Disgaea 4’s Map Editing System Altered For North America

By Spencer . July 15, 2011 . 12:15am


One of the neat features in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is its built in map editor, which lets players create and share custom maps. The Western release will include the map maker, but the feature has been nerfed.


Instead of freely placing blocks, players will have to use premade "landforms." You can’t stack multiples of the same object either. Geoblocks and characters are OK to stack, but other tiles cannot be placed next to or on top of each other. Also, character names, map names, and descriptions will be randomized. These changes are going to make user created scenarios or storylines really difficult to make since text can’t be edited.


“Regarding Disgaea 4’s map edit system, regulation differences between regions made it very difficult to keep in," said Jack Niida, NIS America producer. "However, thanks to all the help from our development team and SCEA, we were able to keep the system by making just some minor design adjustments. Players won’t be able to create a completely detailed map, but this new system is still a great way to expand the Disgaea universe and share your own creations with players around the nation.” says NIS America producer Jack Niida.


Just to be clear, this change effects the North American and PAL versions of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. The Japanese release will not have these restrictions.

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  • Uhhhh… regulation differences?  That makes absolutely no sense.

    • I agree. What EXACTLY is the problem here.  With these restrictions, we are now bound by a “set” number of types of creation instead of being free to create individually. 

      I would actually like for them to state a reason.  Regulation differences means diddly squat to the gamers.

      • BTA

        Any argument I’d have for it is ruined due to the fact that things like LBP exist, so… yeah, I’m confused as well.

        • nyoron

          I believe the difference is that LBP is actively moderated by Sony, so “offensive” content is screened and filtered… whereas this would not be.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            And NISA is unable to follow a similar level of guidelines on their own? LBP moderation hasn’t stopped multiple ways to get the license/content issue materials. 

            And this affects PAL as well — did some big meanie go an put swastika’s as an option? 

          • When a fat man can take a picture of his naked torso using a PlayStation Eye and paste it in someone else’s LBP level when playing online… I don’t think that the game is actively moderated by Sony. (Friends of mine actually did this just to mess with someone.)

          • Ladius

            “Moderation” doesn’t mean having someone control every single thing going on in a huge online game in real time, the offensive content needs to be flagged and then reviewed by a moderator in order to be removed, or at least this is the way it works in most cases.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yes, and it is disappointing to see NISA give a pure PR spin line. 

      Are we talking some licensing issue regarding the engine itself — that’s the only thing that makes sense so far out…

    • I believe they mean differences in online policy between regions. Japan and North America/Europe have different rules and restrictions.

      This is just a guess, but this change may have been made to prevent someone from making inappropriate, perhaps offensive, maps.

      • And Japanese players won’t do that?

        • I never said Japanese players wouldn’t. However, the regional policy may be adjusted because of that along with the ESRB and so forth. In general, online play, even user created content isn’t as popular in Japan. So, it isn’t as regulated either, perhaps.

          And unlike LittleBigPlanet, I don’t think anyone is screening the Disgaea 4 maps.

          • BTA

            Is LBP actually screened? I feel like something with that many custom levels can’t possibly be… :x

          • Well they do remove levels in that and users can report the stuff if I recall.

          • timpkmn89

            I’d imagine it’s more Sony than the ESRB. Remember, there’s that “game rating may change with online play” warning before every online game.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Are there tiles that could be used to create pron? Sorry to say this, but this could be a real dealbreaker; NISA needs to get ahead of the game now and lay out what’s really going on.

        The days of edited for content should be long long long gone.

        • No, but I’m pretty sure people can use the tiles to spell out rather nasty things. The same with character descriptions.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It’s still corporate speak; anything with a hex/character editor now becomes fair game across all stateside platforms. That’s not a good thing for a gaming market ever more and more dependent upon the online market.

            I wasn’t stopped from making battling pee pees in Graffitti Kingdom or Magic Pengel. Hell, I’m not really stopped from making something nasty or offensive in LBP or Modnation — I just can’t it put it up on the internets. 

            Guess I better get my *s ready to go for D4, who knows what words they gonna censor for names and such.

