Mega Man Legends 3 Canceled, Prototype Version Also Canned

By Spencer . July 18, 2011 . 6:46pm

megaLast year at Comic-Con, Keiji Inafune teased plans for Mega Man Legends 3  were in the works during the World of Capcom panel. The announcement ballooned into a digital developers room where fans voted on the heroine and submitted designs for the Nintendo 3DS game. In February, Mazakazu Eguchi director, noted the game has not been greenlit, a topic we discussed with Capcom’s Strategic Marketing Director of Online and Community Seth Killian.


Just days before Comic-Con 2011, Capcom announced Mega Man Legends 3 has been canceled. Development on the game has ceased and Capcom won’t release the title or even the downloadable Prototype version. Mega Man Legends 3 did not meet unspecified criteria and for that reason Capcom decided to cancel the game. The publisher says the decision is not related to the departure of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.


"We can only express our deepest apologies to all of you who have lent us your unending support, including participation in the Mega Man Legends 3 Developer Room. On behalf of the entire Legends team, please accept our sincere apology for failing to meet the expectations of the fans," a Capcom employee wrote.

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  • On the bright side, we get Marvel vs Capcom Super Hyper Ultra Edition or Resident Evil 15…

    Capcom sucks without Keiji.

  • Exkaiser

    For ten years following the second game, there was no chance for a third game.

    The status quo is undisturbed.

    • PersonaBull

       I really don’t think that means anything, actually. Duke Nukem is an easy example.

      It doesn’t even have to be video games. I hear Animorphs is getting a re-issue after 10 years of limbo. Anything can be re-marketed. A decade doesn’t really mean much if the content has something to offer.

      • Exkaiser

        I don’t think you understood me.

        I was just saying that this doesn’t affect my feelings personally, since for ten years we all believed we would never be getting Legends 3. Now we aren’t getting one, so what’s changed? Nothing to get upset over, really.

        • Suicunesol

          No, I don’t think I understood you either.

          Do you mean to say that after the prototype version was made, after all those images were released, all the fan involvement and publicity, that you knew–all along–that it would be canceled? Did you not believe for even a second that the game might see the light of day?

          • Exkaiser

            I knew all along that there was a very high possibility of it not being released. A return to the status quo of two years ago where Legends 3 was never going to come out is not a huge change from “Legends 3 might be coming out.”

            I am a little disappointed, sure, but it is nothing to get upset over.

        • godmars

          What changed is that Capcom, rather than simply saying they were going to make MML3 after the ten year pause, actively involved fans of the game before canceling it again.

          Even the guy who pre-ordered Duke “day-one” didn’t get as screwed – and he got to play that game.

          • Exkaiser

            Yeah? I was one of the fans who got involved.

            And it didn’t hurt me. I didn’t “get screwed.” Legends 3 went back to being a mythical game that will never be made, and life went on.

            And, well, maybe a lot of the guys who pre-ordered Duke on day one ended up with a game they didn’t want. Well, no, not maybe, because that’s what actually happened to quite a few people.

    • Can I just say, that I normally respect your ability to remain disconnected from emotionally fueled rants.

      That being said, I’ve been called a robot before, for the same reason, but you are a real robot. Not in a good or bad way, but it is a fair bit disconcerting.

  • FireCouch

    …this blows.

  • Dino Crisis, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Mega Man. Game over, man. I’m going to bed. You like taking things from me, Capcom? 

  • JustaGenericUser

    In before 9001 posts of rage.


  • DanteJones

    D’oh, just tweeted this to Ish, whoops.

    Man this blows. I was really looking forward to this game. ;/

  • Really……..
    I wasn’t really all that hyped for it but after the big deal with the voting and stuff…..kinda sad to see it go

  • Natat

    I have no words to express what I’m feeling right now, so…

  • Revorse

    Damn…that seems like a low blow to whomever was waiting for the game.

    • godmars

      More so to someone who bought a 3DS early for it.

      • Exkaiser

        Eh, didn’t hurt me that much.

  • Crapcom…That is all…

  • My life is in shambles.

  • Their PR and community staff is going to have one hell of a time dealing with this…

    • I agree, they involved the fans in this project greatly. The final product was supposed to be a game made by the community. Being denied that experience after all of this was not a good move.

      • @twitter-16962024:disqus  @Lexaus_the_Alchemist:disqus   Yea, I’m honestly shocked their management had the guts to cancel it without even releasing the Prototype version.

        • I think it would have been terrible, if it had been a paid demo, to cancel it after putting it up for sale…

        • And people wanted Sonic to die no matter how much Sega gives a damn about the franchise. I doubt they wanna care how much Sonic Generations will sell so long as they make fans happy. Then there’s Platinum Games, who don’t make their games just for money.

          I guess the only lesson we learned was to never turn a company into a first-party, developing+publishing, superpower.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      They’re gonna get one tidal wave of hate for this one. I guess it time to put another mark on the “Things Capcom has done wrong this Gen” list. 

      I was actually kinda impressed with all the fan interaction that the dev team was putting up for the game. It’s kinda rare when developers reach out to fans and really engage them in the creation process. All of what they’ve shown so far could have made this a decent title for the 3DS, but alas, it seems it was not meant to be…

  • “The publisher says the decision is not related to the departure of Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune.” I don’t think i can buy that :l but seeing how Inafune is gone…we’ll probably never see another megaman game again…this sucks

  • godmars

    So, who told me that they’d never cancel this thing after whipping up the fans?

