Aksys Anime Expo Liveblog Starts… Now!

By Spencer . July 2, 2011 . 11:05am

Hi! We’re at Anime Expo and we’ll be liveblogging Aksys’ Anime Expo panel. Look forward to some "marvelous otome" news everyone!


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  • savvy30039

    Can’t wait!

  • malek86

    Nooo! Why do I have to go out this evening?

  • Roses4Aria

    Yay!  I’m really looking forward to this!

    *Nervously bites fingernails*

    Hakuoki? HAKUOKI??!! Kyaa!!!! *Faints*

    Aksys, I officially love you! Here’s hoping this is just the beginning of more otome games to come. :)

  • Tsuruhime


  • The suspense is killing me :(


  • Thanks Spencer! I really hope we hear some news! =)

    I’m so anxious haha, this is sort of nerve racking!

  • savvy30039

    Hakuoki YEEEEEEEEES!

    • savvy30039

      I guess I have to buy a PSP now…

      • Roses4Aria

        Thank goodness I already have one.  I bought it for Birth by Sleep and am now officially NOT sorry I did. LOL

        • savvy30039

          I’ve already been wanting one for Persona 3 PSP, so it’s not so bad that I’ll get to play that as well as Fate/Extra and Hakuoki. GOD AKSYS IS AWESOME.

          • Roses4Aria

            No argument from me. :)  Now all we need is Hiiro no Kakera, hint hint, Aksys…

  • shy_mel


  • Tsuruhime

    ~*~ YES HAKUOUKI ~*~ <3

  • Ah! Hakuoki! It was kinda cheesy though. I wonder what it’d be like on PSP in a game format…

    EDIT: Hahaha! The cosplay clothes are quite well made.

    EDIT 2: I loved Aeris a lot, but she still didn’t come back to life. :<

  • RagnaXBL


  • Natat

    Oooh this is great, hope for some nice news!

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Hakuoki and Fate/Extra!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!I love you Aksys! I’m glad I supported you all these years and I’m still gonna till the day I die! Damn, I’m so excited!

  • RagnaXBL

    James Xie is my hero

  • I’m not too excited about Hakuouki, as the heroine is awfully annoying. But YAY for otome games in English and as this is one that will never ever get a fan translation, I’ll gladly buy it even tho most of the endings are rather depressing and I’ll gladly tolerate the heroine’s incapability to do anything useful. ;>

    Hm.. I wonder if there’ll be another otome announcement? Or was that “”TWO new MARVELOUS OTOME to be announced” stuff on their website referring to Fate/Extra (which I’m somehow more excited about than Hakuouki.., even tho I already know Fate/Extra isn’t that awesome) and Hakuouki after all? ;_;

    I also wonder if Hakuouki will have an English dub..

    • really? which otome game would you have rather had translated?

      • Hmm.. if it had to be an Idea Factory game, I’d rather have liked games like Wand of Fortune (more suitable to the west due to the fantasy/magic school setting), Clock Zero (because it has a rather interesting storyline), Arcobaleno!  (as it’s more casual, got gameplay elements etc.) or Kanuchi (Lots of gameplay, item gathering and item making kinda like in the Atelier series, but on the downsinde it got a bland heroine and an unfinished story which gets continued in the other parts of Kanuchi).

        I just would have liked a less text heavy, less depressing game that could have picked much more interested by casual gamers. Not a visual novel otome game but rather one that has simulation or RPG elements, so it could be easier accessed by non otome fans.

        I’m a little scared that it won’t sell well enough for them to release more otome games in the future.. :/ I’m definitely interested in it, but I think it’s not the best choice for a first otome game release.

        In style of 999, I would think it would have been the best choice to get their hands on Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu, which is a mystery otome game with point & click and puzzle solving elements like 999, but it’s from D3 Publisher, so I have no idea how easy (or hard) it would be to get the localisation rights and all.

        • Actually, I think it makes sense for them to release a successful title first. The storyline might be dark at some points, but it’s relatively better than quite a few other otome games (story is NOT always the strong point, much to my annoyance). Also, the fact that Hakuouki has a manga and anime means that there is also a chance some of those fans will be drawn in.

          • Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu would have been a better choice tho imo. It’s for the DS (which is a handheld owned by way more females compared to the PSP), it’s dark and bloody and similar to 999, you wake up trapped in an old school building after you and your classmates (and teacher) have a traffic accident and while people start getting killed you’re trying to find some clues and a way out. It also has some badass insane routes and puzzle solving / point & click gameplay.. :)

    • Tsuruhime

      I’d rather they would have brought over Vitamin X or Lucian Bee’s: Justice Yellow. :/ But they didn’t have much of a choice. It would have been better if they got their hands on a PC game.

      Also, just answered both games will have Japanese voice acting. :>

      • Sony seems to be getting less strict about that then, as I remember that part of the releasing console dating sims outside of Japan problem was that Sony was very much against Japanese voices only and dubbing dating games is quite the pricey task.