            PS – Yes Spencer, but you then manage it as Sony already manages other user created content. You don’t tell your customer base, sorry you can’t create because someone out there might create something ‘bad’.

            @Exkaiser – Not bringing anything to Spencer. Explaining that while there may be a difference between online and offline content the precedence is potentially a dangerous one. Iit is worrying our ‘unseen side’ of gaming is singled out when has been noted, questionable content is plentiful already on Sony’s network.

            That seems more than an acceptable thing to discuss among us.

          • You just stated the difference. You didn’t share your “pee pees” online.

          • Exkaiser

            I do not know why you are bringing this problem to Spencer.

            It is not as if he works at NISA. It is not as if he can change the situation with Disgaea 4’s maps.

        • You mentioned LittleBigPlanet as a comparison, which has moderators. I think in the case of Disgaea 4 the budget is likely different and sadly I don’t think there is enough of a budget for moderation.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ya, I’d come to that conclusion in an earlier post from overnight. That’s an explanation I can respect and understand. “Regulation differences” however sounds like PR Engrish.

  • Ben Tan

     corrupternment! this means my country malaysia is the netherworld lulz

    • i believe there are other place worse than Malaysia

  • Wow…that really sucks.

  • all this to stop us from making crude images of penises. i can’t believe this is coming from a series that had a horse wiener as an item.

  • I mean how can I make my excellent adventure of Valvatorez being contacted to look for Godot’s stolen Coffee Mug? He was gonna have to fight Gumshoe and the police force on a Police Badge map!

    Now it will just be the random case of a missing coffee mug.

    *pouty face*

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Depends on how the network is managed for D4. You may be able to play and create without the censors, but playing online or uploading will likely limit you to others with this version.

    • kroufonz

      Reg3 Asian English+chinese version of NISA published game usually the exact same game with Region 1 US/NA just with additional chinese sub.

      so nothing is solved at all:P

  • PersonaSpace


  • JustaGenericUser

    So basically American execs/parents ruin everything again? Gotcha.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Does anyone have access to the JP game and storefront for the created content? Are there some things available (ala Rapeplay) that just set off every fire alarm at SCEA headquarters?

      • nyoron

        Well just looking around randomly for a few minutes I found a level that was a giant Mario sprite from Super Mario Bros colored by Geo-panels. That might set of copyright flags. I thought I saw a penis, but it turned out to be just a fighter jet. There are also a lot of words spelled out… mostly peoples’ usernames, “CP”, “DESCO” and “LOVE” but I see how that could easily exploited.

        But this is the first time I’m looking at, there are some really cool looking maps here. Sucks that it’s getting gimped!

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Right — and Sony quickly took care of uploads of Sackboy Mario and Modnation Mario Kart. I can’t imagine any of us would not understand taking down a F*CK level, or keeping habitual offenders from uploading entirely. But in protecting us from seeing such things before they are corrected, you also take away ‘some really cool looking maps’.

          Unless Sony presented NISA with what the management of such content would involve and NISA made a decision that it was not affordable, so thus they choose this course of action.

          • NetscapePizza

            Yeah I don’t see why they couldn’t just ban your console from the map system after 3 offenses  seen as they can uniquely identify it. 

          • nyoron

            I ended up previewing a few hundred levels, including a bunch marked “2ch” and I didn’t see a single vulgar/offensive map layout. Which is not to say that there aren’t any on there, but either most Japanese players have a great deal of restraint or maybe they do have some kind of moderation in place. But it looks like people mostly create and play the small, easily grindable maps – the creative looking ones were few and far between actually.

        • Yui

          “I thought I saw a penis, but it turned out to be just a fighter jet.”
          Well played, I laughed like a mule for a few moments. :D

        • SeventhEvening

          I immediately thought they wanted to avoid penis maps. I forgot about copyright. Modnation racers tries to remove copyright characters when they can (although there is such a vast number of them that they slip by), but NIS would be unable to police it.

  • RagnaXBL

    as if i care, i still don’t know why they included map editing in the 1st place

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Cuz you have a core audience with the series who do nothing but level grind item worlds and the like, and play around with the geoblocks to see what crazy scores can occur. Levels are even made just to rack the exp by the creators themselves.