    Sorry to be pouring salt into a fresh wound, but then I’ve been upset about this ever since the rumblings of the threat first started. A company with honest intentions, the apparent profit levels Capcom should have, just doesn’t  start fan support for a project, *THEN* start talking about maybe canceling if it doesn’t met some unknown or undisclosed parameters. 

    More to the point this makes me wonder what’s going on with the 3DS.

    •  …that was probably me. I was hoping Capcom couldn’t possibly be that stupid.

      • godmars

        I am honestly sorry that I was right to be concerned about this happening.

        Don’t cry little Pikachu. Or at least have a hanky.  

        • Ha! I hadn’t thought about how appropriate my userpic was for this.

  • Warren Deck

    Eh, I love the first two but I wasn’t about to go out and buy a 3DS for just one game. I’m not glad it was cancelled but, I’d much rather play it on a console anyway.

  • Hexen

    And i just want to kick some cans again… Goddammit Capcom.

  • MizuMikomi

    It’s funny because I had; jokingly, asked a friend “Why hasn’t it been cancelled yet?” in response to them removing it from their sites, and not updating the dev room for a while.

    And I won’t lie…

    I laughed like crazy when I originally found out, not because I am glad it’s cancelled… I really could have cared less about the game, so it’s status didn’t effect me.

    But the fact that I mentioned all that earlier today, go play a board game with my family, get back… and BAM, Cancelled.

    I… just… LOL

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Considering that the Prototype version was going to be a form of extortion of Legends/Dash fans, I am, frankly speaking, happy that the project has been cancelled. 

    I am starting to think that Capcom never actually had any confidence that this title was going to be successful and the only reason it took off to begin with was beacuse Inafune wanted to make it. Afterall, that would explain why the project started to fall apart after Inafune left the company.

  • it’s just some pr stunt, to make people show more interest for the game I bet they’ll get people to talk about it on their panel at comic con and all that I can delude myself I guess…. 

  • theworldofnoboundries

    This….this suckssss ball. I just bought my 3DS yesterday with RE:M and Zelda as my game and hoping that the future release game will also be a good one only to get trolled hard by the lost of ML3……
    I hate reality!

  • irzbos

    Well at least I now have less reason to get the 3ds. 8/

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well that just about broke my heart. :( Oh well can’t do anything about it. Capcom has kind of always been quick to abandon a sinking ship. When they think it won’t sell or sales aren’t up to par they kind of just forget about that series. (Breath of Fire :__:). It’s sad but I guess that’s just how businesses work. Although with all the campaigning it’s still a jerk thing to do and I’m really more angry at that then the cancellation. Then again maybe without the campaigning it wouldn’t of even gotten this far but still after all that and then just try to quietly cancel it like this. It’s just very disheartening.

    I hope Capcom isn’t thinking that MegaMan as a whole is not profitable though. MegaMan is my favorite IP of theirs and that announcement that Capcom of Japan doesn’t have much confidence about MegaMan in the west and the canceling of Universe . . .  *sigh* Well I’m not happy about any of this. I’ll try to stay hopeful and think maybe Capcom might revisit MegaMan Legends 3 some time down the line in the near future. Who knows. It was a crapshoot that got us here like 10 years after Legends 2 in the first place. Strangers things have happened. I’m not gonna hold my breath or anything though. But let’s stay hopeful.

  • vadde939

    Well I guess this is hardly surprising now. I wonder what the ‘unspecified criteria’ was though.

  • Oh for the love of, WHY THIS AGAIN CAPCOM WHY

  • Nice knowing you Capcom….you yet again disappoint me.

    Don’t come back until you bring something AA related.

  • Wonder what Inafune thinks of this.

    • FireCouch

      My guess is that he had an inkling it would happen when the project started.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    This is fucking bull…. if they had released prototype when the eshop releaswd, they would be singing a different fucking tune right now…. I hate them right now…. the least they can do now is give us 1 and 2 on the psn….

    • BK0000

       Capcom has already said they won’t release Legends 1 and 2 on the PSN because of rights issues.

      • GVmanX

        What are the issues, exactly?

        • PersonaBull

          Things like decade old contracts with voice actors and companies that no longer exist, if I remember correctly.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        Didn’t say can’t /wont, they said it’ll be a lot more work cuz of the now out of business company that was advertised throughout the game.

  • It’s because they can’t milk it, right?

    • Exkaiser

      It’s because they wouldn’t make any money off it.

      • Because they can’t milk it.  If they released it soon, while the 3DS still has no games, it would probably do much better than they think.

        • Exkaiser

          Or they just wouldn’t make any money at all.

        • It would. And Tales of the Abyss 3DS will be a testament of that.

      • godmars

        But that’s the thing about: by all counts they’ve been worried that they could make anything off of it since the beginning. That’s wh to some extent they looked for fan support.

        But again, they’ve been making money off Street Fighter, MvC, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter so they should have more been able to take the risk.

        • Exkaiser

          So what if they “should have been able to take the risk,” which is just conjecture anyways.

          They’ve got shareholders they need to please, and staff that needs to get paid.

          Better to absorb a loss while the game isn’t even greenlit for production than push it through without hoping for sales.

          If they’ve got time and staff to make a game that won’t sell, they might as well reorganize that staff and that time to work on a game that will sell.

  • neetloaf

    First Universe, and now Legends 3?

    Mega Man missed the can, and has officially kicked the bucket instead.

