Square Enix Looking Into Final Fantasy XI Port For PlayStation Vita, But Not PS3

By Spencer . July 12, 2011 . 9:38pm

imageFormer Final Fantasy XI lead Hiromichi Tanaka mentioned the possibility of a PlayStation Vita port to Famitsu. Presently, plans are not concrete, but Square Enix is considering a basic port of their MMORPG for PlayStation Vita.


There are no plans for a PlayStation 3 port, however. Tanaka clarifies and says making use of the PS3’s hardware characteristics is difficult for a simple port. Final Fantasy XIV was announced as a PlayStation 3 title, but Square Enix have not said much about that version.


So, would you want a 3G connected, portable version of Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation Vita?

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  • Ereek

    I would buy it if they somehow modified the game so I could (somehow) play it offline.  But I quit originally because the game became more scheduled work than my actual job with all of the LS events.

  • “Square Enix Looking Into PlayStation Vita Port For PlayStation Vita”

    Self-console porting = The Future!

    But seriously you might want to correct that.

    • KyoyaHibari

      LOL Yea I noticed that, I was just going to comment on that ;P

    • They deliver such quality articles first, but I wish they would work on these typos for their articles, there have been quite a few as of late :(

      • Yeah that’s my fault and I need to proofread articles before posting them. By the time they’re in the system they’re a jumbled mess of HTML.

  • EggmaniMN

    Make the game entirely single player with an actual party full of actual characters and not just player created nobodies but with the option of playing it as a party online/co-op as well and you have a sale. XI’s actual story is very good but I’m never going to sit there and grind grind grind to get through all of it. Repurpose the game be an actual normal Final Fantasy game and it will do amazingly well.

    • Ereek

      XI’s story is very good.  I love XI’s story and lore – in fact the world is probably one of my favorites in the series.

      They would likely need to do some re-balancing.  For example, running around with a party would need to be revamped, since with “auto-follow” characters you’d end up training entire zones.  They’d need to be “inside” you (ala early FF games). It would be less a port and more an entire remake with all of the changes.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      That might just work, actually.

  • KyoyaHibari

    I hope XIV comes to PS3 soon, but I mean, making it perfect is priority too, considering how bad it was on initial release, I’m dying for VSXIII though

  • DanteJones

    I’d probably use it to craft some items and talk to LS members, but anything more time consuming I’d rather do at home rather than in public.

  • Suicunesol

    I’m not really buying this “MMORPG on the go” thing that Sony seems to want to explore. MMOs, in my opinion, must be played for a certain period of time per session. You need to login, gather other players to party with, go on missions together, and do other such business. It’s very involving and not pick-up-and-play at all.

    That, and I’m a believer of using keyboards to communicate.

    • puchinri

      Same. It sounds nice to have portable versions of these games, but I just can’t see it working.

    • neo_firenze

      You obviously haven’t played a lot of FFXI.  I frequently log on and play solo for 30-60 minutes.  There are lots of ways to get solo experience, do some quests, craft, farm for drops from monsters, buy/sell items, etc. 

      Last night I logged on and completely solo did a 30 minute campaign battle (to see the massively increased exp from this week’s update).  I got from login to fighting in a couple minutes, got my 8500 experience points, and the whole time I was solo and could have stopped at any time. 

      And your comments about keyboards? Why can’t Vita FFXI have bluetooth keyboard support?

  • i would love to play FFXI and FFXIV on the PS vita that be nice!! omg i hope this come’s true and hope they try to make used of the ps vita.

    am with mr. tanaka on this one.

  • PrinceHeir

    “Final Fantasy XIV was announced as a PlayStation 3 title, but Square Enix have not said much about that version. 
    So, would you want a 3G connected, portable version of Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation Vita?”

    it’s like this one game that they’ve kept quiet all these year and fans finally gave up on it.

    what was the game???

    oh i remember it’s the PS3 version of Last Remnant. don’t you think i have forgotten about that huh square???

    might as well cancel the PS3 version of FFXIV. saves you the money, time and the questions :P

  • Draparde

    holy cow. a portable version of FFXI?! O_o 

    Needless to say i’d be all for it!

    seeing as how soloing is funner in XI now. and smaller groups can actually function i think i could probably get into it…..though chatting might be trouble for me unless it used a touch screen keyboard.

    • Probably the microphone would be used instead.

    • I would love that as well but it would be better if they make a new portable MMO with fast paced gameplay something Diablo like.

      • actually that wouldent be a good idea because alot people still would want to play FFXI in another way then 360 and pc and me on the other hand  handheld would be a great way to log in to linkshell chat and so on while your in bed or outside somewhere.

  • Learii

    i wonder if do we have to pay to play FF XI like PS2 and 360

    • of course you do and if you got FFXIV at the time, it was release your payments only be 7$  instead of $12.95 for FFXI montly payments.

  • d19xx

    Is Sony and Squeenix conspiring to make me poor?

  • Syltique

    I just have no idea how one would play it.  I played it on 360 for years, and you still have to use a controller and a keyboard.  You can definitely get rid of the mouse, but not the keyboard.

    • unless they reconfigure the game for smaller parties, 3g/wifi linking and total disconnect from playonline it is a completely horrible idea. Basically what im saying is it needs to be a new game made with the Vita in mind.

    • neo_firenze

      Bluetooth keyboard support.  You could put a small bluetooth keyboard in your lap (ever seen Apple’s slim ones that they sell in their stores?  They’re very small and light) and the Vita in your hands.  PSP Go supports a wide variety of bluetooth devices now, I’d be shocked if Vita doesn’t continue that trend.

      I still play FFXI and have played on PS2, 360, and PC.  I’ve always been a controller + keyboard guy and it works fine – and in fact mouse is pretty bad in any form on FFXI since the interface really wasn’t designed for mouse (since PS2 support was a key consideration in the interface design).  In FFXI, everything but chat can be done just fine with a controller and menus/macros already.   And honestly, if you’re not doing something where you need to chat (say, soloing some experience points, checking your auctions, doing some crafting) you don’t need a keyboard at all.

  • malek86

    “So, would you want a 3G connected, portable version of Final Fantasy XI for PlayStation Vita?”

    Unless they somehow solve the problem in ways that I don’t know, the 3G’s latency would absolutely kill the game.

    • neo_firenze

      You know FFXI can be played on dialup, right?  Decent 3G would be fine. 

      • malek86

        Every game can be played on dial-up. That doesn’t mean I’d like to.

        And depending on the quality of the signal and the traffic, sometimes even 3G drops to abysmal, worse-than-56k levels. But I guess that varies from country to country. For example, 3G here in Italy sucks a lot, often falling back to 2G and lagging to oblivion.

  • Methylene

    Well… I guess it could be useful if I feel like crafting on break at work XD But yeah, going to see how they’re planning on making it work. I’m really used to having the full keyboard to play that.

  • kupomogli

    If they were to change FF11 into a one player game but have multiple players that you can create, then yes.  Like FF12, .hack, Sword of the New World, Dragon Age Origins.

  • IB2004

    Maybe people will buy(not so sure kind of voice)but maybe if they put more addons I think prishes 4th form has to do with this but then again its not official

  • Eleven?

    Oh man 14 really did suck hard.

    • thecowboypoet

      Have you seen Final Fantasy XIV? No way the PSVita could handle that.
      This is a smart move to breathe new life into the original Final Fantasy MMO.

  • Bleh, if they did, I wouldn’t buy it anyway. -___-

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