      Giving the player the chance to make their own cheating levels fits right along with the tenor the games themselves set.

  • I don’t understand this. Anyone who has played Black Ops online and looked at player emblems has seen much worse than what could be done with maps in D4.

    • SeventhEvening

      That game is also rated mature, and theoretically, shouldn’t be bought by children. Disgaea on the other hand, has always been a much more family friendly affair.

  • Covnam

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to restrict who can see/access maps based on your friends list? If they are on your list, custom maps, if not, restricted custom maps or no custom maps.

  • kroufonz

    sigh ………………………

    why can’t we have nice stuff (seriously this is just niche title that most mainstream gamer didn’t even aware, why couldn’t it get more loose censorship)

    i wonder if T rating have something to do with this , maybe if they going for M this feature could be left uncensored.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That shouldn’t be the dealbreaker, it is always fully noted that the ERSB does not rate online content.

  • I just have to say that I’m really disappointed. I’m sure they could of figured out some other solution, like taking out the smaller block sizes, so you can’t draw fine lines or something.

    I have the import, so at least I have something to fall back onto.

    Currently in the Japanese game, you can do preset maps, which is basically any story map in the game that you have already played. I hope they add more options then just this. I’d like to see some maps with some big cliffs, so you can at least do a huge stack of geoblocks still.

    And for the record, all the LittleBigPlanet games are rated E. But I believe Sony watches over these maps and regulates them on their own. I’m sure NISA doesn’t have the resources for this kinda thing, so their left doing something rather sucky like this. But I really think they should be able to find a better solution than this.

    • Ladius

      We can ask for a better solution as much as we want, but I fear the only real alternatives here are scrapping the editor or paying a moderation staff to review the maps and ensure there’re no offensive contents :

      As you said, SCEA can do that for LBP, but NISA is on a whole different size. I won’t blame them, probably they were out of options.

      • No, I completely disagree. I think this is way more simplified than it needs to be. There are other options.

        Random names? Let me pick the “random” name to use for my characters. Map names and descriptions could be a template you pick from, using predefined words, and the ability to reference any of the characters or items on the map.NISA could reduce the level of detail you can design a map with, like limiting map creation to 5×5 blocks at the smallest. (in a 20×20 map area, you shouldn’t really be able to draw naughty objects if you can’t place anything small. Even if you tried to draw in negative space.) At least you could do some interesting things with landforms with this limitation.They could also create “staff” maps for us to use. Sure it’s nothing we made, but maybe NISA could come up with some neat maps for us to use in our games.I’m sure we could think of other alternatives, aside from completely gutting the great map creation system that is in the Japanese game.

        • Ladius

          Except that would mean reprogramming part of the game, something NISA can’t do since they reportedly don’t have a programming staff (they “only” do localizations and marketing).

          I would be dissatisfied with them if they completely dropped the editor instead of simply limiting its scope (not that I’m happy about it, I was looking forward to create my arenas), but seeing the regulation they had to abide to this is probably the best realistic solution they could have picked.

  • SirRichard

    Yes, “minor design adjustments” indeed.

  • This is insane don’t buy this version just buy the original much better than this crap.

    • Ladius

      I agree, selling a game with hundreds of hours of contents for 49$ is insane in a market where people buy titles with an higher RRP that barely last ten hours.

      Also, maybe you are a fluent Japanese speaker that writes haiku poems while playing convoluted visual novels and reciting the Kojiki from memory (all at the same time), but most western players can’t tell the difference between a kana and a kanji (or a glyph to summon Chtulhu, for that matter), so importing the Japanese edition would be more of a masochistic thing than a “I’ll show them!” counter to Evil NISA’s master plan to conquer the world with the money saved from hiring a moderation staff for D4’s map editor.

      That said, boycotting a company because of something a third party decided is wrong in my book, but that’s just me.

  • Draparde

    Oh well. not like i ever make any detailed storys using these type’s of things anyway… this has not affected my buying the game one bit, thats for sure. 

