Devil Survivor 2’s Chef And Boxing Club Member Must Defeat A Self-Cloning Invader

By Spencer . July 14, 2011 . 1:10pm

We have more Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 character reveals. You already met Airi, but here’s a little bit more about the girl who is supposed to be cheerful and lively. The freshman from Nagoya High is fixated on something from her past…



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At 19 years old, Jungo Torii is one of the senior characters in Devil Survivor 2. He works as a chef in Nagoya. While Jungo is said to be simple, out of all the character’s he’s the most cautious. Usually quiet, Jungo is a gentle character so seeing mankind at war is especially distressing for him.



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17 year old Keita Wakui is a student in Osaka High and part of the school’s boxing club. Keita doesn’t like people getting close to him. He’s a lone wolf character by choice. Keita is obsessed with getting stronger to battle the demons.



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The main character is guided by Nicaea, a mysterious website that shows "dead faces" before  events happen. Using Nicaea, you can prevent other characters from dying. News comes via mobile phone mail from either Tiko (female) or Tycho (male). You get to choose which artificial intelligence personality suits you.


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This mysterious man suddenly approaches the protagonist. He calls himself the Melancholy Man and says the protagonist is a "shining person." Who is he and what are his motives?



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Each day, players will battle a different invader in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2. Phecda who controls wind is Tuesday’s invader.


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Mizar is Friday’s invader. This creature continually divides and figuring out how to counter this trait is a key part of the battle.


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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 comes out on July 28 in Japan and early next year in North America.

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  • malek86

    Why hello there, Joshua.

    • urbanscholar

      ahaha yep

  • Im a sucker for redheads, i guess i already know who will i choose as my partner first!

    • Alex

      me too, but i really dont see how she is cheerful, maybe later in the game.

      • Yeah, we have all the time of the world to enjoy Devil Survivor 2 anyway! Mwahahaha~

        • Alex

          i’ve didnt finish the first one, i’am still waiting about the 3DS version if its coming in europe.
          I’m really thankfull that the 2 is on DS.

  • Juho Vuolo

    I just love Jungo’s design. Awesome clothes, even more awesome hat (reminds me of Atsuro) and to top it all off, he’s a chef. He might just become my favorite character, he’s just overflowing with… awesomeness.

  • Iron Chef! (I just had to say that XD) I’m sooo looking forward to this game DX I’ve been missing the Shin Megami games ;-; *is secretly awaiting persona 5 too* Devil Survivor was awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on this one :D I am loving the screenies of Tycho<3

  • Ren

    I asked this before and I’ll ask it again. @Spencer:disqus why did you romanize Tiko differently for each sex? Is that the official romanization or is it something you just did yourself? Because I have yet to see any romanization in any japanese source (Nicaea aside) and their names are both written the same.

    That aside, those poses look really awkward but cool at the same time. And Airi, if you are that cold you could at least wear a longer skirt, I don’t think only those leggings with keep you warm.

    • I’m not sure what the romanization is since it’s in katakana and there isn’t an official one. Since Tycho is a boy’s name I thought Atlus may be trying to differentiate the characters.

    • You wouldnt say that if you had a leg fetish!! YOU ARE NOW ON MY BOO LIST REN!

  • Accelerator…?

    • Darkrise

      lol I was just about to say that…

  • DDanny

    Jungo:obviously Neutral
    Keita:obviously Chaos
    And I still think the invader designs look pretty bland and boring

  • Joshua, when did you get Accelarator’s clothes?

    So “Fish or Die” shirt guy is a chef? Hm…

  • AzureNova

    Well its obvious that I will be rolling with Tiko for all my deathnews, and the Melancholy Man is creepy. He’s got that whole rapeface thing going on. Even the main character is scared as portrayed by the last screen.

  • AnimusVox

    Why is Near from Death Note throwing up gang signs?

  • Badass? Chef? Hat? Shinjiro is back!

    • Lets hope he makes it though the game this time. And that the aliens dont use bullets.

  • “At 19 years old, Jungo Torii is one of the senior characters in Devil Survivor 2.”

    Ack. I feel old. I wonder how old the other senior characters are… I like older casts, so I guess I’m glad that there’s even someone older than 15 at all.

    That aside, Melancholy Man, huh? Contrary to popular belief, he is not sad. He is happy. It is you who will be sad.

  • Melancholy Man  looks similar with accelerator from To aru majutsu no index

  • imaguni

    Overall, I keep on liking the character designs a lot! Melancholy Man might be my second favorite character design. I like the invader designs too, actually, I think that they look more… otherworldly than like ‘monsters’, if that makes sense? As in, they inspire wonder more than fear.

    • well yes, they’re supposed to be aliens, so by all rights they should look otherworldly. but… Phecda looks like a freaking girl’s bracelet/bangles… lol.

  • PrinceHeir

    redhead :)

  • Melancholy Man… white hair… makes disconcertingly mysterious remarks… why do this guy remind me of Louisa Ferre? XD

    and yes, that cook guy also reminds me of a taller, kick-ass Atsuro. :) and the other one is clearly Kaido. clearly. it’s Kaido.

    and the main character even has the same expressions as from Devil Survivor.

    THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME, WTF. (ithinkitsagoodthingthough)

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