Take A Look At Makai Kingdom Portable

By Spencer . July 1, 2011 . 4:23pm

Nippon Ichi is bringing Makai Kingdom to PSP. The game was originally released on PlayStation 2 and looked like this after NIS America localized it.




Here’s Makai Kingdom Portable.




Dengeki PlayStation says the game will have brushed up visuals and a new scenario titled "Papa is the Strongest Demon King." The magazine also confirms Makai Kingdom Portable will have extra characters, but none were specifically mentioned. Early online reports from Japanese message boards said Valvatorez was a playable, which may not be the case. In the same issue, Dengeki PlayStation also announced new Disgaea 4 downloadable content, which may be the source of the mix up.


Makai Kingdom Portable will be available in Japan on September 22.



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  • TenRX

    I guess this is only for Japan, unfortunately us (America) we have to deal with not one port… Three ports of Phantom Brave!

    • What do you mean? They still brought ZHP and Phantom Brave…might as well send PSP off with one more title this year than release no psp title at all, atlus is still bringing p2p.

  • I love how this was announced in JP right after the Siliconera interview with NISA talking about how they aren’t looking to localize any more PSP titles.  Hopes = dashed completely…

  • malek86

    Dithering, really? On a game like this? I can’t imagine it being so taxing on the PSP’s memory.

  • PS2 was stated to be a graphical powerhouse, I just dont see it, PSP looks nice. I hope to see it on US shores. 

    • When the sprites were blown up on your screen, they don’t look as good. On the PSP, the image is smaller thus sharper.

      • Ryos

        Actually, the PSP has a higher native resolution so whether you play the games on the PSP or on some sort of converter, the PSP will always look better than the PS2 (short of major budget differences) – it’s strikingly noticeable on an HDTV.  I’m not sure whether I’d buy the game again, but eh, I’ll think about that later.  I’d honestly rather have NISA do new stuff than retreads.

  • God I really hope at least that NISA won’t ignore an in-house game like this. I know their expectations of the PSP are low, but at least give us this…?

    I wonder exactly how the graphics will be brushed up. I’d prefer more cutscenes somehow like how the start of the game was. The fact that there wasn’t really anymore like that was depressing and more showed the kind of budget the game had. :(

    • ForeverFidelis

       To be honest I wouldn’t really blame them if they didn’t. It’s like pirate city. I wouldn’t be surprised if 55% of people who owned one never actually payed for a game. If I was a developer, I would stay the heck away from that console.

      • Mister_Nep

        That’s the sad truth really, but I still want to hopelessly hope for this version to hit US.

      • That’s true. And here I am, at least feeling proud that my PSP (and my library) is completely legit.

        Don’t worry, NISA! You have me supporting you with purchases! ;;

      • Locklear93

        I know anyone who pirates on PSP… but working for a publisher, my experience is probably a little skewed. <_<

        Here's hoping the Vita makes next generation a little more friendly for us.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    If we want to see this hit our shores then we should do something about it. Let NIS know we want it badly and it may turn out well for us.

    I think we’ll get it since it wouldn’t be THAT hard to localise compared to something like ZHP.

  • Draparde

    I really hope this comes out here. but otherwise i have to wonder what that extra scenario is about, or who the main character of it will be. 

    • SpiderCVIII

      If I were to take a wild guess, I’d say it’ll be about Alexander’s father. *Spoilers?* If you remember the ending credits, they show Ass Hat with a big-sized character whom I can only assume is his father since they have similar clothing.

  • Took’em long enough.Now port soul nomad and add non-linearity.

  • xflame10

    i’ve seen gameplay of this game, the “invite system” or whatever its called seems even more complicated than confining. Well i won’t be able to get it anyway, no psp, actually no sony consoles at all, but i do hope to get a ps vita, especially considering that NIS seems to have no love for me and my 3ds :D.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Makai was ok, the PSP port looks smoother I must say, but I didn’t like certain concepts of Makai Kingdom as opposed to Disgaea, (last time I played was years ago before I sold it so I can’t recall much) I enjoyed the vehicle system, it brought variety to the strategy, but it was odd controlling an army of purely class-generated characters and moving around the home base as a class character, with ACTUAL characters accessible later on as extra bosses/characters to get in the game, so I had to use a bunch of nobodies really while the story progressed with characters I don’t even use, it felt quite strange and distanced me a little.

    • Locklear93

      That’s interesting to me, largely because you just described exactly how I played Disgaea 3, both times.  As soon as I have enough variety of generic characters available to me, the main characters just kind of quit being used.  Disgaea 2 is the only one where I’ve really liked both main characters enough to use them constantly throughout.

  • I think Makai Kingdom has the best and enjoyable battle system that i ever had, even the control are nice and fast.
    But instead of port, why don’t they make the sequel? because i was waiting for a long time for it…

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