        I’d totally go for Lucian Bee’s too! Does it have a PSP version tho? Harajuku Tantei Gakuen Steel Wood is another game that would have been highly approved by me, as I totally dig them detective themed games… XD

        • Tsuruhime

          Lucian Bee’s does have a PSP version. :)

  • AnimeRemix

    “Someone asked about Guilty Gear x BlazBlue. We’ll have an answer from Mori-san next week about that :)” – I wonder… What that answer will be?! o_o I really want a Guilty Gear x BlazBlue game! =D

    “About Arcana Heart3 for 360 – for the most part it couldn’t happen. We wanted to do it, James said.” – It sucks 360 fans also couldn’t get this game… It’s pretty good. =/

    “Guilty Gear 3? Another Guilty Gear fighter? someone asks” – Yes please! To be honest, not really a Guilty Gear fan at all (Never played any of the games), but if they do make a GG3, I know my friend and many more GG fans would be extremely happy (I’ll most likely buy some of the GG games later when I get the money).

  • “Someone is asking for Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower”why ask about that? they are all nintendo published games.

  • Fate/Extra is interesting, always wanted to get into the series.  Odd shouldn’t NISA be picking up an Imageepoch title?

    • Fate/Extra is MMV, not Imageepoch, I believe.

  • DanteJones

    We’re actually getting Fate/Extra? Really?? Nice! Aksys rocks. :)

  • Hours

    Wow, Aksys really delivers! I’m excited for both games (retail release!) and will definitely be purchasing both. It’s really neat to see more otome games coming over, more genres being represented in the US is always a good thing.

    It’s very cool to see companies like Aksys and XSEED actually supporting their fans and taking chances, especially now when so many other companies (*coughNINTENDOCAPCOMSQUAREcough*) are leaving their fans in the dark.

  • It’s been ages since I commented in a Siliconera post, but I was one of the people that begged for Fate/Extra, I gotta say… Thanks Aksys!!! I;m so per-ordering it as soon as it is available.

  • Roses4Aria

    Thank you to Siliconera for live blogging this. Hugs, guys!

    And thanks, Aksys, for making a lot of otome fans very happy today.  We’ve been waiting for this for a verrrrryyy long time.  I’m a fan for life. :)

  • Aw, I bet I’m the only one disappointed that Hakuoki was chosen [I was hoping for Hiiro no Kakera or even Harukanaru Toki when that “Second game is set in the feudal era of Japan and has ridiculously hot men?!” comment was posted |D]
    I’ll probably buy it anyways though, maybe they’ll release something better depending on how well these games do…
    [What is fate/extra all about? I’ve only watched the fate/stay night anime and it kind of sucked, lol]

    • Roses4Aria

      I was hoping for Hiiro no Kakera too, but I’m happy with Hakuoki.  Hopefully if Hakuoki does well, HnK and others won’t be too far off.

      • I just hate angsty stuff XD If even the “good” endings are depressing, it’s not my kind of game ;>> Hiiro no Kakera looks more interesting too.
        Also this isn’t the PS3 release, I still need to get myself a PSP [been meaning to for some other games for a while now, lol]

        • Hiiro no Kakera gets pretty dark too though, for the record. Granted the endings are happy, but you basically get points in the game where practically EVERYONE is out to kill Tamaki, including her own grandmothers and the other guardians.

    • Harukanaru’s a Koei title tho.. so it might be a more work to get one of the big three Neoromance titles from them.

      • Yea, I figured that, but there was still a very small chance… :x And “feudal bishounen” seems to be a large category on it’s own XD

        • I know.. the whole “feudal” category is something I love the most.. seeing how other companies/people translate history into something we can enjoy. I particularly love all the Japanese history games/manga/anime… Samurai Warriors, Sengoku Basara, Brave 10, Rurouni Kenshin, and more. XD Hakuoki drew me mostly because of the artwork and the fact that it’s the Shinsengumi.

  • Ryos

    I have no idea how popular these games will be out here, but I’ll certainly be buying them.  Never expected we’d get Fate/Extra!

  • PSP, seriously? Щ(◣д◢) Argh, the one system I don’t have. Well I won’t be getting it sadly. If it was for DS (which they do have that version) yes but not PSP.

    Grats to all that have a PSP though.

  • haqua

    … /sobs

  • Darkrise

    I think Hakuoki will be the first otome game I’d try, not really sure since I’m a guy and can’t really relate but it looks cool. And Fate/Extra as well? I never thought the day would come… One of the best days I’ve ever had. Also, seeing how Galgun was considered if there were enough people wanting it sounds great, played the demo and loved it.

    Hope we can get Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate too, so in support, I’ll buy any visual novel that comes out from Aksys. n

  • Hhahahah cosplaying xDD this is awesome, aksys<333

  • Two post-mortem questions about Arcana Heart 3 means people aren’t satisfied with the way Aksys handled the release. A shame that no LEs and digidistro is going to be their MO from here on out. That’s not how you garner fan support for the niche Japanese game market. We LIKE our games to have proper releases.

    “About Arcana Heart3 for 360 – for the most part it couldn’t happen. We wanted to do it, James said.”


  • “On the scale of Aeris down in the river how dead is the PSP market someone asks?”Oh, that’s just not cool. 

    I mean, I commend their cleverness, but man, I still get sad about that poor, poor girl.

  • Lich King

     give us SRW OG and release it on PS3! :)

  • Lich King

    Give us SRW OG and OGs and 2nd OG and release them on ps3 :) 

  • pridesin

    Wow, did not know that someone was taking picture behind me.
    It was really nice that they decided to release fate extra to U.S and publish VN game. Hope they bring more VN games to U.S.

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