You’re A Mecha Riding Mercenary Out To Stop A Dictator In Armored Core V

By Spencer . July 11, 2011 . 2:33am


Armored Core V has two single player modes. You can interact with the online war via order missions or play through the game’s story missions.


In either case, you’re a mercenary. In the game’s story, you’re part of a resistance for a city whose name has been long forgotten ever since a dictator took over. While most residents gave up hope, a resistance formed underground. The group prepared a coup d’état, but plans leaked and the leader was killed. His dying wish was for his daughter Fran to revive the group and fulfill his mission.


That’s where you come in, a lone wolf-like hero, to the world of Armored Core V.


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Armored Core V makes its debut in Japan on October 20. Namco Bandai will release the game in North America and Europe early next year.

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  • kroufonz

    hope this one going to be good!

    hard to believe from software since they manage to screw to A.C.E.R, (at least it help my need for mecha porn fix, with unit like arbalest, crossbone, lancelot in the game, and prevent me from total disappointment for paying full price importing it)

    • mikanko

      I really think ACE R’s downfall had more to do with From caving into requests from the publisher more so than their own decisions.  The games controls were watered down and mundane, and it wasn’t as well tuned as its predecessors.  I’m pretty sure From has free reign with AC5, and should be expected to be great provided you like previous AC games.

      • Guest

         Also the story interface sucked. I was hoping for more 3D cel shaded pilot interaction. And the graphics certainly coulda been better. Intro and intro song were cool though

      • neogeno

        That is what I am hoping for so much. Though AC4 and AC: For Answer were decent, there is sort of a general consensus that AC3: Silent Line/Last Raven were the high points of the series. This game, from the looks of the public vids, looks like its returning to that same quality.

      • Exkaiser

        I think ACE R’s downfall was that ACE is really not that good of a series.

    • ACE R was okay to me, I just hated the melee speed and momentum. But now that you mention it, the was little to nothing like From Software’s fast and fluid designs. I blame Banpresto for that much.

  • Kibbitz

    Mercenaries are nice, but I still miss the idea of having a president of a country running out and blowing stuff up in a giant mech. Sigh.

    • Exkaiser

      But that wouldn’t be Armored Core.

      That would be Metal Wolf. Totally different game.

  • I’m really looking forward to this. I do hope it has decent controls though; that’s the #1 obstacle between me and an Armored Core game.

    •  Move support would be apprechiated. I know this goes against the idea of a clunky mech, but these are areas where I wish ease of use would get priority.

  • Looks like a nice title with a standard storyline to go with it.

  • Did anyone else picture Metal Wolf Chaos when they read the title? Anyway, the only war sounds like an interesting aspect. I haven’t played an Armored Core since the PSX days, so maybe it’s time to give it a chance again.  How was the last current gen Armored Core? Was it as bad as I heard it was?

    • Exkaiser

      It’s different from the old games. A lot of people didn’t like it, a lot of people liked it. I would personally recommend you pick up AC3 for the PS2 if you’re looking to do some Armored Coring.

      V looks to change it up again, though. I wasn’t a fan of 4 and 4A, but this looks good.

  • “You’re A Mecha Riding Mercenary Out To Stop A Dictator In Armored Core V”

    That is a good pretext  to start kicking mecha butts. It´s all i needed to know XP

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I never played any Armored Core but I plan to start with this one.
    Looks really nice!

  • Stahn Aileron

    So when are we getting info about actual gameplay and mst importantly, customization/building processes? I’ve been playing the AC games since the original on PS1. (I kinda skipped over 2 and 2AA due to the gameplay changes and 3’s extended sequels after AC:SL.)

    Original was awesome. Phastasm was okay and MOA was great. The battletech-esque style in 2 and AA kinda turned me off (the heat gauge. There were gameplay balances that kinda irked me with the transition to PS2 as well.)

    3 and SL where the best since the original. The rest on PS2 were…eh. Too much mucking with gameplay style and balancing that wasn’t consistent across the titles turned me off to Nexus, 9B, and LR.

    4 was meh. 4A was a nice improvement over 4. I had much more fun in 4A than 4 itself.

    And then there was the PSP Formula Front title… I have it…Haven’t touched it much. (I was hoping it was more like the old Carnage Heart game. Got Kinda disappointed, actually.) Any chance for a Carnage Heart/Armored Core hybrid? No…????

    I’m also waiting on a strategy version of the AC series for some reason. (TBS version = like MissionForce: CyberStorm, maybe. RTS = possibly MechCommander-esque?)

    Actually, any word on the maps size and scales? 4A was pretty open and wide on some of the outdoor maps. Also interested in gameplay speed. (I liked how 4A is balanced for the most part now in terms of speed. Fast enough for it to be exciting, but still manageable.) And are there ANY day-time maps or screenshots? All the images I’ve seen so far are pretty dark in atmosphere: dawn, dusk, or night-time settings. Cool looking, yes, but very…typical. (I had my fair share of low-light gameplay in 3 and SL. Both were pretty dark overall in atmosphere and setting, IMHO. 4 and 4A were brighter in comparision, I think.)

  • LezardValeth

    Let’s hope some major improvements were made over 4 and 4A, they seem to just take a working formula and just rehash it for each generation of consoles. 4 was a major improvement over it’s predecessors as far as the intensity and speed of the gameplay went. 4A was kinda meh as it was essentially the same game with alot of unnecessary additional gimmicks. Let’s hope AC5 took some leaps as far as environments and story goes as those parts are always lacking the most in AC games. I’m a fan of the concept but the games have never lived up to my expectations even though I continue to buy them…..

  • …sony exclusive title? any chance the 3DS can get some Armored Core moonlight ranged blastwaves and Karasawa love? i mean, especially since right now that Nintendo actually decided to put some muscle into their handhelds, pretty please?

    Enjoyed the early series a lot, especially up to Master of Arena (the Arena concept with about a hundred or so mechs to challenge was pure genius). Dabbled a bit with Silent Line (i think that’s where they started 4-way multiplayer battles, 2player vs 2 ai bots), but never got around to mastering it.

    and i miss dressing up ACs with a specific fighting style in mind and naming it after legendary stuff. especially rebel mechs (light, fast bipeds with huge energy shoulder weapons and ranged moonlight attacks. that practically flies all the time).

    and how can forget? designing the logos! it’s awesome when you’re mech has a kickass logo.

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