @Nyanyaan:disqus fault.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Accepts responsibility for all bugs on the internets.

    • As long as you are in my harem, you will be safe :)

      • Zero_Destiny

        You’re still pursuing Just? When are you ever gonna learn to give up big guy? XD

        • I dont have to pursuit what i already caught!

          • Zero_Destiny


            Talking to yourself? You really must be crazy. XD
            But in all seriousness she has refused your offers. Give up buddy. :D

          • You are so useless even the internet ignored your excistence, THIS MUST BE THE CHOICE OF THE STEINS;GATE MWAHAHAHAH!

  • DanteJones

    You know, Siliconera is the only gaming site I made an account for and post on because of the people and the atmosphere here. I’d rather not see it fall to the ranks of some other gaming sites where its just constant flame/troll wars. While I don’t flame or belittle anyone here, I haven’t helped prevent it either. 

    I’ll try to help out from now on is what I’m saying. ;D

  • malek86

    Ok, I’ll keep myself in check.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      This is complete sarcasm, right? I can’t remember a time when you’ve “trolled” or “flamed” unless in response to some idiot who broke all of the above rules

      • malek86

        Sure, I just meant to say that I’ll make sure I don’t step out of the rules.

        And besides… I’m at least guilty of going off-topic at times.

        • Going off-topic every now and then is totally fine, as long as it’s still a productive discussion and not spurred by negativity.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            So, about those yanderes…..


            It’s buried back in some thread in late January or early Feb. I know we were talking it up in the VDay thread that was the last one like this. Basically somehow someone made an aside mention of School Days and well, whatever thread it HAD been became an ode to those girls whose love is as deep as the knife they plunge into an idiot boy’s back.

            PS…Found it, be glad I’m not Tsuna, it only took like 650 posts to find the Great Yandere Debate Main Thread……it starts about halfway down and well, bye to Spencers original purpose in posting.


          • It looks like WildArms has already decided our fate…

          • Locklear93

            I’m curious about this reference.  The last time yandere came up (that I saw) was in discussion of the most recent Catherine trailer.  I was part of that discussion, and it was entirely civil, and above the board, but someone mentioned a “Great Yandere Debate” of 2011, and I must’ve missed THAT entirely…

          • Ack. I feel like most of my comments lately have been all about nothing. ;___;

          • That’s okay! Not every comment has to be super-insightful or anything. Just as long as it isn’t filled with snark or cynicism. Joking around is more than welcome. :)

    • As Aara said, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’ve posted many, many insightful comments, so even if you do slip up, we’d give you — just like every other awesome commenter — the benefit of doubt. :)

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Thanks Isshan, all that’s gonna do is make WildArms, Zero, Aoshi or even little me test how deep those waters run :P

        • The harem that games together trolls together? :p

          • M’iau M’iaut
          • I hate myself. -_-

          • I already have a personality (decided them on twitter talking with some of them xD) for the people already officially on my harem, Zero, Raioh, Ashgail, Ren, ishaan, spencer, Alhazardous, Li_Eni (*cough* justthisone *cough*)

            Ill post them >8D

          • What? Zero? Rie? o-o im just me

          • My harem will always be together, LINKED BY OUR HEARTS!

          • Tommy Lee

            Since you’re bringing that delusion of yours up again… It still kind of disturbs me that you compared me to some otome game love interest last night.

            @Ishaan:disqus @Siliconera15:disqus  I would like to leave more comments more often, especially with this new Disqus account that I barely use, but things got real busy with family and community stuff. Maybe now that it’s summer I can comment more again. … Maybe.

            Edit: Siliconera15??? Is that your real user name?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            We KNEW you couldn’t hide your true identity forever, Zero…or should I say Rie?   

          • Ren

            You forgot he considers you part of it, right?

          • @Lee_Eni:disqus I don’t think “siliconera15” is Spencer’s account…

            But glad you still drop by now and then, even if you’re busy! I know people come and go through the course of a site’s life, but obviously, we still miss people when they move on to doing more important things than leaving comments on here. :)

            edit: Never mind, it is. It shows user names, apparently, not display names (look at yours).

          • Tommy Lee

            Ah. I see. I figured that was the case. I don’t I’ll completely move on anytime soon though. The community is too good for that to happen.

  • anbu

    If the article is either a Tales of… or a SMT/Persona related, the comment section usually goes wild.  But it’s alot better compared to other sites imo. 

    • Locklear93

       It practically HAS to be better, because I post here.  I don’t mean that to say that I magically raise the level of discourse (I’m not THAT conceited…), just that I can’t stand comments sections on… well, anything.  I think I’ve commented maybe 4 times on sites other than Siliconera.  There are people who rub me the wrong way, and opinions that rub me the wrong way, which is normal, but this is the only site of its nature where I feel that getting involved in the comments yields positive results.  Short version: This is the only (public) gaming community where I feel it’s worth being part of the discussion.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I do think, though, that sometimes wondering why a particular series is not on your system of choice is not a negative thing. Sega deciding to move Valkyria Chronicles from PS3 to PSP caused an outcry that I feel was somewhat justified. It’d be if as Bioware had announced that Mass Effect 3 was going to be PS3-exclusive and the PC/360 versions were canceled. The 360/PC owners who made the series what it was would be angry, as they should be. When a series is introduced to a particular audience and then that audience has it taken away, then I think it is justifiable for the initial audience to communicate their displeasure.

    Now, if it’s just something like, “Why isn’t Deathsmiles on PS3?” or “Why don’t NISA make games for 360?” I think it’s a different story.

    What I am saying, though, is that SOMETIMES, it isn’t just fanboy chatter.

    Also, when Guardian Heroes was announced as a 360-exclusive, Sega opened up polls in their forums to gauge interest in a PS3 version. I think that probably would not have happened if not for some of the “squeaky wheels,” so to say.

    • The thing is, saying that you don’t agree with a decision ONCE (maybe twice) is fine. But obsessing over how Valkyria Chronicles went from PS3 to PSP in every single post about the game isn’t helping anyone. Comments on websites don’t equate to sales, and they don’t influence publishers either in the vast majority of cases.

      Too many discussions have been de-railed by people focusing on platform rather than game, and we’d like to keep our community from doing that in the future.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        I think when anybody says anything over and over again it isn’t helping anyone. It’s like how some people go on and on about how much they hate FFXIII in any thread about Square-Enix or when people have to make anti-DLC comments in every thread about any game with DLC. 