    All that fan contribution and hype for nothing. Such a damn shame…

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    This actually kinda reminds me of another story (maybe I saw it on this site), in where Inafune would push games ahead without the greenlit being given and then show what progress had been made in order to get it further (I think Dead Rising was one of those games). I really do think Capcom had no idea what they wanted to do with MML3 once Inafune left, no matter what PR BS they decide to spew out…

    • Exkaiser

      I’m pretty certain the Dev staff had plenty idea of what they wanted to do with the game.

      However, regardless of whatever else Inafune contributes to a game, he had a lot of voice within Capcom. Director Eguchi doesn’t have that kind of sway.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        They may have had an idea, but it seems there was definitely no belief put behind this project, to say it another way. They could have at least released the prologue demo to judge what the fan reaction would be like. Then if it was still not to their liking, they could have a more justifiable reason to announce that they were canning it. But to not even give it a chance in the public’s hands, that’s beyond lame. Then again, I’m only the consumer and not the corporation, so maybe they have some grand scheme that goes beyond my head…

  • Shinji Kazuya

    This is so sad that it even makes me laugh. LOL ;_;

    • I feel the same way. I’m angry but I’m laughing so hard I can’t control it.

  • Bakuryukun

    Game Companies sure are in touch with what gamers want these days eh?

    • kylehyde

      Unfortunately that was never the case and that will never the be the case.

      • countupyoursins

        I’m not an Atlus fanboy by any means, but they do well in my book.

    • Sorry, man, they’re too busy being in touch with our wallets.

  • Fricking sucks! This was the only reason i was going to get a 3DS

  • Good thinking Capcom. Goooood planning.
    I mean, why release something halfway new, or actually wanted? Better take the safe route. Just keep milking street fighter with revisions and DLC skins. Keep producing RE games that are nowhere near the original series vision, or re-releasing the most popular ones. Keep making the same “new” 8 bit megaman games that are all a damn re-skin of earlier NES titles with (what I would imagine to be) little effort involved.

    Whatever you do, don’t put out something halfway interesting instead of regurgitating the same crap over and over again.


  • You finally get it. There are no heroes. Capcom is doomed.

    • Exkaiser

      Given that Monster Hunter is still printing money, I’d say they’re far from doomed.

  • Good to see some intelligent post on here! You wouldn’t believe what some are posting on other sites. “Like Nintendo told them to cancel the game!” If the original series didn’t do well in Japan. Then their is no way they were going to make it just for the west. Like all Japanese companies they think about the home market first.

    • Exkaiser

      And it’s not even like the original series sold that hot in Japan.

      Capcom can’t just make a game just because the dev staff and a small, dedicated fanbase really want it. Business doesn’t work that way.

  • Apache_Chief

    Whelp it was fun while it lasted. Guess I’m not getting a 3DS.

  • MarkMario

    Wow kind of shocking.
    Didn’t expect that :(

    • You didn’t? Capcom gave up on Megaman long ago.

      I don’t understand why.

      • Well, I still remember when SCEA FORCED Capcom to make a “3D Megaman” game (Legends/DASH), just for the 2D got a PS1 release.

        Let’s start from there, or the fact Capcom forced Inafune to extend the X Saga, when Inafune himself intended to end it at X5.

  • *takes out cellphone* “IT’S ME, SEEMS THE ORGANIZATION HAS MADE A MOVE ALREADY!!… I must act now… if i dont contact you in one hour, call for backups…. El…psy…congroo…”

    T_T Seriously what is wrong with the world now… must… time… leap…, I HAVE TO CHANGE THE PAST! THERE MUST BE A LINE WORLD WHERE MEGAMAN HASNT BEEN CANCELED

    • Souji Tendou

      Now now Okabe, please stop it, it’s getting old. :p

      On topic, I’m dissapointed, Capcom, I hope this just measn you’re moving the project onto another platform. PSP maybe?

      • Exkaiser

        Seems doubtful, since they’re releasing ownership of the contest-winning designs.

      • It will never get old! xD

        And knowing capcom, i dont think they will -_-, they dropped 2 of their new megaman projects… *sigh* i dont really know what to expect now

    • *high five*

  • skymap

    Capcom: Holder of IPs, crusher of dreams.

  • ragnarok989

    Aaaaaaaand Called it.

  • Zonic505

    It’s such a shame that after all the fan interaction that went into this, the contests that allowed fans to get their designs in, & the whole hype for the 3rd game in the series for over a year, it gets cancelled. To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement…

    • Hey Zonic. Been while since I’ve went to Unity. They must be flipping out there.

    • I feel really bad for the contributors. It really looked like they put their heart into it, but I guess that wasn’t enough.

  • …Does any company care about fans anymore?  First NOA, now this….

    • Lord Highawesomeparty

      We’ve always got NISA…

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        After hearing about NISA giving up on the PSP I’m a little disappointed in them as well. Especially after they made that contract with imageepoch whose most recent games are all for the PSP.

        • Well not really, NISA is still putting out some games for psp besides it seems like most companies are giving up on the psp since psvita is about to come out

        • I don’t blame NISA, since the US market for the PSP was pretty much mostly updates, ports, and even worse, all the best PSP games are Japan-only! >_<

    • Well, there’s Atlus, and… and… oh, god…

    • haqua

      Koei’s getting there bit by bit with the character polls and all.

    • Exkaiser

      More indie devs than I can count, but I suppose that doesn’t really count.