  • Xerain

    I’m going to come up with an propose an alternate theory for the heck of it.

    If players can custom make maps…. it means all the data for all of the block placement must be stored and transported. Wherewas a preset land form woudl reduce all of that custom data to a single number (probably a 2 byte hex code) describing which preset landform to use.

    So not only does it save NISA from paying a Prinny minimum wage to delete penises all day, they can probably save money with a less expensive server solution.

    • timpkmn89

      The data for a custom map is probably close to a kilobyte. Not even an issue at that size.

  • I just dont get the map/character name randomization aspect. 

    • zweii

      Just imagine someone making a penis map called penis map and balls.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    As disappointing as this is to hear, I can’t imagine a niche company like NISA could afford to constantly monitor the servers on this. As much as we don’t like to face the reality of it, the first time the wrong parent sees their kid playing on a penis or a swastika or a curse word, I can imagine a lot of angry calls being made that could potentially end up costing NISA money. Not to mention, the potential copyright nightmares.

    Sony can afford to moderate LittleBigPlanet. They’re a huge megacorporation. NISA are not.

    I’ll still be buying this day one.

    •  You are wise beyond your…well I can’t assume any age, but you are wise.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Thank you, sir. 28 years old.

      • So how did you get the job at Nisa? I got to know!

  • Is it really worth calling it a map editor still if it’s less powerful then the Warcraft 2 map editor people were using in 1996? It’s not much of an editor if you can’t edit the land, names, or descriptions. This is rather basic stuff.

    There’s some bait and switch going on here. The full editor clearly exists, because the Japanese version has it. They’re claiming it’s due to some unspecified mysterious regulation, but they just figured that out? Why didn’t they know about it months ago? This is hardly the first game to feature a map editor.

    Either they knew about it and didn’t bother to mention it pubically until now so as to hype a feature they knew they couldn’t deliver, or they just figured out there was some kind of issue, took the hatchet to the feature as the easiest possible solution, and are blaming it on a “regulation” they won’t name. Pretty sleazy no matter how you look at it.

    • Firekitty

      I’d like to point out that pre-orders were originally supposed to open in July, but were pushed back to August….might have something to do with this.

      • But people have been able to preorder from AMZN and GME since before July, so I cant see how a direct correlation between this modification would have something to do with anything.

  • Thomas Maloney

    Glad I imported the Japanese version.

  • Fine, I’ll just name every single character in my game ‘Penis’ as an act of defiance

    • SeventhEvening

      And that’s why the regulation occurred.

      Preordained landmasses, can’t stack blocks, names are randomly generated? They’re making it impossible to build a dong shaped map populated by characters named dildo.

  • I love how they blame the regulatory environment.  And yet everybody else in the world seems to do OK with user-created content…

  • Profound sadness. What a world…

  • From what I can tell, it sounds like it’s mainly SOny’s fault. They don’t want to regulate a game like this, I think they don’t think it’s worth the time any money, so they force NISA to do the regulating.

    It’s sad they don’t think it’s important to regulate the maps in this game themselfs. Just shows how confident they are in the games sells :(

  • Shinji Kazuya

    This is not nice. I am not liking it ;_;

  • Barrit

    Aww bummer. They couldn’t just add a report function to the custom maps?


  • That kinda sucks. I’d been condisdering buying the JP LE in addition to the US LE instead of buying the super fancy Rosen Queen LE… I guess I’ll do that now so I can experiment with the non-nerfed map creator.

  • timpkmn89

    Hey Siliconera, do you think you could try to get an interview with NIS America about this? Try and get some screenshots of the new system so we can measure the damage, and ask the big question of why it’s okay for the much more powerful LBP engine (which has audio, screenshots, AN E RATING)?

  • #kaneyshrug doesn’t bother me much. I will still end up getting this 

  • glemtvapen

    Truly disappointing. I was kind of looking forward to the ingenuity of the gaming community such as crazy puzzle maps and grinding levels sans crude penis maps.

