How Xseed Changed The Way Falcom Titles Were Handled In The West

By Spencer . July 5, 2011 . 6:30pm


Since forming a publishing agreement with Falcom, Xseed had a stream of PSP games from the Japanese publisher including Ys Seven and The Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky. "They have been a very good partner of ours," praised Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at Xseed, during an interview with Siliconera.


The partnership also changed how Falcom’s titles were handled outside of Japan. Xseed licensed a fan-translation to expedite the release of Ys: The Oath in Felghana and Falcom handled the localization programming in-house.


"You know, they’ve actually gone in and localized everything themselves, which is new for them," Berry explained. Before working with Xseed, Falcom titles were brought over by companies like Konami and Atlus which released a DS port actually developed by Interchannel in Japan. "All of their other projects that hit the US before, they’ve always left the programming or the porting to another company and quality did suffer a lot of times. We let them see a new model where they are localizing it to put out the best product possible."


"At the same time there is a tradeoff is that if they are too busy working on other products, like they are right now, the flow of games sort of slows. They’re a small company and they are working on so many new products right now they don’t have time to assign a programmer on localization for us. That’s slowed up a little bit, but we think as soon as they finish up with some of their products they are working on now, hopefully we can get back to localizing some of their titles." Falcom is currently working on The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue for PSP and a PlayStation Vita launch title they’re being awfully quiet about.


Xseed can handle six to eight decent size titles per year. I asked Berry how many games Trails in the Sky counts as. He laughed for a second before saying, "Yeah, that would take up about half of that capacity, to be honest with you."

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  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Nice to hear how things are going, no hurry to have SC (though I have yet to play FC…). I also recently got to play Ys Origin and good lord, though I don’t understand anything it’s so fun. I am a Falcom fan, but unfortunately I’ve only played Ys I&II, Seven and I own Trails in the Sky, but have yet to play it… I guess as you grow older you have less time to play stuff (I do have a rather large bock log too)
    All I can say is awesome job Xseed, I hope you stay well in the future :)

    • Ladius

      Trust me, when you will complete FC you will need to have SC in your hands as soon as possible :P

  • Xseed and Falcom… Thank you guys for working together to bring us these great games!!

    Truly a choice of the steins;gate >:D

    • Shouldn’t his line be something more like
      “It’s me… two dangerous companies have formed a better relationship, requesting backup immediately”

      • he…he…he…, don’t worry, both of those companies are just going according to my plan, they have been acting accordingly… Everything is part of the experiment of this mad scientist HOOUIN KYOMA! 


  • xhunter

    I seriously hope this partnership will go beyond these 6 games. Falcom makes incredibly good games and these games getting released here have been some of the best thing that happened to JRPGs and gaming as a whole in the last decade.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    2012 in America: Trails in the Sky SC retail versus FF Type-0 retail.


  • Hours

    I need all the Trails games in English in my life. I NEED them.

    I’m glad XSEED and Falcom have such a such a great relationship, but don’t leave us waiting too long for SC. I’m starting to get the shakes. XD

    • neo_firenze

      Well said, but don’t stop at SC!  Need the final part of the trilogy too, and frankly I’d pause to think if I got an offer of trading my soul for English localizations of Zero and Ao no Kiseki.

      Bought Trails 1 for the second time last week though :)  UMD purchased on day 1, just like the three Xseed Ys releases.  But added Trails in the Sky PSN version for my PSP Go, since it really is super handy for traveling and I’m doing a lot of that this summer.  I didn’t feel bad at all paying twice, and I kinda felt like I was doing my extra part to encourage Xseed to keep it up with the rest of the series.  I’d GLADLY pay twice of the game’s retail price to play it with the excellent localization job Xseed did, so I’m totally cool with putting my money where my mouth is on this one!

      • Ladius

        Supporting Trails is almost a duty for those of us who asked for a translation since the original PC edition :P I still can’t believe I got to play TitS in some shape or form XD

        That said, I fear Zero and Ao are a lost cause… probably the best we can hope for is to see some PSVita ports by Falcom so that XSeed has another generation to translate them.