  • kroufonz

    damn you capcom! 
    you give crappy DmC chance while megaman got canned (T-T)

    hope they could still consider making legend 3 for other platform like PS3 and PSVITA in the future and not permanently canned the game.

    • Idk man, if they weren’t going do it for the 3DS, i don’t see them doing it for Ps3/PsVita

      • lostinblue

        yup, no chance.

  • Meh. It’s not like their other 3DS efforts seem all that great. Either that or I somehow just found the original SF4 a bit more enjoyable than SSF4.

  • Schwer_Muta

    “Hey! Remember that game you spent years hoping for that we finally announced? You’re not getting it. Ever.”

    This is pretty much Capcom’s ToV PS3. While it’s not going to hurt their bottom line all that much, online it’s going to leave a scar on their reputation that will never really go away.

    • Hey, at least Tales of Vesperia PS3 EXISTS, right?

      • Exkaiser

        I… should think people would be more glad that Vesperia was localized at all, rather than the PS3 port existing.

        They aren’t happy about it, for some reason, but I don’t claim to understand people.

  • Draparde

    Woooow. i at least wish they released the prototype version so if anything fans could have played a game that never came out…(though i suppose some people wouldn’t want too due to it being a tease) 

    And with all that fan interaction too. 
    oh well. 

  • Crapcom is really living up to its new name.

  • Knew something was up after they “delayed” the prototype version. I was actually ready to top up my 3DS with some points. The moral of this story, do not EVER trust a developer when they say they will release a prototype of a game. I didn’t really care about it that much as it was pretty much fans involved development. Feel bad for the fan who participated in their character/object submission, was pretty much a waste of time.

  • I feel sorry for the people that bought a 3DS hoping to play Legends 3. I guess they’re too busy making over priced Street Fighter DLC and making Dante as girly as possible.

    • lostinblue

      I feel sorry for the team doing the game.

      • Yeah. The whole interaction with the fan base was something really new, and it’s a real shame that it didn’t work out. It looked like they were having fun with it, too. But for it all to be cancelled…

        Well, I guess we had some fair warning as well – and so did everyone working on it. They knew that it had the chance to be cancelled, so they probably were prepared for it to some degree.

        • Exkaiser

          They all seemed really into making it… I wonder if they’ll put up any postmortem staff blogs.

          …Actually, I wonder if Greg is even going to get to keep his job. He got the part specifically for the Devroom. I suppose he’ll be heading home soon enough.

  • Why….T_T

  • doubletaco

    Anyone want to buy a 3DS?

    • Nope.

    • Given that this is the only reason for me to buy a 3DS, my 300- dollars have been well saved.

      • ikou_kuhn

        Yeah this was my only reason to buy a 3DS too… the region locks were really screwed too..

        maybe I’ll switch my savings to buy PSP Vita… :(

  • AoiKaze

    This is why we can’t have NICE THINGS. ;-;

  • shion16


  • katamari

    Rest in Peace CAPCOM.

  • Now this just sucks 

    I am refusing to support Capcom now

  • No wonder Inafune left, I woulnd’t want to work with a company who you help keep brushing aside your ideas, for more dlc planned for Super Street Fighter 24 Xgenerations edition.

  • And this shows that capcom does not care about it’s franchises other then Street fighter, Resident Evil, and Devil may Cry any more. Every other series gets a big slap to the face and told to get the **** out.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Well that’s it for Mega Man. You had a nice run buddy, but it looks like it’s over for good. I always thought Sonic would die out before Mega Man… DX

    Mega Man

    (time for an avatar change I suppose…)

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      You honestly think they’re not going to make another Mega Man game?

      • godmars

        Sad to admit, but its not like devs have been all that creative this gen.

        Even before Inafune left, I was taking it as a bad sign that the franchise was turning retro rather than building on things like XZ. But things like side-scrollers don’t seem to be popular, among devs anyway. 

        • Exkaiser

          They would have built on ZX if ZX Advent had sold well. It didn’t.

          Them’s the breaks.

      • Oh they’ll make another one, they’ll just cancel it before it sees the light of day.

    • AxeL

      I’m with you bro. Honestly, thought the same thing with many of the Sonic games that haven’t been doing so well…….

      Mega Man
      (puts a red rose on the casket)

      “You wanna help me put the casket into that dark and sad grieving black car..Mega Man deserves that and a proper funeral”

      Gonna change my avatar by today!

  • Ah… This was the only game game I wanted to see scratched off my “games I was see made before I kick the bucket” list. But, we just gotta keep going on, like Donkey Kong.

    At the very least, can we at least see the girl with the feather headband in a game now? Otherwise, this is gonna haunt me for, like, forever ;_;

  • RagnaXBL

    Ofcourse, the only game i wanted to see on 3DS got cancelled, FML

    • Guest

      There’s still Mystery Exciting Mansion

  • Raiyu

    There are no more heroes left in man.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I really believe that gaming is reaching a stagnation period.  I think we are going to get to a point like we did in the 80’s where gaming almost died.  I’m not necessarily disappointed that the game was canned, I’m more disappointed that a conscious decision was made to not take a risk.  Risk aversion is becoming synonymous with some gaming companies.

    • For me, personally, it likes going back to the late 90s. I can’t remember the exact reason, but I was just exhausted of the hobby.
      Except this time, when things go right it’s really awesome! But, when things go wrong it’s like… well whatever :/

    • Exkaiser

      Game companies?

      Take risks?

    • And that stagnation period is when FPS started burying other game genres.