    Now I demand compensation. *Come one, more free DLC*

  • I’m not exactly sure why this is being “regulated” out. Don’t user-created content games exist in the west? Like Minecraft, Little Big Planet and the like? Don’t they just have features to report offensive maps?

    I’m really disappointed in this, since the map creation system was what really got me excited. . .

    Just seems like more work to restrict the feature, than to just add a “report offensive content” tab. . .

    • Ladius

      The “report offensive content” tab has a meaning only if you have a moderation staff paid to control the maps and to censor them if they break the rules. Sadly, I fear NISA is far too small to afford something like that (they should be no more than a dozen people, if I remember correctly).

  • Nerf the map editor, nerf your sales.  

    This is ridiculous, what with Little Big Planet and Minecraft out there and especially with all of the hullabaloo that was made about NIS/NISA wanting Disgaea 4 to do well for the future of the series.  Ugh, oh well. 

    • Ladius

      LBP is a first party game, not to mention a million seller title, and it has a moderation. Minecraft is a million seller game, too, and since it’s on PC and XBLA it could have different regulations (the PC version is absolutely free of them, afaik). They aren’t really comparable with a niche PS3 game like D4.

      • Don’t try to justifice. When someone just say something about the map editor I was thinking on create all the map and is something that Disgaea 4 jp did but now in the american version is kind of pointless. I don’t want pre-made scenarios.

        • Ladius

          It’s not like publishers are evil by default if they can’t abide to regulations they have no power to change.

          Really now, the most pissed off people in all of this are probably the NISA guys, since they had to cut a feature they marketed. Attacking them as if they eliminated the editor because of some evil plan (not saying you’re doing this, but still the “don’t try to justify them!” attitude is uncalled for) is simply absurd.

          • Thanks for explaining the moderation issue in your posts.  I know that this issue is far from just NISA, but I think the thing that frustrated me was awhile back, I remember an interview last year being posted that said something like the continuation of series like Disgaea depended on the fans supporting it through sales, particularly this installment.  Can’t remember if it was the JP or US side, and anyway this probably only came up recently.  It’s disappointing, and I think it’s fair for fans to voice their opinions, but it appears it can’t be helped.

  • Luckily (VERY luckily), Map editing isn’t what most players seek out of a Disgaea experience. The game will still have a crap-ton of new content, as usual, and I already had more than enough reasons to but this game.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Fail -_-

  • This is all probably NISA’s great fear of legal issues popping up again.  Badman started it, followed by Cross Edge, now we’ve got Disgaea 4.

    I’m not sure what the legal work would be on this, but nerfing features causes consumers to second guess their purchases (just ask SEGA).  On niche titles, that’s huge.  I’m not happy with this.  I love the series and I’ve been anticipating this and blogging about it, but to randomize names is a bit rediculous. 

    If it’s that big of a deal, get Disgaea Team to implement a random tile color/name generator for when it gets published online. However, don’t force us to have our own content nerfed because you are worried about penis showing up.  If I can put two geoblocks next to each other in any color, I can still make a penis.  I can make it a giant penis army.

    I can do this because I am creative.  You can’t partially censor creativity, you can only disable the method.

    If I am given a level editor, but I can’t use it to be creative…what’s the point.  Not having two tiles stack together is weak and will produce hideous maps.  The online modes of Disgaea 4 were supposed to set it ahead as far as SRPGs go.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    I don’t have issues with “regional differences,” I have issues with lazy decision making.  This screams lazy.

    As of this moment, I’m considering waiting off on this for a price drop.

    • Ladius

      This doesn’t scream lazy at all, it’s more like “we aren’t SCEA and we can’t pay a moderation staff for such a niche game in order to satisfy their regulation”, something I can sympathize with. Of course I’m pissed too, I was looking forward to the editor, but realistically it’s absurd to expect NISA waste huge amounts of money in a moderation system that’s already lacking in a million seller game like LBP.

      Refusing to support a game as huge as D4 because of this is wrong imho, at least if you weren’t hyped only by this feature, and boycotting niche jrpg releases because of problems that have nothing to do with their publishers is the best way to insure that those games will stay in Japan next time.