        I was more using Valkyria Chronicles as an example, justifying the initial reactions to it rather than saying that you should complain in every thread about it. The rules, as you’ve put them down here, implied that no one should ever complain about a game not being on a particular system. Also, I apologize for the double post. I’m not sure why that happened.

    • Zeik56

      Valkyria Chronicles actually seems to be one of the worst offenders of this. Every single time there’s ever a discussion about those games there is someone who has to come and complain about the transition to the PSP. And it’s never productive criticism, just complaining, which almost always devolves into pointless arguments. 

      It’s understandable to be upset about things like that when the info is first revealed, but it’s been a year since VC2 was released, unless there’s actually a meaningful discussion to be had people should just keep it to themselves.

  • Aoshi00

    I have to say Siliconera used to have one of the most intelligent communities in the discussion section that always expands on the post (I always learn more as I scroll down past the article), and it still does, but just need to sort thru a lot of inane fanboy talk that are so repetitive and irritating (PS3, 360, and Wii have been out for years alrdy and now they’re so cheap, if you still haven’t got the system to play the games on it, that’s your problem).. but now it’s kinda turned into the  Gametrailers’ comment section, which is just juvenile and doesn’t add much substance.. 

    I hope I haven’t gone on too much tangent w/ my posts, I always read the articles that interest me entirely.  Sometimes I just throw out a question since it’s convenient to get a helpful answer and seek others’ opinion (like now I know Jpn PSN store is still down, damn guv’ment, andriasang just cfm it.. hope it’s ok quoting them, and I know about andriasang from the commenters here lol.). 

    BTW Spence, NoA just cfm they rec’d my 3DS for repair, let’s keep fingers crossed it would come back in one piece in the same color in the same region lol..

    As for handheld games, that’s just the trend of some Jpn games ended up, and w/ now Vita and 3DS being more powerful.. not talk about them would really limit the subject.. I don’t own a iPod touch/iPhone/iPad either.. thing is I haven’t made up my mind if I should get a smart phone (I need Netflix enabled, Android still doesn’t have it) or a bigger iPad.. but lots of games are on it now..

    • Yeah! I hope it’s the right region and with a little software trick you can access the 3D shows by connecting your 3DS to the Internet via your laptop.

      • Aoshi00

        thanks, will keep that neat trick in mind :).  All of us deserve a chance to see some idol sumo wrestling, Nintendo can’t stop us lol..

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But without any mud or hot oil, is there really any fun in watching?

    • Apache_Chief

      I just got Netflix working on my rooted Nook Color. Even though it isn’t officially supported on very many devices, there are ways to get it running on all sorts of stuff.

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve read many things w/ the Android using other apps to run Netflix, but doesn’t seem to be successful, and last year they said it’s going to be ready w/ some models and it keeps being delayed (I got a Galaxy G4 earlier this year but returned it because there’s no Netflix), just a little annoying since chances are I’m not getting an iPhone w/ a 2yr plan.. and since my 3DS is Jpn (if NoA still sends it back that way), I was wondering if I could just stream instantly from netflix’s website even though I can’t d/l the app, probably not.. anyway, I’m not really that tech savvy… that’s why mostly I just get a Jpn system to play Jpn games instead of modding or homebrew and such, don’t want to brick anyway.. I just like to stay legal if possible.. (I know I’m not supposed to be importing a foreign system anyway). Maybe I’ll just get an HTC Windows phone or something..

        • Apache_Chief

          They just updated the app like 10 days ago to add support for a few more phones. If you want nothing to do with modding then I would just get one of those. Though if you’re getting a device mainly to watch videos, maybe a tablet would suit you better?

    • I’m gonna take this opportunity to say you’re easily one of the best commenters we have, Aoshi. You’re always around to give your thoughts and impressions of games in a constructive way, help other readers out, and get discussions going. :) 

      • Kris

        Seconded! I love your comments. In fact, your presence was one of the reasons I signed up for Disqus to comment here! :)

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks man, and Kris, you guys are cool, Ishaan for posting less talked about subjects and Kris’s playtests, really had expanded our horizon :)  hope I’m not too winded sometimes, just feel like sharing my experience. We all help each other out. Keep up the good work!

  • Ereek

    I will admit to being a bit alienated by posts recently.  In some cases, these are just things that occur when a site gains popularity, and I accept that. In others, I feel as if people are purposely being inflammatory.

    I’d just like to let you know that though I don’t post as often (shame on me, I know) I still lurk every day. Much love.

    • We’ll do out best to fix it, I promise. Super glad you’ve stuck around, even if it’s only to read/lurk.

      • Ereek

        I need to make an effort to post more often, too! Posting in positive ways, especially with added reasoning to them, is how I feel each person can contribute to the community.  It does more than “I really want this game!” (which is what we’re all guilty of at some point – and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it).

        I think if we elaborate our interest in why we really want [Game X] rather than just expressing excitement, more new fans might be attracted or interested as well as provoking excellent discussion.

        • That’s a great idea. After all, we do tend to cover a lot of games that usually get left out in the cold. Fans talking to each other to help generate interest in different kinds of games would be awesome…certainly more helpful than repeating the same thing over and over.

          For the record, I hadn’t played anything published by NIS America before I started writing on here. Then I ended up playing Mana Khemia 2 and seeing all the comments about the Atelier games, which got me interested in those as well.

    • PersonaBull

      I’m pretty much in the same boat. I still read all the articles that catch my interest, but by the time I get to the comments I end up losing interest and moving on. I should post more, I guess, too.

      What I’ve been doing most, actually, is linking articles to a forum I go to and chatting about it there.

      I’ll try my best to make more of the best posts I can muster here, though O:

  • ShinGundam

    Another way is to try to avoid sensitive topics such as ” Tales games aren’t RPGs” or ” SQEX always thinking about reboots” because it will upset people or cause other problems (Trolling/sarcastic comments). IMO, Nothing is more frustrating than trying to have a serious and respectful debate about Square, the Lack of localized titles, HD towns and WRPG VS JRPGs :/

    • Hey, we just report the news! 

      It’s like this: we don’t want to not report something just because it’s a “sensitive” issue. That would just restrict the kind of things we can talk about more and more as time goes by. Instead, we want to encourage people to not overreact to sensitive issues and think before posting their thoughts. :)

      • Locklear93

        It’s the right way to do it.  I generally like Tales (can’t call myself a huge fan or anything), and if the producer has an interesting or unexpected take on his own work, that’s something I’d like to read about.

