Sheep May Help Vincent, But Most Of The Time They’ll Annoy Him

By Spencer . July 6, 2011 . 5:03pm


Vincent, the lead character in Catherine, isn’t the only person trapped in a nightmarish world where babies with chainsaw arms chase inhabitants up a block tower. The world, well the Nightmare World, is populated by sheep. Vincent appears human, but actually he looks like a sheep to the other sheep-le. Once you’re in this world, you only see yourself as human and everyone else (sans grotesque monsters) as sheep.


Before a rickety elevator takes Vincent to a block puzzle, he can talk to the sheep. One sheep sells Vincent items. The others offer Vincent tips, often shown as block stacking tutorial videos, on how to climb to the top of the tower.



Once you’re on the tower its every man or sheep for themselves. You’ll see other sheep as you climb up the tower, but they aren’t helpful anymore. These sheep will annoy you and may even knock Vincent off. Only one sheep-le can stand on a block. Vincent can retaliate by pushing sheep out of the way. You’ll probably have to do that in later levels because sheep start off in inconvenient places and are more aggressive later in the game.


There is another group of "sheep" tied to the story in Catherine. Helping these sheep out may affect the story. Don’t worry the sheep you kick off the tower and die in real life aren’t the same sheep.


Catherine comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on July 26. A downloadable demo will be available next week.

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  • Block your way? Why can’t we all just be friends, ze? ;__;

    • Rule number 2 of the road of adulthood.

      NEVER trust in sheep (as in, plural sheep -_-)

      • godmars

        And here I always thought it was never trust in peeps.

        Damn dirty peeps…

        • And i just remembered someone corrected me that the plural of sheep is not sheeps but sheep -_- darn english…

  • Elemiel

    Even in slumber there are things to annoy you.

  • IB2004

    Uhhh the sheep remind me of the bunny from donnie darko

  • Oh man, im so gonna enjoy every second of this game

    • OneOkami

      I wouldn’t anticipate you enjoying those darn sheep practically body-blocking you in a way that just absolutely negates your forward progress, causing fragile blocks to crumble in the process, and ultimately cause you fall and fail…..but I would anticipate you enjoying coming back to zap those fools to blood splattering satisfaction :P  (I know I did)

      • Aoshi00

        Those crazy sheeps are really demented in normal mode :(… the obstacles really make you sweat…

    • Aoshi00

      The bad sheeps could very pesky and scary.. but the game is really good in every way :)  I think I might just skip the demo and wait for the full game..

      That Okarin avatar is so cool!  El Psy Congroo!

      Good news, NoA might be a pain in not localizing the big JRPGs, but they came thru in fixing my Jpn 3DS (just like MS replaced my Jpn 360 before), Just got it back today, no more crooked screen, it literally drove me nuts before.. Can still play Jpn Prof Layton, but can’t watch Jpn TV shows :(…   Now I can relax knowing I can enjoy Senran Kagura and Love Plus :)

      • lostinblue

        Did you had to pay for the fix?

        How they provide assistance but still enforce region locking (on a portable system) is what really confuses me in their stance.

        • Aoshi00

          Fortunately it’s free of charge.  The guy I spoke to was very helpful.  At first he said it’s a foreign system and they could only replace it w/ another US system, then I told him I imported it at a much higher price than $250 (provided my serial number) so replacing w/ a cheaper US system is out of the question and my Jpn game won’t work w/ it anymore.  Then he said it might cost up to $80 to send back for repair, I said that’s no good either since I alrdy spent $380 on it.  He was very understanding, consulted w/ the techs and called me back a couple of days later as he promised, he said it was OK to send it back just for a repair free of charge (gave me a free shipping label).  W/ the proper tools, it shouldn’t be a hard job since the bottom screen was not parallel to the upper screen.  Of course I wouldn’t dare open it up myself to void the warranty, don’t even have the right sized screwdriver.  And now I got it back in one piece w/ the screen adjusted n 2 weeks. And they didn’t mess w/ the firmware or anything since my Jpn game still works..

          I think it depends on who you talk to and how you request it.  I just explained my predicament, I guess he could see that it sucks getting an imperfect system and paying so much more for it (I told him I bought it from an ebay seller from Japan, but still it’s legit).  When I sent my Jpn 360 back to Microsoft Texas, the person I spoke to on the phone couldn’t guarantee I would get back a Jpn system either, because they might not have another working Jpn system sitting there, he said there’s a chance I would get an US system as replacement.  But I wrote a note telling them all my games are Japanese region and if they send me a US system I won’t be able to play all my games.. and then to my delight I got a new looking system, think it’s refurbished, but still in top shape..