  • Jirin

    Trails Of The Sky makes me nostalgic for ‘The good old days’ of RPGs.  Those huge areas to wander around in, lots of equipment options, parties that didn’t follow the ‘One party member joins every town, nobody ever leaves’ model.  A lot more dialog that takes a lot less time to get through.

    Good times…

    …Young whimpersnappers with their voice acting and disc-space-and-development-time-eating 3d rendered cities…

  • mikanko

    As great as it is for Falcom to have a dedicated partner for localizing their products, it’s just as awesome to see Falcom doing all their own ports these days.  the difference in quality between Ys VI on the PSP and Oath in Felghana is pretty huge.  Despite it being pretty unlikely by this point I hope we can still see Ys Origin make it to a PSP port.

    Falcom is easily the biggest reason I own a PSP, and will likely be picking up a PSV as soon as their undisclosed title in development sees a release on that system.

    • neo_firenze

      I’m personally pulling for Ys Origin to show up on Vita.  As well as an Ys IV remake a la Oath in Felghana. 

      • mikanko

        Dawn of Ys getting the Felghana treatment would be a godsend.

        • I actually think that Falcom’s work will be more like the story seen in The Mask of the Sun. The Dawn of Ys resulted from Hudson deciding to break away from the scenario handed to them by Falcom.

          As a result, the Dawn of Ys isn’t really considered as part of the continuity of the series.

          • mikanko

            You’re probably right, but considering either story fit between Ys 2 and Ys 3 without changing anything significant I’d still hope for Dawn of Ys over Mask of the Sun for the soundtrack alone.

          • They both really have very similar soundtracks, as well. The only difference is the limitations of the SNES in comparison to the PCE.

            On the surface there aren’t that many problems with the plot in the Dawn of Ys, but if you take the whole metaplot, that game is like a square peg, smashed into a round hole. It stands out and doesn’t really fit.

  • Ryudo9

    NOA take note.Xseed is honestly my
    fave publisher right now. They as said many times before are the new but
    better Working Designs. I have oath coming tomorrow and played Ys Seven
    & Chronicles and now playing Lunar. All great. I will support Xseed
    all I possibly can. They DESERVE my money and any JRPG fan should
    support them also.

    • You’re a good man, with a damn good point.

    • Ladius

      So true. I also love Aksys, they have been picking up courageous licenses no one else seemed to care about (Fate Extra and Hakuoki being only the last examples of this trend).

    • Ravage27

      Xseed, NISA and Aksys all deserve our support for taking huge risks to keep our hobby alive.

      I would say Atlus a few years ago but sadly, they seem to be playing it too safe nowadays.

      • Nothing wrong with playing it safe sometimes. Gotta pay the bills, too, y’know?

        Besides, they are still bringing out games we’d never see otherwise, like the PSP remake of Innocent Sin.

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        The last huge risk I would say NISA took was with Sakura Wars a few months back which apparently was a flop. Nowadays NISA are playing it just as safely as Atlus by publishing mainly their own first-party titles or Gust titles not to mention that they said they are pretty much giving up on publishing PSP games. To me it seems like NISA are the ones playing it most safe out of all of them.

      • Saraneth

        I agree with Chestnut. Atlus is the reason the DS is great for JRPGs. Sure, there’s Final Fantasy IV and TWEWY, but Atlus easily provided half of the great JRPGs for the system: Devil Survivor, Devil Survivor 2, Strange Journey, and Radiant Historia.

  • blah blah

    I’m wishing XSEED hadn’t made that deal so we could get Falcom stuff on PSP from someone else.
    PSP is dying too quickly for us to get many of those games with just XSEED.

    • Ereek

      But what is the guarantee someone else, other than fan translators, would have picked up Falcom’s games? We already waited years for TitS.