      • Regardless of what would’ve come next, you still posted that topic like every other. And for a statement as odd as “Tales games aren’t RPG’s,” you know a lot of people (given the fact that there’s a lot of Tales fans in Siliconera) are gonna get twitched. I probably would’ve done the same if I wasn’t old enough to deal with this stuff.

        I honestly found that topic to be worthy of many discussions in classes or vlogs in the future, like my Game Design class, which encouraged me to comment the way I did. But, yet again, all we get are embroiling comments.

    • While I agree that the title of the article “Tales Games aren’t RPGs” could immediately turn off a lot of people (I actually had friends immediately react with linefaces when they saw the title), they and I actually found the article itself to be an interesting and easily understandable read. And I agree, in a way– if one looks at it, there are probably two types of RPGs. One has the sort of blank template character where you make the specific choices about how they react or how you feel they are, like FF1, FF3 (NES), SMT games, and the sort… But then there’s games where things are pre-set. Pre-ordained in terms of characters. Tales games are most definitely those, as well as a majority of the FF games– FF6 would probably be the greatest example of it in terms of the multitude of characters that you take control of, and part of the experience is seeing the characters interact and grow.

      It’s still all taking a role, sure, but it’s fundamentally different, and I can see how a developer might be hesitant to label their game as a basic RPG when they feel like the player isn’t necessarily being in control of the role itself.

      I think it just all depends on people following the first and foremost rule: Read the post before posting. People, yes, will have some kneejerk reactions when it comes to titles, but that’s where the saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes from, after all.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Just as long as we can still call Tsuna out on looking beyond the realm of the shonen from time to time!

  • Apache_Chief

    I haven’t noticed too much of a descent into idiocy, but I haven’t seen as many actual informative discussions. The comments have just kind of been…comments. Still, this is my favorite video game related site, and I would keep coming back even if every comment was in the form of Advice Dog.

  • I know for a fact I’m guilty of #1. 

  • Croix

    I’m relatively new here yet, but I try to stay civil. And really, maybe I just miss all the bad stuff, because I usually get to new articles pretty soon after they’re up, as I’m here pretty often. What I see are usually comments I’m okay with reading, which is saying something.

    Personally, I just need to read all of an article before I post comments on it (rather than just skimming the pictures when it’s an article with a lot of them…). It would also probably help to actually read an article’s title than guessing what it’s about by looking at the picture…can I add, though, that the pictures for articles on the main feed are often very well chosen?

    This site has an awesome community. Let’s keep it that way by not picking fights with each other <3

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I don’t think most of the “veteran” commenters need to worry about breaking these rules, even on accident. They seem like common sense….which is sad because there are still a lot of people posting nonsense (many of the avatar-less members). But I’ll do my best to uphold the peace and keep the community clean!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Just bite em in half, you’re a lion!

      • Dont worry, with Shiori’s presence around siliconera is always purified!

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Yup, she is a goddess after all.

          • And the best one >83

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Given they’ve tried to keep some continuity between the gods and the girls, I’d take a good guess who the last will be. 

            I’m still hopeful he gets someone for reals after everything.

          • I wonder…, there are so many girls… most probably will be a really touching but open ending (or many people will rage)

            Not that i mind if they put Keima with one officially…. even if i rage if it isnt with shiori…

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Shiori and Kanon are the two he seems to have built the most attachment for and through their goddess ties both care for him a great deal. Shiori would of course be my choice too — but I’m really expecting there’s one more dramatic shoe to fall. Be it whatever secret Nikaido is still sitting on or if we’ve still got a deep cover Old Hell agent who has yet to be exposed.

            The Keima of now would certainly give his life for any of the targets, Haqua or Elsie, should the worst come to pass.

          • Yeah, and we also have to see how Elsie’s sister is (I think she have been mentioned many times at the beginning, but still zero appareances… or not? O_o tu ru tu tuuun)

  • I’ve been hit by a flamey comment ever so often and I’ve only really mentioned it once to the staff.  I generally don’t because the more popular a site becomes the more chances it’s going to have the low end of the ‘net catch on to it.  It’s the way most places go.

    I’ll simply just comment on what I’m interested most times anyways.  I’m not out to post in every article that this site makes, nor do I have the time for it.  Shouldn’t be construed as an offensive statement but it’s really the truth.  I think if people held off a bit and calmed the heck down you would probably see that the listing that Spencer just posted will probably fall in line without trying very hard.

    At least you’re not like some of the more major sites.  Try looking through a stack of something like Dtoid comments in a day and compare them to this site.  This one is a great deal more tame and that’s probably one of the chief reasons I take that time to actually post comments on here once in a while.  I won’t usually waste my time anywhere else because I simply don’t have the time to deal with BS.

  • Personally, I blame Tsuna.

    Now that I’ve got your attention (or not, whatever), I’m totally joking. If anything, Tsuna helped instill a lot of bonding in the community when he arrived (I know seeing his posts is mainly what caused me to post more in the firstplace) and, even if a lot of what he said was a bit ignorant, it was also genuine (most of the time) , which, in a world full of trolls and flamers, was quite refreshing. For that, Tsuna, I thank you. You’ve truly grown a lot, at least in my eyes, and I commend you on being so earnest and flexible.

    On topic, this is probably my favorite gaming community to interact with (as others have said) because when i say something on here, it has the potential to actually be taken seriously and responded to with actual responses, as opposed to asinine comments that amount to “lolstfunoob”. Just the other day or week ago, I had a lengthy discussion with…someone (Sorry, I forgot) about the racial stigmas attached to Sazh’s character and it was an actual conversation. Nowhere else have I ever been able to do that for that long and without a troll. Thank you, Siliconera.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I think now is a good of a time as any to say this and I thank you for the introduction. As far as Sawada goes he’s not that bad of a guy. I use to be at his neck for awhile and everything he said annoyed me but having talked to him I can tell he’s really not that bad. Besides our last argument was really stupid and childish. I accept some of the blame myself for even going along with it and farther that argument. I was just being an idiot sorry.

      I’ve come to an understanding that he’s ether misinformed sometimes or just comes from a different kind of gaming experience than my own. Some things he says still gets me upset but for the most part he’s been very respectful and hasn’t done wrong. Like I said, I’m still upset with some things he may say but I think it’s just has to do with the fact that we are at times on different sides of opinions. We’re different people and that’s okay.