  • “Mega Man Legends 3 did not meet unspecified criteria”

    I guess they couldn´t figure out how to make DLC and charge for useless outfits… But seriously, i was going to get a 3DS tomorrow, its like a slap in the face -_-;

    • Hey, at least Capcom saved your money from buying a 3DS for no particular reason. :)

  • SoulEater98

    So first you announce a Reboot of a game loved by many and manage to make him look HORRIBLE, then you cancel Megaman Universe which MANY if not all fans were looking foward to, and now you cancel Megaman Legends 3?

    I have now lost faith in you Capcom.

    • darkfox1

      OMG I FORGOT ABOUT MEGAMAN UNIVERSE. Jeez Capcom whats happening to you with Megaman lately?

    • Exkaiser

      When was Universe widely looked-forward-to?

      Most of the response on the internet was, well, lukewarm at best. More than a few people were glad it was cancelled. Certainly a number of people were excited for it, but I always got the feeling they were the minority.

  • Seriously? I hate using this phrase, but EPIC FAIL, Capcom.

  • I know the insulting of companies and harsh language is against siliconera rules, so I ask those reading this comment to fill in the blank themselves:

    ____ YOU, CAPCOM.

    Would you like to buy a vowel? There’s one of them!

    • d19xx

      As a dlc?

  • Lordphantomhive

    *sigh* Capcom this is getting really sad. Heck where Dino Crisis, ah screw it they probably ruin it anyway (well they already did actually>_>) considering the state of some of their other series*glares at DmC*

    • Guest

      Also where’s Last Ranker

      • solbalmung

        No plans for a new Breath of Fire of either…
        screw you Capcom!

      • Hell where’s Breath of Fire… oh wait its an RPG can’t bring that to America anymore…

      • shadowind

        They should change Last Ranker to Last Wanker for the idiots at Capcom for making all these boneheaded decisions.

        I swear idiots like these are even worse than Bernie “King Douchebag” Stolar!

  • Capcom sure hates the fans just as much as Nintendo of America does.  They both don’t want to release games we want.  Instead we get either garbage games or rereleases of games we have bought three times before.

    • If I recalled correctly, #RockmanDASH #MegamanLegends are considered financial flops in the US, at least.  This is something they can hold against fans, on a financial standpoint.

      Also, Capcom and Nintendo do not want to risk anymore $$$ for a game, let alone franchise, that won’t sell on Call of Duty financial levels.  Heck, this is also the reason why Namco Bandai is spending more $$$ more significantly on Dragonball and & Naruto instead of SRW, Ar tonelico, Summon Night, and Tales, on a worldwide basis.

      •  Trying to match CoD on the 3DS when it is not a HUGELY popular franchise, in terms of sales at the very least, would’ve been suicide from the start, and I really doubt they aimed for that.

        Really I believe these things have to do with cost-cutting measures CAPCOM are attempting. They are funneling all their resources into outsourcing their IPs to Western developers in some vein attempt to “appeal” to the west, and using whatever is left over to churn out some key franchises for guaranteed success. If anything, they’re doing what we Westerners hate about the CoD devs, shoveling their safe-game at us endlessly.

        on a side note, don’t bring up Summon Night TT A TT (may it RIP)

        • Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous to expect CoD profits on a really niche franchise like #RockmanDASH.  It’s like expecting Dragonball profits on Ar tonelico (mercykilled) and Summon Night (RIP).

  • AxeL

    this is far beyond cruel….torture can’t even describe the way I feel about this…got all hyped about the game and the legends series coming back….

    going to buy any Mega Man games I can get my hands since this pretty much sums it up for the series…

    Capcom how can you be so ummm……ummm….forget it. can’t even describe a word for this act! Just bought like two arcade sticks not even a month ago, one for MVC3 and one for SSIV Chun- Li…dang I knew I should of bought that Blazblue arcade stick…! I give you’ll a chance again again even though you take great franchises and burn them or throw away new franchises that can’t make the buck.

    Trust me it’s understandable from a business aspect, gotta make the money, make sure the game can sell, development team needs to be take care of, marketing, etc but why did you give us “The Community” a shot to take part and strip that away from us……just wow Capcom..

    Also the franchises that I grew up with as a kid or new franchises I fell in love with are being pushed away from it’s origins into junk or plain out garbage…Resident Evil, DMC, Viewtful Joe, Street Fighter, etc

    Resident Evil series is been straying off the path..4 was great and 5  8/10 or so…don’t even bring DMC..I bought MVC 3 just to main Dante…then guess what the next DMC is coming out yayyyyyyyy……..

    “wait… wth is this garbage, why do I feel like he’s related to the cast from Twilight, his hair isn’t white naturally but is used in his post demon form…”

    “ok new development team picked up the game but this guy seems more of a drug addict then a demon slayer with a dark past…., and he smokes cigarettes…not hating on it but trying to hard to be cool….anddd a movie for this game…..wattttttttttttttttttt, wth is going here!!!!”

    “Viewtful Joe is in MVC 3 awesomeeee……when is the next game coming out……”  (crickets can be heard in the Capcom office concerning the next Viewtful Joe game)

    Literally bought SSIV AE when it came out at retailers on Day 1 and then guess what I hear from none other than Seth Killian……..another SSIV edition may be a possibility…….”WATTTT u serioussss……………..y did I buy this game……” :(

                                               “EPIC SADNESS”

    Capcom your hurting the community more than ever…I read every person’s comment til the 95th one because of the Mega Man Legends series was unique, awesome and just fun to play anytime I picked it up…I’ve been a supporter and many others here have been doing the same thing but after this…..I really don’t know how to keep my faith in your company as a developer, publisher and overall a company to uphold and respect….simple as that……

    done, can’t even type anything more on this topic because I’m ridden with anger and sadness over a series that many of us loved since Day 1….