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        Exactly, I doubt any other company would have been interested in publishing Falcom titles outside of XSEED. Not to mention that the deal puts them on par with some of the other bigger niche publishers like Atlus (who have a deal with Sting), and NISA (who have a similar deal with Gust).

        I’m sure Aksys would probably have been interested in publishing a few Falcom games, but I doubt they would have expressed the same amount of excitement for the games as we have seen from XSEED.

      • Ladius

        Yeah, other publishers seemed content with publishing crappy outsourced ports of Falcom games (probably because of their low licensing costs), if anyone other than XSeed was interested in working with Falcom they would have had years and years to work on a deal.

      • blah blah

        No guarantee at all.
        We may still have been in this position, but some of those games may have had a chance (Ys vs SNK in particular) especially with them being so successful.
        Now, we just get one at a time instead of maybe one from a couple of companies and in a short time span.
        I’m sure XSEED would have done Tits and Ys anyway, so it was just a good business deal but for us it is a little sad.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, because there was a queue of publishers wishing to localize Falcom games, and XSeed didn’t release four of them in less than a year, with a Juggernaut-size script game like Trails in the Sky among them :P

      Honestly, XSeed has done an amazing job, and if you were talking about the time needed to localize Trails SC then it would be good to remember that for five years that series was deemed unlocalizable due to the size of its script. Moreover, the other Falcom games on PSP (Brandish, Vantage Master etc) are far too niche for anyone to publish in the current PSP market, I’m afraid :(

      • neo_firenze

        Have to agree with Ladius.  One note though, Brandish (and Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, for that matter) is very import friendly.  No region lock, and it’s very playable without Japanese language skills. 

        Zwei!! and Vantage Master require a bit more Japanese language skill, but still aren’t to the level of something like a heavily story based game like the Sora no Kiseki games. 

        • Okay thanks for this post, I was wondering about Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki if it was easy to understand because I saw a “PSP the Best” copy.
          Want to get Brandish first.

    • Even better, XSEED continues as they are picking up Falcom handheld/console titles while somebody helps localize the PC titles (Carpe Fulgur?) unless XSEED is thinking about it themselves.

  • Ladius

    XSeed did a wonderful job with the Ys series and Trails in the Sky, TitS Second Chapter is one of the games I’m most hyped for, I can’t wait to see again Estelle and the others :)

  • I am currently debating whether or not to quit video games once and for all, but even if I do, I decided to continue supporting Xseed, Atlus (For some of their games), Aksys, and Platinum games.

    You guys are my video game heroes, and no matter what happens, I’ll support you guys with everything I got.

    • wtf man, dont quit gaming, that’s like stopping to breath, dont be part of the “organization”!

      • Sorry bro, but I’m afraid my passion for games is slowly burning out.

        It’s not anything like “Hurr, quality of video games have deteriorated”, but because I don’t feel much enjoyment out of playing games as I used to. I mean sure, I still love playing Shadows of the Damned, and my top games consist of rather recent games, such as Ys 7, Vanquish, and King of Fighters 13, but I can’t seem to sit down and just enjoy a game for more than half an hour right now. Even my favorite genres seem like a chore to get into. I also feel that I spent far too much money on this medium, and I just graduated from highschool a month ago.

        But don’t worry. If I do quit, it’ll be after the DS and PSP stops getting games. That’s not for a lil’while.

        • *sigh* well…. as long as it is not only because you graduated from high school and everything that comes with that pack of sentence >80, because im a 21 years old university student and im still happily enjoying what i love :D!

  • It is nice to see Falcom getting the attention they deserve.  If it wasn’t for XSEED (and Mastiff for Gurumin) I probably would of never bothered with the company and never realize what I was missing out on.

  • Kuro666

    If only they’d stop dubbing games and giving me headaches with making an undub(Sora no Kiseki pretty much gave me a big one. Probably I should have waited until some1 else does it, but I was so impatient…)

  • PrinceHeir

    Thank You Xseed :)

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