      • Ren

        I bet having him on twitter helped it a lot… At least there are no more Kris/Ishaan and Spencer/Ishaan debates anymore.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Yup talking about any and everything in a more laidback manner on twitter did really help me get a better understanding of his character. Especially when we get to topics not relating to videogames. We seem to agree more on those. lol

        • Someday a Siliconera fanfic will be written with some IshKris shipping, its canon :D. 

          • Zero_Destiny

            I think I would actually read that Fanfic just to see how it all is gonna plays out. XD Sounds like quite the dynamic pair. lol

          • No.

          • You could be shipped with someone too, reminds me that me and my friends have head canon’s shippings of each other, heh, it leads to hilarious discussions, all for fun:D

      • Oh, dude, sorry, but its alright. 

      • PrinceHeir

        lol he’s still bad, he’s tricking you into believing it’s all good and all but behind your back he’s plotting some demonic evil and sickening comment you can ever hope for.

        and what??? Tsuna made this site the worst ever!!! i mean all his BS Day 1 antics, grammar police posts, and basically changing of personality into something else is just sad.

        and yes i hate the guy, he is one of the worst posters ever. 
        yes all i have said is in the opposite :P

        but yeah he’s all good for now.

        he seems to be an old poster since i always saw 80% of old post from him.

    • Ah thanks, I didnt even realize there was that much noticeable change. Well I read some of my older comments and those discussion threads, lets just say they I was horrified at some of the stuff I initially said. 

      • *rings arm around Tsuna*

        “To err is human.”

        You know we care about you, but you should remember to be mindful of yourself before you comment. The more you learn from your mistakes, the better a person you may be, not just for the people around you, but for yourself. That’s all I ask.

  • I’ve only recently joined in (as in, actually participating in this website by posting, since I am a long time reader after all :P), and I can’t say I have seen many of these rules being broken before. Then again, I usually try and get away from the confusion most of the time, so that could explain it :3

    Anyway, I’ll be sure to keep these rules in my mind whenever I feel like joining in conversations. Keep up the good work, everyone!

  • fallen

    Well, I know I’m not a part of the community or anything, but I’m sorry for occasionally descending into snarkitude. I’ll do my best to save it for other sites from now on, and in turn, I’ll save my once-a-year insightful comment for you guys. :D

  • I think by addressing the problem you’re doing something alot of other sites could benefit from, like Kotaku for example. I used to go there all the time, and they’re how I found out about you guys, but their community has gotten terrible. People bashing Japan right and left, even the “journalists” that run the site. I stopped going there and get most of my news from here now, and it’s opened me up to importing.

    The only problems I’ve seen here are minor and very typical of the internet in general, the Tales whining and Namco bashing, why isn’t this game I love on X console, blah blah blah. All in all I say you guys are doing a great job, reporting stories the right way, keeping us informed, and having a nice place for people with different interests to hang around.

  • Jirin

    In most forums I’ve posted at, the key is to get people to distinguish between an attack on somebody’s argument and a personal attack.  If you think somebody makes a bad argument, you should say “This argument is wrong, because of X and Y and Z”.  Then you should not say “And only an idiot should make this argument.”  Conversely, the original poster should respond with the attitude of “These are interesting points and I need to rebut them” instead of “I have been attacked and must defend myself”.

    There are also certain topics that people need to be really careful about. For instance, if a game you want to play is not localized to your country, it’s totally reasonable to be annoyed. But this reasonable frustration always seems to descend into: “THIS COMPANY IS EVIL AND HATES IT’S FANS!” “Oh my god, all the idiots are complaining the company wants to make money!”

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    I’m mostly a lurker on here; however, I do drop an occasional comment and I must say this is actually one of the most friendly sites I’ve ever been to – which is probably why I don’t comment very often because my words are often very sarcastic.

    I really do have to say that the community here is fantastic – particularly when we were asked to show appreciation for other members on

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      (sorry, accidentally pressed a wrong button on my iPhone.)

      Valentines day.

      I can’t say I’ve never seen trolling or rude comments on here until just recently and it is sad to see such a great community fall. I’m sincerely hoping this can open people’s squinting eyes and bring some more reason back to the site.

      (After reading that over my last paragraph sounds so silly)

      • Ladius

        It isn’t silly at all, the Valentine’s Day post was surely a bit cheesy, but managed to show how pleasant is to interact with other users on this site :)

        Elsewhere something like that would have been impossible beacuse of the rampant mix of cynicism, sarcasm, memes, gifs and lack of respect that has taken over many forum.

        • Lord Highawesomeparty

          I honestly do think this is the only site I’ve visited which encourages friendship between posters with the exception of the Sonic Stadium.

          I personally feel that many commenters here have a fondness for each other, even in the comments here you can see people referring to others despite their lack of being present in the article. Thi is probably the only site I’ve seen where people know each other that well.

          • i like your avatar >8D

          • Lord Highawesomeparty

            Thanks, I wish I could tell you where I found it but I really have no clue. It’s been quite a long time.

            All I remember is that I wanted a cool picture of Patchouli after I beat people down with her on Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

  • Draparde

    I think I’ve probably only been guilty of number 1, and probably only a few times…i do number 2 alot…hell i think i go through like 5 comment ‘drafts’ before posting because i either feel like its not important (not that all my comments are anyway lol) or i just don’t feel like finishing it. 

    I do see people occasionally breaking some of those rules, and i sigh when i see it, or shake my head. 

  • Ladius

    While everyone has his own moments of nerdrage and less-than-thoughtful posting I think that Siliconera is still a safe haven compared to most videogame boards (I have came to regard the comment sections of each news as different threads in a forum :P).

    That said, I too have noticed more flame and extreme posts in the last weeks, especially regarding the support to this or that developerpublisher (be it MangaGamer, Capcom, Square Enix, Atlus or others). Tsuna could have been mildly annoying (I’m genuinely sorry to have called him out on that months ago, at the time I was half convinced he was trolling XD), but those new situations are more severe because it is often impossible to build a reasonable dialogue and to keep a friendly atmosphere (the best trait of Siliconera so far, in my opinion), probably because many new posters are used to the kind of snarky, sarcastic kind of discussions you can see in many other boards. 

    It’s nice to see the staff step in and try to resolve those issues, but I think the best thing to do is relaxing and keep doing what Siliconera users did for years, slowly changing the ways of new users (and maybe of some trolls :P) showing them the beauty of civil debates.

    Please keep in mind that this little analysis isn’t a “I’m better than thou” post, I don’t consider myself a veteran nor an example poster in any way and I’m sure some of my post could have been annoying to someone (I had to stealth-edit one of them today because I felt it was a bit stingy XD).

