Final Fantasy Type-0 Is 80% Complete, But May Be Delayed To Fall

By Spencer . July 5, 2011 . 12:18am

fftype1 Final Fantasy Type-0 has 14 lead characters, a Famitsu report transcribed by FF-Reunion notes, and each character’s unique personality has a turn in the spotlight. During development the team considered having 40 leads. The world of Final Fantasy Type-0 has peristyliums, Latin for courtyards, which the team confirmed is a homage to Final Fantasy VIII.


Development on Final Fantasy Type-0 is roughly 80% complete. The team is fine tuning ad-hoc multiplayer, which was affected by the PlayStation Network outage. The team designed Final Fantasy Type-0’s multiplayer mode to act as a relief system, but the team assures players the PSP game is not so difficult that you cannot complete it without help from a friend. Expected clear time is between 30 and 40 hours, but play time can go up to 100 if you’re a completionist.


Famitsu also outlined the game’s basic control system. Press L and right on the d-pad to change characters. The triangle button uses your character’s base attack. Square and circle are for magic and physical attacks. X is for defending and defensive magic. Holding down a button (the specific button wasn’t specified) makes your character evade. You can also hold down attack buttons to unleash a barrage of attacks. The development team is adding some fighting game style moves like canceling into Final Fantasy Type-0. Look for Fantoms if you’re low on magic points, defeating these recovers some MP. Shiva is confirmed to be in the PSP title too.


The bad news is Final Fantasy Type-0 may not come out until fall in Japan. A Square Enix staff member apologized for this, but says they are trying to put the game on PlayStation Network even though it uses 2 UMDs. Final Fantasy Type-0 also has a music collaboration, but the magazine didn’t reveal who.

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  • Any word if this game might be localized?

    • Since the summary was Famitsu, unfortunately no. Usually, the magazine sticks to covering news for Japan only, so that wouldn’t be a topic.

      • come on guys why even ask when u know it is it SE biggest franchise and we got pretty much all of them

    • Wiccan1109

      I dont think theres been a big title from SE released since the PS1 era that hasnt been localised. The only stuff they skip over are a few ports and enhanced versions of titles that we have already received, in one way or another. SE has the money and they know anything with a Final Fantasy tag on it will sell copies regardless, so i wouldnt worry about this hitting western shores. =)

    • I guess I have to eat my words :P
      Nomura says they’re investigating an overseas release according to a more detailed summary of the interview.

  • imaguni

    Okay, the delay /is/ a bummer but… I’m sorry, fighting game elements? I see even more potential to be excited about so I’m having a hard time going in complaints mode.

  • PersonaSpace

    Man, I’m totally looking forward to this one. The wide variety of characters and action gameplay is just speaking to me. I also hope it does make a PSN release, as we probably won’t have this in the states until after the Vita is released.

  • Bunzi

    Am I the only one that dislikes Nomura’s design for the Moogles? They look completely out of place in everything but the Kingdom Hearts series….

    • RablaAndrews

      They’re better than the one in XIII-2

    • I kinda like the fact that their out of place. They’re cute, super deformed and they stand out from the seriousness. I guess it is a bit of a style clash, but it’s also there to lighten the mood a bit, I guess. Tonberries?

      • Bunzi

        Tonberries tend to fit in with whatever the art style of the game is, though.  Cute things/comic relief can lighten the mood without clashing with the look and feel of the world, i.e. XII/IX’s Moogles, the Chocobos, or heck, anything cute in real life.

        ‘Course that’s just all my opinion. I’m not all that interested in this title, but I’m sure the Moogles won’t show up often enough to be too distracting, one way or another.

        • Yeah. Though I totally admit that they feel the most at home in Kingdom Hearts.

          I miss the armless ones from Crystal Chronicles though.

  • You can switch the characters you control in the middle of battle?! That is awesome.

  • Merulana

    Is it just me? Every time I see that moogle, I think of Olimar.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Oh god, this is shaping up to be an awsome Final Fantasy!
    Yes ANOTHER great RPG coming in the near future!
    I…I don’t know what to say anymore! Too many awsome games to think straight!

  • yeah disapointed that it wont be coming soon. damn psn

    fall seems to far ; ; cry.

    but anyways we got FFXIII-2 in the mean awhile to look for.

    shiva always been to sexy and cant wait to see her on this game some scans soon please.

    • AnimusVox

      I’m curious as to who the next character reveals will be. I hope whip girl (Seven) is one of them.

  • You know what, Square Enix take your time and make this a glorious Game, make it something memorable like the Games you used to make! BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE finish Final Fantasy XIII-Versus afterwards!!! ಠ_ಠ

  • 14? One for each card and a joker, huh? I hope it’s going to be a more balanced “spotlight”. There’s a bit of a pattern in final fantasy games where after the character is finished their bit, they disappear from the story for the rest of the game.

  • This may make me like Square again. 

    Also, after this. Versus, plz.

    Also, switching characters with the press of a button?

    …Someone’s gonna make fun of that gameplay mechanic! Like 99 potions…

  • Can’t wait, though they better put this on the network, I plan on selling my PSP for an NGP (hate PSVITA >.<)

    • Yu_TheKing

      I agree (being a Go owner) that it should a both an overseas and digital release. That way when I get my PSV I could have both versions. 

  • delayed???!!!! ;| what the hell!!

  • These Moogles look decent.

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