Deal Even More Damage In Devil Survivor 2 With Double Extra Turns

By Spencer . July 15, 2011 . 12:10pm

ds2a47Shin Megami Tensei titles reward players who exploit enemy weaknesses with extra turns. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor stuck with this concept and its sequel, Devil Survivor 2, ups the ante with the "double extra turn" system. Hit a demon’s weak point once and you get a bonus attack. Do it a second time and you get another turn on top of that. Giving players two turns in a row should speed up battles.


While all demons in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor drew skills from a common pool, Devil Survivor 2 changes the formula. This game has race specific skills so Jack Frost, for example, may have some attacks that Haunt can never learn.


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 comes out on July 28 in Japan and is slated for release early next year in North America.


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  • AzureNova

    I’m going to survive all over again! This is great news, the screen shots look awesome, and I love how they changed the demon pictures from the previous games.

  • UberNoCrono

    I’m happy their trying to add a little something more to the battle system.
    I just hope this doesn’t make the game too easy but either way I cant wait 

  • Ack. That means I might not be able to breed a Pyro Jack that knows everything anymore. :< Double extra turns sounds like it'll make battle a ton easier. I know the other side gets to do it too, but c'mon.. how often does the AI decide to screw over your weaknesses twice in a row?

    • UberNoCrono

      Maybe the AI will be more like Persona 4 on Expert, Im playing that now and the AI is not shy about hitting Yousuke with Zionga back to back 

      • I guess. But I remember the first DeSu being quite merciful. Maybe there will be difficulty modes? :X Or maybe it’ll just be ramped up, in general.

      • You think that was bad? Try Persona 3 on Normal or FES on…just about anything.

    • Won’t be easier, enemies will have it too based on previous Press Turn rules.

    • Jirin

      Remember though, that benefits the enemies a lot more than you.  You have to kill all the enemies on the field, they only have to kill you once.

      • AzureNova

        It wont matter, we are the chosen ones. We will ALWAYS survive. (clutches fist)

  • Jirin

    Do enemies get this same ability?  Certain battlefields got a lot more scary.

    I just hope there aren’t still battles where every single enemy has a healing race skill.  In DS1 that basically meant that the entire enemy side would be healed to full every round.

    I also hope you no longer have game over if a single defenseless civilian dies.

    • The healing enemies weren’t so bad compared to the Bel’s*.

      I just hope that they seriously tone down the escort missions. I don’t know why they made so many, but when you have to keep alive civilians attacking YOU it’s gone too far. That isn’t Atlus Hard, that’s just mean.
      *Yeah, I’m looking at you Beldr.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Nice, I just hope this new feature doesn’t make battles to easy.

    Aside from that the thing I found most interesting were the screenshots two of which seem to show you fighting Makoto and Jungo (or someone who looks similar to him).

    • Saraneth

      What’s even more interesting is that Kresnik’s back!

  • Finally seeing some demons. Hoping for a much bigger selection in this one…

  • imaguni

    Double extra is pretty awesome! Something extra to watch out for as well as an advantage, I like it!

  • bolto

    In the Japanese article in which this information was revealed, I’m pretty sure it said that Double Extra was a race skill. So you have to have a certain Demon with the race skill that allows Double Extras on your team. Also, it MIGHT have said something about ranking up race skills, but I’m not sure.

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