She’s Black Rock Shooter’s Nemesis

By Spencer . July 7, 2011 . 2:41am

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is a battle between Black Rock Shooter and her pasty doppelganger White Rock Shooter.



Who is she? What’s her goal and reason for existing? Imageepoch is keeping those details under wraps. We’ll find out when Black Rock Shooter: The Game comes out on August 25 for PSP.

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  • RagnaXBL

    white rock shooter is so stylish :3
    for once i wish the villain would win

  • karasuKumo

    I really like her design, can’t say the same for BRS’s new wings. They seem too static, they should fold up or have more motion when she moves. Anyway that’s just minor lol.

    BTW Like the new banner on the homepage :).

  • Zio_Name

    The background music is so epic *_*

  • Raiyu

    I was really hoping NIS would localize this, along with Tales of the Last Promise. 

    I hope they change their mind :(

  • nyobzoo

    I wish the white rock shooter figure bundle comes to the US

  • Mister_Nep

    Wonder if this is footage from the end of the game…

  • wakaki2d

    I dunno why they made WRS the villian. And not her real rival DeadMaster.

  • No Gameplay? no thanks.

  • PersonaSpace

    I wonder why they’ve been so tight lipped about the battle system. Do they just want me to cancel my preorder?

  • Aren’t they both pasty white?

  • AzureNova

    I think its funny how people keep asking about the gameplay. I mean what do you think she’s gonna do the whole time, its even in her name “Black Rock SHOOTER”. Just sayin guys lol.

    On an unrelated note, God I want this game! The music and visuals sound and look awesome. Looks like ill be importing this one. =^_^=

    • Eric Chan

      There are good shooters and bad ones, if no one sees any footage, how are you going to know your import was worth it? You say you want it, but what else are you basing that on? 

      • AzureNova

        You have asked so I shall answer lol. Despite my thought being a semi serious joke, I understand and see where you’re coming from. Its true that no one has seen any actual gameplay footage yet, but there are other things that draw me to a game besides gameplay.
         When I look at a game I like to look at all aspects of the game. The world of BRS looks new and interesting, the music sounds awesome, and I love the kool looking original character design (Insert Miku Joke Here) lol. The theme of a dark and serious world the game gives off is to my liking as well. Also the relationship between BRS and her “only friend” I beleive they said, I find to be very nice and deep as seen from previous trailers. I also understood and enjoyed the movie very much as vague and lacking of detail as it was lol.
         So there you have it, its the overall emotion and feeling of the game is why I am and will be looking forward to playing Black Rock Shooter aka (My Gothic Miku) lol. I had fun with this discussion and hope I can answer and reply to more of your questions and thoughts in the future.

  • Lordphantomhive

    It looks and sounds good, but the gameplay needs to be shown more before I look into possibly importing it in the near future.

  • The more trailers for this game I see the more I wanna play it xD. Still hope that NISA will localize this game, but I doubt it now after what we heard from the president of NISA. I’m definitely gonna import this game. Good thing I got the White Rock Shooter Premium pre-ordered from AmiAmi.

  • Historiata

    The fact that they’re releasing so little info just goes to show their confidence in huge sales backing the BRS franchise. For any game, you’d at least have a good idea of gameplay a couple of months before release, right?

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Oh GOD this game should come to West….. GIVE me MOARRRR!

  • TenRX

    You know, when games are only cinematics and nothing of gameplay in their commercials, one waits to the worse…

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