Shadows Of The Damned’s Star-Studded Japanese Cast

By Spencer . June 26, 2011 . 10:43pm


Electronic Arts went all out for Shadows of the Damned and hired actor Tadanobu Asano to voice Garcia. Asano should feel right at home Grasshopper Manufacture’s grindhouse style game, it’s less violent than Ichi the Killer, which he also worked on. Chiaki Kuriyama, singer and the O-Ren Ishii’s bodyguard Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill, plays Garcia Hotspur’s girlfriend Paula.


Drama actor Tatsuya Gashuin is Johnson, Garcia’s talking gun. Fleming, the demon that captures Paula in the beginning of the game, is voiced by Kotaro Yoshida. One other interesting choice is a role Famitsu labels as "Tough Guy." Kosei Hirota has this part and he also happens to be the voice of Marcus Fenix from Gears of War in Japan.


Here’s the cast Japanese cast for the game:

Garcia – Tadanobu Asano
Paula – Chiaki Kuriyama
Johnson – Tatsuya Gashuin
Fleming -  Kotaro Yoshida
Elliot – Tomorowo Taguchi
Christopher – Kyusaku Shimada
"Tough Guy" – Kosei Hirota


Shadows of the Damned is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America and Europe now. A Japanese release is slated for September 22.


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  • shion16

    Its not a bad game, but its 100% recommended to play it in hard mode. In other way it feels incomplete or broken.

  • Kris

    If this has dual voice, I might just have to import it, the cast looks great! What I’ve played of the game has been pretty bizarre, and I’d love to hear the Japanese take on some of the more… risque jokes.

    • Aoshi00

      Same here.. but if it’s just by actors like Yakuza, instead of voice actors like NMH, then it’s not that important to me.. sometimes regular actor’s voice acting is a little bland for me..

      • Kris

        I can definitely see that. Even in English, I generally prefer voice actors to actors if they’re going to voice act, but sometimes the draw of star power is pretty enticing… Besides, if it’s dual voice, I can always swap over to the English version, which is quality stuff!

        • Aoshi00

          Dual track is always good, I enjoyed replaying both Heavy Rain or Uncharted 2 in Jpn (using recognizable seiyuu) after I beat them in Eng, makes the 2nd go and farming trophies smore refreshing since you experience the story again differently :)  Using real actors works for the more realistic kind of games, like Yakuza, that’s why Jpn dub for hollywood movies or Korean dramas work well, but for Lost Odyssey, the Jpn dub really suffered, the voice acting sounded from awful to OK at best.. if it had used professional VAs like Last Story, the game would’ve been even more awesome.  Of course the Eng dub was good..   I’ve actually always imagined how Bayonetta would sound like in Jpn.. I know the Eng. dub is very good alrdy, just like Alice Madness Returns (the Jpn ver is sub only and no dub…, otherwise it would be cool to see how they dub the mad chars in Wonderland). 

  • z_merquise

    It’s kind of similar in US or Europe developed games where they hire popular movie actors to voice in games. I’m just curious if this was the first for Japan because they usually hire anime and game voice actors but not movie actors for this.

    Still, Damned looks like a great game judging by the positive reviews I read. I recommend it to a friend who had no idea of Grasshopper Manufacture or the big-name Japanese developers behind it. And you know what, he loved it! From the gameplay, the presentation, the characters, the humor (especially the humor) and even the music that he’s even interested for the soundtrack (and it’s coming from a person who had no idea who is Akira Yamaoka).

    It seems that Damned looks like a game that GHM fans would not miss but would even attract gamers who were just looking for a good action/adventure game. Here’s hoping it would sell well even in Japan.

    Going out of topic for a bit here, I was really hyped to finally play the game when suddenly, my PS3 won’t start anymore because of YLOD and it happened just after the PSN firmware update so I’m not sure if it was because of that or because my 80GB PS3 phat was too old. Kinda sucks for me. And my copy of the game was still sealed.

    I didn’t know that Tadanobu Asano starred in Ichi the Killer (haven’t watched it yet) but I first know him in the Thor film where he portrayed Hogun, one of Thor’s allies and part of the Warriors Three.

    • Aoshi00

      W/ live action (like Hollywood movies or Korean dramas), they use a lot of actors which do a really great job, but w/ games or anime I definitely prefer seiyuu..

  • PrinceHeir

    im guessing japan will have dual audio?? ;P

  • I very much enjoyed the game! a bit short though, and killer 7 is still my favorite.

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