    • Guest

      Well there’s still Tatsunoko vs Capcom. That came out of nowhere

      • AxeL

        oh yea! my bad completely forgot about dt game….i guess just getting tired or something.

      •  Right, I forgot about that as well. I really liked that game. Team Roll and Soki ftw!

        • Exkaiser

          Volnutt/Casshern team here.

          Double Megamen!

    • I wish I could like more then once, because you are absolutely correct in everything. I will admit I wasn’t a huge capcom person as a child, I was a sega fanboy, but I don’t deny they have great amazing games. How they are running to company now… annoys me. It’s like they have become one of those EVIL Film producers that milk a franchise for all it’s worth, not careing about the plot, characters, or canon, just to make some money to buy a new car. Capcom are these people.

      Yes, I understand times are tough, but releasing an incomplete game just to make more money? That should be illegal. NIS releases DLC, but a lot of it is stuff they were working on after the game went gold, and even released! That is how you do DLC Capcom!

      The franchises capcom only cares about is Street fighter, Resident Evil, and DmC, and with the second 2 they are screwing it up! mercenaries was a stupid game, but the other 3DS one looks like it’s going back to basics. DmC? Well… I think you said everything.

      They seem to put all their love into street fighter because people love it, but even then they don’t take risks. AE comes out, who do they add? Yang and Yung. Ok, they were fan favorites. I thought they were generic and stupid, but whatever, put in what the fans want. Oni and Evil Ryu? WTF?! Lazy lazy lazy. And right after releasing that, they start talking about ANOTHER add on. This has to be illegal somewhere in the world.

      Franchises people want to see again. Darkstalkers? Ono has been trying for years for a new one, fans want a new one. Capcom says **** off buy street fighter. Fans want Legends, they start to make it. They see they may not make as much money as making more DLC for SF, so it’s canned. Dino Crisis… not as asked but still asked, Strider, VJ, and many others, or ignored for the big three.

      • AxeL

        Thanks man. Yea I wasn’t a fan of Capcom either was a Nintendo fanboy, Sega was there but not big into. After that I jumped onto the Sony wagon. Never gave a chance for Microsoft idk y…maybe because they messed up my most favorite N64 game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day! After they released a sequel and I played it….a total grudge was smitted on Microsoft!!! I’m over it now but not many games I’m interested on that system.

        Yea I completely agree, Capcom is becoming like that and it’s saddd very sad. To see a great company stoop down to such a level through bad choices, business calls, etc. Before was willing to give Capcom chance after chance but not it’s just like ummmmmm…”Capcom your not getting anymore chances….seriously!!”

        I agree on that too, I’m a big fan of NISA and I love the way they take risk for the fans, release DLC that is wanted and at a reasonable cost, and the fact their still a small company compared to other companies.

        Very true! Funny story was going to buy a 3ds and pre-order RE:M and Zelda but I still have the beaten game on my N64 with all the hearts, spiders, etc. Thought the newest RE was gunna be sick compared to mercenaries since it doesn’t have any type of story behind it. No localization for the newest One Piece game so that was another game I was looking forward to. Next was Tale of the Abyss since I never beat it on the PS2. Last, but not least on my list was Mega Man Legends 3! was gunna save the best for last but now… chance of that happening…

        Yea I can agree with that, never got into Yun and Yang was indifferent about them too. LOL, yea lazy can surely sum that up! I wish it was…because people are using up money that is limited and they keep busting out with new versions…..I can’t afford all these revisions; rather just wait for the latest version then buy that…which I thought I was doing….til the news slapped me in the face!!

        Would totally buy Darkstalkers! that is the second time I forgot about a game….guess it’s one of those days. Dino Crisis was a cool game but didn’t get to play it much…yea…ignorance sure is getting common these days…sad just plain out sad…

  • haqua

    You see, there was a reason I wasn’t that big on Capcom. 
    I feel bad for all of you guys, though. D:

  • Code

    rar, now that heartbreaking T_T’ Just when I figured the series was catching a break and finally getting another chance, this happens. I mean I felt like the project was on shaky ground ever since Inafune left. Even if he didn’t have a big roll working on the project, it did likely hurt internal support for it within Capcom. Plus it seems like ever since he left Capcom, they have generally been holding there palm up to the whole issue. I’m a little surprised even, that Nintendo didn’t try putting some cash in Capcom’s pockets to continue the project opo; since the system seems like it could use some original AAA titles.

    Can’t help but feel like though it’s a lesson for all companies; do get your fans in on something until it’s further along. I can already tell this is going to be a sour note between fans and Capcom for a long time to come omo;

    rar, just disappointing to see it happen though, that brings me back down to two games I’m looking forward to on the 3DS omo;

  • Fans now have every right to laugh towards the brink of insanity.

  • Christian Wright

    wow. at least we have street fighter 5,6,7,8,9 and marvel vs capcom 4,5,6,7,8 and the inevitable super or ultimate versions of those games to look foward to! multiply those by 2 and thats 20 games! YAY!  (T_T)

  • Capcooom……… *shakes fist*

  • Elijah Anderson

    Barrett and his gang was the first bad sign for the game. Followed by it being 3DS exclusive and hinging on the “test” of a demo. Despite fanatical claims otherwise.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Sadly, I can’t imagine them even being able to attempt the fan involvement again……burn me once shame on you; burn me twice……..

