Zombie Dragons Are Just One Thing Waiting To Kill You In Dark Souls

By Spencer . July 11, 2011 . 3:15am


Namco Bandai released a few new screenshots of Dark Souls, a spiritual follow up to Demon’s Souls by From Software. That gigantic zombie dragon is one of the foes you will face.


You’re not totally alone in Dark Souls. You can summon allies who appear as glittering gold knights. The development team did this to distinguish these warriors from Dark Wraiths, red invaders waiting to rob your humanity. You probably don’t want to see that knight in the spiked armor appear in your game.


darksouls1 darksouls4 darksouls5 darksouls6


Dark Souls appears to have two blacksmiths. Andrei (left) is confirmed to be one of them and the giant on the right might be the second.


darksouls14 darksouls15


Dark Souls is said to be designed to make better use of vertical space and in one area you’ll have to tiptoe on ceiling beams. Miss a step and, well, you know what will happen.


darksouls7 darksouls8 darksouls9 darksouls10  darksouls12 darksouls13 darksouls2 darksouls3

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  • sandra10

    I’d totally buy this game… if Demon’s Souls didn’t scare me sh*tless. It easily instilled a fear of death – something no other game (even survival games) really did. It just made me so paranoid. I can’t put my body through that again.

    Best of luck, From Software, I hope you get the sales and recognition you deserve.

    • Aww~, you’ll get over it by the time Dark Souls come by.

      Personally, I consider Demon’s Souls to be the most effective survival horror game I’ve ever seen.

  • Hexen

    Back then at DS, those beams are owning a lot already. Now they added more punishment…


  • urbanscholar

    I’m really digging that screenshot at the bonfire. It just says so much without saying anything.

  • Thomas Maloney

    Is that Firestorm I see in the pic to the right of the bonfire?

  • zferolie

    Quick! Throw a pheonix down! That will kill it!

  • Guest

    I still don’t get why the switch to BandaiNamco from Atlus?

    • KyoyaHibari

      Yea, I understand the part about Atlus localizing Demon’s because SCEA thought it was too niche even though Sony owns the franchise and that SCEA will probably release further Demon titles because of the sales, but I don’t get why Atlus isn’t localizing this one and now Bamco (who supposedly hates North America and loves Europe) is in charge of localizing the multi-platform spiritual successor Dark Souls (not Demon’s 2 which is Sony), I’m not getting this either.

      • Bamco is the only one that can localize  From Software games

        • KyoyaHibari

          How did Atlus localize Demon’s Souls in place of Sony then if Bamco does From Software localizations, that’s what I’m wondering.

  • Dogfonos

    I think I found my new Final Fantasy series that I can actually get hyped about.

  • badmoogle

    Something tells me that the giant blacksmith will be the one to upgrade your weapons to badass ones.I’m afraid he’ll also be a bitch to kill if there is a quest to kill all NPCs.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Damn! This looks so damn epic! Never played the first so I’m glad the Limited Edition comes with a Guide Book. CAN’T WAIT! :>

  • Killing a dragon that was already ain’t probably gonna be to hard.

  • A zombie and a dragon? Damnit, so I have to worry about infection too? :P

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