      • I didn’t say I was boycotting.  I said I would consider waiting off on the title because the biggest feature Disgaea 4 was bringing would be neutered by NISAmerica.  Just because it’s unrealistic of me to expect NISA to do the exact same thing NIS did with their online space in a region that appreciates online games more, doesn’t mean I have to support the decisions made. 

        I said I’m thinking of staving off my purchase to a later date.  I believe it is a lazy decision to go choppy choppy to parts of the game instead of finding a way to utilize the editor in a respectable manner. 

        It’s not just in the online sphere either.  The article implies the entire map maker is built around this silly concept.  I agree that Disgaea 4 will be a big game, but so was Disgaea, Disgaea 2, Disgaea 3 and ZHP.  I do think I shouldn’t go in to my purchase thinking I’m entitled to give free rides on chopped content just because their tiny.  With the total number of NIS games I own, I certainly have done my share for the company.

        I really liked the idea of this editor because I like being creative when I have to.  Because they neutered it, should I not feel like my expectations aren’t being met?  Wouldn’t I feel like the things that were supposed to be in the game weren’t?

        I welcome NIS representatives to clarify their statement, but right now it sounds like an editor that completely restricts what you do as a creator.  That sounds boring to me.  This feature was highly touted and isn’t coming.  I’m sure the game has many features that are nice, but I’ve played the crap out of Disgaea games.  I know what everything I’m going to be doing in the game.  The new stuff was what my purchase was going to hinge on and I’m not happy that some of its coming in a user unfriendly way.

        • Ladius

          “I believe it is a lazy decision to go choppy choppy to parts of the game instead of finding a way to utilize the editor in a respectable manner.”

          Again, this kind of reasoning completely ignores NISA’s actual situation. They had three choices: abide by the regulation and hire one or more moderator (something a tiny company can’t do), eliminate the free editor keeping a template one or simply cut all the editing features altogether (reworking the editor means reprogramming it, and they don’t have a programming staff). They went for the best practicable solution.

          Of course you can say “I don’t care if they lose money or go bankrupt, they should have hired more people in order to keep the game on par with the original”, and that’s your absolute right as a consumer, but personally I don’t think “punishing” (because waiting for a price drop is a form of boycott if you previously planned to day-one the game) NISA for something they couldn’t realistically avoid makes any sense.

  • I wonder how many sales were just lost with this announcement…even if I don’t really get this map thing at all myself (might be why I never did well with geography)

  • Code

    Kind of disappointed on Sony about this, because I’m pretty sure other games which have user created content haven’t been subjected to this. But agreeing with Ladius, I figure this is because NIS isn’t about to employee a moderation staff just for Disgaea 4. So at least NIS made an effort to change things up to get the feature passed, instead of having it outright cut.

  • Not only pre-made scenarios but the names and description too? Oh wow, that sucks.

    Disgaea 4 = offline

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Sucks that they had to change it so much but at least it’s still in there. Well I suppose I probably won’t do much outside of the regular game then… I didn’t really intend to do much of the level creation stuff anyway, the user generated scenarios would’ve been a lot of fun though.

    It is kind of confusing that user generated content would have such heavy restrictions in this game considering how popular Sony’s Play Create Share games are over here…

  • Istillduno

    This is rediculous, espcialy considering that in the first game there was a zombie with a horse dick (might have been a wang or penis, can’t remember the exact name of the item), which not only was mentioned in the cutscene for the battle, but was also stealable so you could equip it to your characters!

    They’ed better allow people to download (free, no screwing up part of the game then making us pay extra to fix it) DLC to turn off these restrictions, didn’t one of the Yakuza games do something like that, or am I thinking of another series?

  • KyoyaHibari


  • Nothing about going into your friends game and pirating them being removed, so that is good.  Although this does kind of make me wonder why they would do this.  I am sure that they are afraid of legal issues, but the Little Big Planet people said that they have had companies come up to them and tell them it is cool to leave their stuff in.  I wish they would have talked more about why this was happening instead of just saying that it was difficult enough for them to do this.

