Heroes Of Ruin Has Over 80,000 Weapons, Drops Are Sort-Of Like Borderlands

By Spencer . June 30, 2011 . 4:35pm


"We’ve got over 20,000 weapons per class, we’ve got a tremendous amount of content," said Tim Schwalk, producer at n-Space, when we were talking about Heroes of Ruin. Earlier in the conversation we discussed the game’s character design. Now we switched topics to gameplay and specifically Heroes of Ruin’s loot system.


Being a dungeon crawler, equipping your character with new gear is a core element of Heroes of Ruin. You don’t have to go through menus to do this. If you see loot on the ground you can equip it by pressing up on the D-pad. Weapons are class specific. After all, the bullish Vindicator isn’t going to pick up a rifle made for the Gunslinger.


"20,000… weapons per class," I said wondering how n-Space created so many arms. 80,000+ weapons are a lot to collect.


"We have a really cool randomization system," Schwalk elaborated. "As loot is dropped, based on a lot of different factors, it’ll actually configure them and put them all together. It’s similar to sort of what Borderlands did, you’ll see some similar things, but a lot of cool really different things."


With so many weapons. you probably won’t see every item in Heroes of Ruin. The game automatically creates a StreetPass shop, which you can access in the middle of the Nexus, the game’s hub world. When you pass another player in a mall, coffee shop or Heroes of Ruin party your loot populates another player’s trader’s network. This will give them a chance to buy gear you found and vice-versa.


Heroes of Ruin is slated for release early next year on Nintendo 3DS.

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  • YsyDoesIt

    I’m such a sucker for loot in games like this, and I’m excited to hear they’re using a system similar to Borderlands. Since it’s an action RPG, maybe I won’t get motion sickness playing this game!

    • Don’t play Borderlands with motion blur on!

  • LezardValeth

    Lol @ them trying to classify a random weapon generator with 80,000 different possible rolls as something to get excited for. Hurrrr my sword has 6 dex instead of 4. That’s 2 of the 80,000….a majority of that number just weapons of varying crap stats….it’s all about uniques.

    • Selaphiel

      It’s definitely not going to be as insane as Borderlands supposed 17 million+ guns, but I’d like to assume it wouldn’t be as simple as minor stat variations.

    • AzureNova

      Lolz, my sword has a azure blue glow and a Dex stat of +10 man…….
      Is that unique enough to make your list? XD

  • This is coming along to be a great co-op game as I love this genre and Borderlands. If it comes together nicely, it’ll definitely be added to my library. 

  • kupomogli

    Shaping up to be the best game on the 3DS.

    Also speaking of Borderlands.  The best video IGN has ever released.  Fun game also, coming from someone who really doesn’t like the genre.


  • If I can have a legit revolver like this one, then I’ll be heavily interested in the game.


  • color me impressed. :)

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