    • SoulEater98

      Why was my comment deleted?

  • eilegz

    and capcom keep failing to their fans, i guessthe only thing that they will do in a future its more fighting games and monster hunter keep milking them until we get enough…

  • Raiyu

    Seems appropriate. RIP Mega Man.

  • No… CAAAAAAAAAAAPCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! *shakes his fists towards the heavens*

  • XypherCode

    this is pathetic…I’ll take my business elsewhere :|

  • darkfox1

    Capcom continue to disappoint please. :D

  • Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in Capcom. You don’t announce a game like Legends 3 and then involve the fans so heavily into the development only to cancel it.

    It’s hard to get too worked up, because it is still just a game, but it has changed my opinion of Capcom significantly.

  • nyoron

    WOW! I thought I was all raged out after AAI2 but they got me again, both of my favorite Capcom franchises are now dead. A++ trolling.

  • Loki

    I think I’ve reached a new level of rage. I don’t even know what to call it yet.

    • Guest

      Asura’s Wrath

  • I feel like Capcom canceling MML3 is a lot like Disney closing Black Rock Studios. It really didn’t matter what the Legends team did, Capcom had already made up their minds (about a month ago, when they delayed the prototype version release).
    Sorry to see this game die… MML 1 & 2 were triumphs of game design… something Capcom seems to have lost sight of a while ago (but hey, at least they aren’t SEGA).

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Well I suspect the reasons for both calls are similar in nature. Disney made a choice to run away from anything more adult — even with a different name on the label. 

      Capcom has it’s horse tied to the Americanized versions of series such as SF and DMC and anything which says something different is easy to drop and move beyond.

  • MrSirFeatherFang
    • Except it was a portrait of the Capcom logo

  • I think I’m personally done with Capcom. They’ve quickly turned from being from my favorite publisher to my most hated. With their recent DLC issues, disappointments, and controversies…I can’t really support them any more. From here on out I’m only buying from them used, rental or borrow. I’m tired of this bad news.

  • xflame10

    Wow this game is probably one of the games that i simply thought of is somewhat intresting. But hereing it get canned, all the fan support…. Feels like a shock to me all the same,the 3ds line up feels empty to me… And my system itself does as well, i beginning to think i made the wrong decision getting one for my birthday. And then with the announcement of the ps vita the one sony system that actualy has me intrigued… I feel confused and conflicted.

    • Allan Mayorga Gutiérrez

      be calm, i assure you the next year you will be happy to have received the 3ds for your birthday. its was all the same with the nintendo ds and now it is my favorite console.

  • My reaction to this, except 100% more Sadness, and 100% more blind Fury

  • Thomas Maloney

    I’m sorry, Capcom.
    We had a good run, but it’s time we broke up.

  • Sadly I knew this was going to happen since the 7th of July when they removed the game from their Japanese site. Just like right before Megaman Universe was cancelled. Still though damn.

  • kevinposta

    This hurts me a lot being a megaman fan, moreso the fact they strictly mentioned no plans to continue Megaman Legends 3 on other consoles currently and that they won’t repeat this level of interactions with the fans again.
    I have never felt so dissapointed with any gaming company in my entire life. I can’t even express how sad I feel about this whole deal. I want to believe that they just come up and say it’s all a mistake but that’d be me being extremely dellusional.
    This is one damn horrible day :/

  • mikanko

    But MvC3 will be getting Red Arremer, that’s kinda a cool throwback, right? 

    Seriously though, I don’t know who to blame for this.  It’s disappointing, but I’m guessing the money and resources are just not there.  I don’t see 3rd party games lighting it up yet on 3ds sales wise either, so there’s that.  Clearly there’s some bad decision making going on at Capcom, and I think it’ll get worse next year when the DmC reboot, and Resident Evil Socom fail to meet expectations.

    I think the hate on Capcom for updating Street Fighter IV yearly is a little silly though .  The hardcore fans like getting the game updated, and it’s not like the significant changes that went on between all three SF4s were free for them to test and develop.  So yeah they cost money.  SSF4 AE is obviously planned as the last ver. of SF4 while the same team is working on SF X Tekken, but since there is fan demand for another update to SF4, it’s looking more and more likely we’ll see another DLC patch sometime in 2012.  I like personally like this business model just fine.

    • I don’t know how anybody in there right mind can say 3rd party 3DS sales are not lighting it up when its only been 3 months in the 3DS lifespan…

      • mikanko

        Not disagreeing with you, but it’s just a case of it being new and unproven still.  Capcom decision making now seems to be going with what’s safe, and when they don’t have the money to work on all the projects their currently working on it’s likely Rockman Dash is being axed because it’s the least safe in their minds eye.  If this was 4 years ago, and this was a DS game, I think chances of it getting axed would be far far less.

        • Guest

          If they just kept the PS1 graphics engine, this easily coulda been a DS game years ago and people woulda bought in in droves.

          But instead we gotta bunch of Megaman Dash games…

  • Found this on pixiv:

    You know, this would be easier to swallow if there was a steady flow of new games with characters as charismatic as Mega Man.

    • Nice to see the Japanese expressing the same sorrow (and rage) in a similar manner as us

  • Aiddon

    and yet another reason why I find Inafune’s departure to be nothing but selfish

    • hey, it was totally not selfish

      He quit because he was tired of the Japanese game-making mentality of rewarding long-years, but not hard-work or new ideas.

