Devil Survivor: Overclocked Will Be The First MegaTen Game To Launch Overseas

By Spencer . June 28, 2011 . 5:55pm

imageAtlus USA has Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked slated for release on August 23. Japan won’t get the Nintendo 3DS version until September 1, according to Famitsu.


Typically, Shin Megami Tensei titles, even spinoffs like Devil Survivor, are released in Japan first and in North America a few months later. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked will break the trend by a couple of days.


The enhanced version of Devil Survivor has new character portraits, voice acting for cutscenes, and perhaps most interesting to fans "the 8th day." This scenario picks up from whatever ending you earn in the main game.

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  • The game that made me want a 3DS, cant wait! Main character dude is so cool!

  • jourdal

    The title is kinda off isn’t it?

  • JustaGenericUser

    “… the first SMT game to launch overseas”

    Uhhhh… might want to fix the wording there.

    • I changed it to MegaTen, but it’s still considered a SMT title and part of the overarching series.

      • RablaAndrews

        I don’t think thats what he meant.

        You’d probably want it to say ‘First MegaTen game to launch first overseas’

        The current title makes it sound like its the first MegaTen game to launch overseas ever.

        • eh? no. “Launch” says it all. Spencer is being succinct.

  • Anyone know if Australia is getting this?

  • AnimeRemix

    Oh yeah! Devil Survivor is breaking the chain of events that all SMT games would go through! Still going to buy this game when I get a 3DS. When looking to play a rpg game with a amazing story, it’s best to go and try this one out!

  • Slashlen

    Damn, this makes me want a 3DS, though right now it’s about the only thing.

  • RablaAndrews

    If only it was coming to Europe and Australia

    • I guess you mean: Only if Nintendo would leave the 3DS region-free >.>

      I will buy this game, hopefully everyone else can get it too.

    • neofuji

      Ghostlight have expressed some interest, you never know… I’d guess since they haven’t announced it yet (if they’re picking it up at all) it won’t be here until next year though.

  • Overclocked, stop making me want a 3DS.

  • Megami Ibunroku seems like a title added to games that they’re not sure whether to put into the SMT series.  Persona has gone full on SMT after all.

    And prepare for cheese:

    Aha! They can alter the release clock!

    • OneOkami

      I think its been only Atlus USA that actually stamps “Shin Megami Tensei” on Persona games. As for Devil Survivor, I’d gotten the impression from the beginning that they only did it (like with Persona) to help it sell.

    • Exkaiser

      Persona only has SMT in America. In Japan, it has simply dropped the “Megami Ibunroku” title entirely, starting with Persona 2.

      But, well, it is a title used for spinoff games. “Side-story of the Goddess” and all that. Though, SMT’s naming scheme isn’t really very consistent in Japan, anyways. You have “Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible,” “Megami Ibunroku: Persona,” “Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner,” “Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei,” etc.

      And then games like Devil Children have the SMT title but Soul Hackers and the Raidou games don’t.

      I think Atlus USA’s policy of just giving all the games in the franchise the SMT title at least helps make it more understandable to an outsider.

      • It does make more sense, really.  They’re all crazy, in the best of ways.  Thanks for clarifying Exkaiser and OneOkami.  I’m not into the names as much as the games themselves anyway.  XD

        • Exkaiser

          I think that is a perfectly acceptable stance to take!

  • SirRichard

    Oh why does the 3DS have to be region-locked?

    I guess I can still track down the DS version, at least.

  • …I must secretly be craving for a 3DS because this almost seemed like a good reason to pick one up. I don’t know why.

    I do want this game, though — no doubt about that.

  • Huh. Were sales better in the U.S?

    • 01001111

      I don’t know about that although it’s doubtful simply b/c RPGs and strategy games are the preferred genre(s) in Japan and would likely sell more over there for that reason than anywhere else. Still, Devil Survivor was met with a really good response in the West inasmuch as you can get in the niche market that is N. America for JRPGs/strategy games.

    • cj_iwakura

      Far as I know, yes. Strange Journey, not so much. Shame, that.

  • …makes me wanna know what happens after becoming a Bel. 8th day as a Bel… hmm. intriguing.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :D

  • XypherCode

    cool! ^_^b

  • And hopefully the Western interest in this release will ensure that this localisation of this series won’t be the last!

    • Exkaiser

      Well, of course it won’t be the last. Devil Survivor 2 is already confirmed for localization.

  • AzureNova

    This is good news for the West! Hopefully they will start a trend with the release of Overclocked. =^_^=

  • ninjaonizuka

    now i got a 3ds so ima get this :D

  • Imagine was the first

    • Strain42

      What are you talking about? Imagine was in Japan long before Aeria brought it over in English.

  • I would buy a 3DS just for this, seriously. It’s also nice nice to a trend break once and a while.

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