  • Apollonis

    Hm?  Has there been a problem?  Things are the same as always from my perspective but Spencer and Ishaan seem a bit sensitive so let’s all try to be nicer…

  • I tend to just keep to the NIS posts mainly, as anyone would notice, but I read a lot of the posts that come around here. If I have an idea as to what to involve into the discussion (be it sooner or later), I post it. And I genuinely look forward to seeing responses! While I admit that some titles can result in some negative reactions (Tales is not an RPG comes to mind, yes), I feel that’s where most people just have to remember rule number 1 on here: Read before you post. Though I do think there should be more effort into thinking about how one titles their posts when discussing interviews or points of view from developers, or plans from companies. I’d never say to not report them, though! The more knowledge and insight into the industry, the better!

    I do feel though that if a person has a negative reaction to a post, they should definitely learn how to more respectfully word it. I’ll admit that while I do still read them, I feel like I’d want to ignore it when they say they’re in a bad mood as an excuse for how it has been put, or don’t put in the effort to construct the post properly in such a way that it might contribute to the conversation, past “I don’t like this.” It’s all self-control!

    Edit: Also, as an amendment, I will say that I love when people from companies like NISAmerica, and even the people who post articles right here on Siliconera reply to comments. It makes for a great feeling of participation and community that I feel I can only get here. Keep it up, please! It’s great to see the poster’s thoughts on people’s suggestions, ideas, and even support!

  • the only thing i may have typed to be considered spam is that i await the day that the psv is on the top of the page like the rest of the consoles.

    oh and that megaman legends three looks good and i hope it is very successful.

  • oh and i apologize if either of thous offended anyone.

  • IceRomancer

    Im all for maintaining the cool atmosphere of this site :) and I don’t know if I’m guilty of any of those things but I’ll try to be mindful of the rules. Let’s play nice everyone :P

  • I must have been out of the loop. I never witnessed anyone flaming or trolling.

    • d19xx

      There are occasional snarky remarks that just comes out of no where. Overall it’s not as bad as other gaming site/community…

  • Zero_Destiny

    I have to admit I’m very guilty of rambling on and on and I love to bring up random trivia sometimes. I hope that no one minds that though. I’ve been trying harder to not just ramble on endlessly like I love to do. lol Anyways in the recent past couple of months I’ve really been just running on a “If you don’t got anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all.” kind of mantra. =] I still do post my criticisms when I do have them but I almost never try to post anything mean or spiteful in the heat of the moment. I think I have mellowed out well. Some of my first comments weren’t that nicely worded believe it or not. lol

    Anyways I was shocked to see this article but after taking my time and reading through every comment I was very happy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with a title like: “We’re Going To Fix Siliconera’s Comments And We Need Your Help”. Sometimes even I forget that this site has some really great people on it. I’ve been posting a lot less and just lurking more often just mainly because everything I had to say was already said or for me the news was just a little slow but in the past few days there has been some really interesting articles that I couldn’t resit. :3 Oh my I’m rambling now.

    Well I just hope you all don’t mind the silliness that can happen when I talk to WildArms, Ren, Lee, Yui-chan, or all those other guys. We can get a little odd at times. We just have too much fun. XD Oh and Aoshi sometimes we get in some rather long winded talks about some older animes and stuff. lol Sorry but it can be too much fun talking to him I can’t help it. Well I guess all I can say is that I love the community and being able to regularly have discussions with the same people is something that I’m very thankful for. I haven’t even commenting been on this site for more than a year (I know this many comments in less than a year I must be crazy lol) but I feel a very strong connection with the commentators and more importantly with the staff and the gaming industry itself. Plus I’ve found some Dragon Quest fans which always makes me happy. :D

    The time I’ve spent commenting on the site has far been more fun then the year or so I spent as a lurker. Some people I have talked to have seemed to ether go back to lurking or stop commenting. I do miss them a lot actually. I hope to see you guys again in the near future.

    • Ladius

      Since this is turning out to be “Valentine’s Day Post – Part 2” I would like to say that you’re a really nice person, it’s a pleasure even to disagree with you :)

      • Zero_Destiny

        Oh ditto. :D I see you trying to have real conversations with everyone you talk to and try your best to calm down some less than reasonable users on some threads. It’s people like you who make me happy to still read the comments especially when it’s a visual novel related comment. Don’t ever change, you’re a great person. ^_^

    • mirumu

      Rambling or not, I find your comments interesting. You often bring an interesting angle to the discussion, and your random trivia has occasionally sent me off on a Google search.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Oh I’m starting to see people who actually like my ranting. lol I never thought that would happen. :D Thanks you. I’m glad someone out there likes to listen to some of the things I say. lol I like your level headedness. I can tell your quite knowledgeable about the things you like and make some good points that I don’t really think about myself. It’s always nice to read your comments. :)

  • puchinri

    But I honestly haven’t even seen that much flaming or trolling lately. Maybe a month or two back (probably more?), but not recently. What I do notice though are some people dropping in to make comments that aren’t outright flames (nor are they trolling, I don’t think) but they’re just stating their dissatisfaction over something. And of course, saying you don’t like something isn’t bad, but it’s basically ‘I don’t like/hate this.” No, ‘here’s why, anyone else feel the same or care to discuss?’, and it makes me wonder if they’re bothering to try and contribute to the post or just …Being a grumpy gus?

    On the otherhand, I think certain comments are simply going to come up in regards to certain content (not that these comments are flames or trolls), and really, I don’t know what to think of such things anymore… It’s not that I thought sili was immune to them, but I feel like they’re more rampant now (maybe because of how things in gaming have shifted even). But maybe that’s going on to a whole other subject… But er, more on topic? I’ll totes try to be more mindful about posting. :’)

  • kylehyde

    This read is one of the reasons why I love this site, and you are totally right.

    I noticed that I’ve been kinda hot headed and not lately, but since some time ago, and for that reason the first that I’m going to do is to apologies to the Siliconera staff and to all the people who fell ofended by some comment that I have made on the past months.

    Second, I won’t deny that I’m a little guilty on the #4 point, I don’t liked some attitudes or positions of some companies about how made some things. So I will try to refrain about this subject.

    This is a great community so I think that the things are going to change to good again. So from now on I will try to make my part.

  • kupomogli

    I know I’m guilty of a few. 

    Either making a long rant about piracy on the PSP.  It’s my favorite system this gen and the reason we don’t get a lot of games is due to the piracy.  So I can’t help ranting about it whenever the topic comes up.