          So I guess I’m lucky on both cases and it doesn’t hurt to try calling them.  The thing is the crooked bottom screen on my Jpn 3DS bothered me to no end, I couldn’t concentrate watching videos or playing games.. so that was what drove me to call up NoA, at first I just thought I gotta live w/ it.

          So in my book, NoA and MS are alright since they went the extra mile to help me out, even though they could’ve just said screw it and tough luck..

          BTW, I just checked, if they haven’t waived the fees, it would’ve cost like $125… I guess the 3DS just launched, they are just nice enough to repair it since they knew I bought it brand new regardless or region, and it was an easy enough problem to fix.. but yea region locking sucks… but I just get a Jpn system though..

          • lostinblue

            Thanks for the insight.

            You’re right, the bottom line really is that calling doesn’t hurt. In insight I never called when two dead pixels appeared on my DS under warranty (and dead pixels have the hypnotizing effect on me that the crooked screen had for you)

            I kinda wish I called them now.

          • Aoshi00

            No prob.  Actually my original PSP-1000 also had a dead pixel or two and it was indeed more annoying than I anticipated, my DSs had been okay… I guess as soon as you discover deal pixels you could try to exchange w/ the store you bought it from if possible, but the bad thing is there’s no telling if the new one would be perfect.. that’s why I left it alone back then, thinking I could live w/ it.. and later I felt much better when my -2000 has no dead pixels.. it’s amazing something so little would ruin our experience..

      • Haha, i knew you would like the avatar :D! Okarin pwnz all.

        That’s awesome, i did play the JPN demo so i think ill skip the NA demo and wait for the original game :3!

        Good news you could fix your 3DS!, im gonna be so jealous when you play senran kagura and love plus T_______________T

        And remember u gotta finish Chaos;Head xD, even if it’s hard haha, i was lucky to like the MC it seems, i thought he made his role really good and in a funny way. Of course Okarin pwnz all tho

        • Aoshi00

          You said it, Okarin pwnz all, it’s the choice of Steins;Gate :)  And that’s a very good looking anime mug shot of his.

          Yea, so lucky they fixed my screen, it was distracting to the max when reading text, always tilting one side.. Senran Kagura :) I’m not even reading anything about it anymore and want to play the game fresh comes Sept..

          lol.. I did play more Chaos;Head over the weekend, the MC is funny at times (in a weird sorta way) but a bit hard to like him.. it’s cool he’s the legendary Knight-hart on the net in the Chaos;Head Steins;Gate universe, even Daru knows him..   the story is too dark though and filled w/ WTF moments, I’m not even sure who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy and what’ the deal w/ the MC and all the murders.. I’m not sure where it’s going, the ending probably has something big..  I had to play some S;G Hiyoku Renri no Darlin in btwn just to lighten up the mood…  I’ll definitely see the game thru.. I went back to check out the first episode of the anime too, it was pretty cool, even though the animation quality is only so-so, compared to the Stein;Gate anime.

          • Omg i cant wait for Hiyoku Renri no Darlin to get on the psp T_T.

            Yeah, problem with chaos;head anime is quality (and last episodes were really rushed) But its a good way to not play the game and know the story.

            And yes, Chaos;Head is full of wtf xD, it gets really dark later, but the MC gets better as it advance too, some crazy stuff happen to him later on tho… You got to finish it, the ending is nice and a good “get ready for love chuchu” if you get the good ending xD

  • AnimusVox

    haha ‘sheep-le’
    I like that word.

  • It just get better and better

  • #swag

  • vivaluis59

    i wonder what Vincent looks like in sheep form? 

  • kyuketsukimiyu

    ugh, there was this one sheep that had a giant ax in one level, and I ended stuck between him and a check point and he just kept killing me over and over again. I think I went through about 8 lives in about 2 minutes because of him.

    So yes the sheep on the tower are really annoying.  But they are very satisfying when you get to electrocute them.

  • Rihawf

    Sheepcent, haha. I’m pretty sure they will be a pain in the…animals like them, ALWAYS are one. :l

  • PrinceHeir

    for some reason those sheeps are making me sleepy O_O

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