    Also, people need to back off on user generated content in games, if the dev isn’t selling it leave them alone.  You don’t go after the guy who sold the vandal spray paint, don’t go after the people who are letting everyone else make worlds.

  • TenRX

    Way to go NISA! hope you remember everyone of us when you get bankrupt ! lolololol

    • haqua

      Ignorant comment.

      NISA HAD to change it. They didn’t just change it to say ‘haha screw you guys don’t have fun’

  • Jonas Hjorth Johansen

    This is just so wrong! I’d rather have them remove the online map sharing, because this solution kills any interest I had for it. Why would I want to play shared levels when every piece of text is randomly generated and the maps themselves are made of chunks, removing any semblance of creative map design? They could’ve gone with an impressive map editor and a non-existent sharing feature, but they’ve instead gone with a mediocre bastardisation of both.

  • It’s not much of a map editor in that case. I didn’t even know the game had a map editor, though, so it bothers me not.

  • Isnt that a bit hasty for a small aspect of a mode that isnt even the basis of the Disgaea experience? Can people really publically speak of pirating anyway?

    • Firekitty

      I don’t appreciate having content removed from items I’m paying good money for. NISA’s localizations are already only barely acceptable (their translations are atrocious), and this is one ‘translation error’ too many for my wallet. I guess I’ll have to hope someone ebays the Val and Fenrich figures, since I didn’t really want the lolis anyway.

      I’m not familiar with the rules of this specific site, but generally most gaming sites allow the discussion of piracy so long as you’re not instructing people on how to do so, or where to go to learn?

  • haqua

    Wow, maybe NISA shouldn’t bother to localize Disgaea anymore with how a lot of you are acting. Apparently most of their fans can’t see that NISA tried to still make it enjoyable without cutting it out in it’s entity. 

    NISA could of easily cut out the entire feature. Sure would make it easier on them. But, did they? no, they didn’t. You guys act as if this is an extremely big and major deal when it really isn’t. You’re /barely/ getting ripped off, seeing as it’s not even a core part of the game. D3 only had the Item World, Post Game, and the Story. D4 has those three + these new online things at the same price that D3 was. You’re barely getting ripped off.

    I was excited for this as much as you guys were. But at least I still get to have some of the experience. :/

    Don’t blame NISA for this decision, blame the regulations.

    /gets coffee and waits for inevitable rebuttal

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      You forgot to mention that it wasn’t even NISA’s fault that it had to be removed in the first place so people shouldn’t even be blaming them for it.

    • These “regulations” are to blame, but not for the final outcome of what was done to the map creator. Basically they chose an odd route to adhering to the regulatory guidelines, instead of going the easier and more practical route of just adding a “report offensive material tab”.

      It saves face in the eyes of the fans, and it costs less that creating an entirely new way pf “building” maps.

      I’m not mad, just more or less disappointed, since hell, I’ve been with the series since Hour of Darkness, and NISA rarely if ever had to remove anything from the experience of their games. . .

      Oh well, I guess we’re just complaining about something in the end, but I’ll be playing it either way. Hopefully they don’t do this to us in Disgaea 5 o 3o

  • Wiccan1109

    Little bit confused by that, i mean regulations and all. Didnt think something as simple as map creation would be subject to regulations, are they afraid we’ll build something so intricate we might set off the terminator scenario? I feel bad for NISA though, it must be frustrating for them to create something and not be able to present it to everyone in its fullest potential. either way im really excited for Disgaea 4 so this doesnt really bother me that much.

    • Well they could have avoided the issue if they had planned from the start with aims of worldwide release to look at each individual region and built the online mode with that in mind.

  • Kitestwinblades

    I was kinda worried about people leveling off their own maps when i first heard about the map editor. In all honesty its is disappointing that somethings are gonna change but that’s NOT the reason I’m getting Disgaea 4. I seriously doubt that’s gonna stop people from buying it. True fans would probably get this game for the art and the fact that its another version alone. Grow up people- Its not little big planet.

  • That’s part of the reason that I wanted this game so I’m disappointed but oh well, I haven’t disliked a Disgaea game yet and it’s still an instant purchase for me.

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