    Or Namco, Capcom, and Koei, three developers that I don’t like for some reason or another.  Namco for obvious reasons, Capcom for really milking their fanbase with release day or close to release day DLC, and Koei for making “another” Musou game for another franchise that I like.

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      I’m glad you didnt even touch the Namco subject

  • good to see the rules clearly outlined, though i’ve seen most siliconera users follow them already. Up with proper netiquette!

  •  -sigh- Damnit, now I feel bad about my previous ramblings :( …

  • Istillduno

    TBH I don’t think we really had a problem with this to begin with, maybe I’m just used to skipping over obvious junk posts but I can’t really think of anything recently in the comments which caused them to need to be “fixed”.

  • badmoogle

    First of all i have to say that i don’t like *** kissing but i have to admit that Siliconera is one of the best gaming sites around,and leagues ahead of the more famous blog sites like Kotaku or Destructoid.One of the first things i respected when i discovered Siliconera some years ago is how the site staff here never used flamebait articles to raise their hitcount (a practise much favored by the sites i mentioned earlier) and how polite,inteligent,fun and informative the community was (and still is imo.)
    Secondly i must admit that sometimes personally i happen to criticize more than i’m cheerleading and i understand that this could cause problems if this site’s main goals are to inform and to promote (especially in the eyes of the industry people who frequent here and who would like to see a more cheerleading response at their products.)Don’t get me wrong,informing and promoting is good and i honestly believe Siliconera is doing a great job at both (which is why they have the support of the industry) but if a site doesn’t allow their community to freely voice (and back up) their objections,criticisms,or disappointments about a subject without flaming posts,it will ultimately feel as a shallow PR newsfeed.For example if it wasn’t for people criticizing many aspects of FFXIII there’s a big chance FFXIII-2 would have no major improvements as it has now.
    Personally i feel that whenever i criticize something i always explain on why i do so,(except if it’s something obvious),and i’ve always tried to be as good mannered as possible.Anyway apologies if i ever insulted anyone here,there’s not even one member here that i have a problem with.On the contrary many of the frequent posters here i regard them as friends (in a strange internet way) even if i don’t post as much as them.:)

    • Eddie

      Wow, I agree with everything you just said.

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      “First of all i have to say that i don’t like *** kissing but i have to admit that Siliconera is one of the best gaming sites around,and leagues ahead of the more famous blog sites like Kotaku or Destructoid”

      Hate to break it to you but that’s not kissing up to Siliconera: that’s a fact. ;)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      But BadM, I think the point to be made is there are plenty of voices yelling one way, and that a few sites who express similar thoughts without yelling that one way is ok too. This ain’t a get out of town rant, cuz you’ve been a participant here for some time, but a reminder that some came to this site specifically to get away from the yelling. We were lucky enough to find board masters and mods who share this idea and thus the strength of siliconera was born.

      We plumb the depths of games so much because it is our hobby. Yes, for some here it is also a business, but there are few sites that bring the two together so well. We all know who the company reps are, they don’t hide or feel the need to. I just don’t want to lose that just because someone feels slighted that the game they want to play is not on a system they own.

      • badmoogle

        “But BadM, I think the point to be made is there are plenty of voices
        yelling one way, and that a few sites who express similar thoughts
        without yelling that one way is ok too. This ain’t a get out of town
        rant, cuz you’ve been a participant here for some time, but a reminder
        that some came to this site specifically to get away from the yelling.”

        I think you misunderstood me or maybe i didn’t understand your point (english is not my first language.)
        I don’t approve of the term “yelling’ either,or complaining for the sake of complaining.But i think there are some quite intelligent posters here,with a much greater knowledge of otaku culture than most people at other sites so i think it would have been a waste of an oppurtunity of a fruitfull discussion if these people only posted to hype or cheerlead a product…Mindless/unbased possitivity is just as bad (or as boring) as mindless/unbassed negativity.

        “I just don’t want to lose that just because someone feels slighted that
        the game they want to play is not on a system they own.”

        I agree 100% but still even in this occassion,there might be someone who can say that moving X game to Y system could be a bad idea not because he doesn’t own that system but because he believes that this move could prove wrong for the future of that game or series.So if he can back up his opinion in an intelligent manner i don’t see how that could be wrong.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I think we agree then!

    • Apollonis

      “the site staff here never used flamebait articles to raise their hitcount (a practise much favored by the sites i mentioned earlier)”

      OK, I don’t visit Kotaku but in the case of Destructoid I respectfully disagree.  People make that complaint all the time, but all I see is the writers having real, honest opinions.  The real difference is that the Siliconera writers tend not to let their opinions come through at all but simply provide a platform for readers–I have a feeling that if Spencer or Ishaan did let their views come through more in their articles, they would be attacked by many people as “flaming” or trying to attract cheap hits from controversy.  People even complained about them posting the article where the DEVELOPER of the Tales of series gave his opinion on the nature of the series, accusing them of just what you brought up despite the actual article being clearly nothing of the sort.  So, it’s a little sad, but the people who complain about opinion pieces are the ones really guilty of stirring up flames and controversy.  If you don’t like a particular article, simply don’t read or comment on it rather than giving it more traffic.

      • badmoogle

        I have stopped visiting Kotaku for years but i do visit Destructoid from time to time when i use my PSP’s browser.
        I don’t want to call by name a particular Destructoid “journalist” but everyone who frequents the site will instantly know about whom i’m speaking…this guy keeps making one flamebait article (with a flamebait title) after the other.Particularly with PSN’s outage he was spreading so much venom and misinformation blending facts with his own hatred for the company that after a while he sounded more like a comedian than a serious journalist.I’m not a member there but i admit i’m guilty for clicking those articles just to fulfill my curiocity about the limits of stupidity.
        And it’s not because someone is opinionated it instantly makes him a troll,i’m sure if Spencer or Ishaan were more vocal about their own thoughts they would have written them in a logical and respectful manner without a trace of flamebaiting.In contrast to the sites i mentioned i’ve never seen a title that makes “fun” or trying to “ridicule” a game,developer or publisher in Siliconera.And i’m here since 2007.I think if Spencer and Ishaan were more opinionated their articles would have been similar to some of the posts at Gamasutra where they inform and offer subtle and respectful opinions on the subjects.Or maybe they would sound (especially Ishaan) like Anoop from Adriasang when he sometimes offers his own opinion with a well thought and funny way.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          And that’s a perfect example of a site that changed because the mods/writers themselves chose to change the tenor of their site. That’s something making what Spencer and Ishaan are trying to keep very important.

