Atelier Meruru Live Play Streaming Right Now

By Melinda . July 9, 2011 . 11:00pm

Spencer’s note: Melinda is running a live stream of Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3. A word of caution before you tune in – there may be spoilers since Atelier Totori characters show up in this title.

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  • Nice, thank you for this. 

  • Guest

    i don’t see a stream or a link /:

    • Do you have flash enabled? Javascript? Because it’s running right now, in fact I’m watching it.

    • Lenne

      can’t see it either.. :(

      wait.. is this the one ?

    • RagnaXBL

      can’t see anything

    • Try using google chrome..firefox can’t see it..

  • DanteJones

    Oh man, it’s so tempting, but I’d better not. ><

    • Yukito

      Same. Spoiler reasoning mostly. I am pretty sure we will get Meruru down the line, so yeah, totally don’t want it spoiled, but it is very tempting…

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Likewise, as Yukito said, we will surely get this so further spoiling ourselves would be a kill joy. And well, Firefox just helped me with this decision as I couldn’t see the stream lol

  • Ack, that’s what happens  when you get blindsided. I didn’t even know the post had been made.

    I was working on the new game + (Some things will appear a LOT easier than they seem if you were watching up to now) and I guess someone’s going to need to correct the times (I’ll be working on it for the duration of the weekend and then some. The stream times will be 9pm US Pacific to about 4-6am tomorrow as well.)

    I’ll be happy to field questions as necessary, please let me know what you want to know.

    There’s a lot less spoilers than you’d expect though. Totori and Rorona do get to chip in, and there is a significant amount of crossover.

    Then again there’s a prologue to get you (mostly) up to speed.

    As well, for those who can’t get the video to play, please go to and watch from there.

    Thank you for tagging along, and hopefully we’ll see you there, with questions and other comments.

    I also note that the first DLC has been applied – this enables altering of certain soundtracks possible.

    • DanteJones

      Whoa, there is DLC that changes the music? That’s pretty awesome. :D

      • It’s a similar mechanic to what exists in Atelier Totori – they added the ability to change the BGM to one of a significant selection of previous games – All the way from Atelier Marie up to Atelier Lina (although oddly enough, no Lise) incuding some of the Volkesied soundtracks.

        Fortunately, the DLC this time is only 300 yen for all of them (Previously, you had to buy them in packs, and they were 300 yen each), and they allow greater control as you can adjust several themes, ranging from standard combat to the various degrees of bosses.

        If you don’t purchase the DLC tracks, there is still the option to switch the Rorona or Totori versions of the same boss battle track though, although it may be dependent on having played the previous games. If nothing else, you can confuse people into thinking you’re playing one of the previous games when you walk into the Atelier for a moment or two.

        • DanteJones

          Nice! Love being able to have the option to switch. I’m sure the music in Meruru is good, but having a “nostalgia” option is always welcome. Persona 3 had something similar which I liked. :D

          •  Well considering just what you get (you get somewhere in the vicinity of about 100 tracks for 300 yen) it’s a small price to pay compared to well, paying for all the CDs the music came from.

  • Hm can we get advance notice of these live plays so I can plan in advance to be online at 2AM my time to see these? I do not think Ive ever been able to catch any of these live, I would like to…

    • Currently I’ll be resuming tomorrow from 8pm US Pacific time, so you’ll be able to join in there. If it’s not posted directly, you can access it from the link below.

      We’ve started from a new game (So for those who knew of me playing the new game+, it’ll have to wait a bit, and the strategies used are very, very different to your first game) so those who want to watch from the beginning can watch the videos of previous plays at various stages.

  • Thank you for tuning into day one of the Atelier Meruru live stream – we’ve progressed through the first few months of the game and found out that Meruru, as princessly as she is, tends to be a bit of a flame throwing pryomaniac, as she goes out to try make her kingdom grow from the outpost it is.

    Among other highlights, we’ve fixed up a farm and found an abandoned mine.

    We will resume at 8pm US Pacific, so if you want to keep watching, please tune in tomorrow.

  • great, i missed this

  • Welcome to day two of the Atelier Meruru Live Playtest – if you missed the previous day, you can check the video section where you can see the replay.

    In any case we’re going to have more fun in building the kindgom up from our initial 100 people, so we’re starting right now. Hope to see you there.

  • Kai2591

    Woah kingdom-building? NICE.
    Reminds me of Dark Cloud 2, but this one seems a lot bigger and better :)

  • Thank you for watching the Atelier Meruru 2nd day – we’re currently at the halfway mark, and we’re adjourning for lunch (or dinner if you prefer)

    We’ve discovered how hard it is to approach a windmill, we’ve built the second stage of our outpost, blown an extra mining spot in the abandoned mine after doing an exorism, discovered an abandoned windmill location, and helped ourselves quite gingerly to their supplies, including a lot of flames, healing salves and craft bombs. Who said that contribution to the defense of our nation didn’t pay off?

  • Thank you for watching the Atelier Meruru 2nd day – We’re currently complete with day 2…

    And well, today’s been interesting. We’ve found out  what never to say to Esti, seen the mighty power of the centre of Arland’s universe, and seen quite a few things concerning the new and improved (?) Rorona, and decided that the game wasn’t hard enough and went charging into things and places that we really, really shouldn’t have been poking our noses into, and came out all the better for it, if hurting a lot more than we should be.

    We also got to see the magnificant (if supposedly mysterious) Masked G.

    The date’s now Year 2, Month 5, day 23 since we’ve started and we’ve gone pretty far, turning our small outpost of 100 people, to a small town of 15000. Now, the question becomes, just how much more work does Meruru have to do to make Ales grow, and more importantly… how much bigger can this small outpost grow anyway?

    We will be resuming tomorrow from about 9pm (or 10pm) US Pacific time. For those keeping track, hope to see you there, with questions if you have any as well as your thoughts.

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