Xseed’s Solatorobo Reminder Is A Small Helping Of Screens

By Spencer . July 1, 2011 . 12:00pm


Europe got Solatorobo: Red the Hunter this past week. America gets to wait another few months as Xseed prep their own version of the game. In the mean time, here are a few screenshots.


In case you missed it, we also posted a trailer and concept art earlier in the week.



 OP_00080 OP_00007


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  • I’ve been playing this all morning and this is easily one of the best looking DS games out there and probably the best when it comes to 3D on the DS. The backgrounds in particular, though they are pre-rendered, look gorgeous~ No screenshots will do this game justice!

    • excellent so the game is tons better in motion than just a couple of screens.

      • Yeah, there’s a really smooth look to the game and there’s a load of nice little visual cues as well for things like levelling/ranking up. You can really tell how much love and pride CyberConnect2 have for the game.

        • DanteJones

          That’s great to hear! I was worried it wasn’t going to come to NA for a while until the Xseed announcement. 

  • Guest

    I was really looking forward to this but my DS just broke and I got fired. Sucks =/

    • What did you do to get fired?

      • Guest

        Complicated….lets just say I wasn’t good at my job.

    • DanteJones

      I’m in the unemployment boat as well, I need to find a job before Catherine comes out.

      EDIT: Forgot to add: that sucks about your DS, was it the broken hinge problem? That happened to my old one recently.

  • raikage

    “Europe got Solatorobo: Red the Hunter this past week.”
    Actually we got it today.
    I bought it, but haven’t played it yet.

    • Give impressions when you can I am patiently waiting the US release. can’t wait ohh and I sick and tired of people putting of the game because it has furries. sheesh

  • This game is hard to find.
    local retails (Austria) > sold out or not even listed in their databases
    Amazon.de > has it, obligatory ugly USK rating on the box
    Amazon.co.uk > 3 of the 4 listed retailers ship from Germany

    What kind of publishing is that !?

    • Here in the UK, it is a Game Group exclusive so only Game, Gamestation and Gameplay.co.uk are carrying it. 

      • Ah, that explains it.

        Well anyway, I found the game. Living close to the German border has some advantages. An Euronics store carried the game.

        Nice full color manual and the localisation seems to be good.

  • Mister_Nep

    Didn’t know about this game. I wanna get this to support XSeed, but I don’t think I’d actually play it…hmm…need to decide soonish.

    • Is there anything we can post that helps you or are you deciding this based on factors we can’t do anything about (design, price, release period…)?

      • Mister_Nep

        Well I would like to know more information on the game’s story and characters. Most of what I know is that it’s a spiritual successor to Tail Concerto, and the whole grab and throw mechanic of the gameplay.

        I’ll admit I haven’t kept a close eye, but all the digging up I’m finding isn’t revealing a whole lot on those two things. I know nothing of Tail Concerto so knowing the spiritual connection doesn’t really help me learn anything new about it.

        • The protagonist Red the Hunter is a very self confident character, reminds me a lot of Sonic. He’s the kind of guy that takes a mission and gets things done. Then there is this little sister type of character, Chocolate, that likes to tease him but has a good hearth. She supports him through the communicator. And there’s also a mysterious androgynous character. Sounds very much like stereotypes, but it’s well done.

          I’d say Mega Man Legends is the closest match, in terms of mood, graphics, characters and how much you spend time on talking and on missions.

          As far as the story goes, it’s an adventure and focuses on the characters and a “contract”, nothing too dark with politcs or conspiracies.
          The game is mostly lighthearted but has some serious moments, switching between them back and forth very fast.

          I’m about three hours in so this is not an in-depth anaylsis. Perhaps others can provide some more information. I’d recomment it based on what I’ve played so far

  • kupomogli

    Remember those of us saying Xseed is the new Atlus?  Well, because of Solatorobo it makes it more true than ever before.  Think about it.  Localizing a ton of amazing niche titles, and then Solatorobo, or in Atlus’ case, Tail Concerto.

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