          Yes, the industry moved in and bought places like Gamespot IGN or AoD, but those places had been lost long before. Others compete with each other for the quickest to the punch breaking news or the tagline that will bring the most page views. All that leads to is the egg both Kotaku and Joystiq have had to wipe off their faces as the ‘news’ generated from some halfa*sed translated JP blog turned out to be flat out false.

          I know Ishaan has seen a few blogs posted on Gamasutra from time to time. That’s a site that one day I appreciate but the next they can still slip back to ‘unassailable facts of the industry’ that are simply Leigh Alexander or Ian Bogost’s opinion thereof.

        • PrinceHeir

          lol you seem to hate jim :P

          but yeah Siliconera, Andriasang, and Destructoid are the best gaming site in the internet.

          there’s no denying all these sites offer exclusive news, previews and other awesome stuff.

          as for the commenting system, yeah i feel it’s too restricted. 

          yeah yeah im one of those people if i want a game i’ll keep mentioning it to it’s related articles(otomedius excellence, shumps and VN games, tales of vesperia on PS3, Oneechanbara etc)

          but yeah i learned not to overflood it too much.

          though im taking summer classes now so i don’t think i can comment to much 


          • Let’s imagine the other scenario where *everyone* floods the site with unrelated requests. First, there won’t be any meaning to the requests because if you’re asking for everything – what do you truly want?

            Second, the insightful discussions will be drowned out by noise. We’re just asking for people to put some thought into what they write because seriously what other site is actually going to ask company presidents about key topics.

            Alternatively, I could just ignore the on-site discussions like mods on other sites do, but I don’t think would be for the better for anyone.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Destructoid is especially guilty of that. I remember their series of “Why Heavy Rain sucks and you are stupid for liking it” articles.

      • z_merquise

        Yeah, they do have articles like that but they post good ones that were very interesting to read like the articles about the symbolism for No More Heroes and the one about “what’s missing on KOF XII”.

      • badmoogle

        You see that’s what i’m talking about.They could have found a million more subtle and respectful titles to say the same thing but sadly their priority is the hitcount and not to inform or offer an objective opinion.

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    I’ve only just discovered this site last summer, but it’s the best gaming site around imo. One that brings us news about the eastern gaming scene while still reporting stuff about the west. If it wasn’t for this site I probably never would’ve known about El Shaddai or Persona 3 Portable. Thanks for what you’ve done guys and keep up the good work!

  • SirRichard

    Yeah, I’m definitely guilty of a few of those. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I am. I’m going to try and rein it in, though, definitely if things have gotten concerning.

    • GamerKT


  • Rofl, when did this become a valentine’s days THE RETURN! xD

  • Mister_Nep

    I’m new here so I really haven’t noticed anything that warrants a clear post of rules. The comments here, are just that, comments. I guess I need to be here longer to understand.

  • The fact that Silliconera has a relatively low amount of stupid comments is one of the reason why it’s my main game news site. It’s sad that it’s been deteriorating recently, but …. I wouldn’t know since I’ve been lurking more, and no commenting as much. (Most of my comments seem to go on Twitter now…) 

    I always appreciated the friendly atmosphere here and I hope people will continue to encourage it.

  • Well, we can only hope that people as a group actually think.

    Sure, we all understand that you’d like it on X system, but the reality is that well, let’s face it, complaining here isn’t going to do very much at all, at least compared to voting with your wallets, or if they’re open to it, sending comments to the company.

    They’ll also make games where they think there’ll be a place where they can make money. Sure they might like working in a certain subsection of the industry, but they also need to generate an income to stay solvent. Insolvent companies shut their doors.

    They’re companies, and companies function in a way where they believe they’ll make money. If they think their best option is to release it as it is, that’s what they will do.

    All that being said, don’t be surprised if sections of the industry stay alive even if you don’t believe that the company’s operations justify it – other people may or may not believe the same you do, and consequently like to give their support. The world’s big enough for everyone after all.

    And that’s in the end what we ask – to remember that you may disagree, but that other people actually may not believe the same, and that you could be right, but it doesn’t automatically mean the world will make it so according to your opinion.

    Just remember that if you keep waiting for an ideal, that a lot of real stuff between now and (possibly, since there’s no gurantee your ideal will even show up) then will go by you, and at least you can reach out for them.

    I’d like to keep working with Siliconera on the basis that I do, and I don’t want to find myself having to find somewhere else I feel comfortable working in.

  • I definitely enjoy the atmosphere here at Siliconera and don’t want to see this community detoriate.  If I’ve said anything to offend, I apologize, and I’ll try to be mindful of my posts.

  • z_merquise

    It’s nice that you guys and gals at Siliconera quickly took action regarding on what’s happening in the community lately. With lots of visitors in this site lately, sometimes things would easily get out of control. 

    The reason why Siliconera became one my frequently visited gaming sites is not only because they feature news and updates on games that I’ll never find in other sites but I do like the community here. Community here overall is nice and friendly though there were few people who would like to troll but it wasn’t as worse as other sites. But it’s best to prevent that here. A good community was already established. I’ll do my part to retain it as much as I can.

    Still, I’m positive that this would still have the same awesome community as it was before. Let’s just all be thoughtful of what we say.

  • FireCouch

    I try my best to stay neutral on most topics and look at situations from all sides.  I’m sure some see me as a jerk at times, but what can you do.

    Either way, I really do like this site a lot.  Not only for the news, but for the community as well.  In all of my attempts to find a better gaming news site, I’ve never found one.

  • I’m a little surprised it took this long for this act to be done, but it’s necessary considering what happened earlier. I know this wasn’t the first time Siliconera needed order before I got here. This is already one of my favorite places to be in and I don’t want a reason to be careless about it. Then again, even when things go wrong in a meager comment section, I’ll always be informed by what Siliconera gives me.

  • Extra_Life

    People love to disagree, or have their point overrule someone else’s (even if it a subjective opinion that someone else has and wasn’t even provoking a response). It actually doesn’t seem that bad here, though I don’t comment all that much so I’ve not had a huge amount of replies. Conversely, on other sites I’ve used (one that begins with ‘K’ and ends in ‘otaku’ in particular) I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything that hasn’t been jumped on by a hater, even when my comment was neutral and provoked no response.

