The Six Ways You Can Level Up Characters In Tales Of Xillia

By Spencer . July 5, 2011 . 2:15pm


All of the battles with wolves and armored men brandishing poles yield experience, called GP points, for your party members. When you finally level up in Tales of Xillia you receive a Re-real Orb, which can be used to bolster one of the game’s six stats. Strength, vitality, intelligence, spirit, agility, and dexterity are your choices.


Strength determines the amount of damage you deal and makes guard breaks easier. Vitality boosts defense and resistance to guard breaks. Intelligence effects your offensive magic ability and chance of dealing status attacks. Spirit is your magic defense and resistance to status effects. Agility is tied to your movement speed and techniques like artes. Dexterity is also linked to the power of your artes and chance to strike with a critical hit.


Milla, Elise, and Leia, the three ladies in Tales of Xillia, will have [email protected] costumes too.

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  • darkfox1

    This game…. I want it so bad along with Abyss 3DS and Graces F

  • So we’ve got more control over stats?  That’s pretty cool.

  • Hooo…, this is new on the tales of games

  • Shinji Kazuya

    This is awsome news indeed.
    More and more I want this one to come to NA & EU.

  • Ha, so its like an MMO now in that way, thats pretty cool.

  • Ladius

    I love messing with stats customization, it has that old school dungeon crawler feeling :P Xillia is looking better and better every day, but I really look forward to play Graces F too, my time with the Japanese edition was awesome.

  • We must Spam Namco Bandai’s Facebook Wall and Rich Bantegui’s Twitter to send this game to the west!

    Operation Xillion Spam messages ftw

    • Shinji Kazuya

      Roger that!!!

    • Ladius

      I imagine many will follow this line of thought after Yoshizumi practically legitimized Facebook spamming in his last interview :

      I believe in the fans’ right to express themselves, but personally I would like Tales to be treated as a normal series, both by its fans and by its publisher. Since we live in the age of Operation Rainfall and Namco itself (or at least Yoshizumi) thinks this is the way to go, though, I imagine things won’t change for now.

  • nyoron

    So is using those orbs the only way to increase those six stats? Or does leveling up give a general stat increase as normal, and the orb is a bonus increase?

    • Ren

      I read in another site that you don’t actually level up, each status is characterized as a node and you can spend GP to level up the node and with that the stats, and that you get skill and arts by connecting the nodes in some way. It made it sound kinda like the Crystarium or the Shpere Grid.

      This will probably be cleared when the actual famitsu scans leak. Translation of blog reports tend to cause a lot of confusion.

      • nyoron

        Ah that makes sense, thanks for the info.

        Not really sure how I feel about this change… guess I’ll just wait for more details for now.

  • IceRomancer

    This’ll make every play through the game feel that much different! This game is gonna be amazing! :D

  • Crimson_Cloud

    You really have to lift your eyebrow with each news like this. I mean really, the game is getting more and more amazing.

  • Darkrise

    Looks like they really are going all out to make this Tales game amazing, sort of like how NIS went all out on developing Disgaea 4, hopefully Namco will also be successful. Though imo, it already looks amazing.

  • Yes yes yes yes~ I love stat customization, because I love diverging from a character’s perceived class. I’m going to make all the mage characters physical brawlers, and turn all the tanks into critical machines!

    I totally went crazy with Xenosaga, and made MOMO the most fantawesome phsyical fighter.

  • HarryHodd

    Game just keeps sounding better and better. Had to put a pre-order down on this recently as I can’t wait to play it.

  • This is kind of interesting, reminds me a bit of the direction the Final Fantasy series has gone, but I’d like to see how it plays out in a Tales game.  They really have gone all out to revamp some things in Xillia.

  • Even though they said that the sales of ToGF don’t matter when it comes to releasing Xilia in the US/EU lets make sure to buy the game I have TotA 3DS and ToGf ready on

  • Seems similar to Ragnarok’s stat system. I’m liking the sound of it…

  • AzureNova

    I really hope we can get this in the US. We need to support their other game releases and pre-order every chance we get.

  • Everything I hear about this game gets me more and more hyped. I already can’t wait for graces F, and then we have this one. I really hope it comes out in the US. Heck, if it comes out in Europe thats OK too, since the PS3 is region free. Sure we may miss out on DLC, but I’ll set up a European account JUST to get the DLC. Hope it doesn’t come to that, but just saying.

  • I’d only consider that to be one “way.”

  • Reminds me of the megaten games level up system.

  • Yamaneko22

    Having control over status growth is a great thing. The thing that I hate the most is a random status growth at level ups in many jrpgs. Being perfectionist it forces me to reload many times till i get satisfactory results gahhh(._.)

    • Darkrise

      Just like Fire Emblem PoR and RD. =D

  • Ugh, I hate this kind of leveling up, where you pick a stat to level up.  I always end up having to have every single stat equal so my characters usually end up sucking because they’re not strong enough :(

    • i think they level up and stat gain as normal but i think you can add extra to their state with this orb

  • Rihawf

    Yay. Gotta learn some builds.

  • Jirin

    I love this kind of stat leveling.  One of the best features of the SMT games.

    This just made me want Xillia about twice as much as I did before.

    • Testsubject909

      Which will yield similar results:

      Put everything into Agility so you can zoom through the battlefield and dodge attacks to have no damage, but become similar to a glass canon if you focus on the use of your Artes/Techniques and a high paired up Intelligence or Strength stat?
      Or Put everything into Vitality ensuring that your defense is up high and your HP is solid, staying the steady route that risks less for survival?

      Personally. I’m used to always making a glass canon. So Glass Canon away! *jumps off towards the moon*

    • Kuro666

      But it still IS all about level-ups. One of the reasons I like Graces – you CAN play it without any level ups(one of the bonuses in grade shop will completely null your exp, but will boost gald), because the stats are upped by bonuses received from titles, and it has about 300 for each character.
      That’s why I don’t want Xillia at all. It’s boring

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