    I frequent Siliconera for the great articles and that there are some real characters in the comments, with useful things to say that I find quite informative. I’ve see a few off comments here and there, but generally Siliconera seems like one of the friendlier places online to revel in your gaming hobby :)

  • I know I’m guilty of rambling on. But I feel like I have nothing at add to the discussions here on Siliconera. Either because I really don’t have anything to say or someone or a few people on a same wave length that there’s no point to add what’s already said or written in this case.

    But if and when I do make a comment or add my thoughts, I’ll keep the rules in mind. That’s all I can say.

  • Extra_Life

    Thirded! Aoshi was the first commenter I came across with good things to say about Nier. Inspired me to keep using the site!

  • Exkaiser

    Siliconera is pretty alright.

    News-wise, you guys stick to the facts and try to avoid posting things that are only speculation. Community-wise, you foster discussion and encourage intelligent posting. Personally, I think it’s the best place to get gaming news, and one of the better places to discuss gaming news.

    I should probably apologize for starting a lot of silly arguments, but in my defense I try to make sure they’re always -intelligent- arguments. I probably come off as quite the antagonist when I’m playing the logic card, but the last thing I want from Siliconera’s posters is to run with poor logic. It’s like running with scissors!

    Well, either way, it’s slightly unbecoming. I really should try to avoid posting where I know it’ll just start an argument. Bad habit.

    • Debates are always welcome! Just as long as they aren’t fueled by anger and hate, and unfair demands. Your posts are always pretty sound, so I don’t think you have anything to apologize for at all. :)

    • lostinblue


      Sure, there will be trolls, console fanboys/console wars, there will be people being “outrageous” to make a point come across in a way more radicalist way than they really are in real life (I can often fall on this category, internet is just that, people overeact… And I can overeact to make a point), there will be people overeacting to start an all-out argument (not me) and all that; and worst of all, people will fail to respect one another and this is the most important part, actually; the point the respect it’s thrown out and it’s suddenly personal.

      With all that said, I understand that it has to be fought rather than just accepted, but I’ll say it’s probably a loosing battle, if the site continues gaining prominence or even keeping it. It’s the price to pay for being “popular”.

      But fighting it might be the way for it to stay as is now (pretty damn acceptable and with lots of good members) rather than degenerating further (I say further because: it’s never gonna be the “backyard” blog some members can call their own place anymore, it’s bigger than that and the structure got more complex due to it, I don’t know everyone that posts anymore and I don’t know if I’m known by a lot of them in the same light). Anyway in the end I think banning the constantly bad members and trolls is the way.

      There was a guy I couldn’t stand and whose posts; or rather, the fact that I felt he went after me rather than my arguments, made me post less… because no matter how ultrageous what I say might come across as I come here to talk, not go for someone’s throat/making it personal; and I’m not aware of more bans, but I felt that one was a really good call, not for me/myself but because I felt I wasn’t the only one that really couldn’t deal with him. After that

      Perhaps hiring one or two team members whose function is moderate the comments rather than post news is something that you guys are gonna need, I dunno how much work this “issue” means now… But don’t go overboard on the liberties we have, just avoid platform begging and overall lack of respect for everyone/depreciative comments aimed at members here.

      I wouldn’t say Siliconera is in a bad place to be though, this is heaven compared to Kotaku, ign, gamespot and others.

  • runesong

    Well said, Spencer. Well said!

  • darkfox1

    I don’t even know where I stand. I don’t think people even read my post as they’re not many. :(

  • Hmm… although it’s useful, I think one of the problems with the [ Flag ] option is that it appears only as text, and only when you hover over a comment.
    Perhaps if it were a light red button in its current position that was simply always present, more people would make use of it…
    Ugh, and, although it’s extremely simple, I’ve seen the option of disliking, or downgrading certain comments to be somewhat effective…
    Mmm… maybe if we had the ability to mark things with certain ratings… not just likes, but by stars or something…
    *Scratch scratch scratch*
    I’m not sure… but, if you incorporate a system that automatically deletes or hides comments that are downgraded, or seen as useless / spam, maybe that could work.
    Aheh… m-maybe…

    • That’s what the “Flag” button does — once a a comment gets flagged enough times, it gets removed, so we fully encourage folks to use it (in a fair manner) to deal with comments they feel have no merit to them.

      As for the Flag button itself…mmm. These are all good ideas, and we’ll have to see what we can do, but the problem is, a lot of this stuff is implemented by Disqus themselves, so we have to make do with what they provide. It’s definitely something that’s worth thinking about though…thanks. :)

      • You’re very welcome, and I hope you guys managed to figure something effective out soon. c:
        Aheh… it may be rather irrelevant ( and possibly cred-shattering ), but I operate a roleplaying guild on a… erm… on a website, so I sort of understand how difficult it can be to work within boundaries set up by different sources. It stinks, but we’re typically able to work problems out, thanks to input from users. So, I’m sure you’ll all be able to do the same, seeing how you’re pretty much doing what I’ve done in the past! xD

    • mirumu

      My experience is that sites that allow disliking or downgrading of comments quickly end up without any real discussion. A group of fanboys ends up outnumbering everyone else and then the actually interesting discussion disappears beneath the wave of downvotes.

      I’m not saying it can’t work, but the potential for abuse with such a system is very high.

      • *Nod*
        Unfortunate, but true… It’s been so long since I used the site and wasn’t a member, can people who aren’t signed up give likes and all that? ^ ^;
        E-either way, perhaps if even a trial period were introduced, we could see what does and doesn’t work.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Gah, I think this is refering to me. Sorry, I tend to snark a lot and forget where I am. And certain subjects rile me up, such as the whole WRPG vs. JRPG thing or the fact that a lot of interesting games don’t end up on my system.

    I think this whole storm is going to make me comment less now, but when I do I’ll try to be careful.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    I’m all for open discussions, but when someone goes berserk in a manner like ”x developers are idiots I hope they die” with no argument to back it up, then he/she should be punished, even if it’s me. I’m all for peace and enjoyable stay around here. Even though I’m somewhat still new, I find this place enjoyable so far, the usual members are nice and have interesting comments.

  • I’ve always read Siliconera. I have not read or made a comment in a long while for the very reason(s) this article focuses on. It’s a shame that the most fanatical (and sometimes ignorant) people are always the loudest and most “heard” people online or in person. Not a particular jab at anyone on this site; I just mean in general. I’ll definitely start checking out the comments again because I’m sure there’s some good stuff/info between all the lame, useless, one word negative comments that some folks make that I have missed out on.

    Well, no matter what, keep up the good work you folks always have accomplished here at SE.

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