      Just look at him now, he’s going against the Japanese model.

      by appearing in Neptunia mk2 as a glorified summon.

      yeeeaaaahhh, innovative stuff my friends.

    • FireCouch

      Oh please.  When people quit a job, chances are it’s because they are miserable working there.  He should sacrifice himself for others?  No, he shouldn’t.  Try to remember that game developers aren’t gods, they are regular human beings.

      • Aiddon

        I WOULD sympathize with him and believe that if he didn’t sound like a spineless, victimized, self-hating, bigoted crybaby all the time. He did nothing but enable some of CAPCOM’s worst habits and it was people like Eguchi, Niitsuma, Ono, and Takumi who did something instead of resting on laurels.

        • OK, I’m going to step in right now and make it clear to everyone that you’re spouting off a bunch of uninformed rubbish. Nothing you say makes any sense whatsoever, and it’s extremely rude to boot. 

          I’m shocked that after 300 comments on this site, you still haven’t understood what is and isn’t acceptable. I’m having a hard time thinking of reasons to not ban you right now, but I’ll let you off with a warning. Now, to address your arguments against Inafune:

          By Ono’s own admission, Inafune made the overall push for the fighting games easier. Ono wasn’t happy when Inafune quit and made this very clear on Twitter numerous times.In the case of other games, Inafune went ahead with development even though they hadn’t been approved by Capcom’s upper-management yet. Without him, a lot of Capcom’s recent games wouldn’t have seen the light of day. What he tried to do at Capcom was put the power to develop in the hands of development staff instead of business staff. 

          Ultimately, he found that he could only do so much at Capcom, got tired and stressed from having to fight an uphill battle against management all the time, and left. He doesn’t owe you or anyone else anything. He’s got his own ambitions and a right to live his life the way he wants to. I don’t understand what’s “selfish” about fighting a losing battle for several years and eventually calling it quits when you realize it’s holding you back in life.

          • Guest

            Hey at least we get to enjoy him in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mark II as a playable weapon…

  • Yesshua

    Well, this is a bad situation for everyone.  I’m really sorry to read this.

    This is bad for the fans.  Anyone who reads the other comments here will see that fans were really looking forward to this and feel betrayed/angry/despondent that it will never see the light of day.

    This is bad for Capcom.  Capcom is a company that cares about their fans.  Capcom Unity is a fantastic site and Capcom goes out of their way to interact with their fans more than any other publisher.  Not only has Capcom effectively wasted whatever money they invested into this game so far, they’ve also lost some goodwill.

    However, I think that both parties brought this upon themselves.  To the fans:

    Capcom was very clear that this game was not greenlit.  Capcom didn’t make any promises.  There’s no reason to feel betrayed here, this was NEVER a certain thing.  No other company in the industry would even consider bringing back a series that failed to turn a profit not once but twice.  You should feel honored that Capcom cared enough to at least try to make what must be their most fan requested sequel, even if it didn’t pan out in the end.

    To Capcom:  I admire that you tried something new here with fan interaction.  Hiring a new employee JUST to handle fan-developer interactions for this development?  Hardcore.  However, as with any unprecedented idea there’s a lot of risk.  The risk here was that the game would be cancelled and you’d be stuck between upsetting the fans and releasing a game you didn’t want to (for whatever reason).  There was no good way out of this for you.  I’m certain you won’t be doing this again, and that’s probably for the best.  Again though, kudos for trying something new.

  • Remina


  • DarkWaterClone

    Well this is sad news. I bought my 3DS for great games like this & now one less great game on the 3DS. I hope for Capcom to make up for this they at least put MML 1 & 2 on PSN.

    I also hope as time goes on for the 3DS Capcom will rethink this & bring the game out. If Capcom is afraid they will lose to much money just put the game MML3 on both the 3DS & Vita. This way you will not lose out & you can keep your fans being happy.

  • Yesshua

    I’m sorry to comment twice in the same thread, but I’ve got one other thing to say.  I never played the original Mega Man Legends games.  Nothing I saw of Legends 3 made it look like it would be a particularly fun or unique experience.  I suspect this is why Capcom canned the game, it didn’t look to appeal to anyone but the pre-existing fans.

    I mean, if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t played the others but was super psyched for this, let me know.  I could be way off.

    • I was actually incredibly excited for this one. I had only briefly played the original 2 MML games, but didn’t really care for them. This one, however, had me on the edge of my seat when I was reading my Nintendo Power, thinking, “Woah, this will be totally epic!” The entire game looked promising. I was looking to add money to my account on eShop, just so I could download the demo. All was coming swimmingly, but then, all of a sudden, it’s cancelled. So long, Megaman Legends 3, you would have been more played on my Activity Log than Ocarnia of Time. RIP What would have been one of the greatest 3DS games.

      You disgust me, Capcom.

  • stealthgiga

    How hard really is it to just develop the game? It’s hard, but it CAN’T BE THAT HARD…


  • joesz

    This is what happened  to everyone after hearing about this

  • sigh. . .

    first Inafune says they gotta Westernize

    then he rage quits

    then Dante goes all emo

    then Resident Evil goes all ret-con and FPS

    now this

    is CAPCOM in trouble? o n o

    • mikanko

      To be clear, Inafune wanting Capcom to “Westernize” thing is out of context.

      He criticized Japanese developers for the process they used in making games, and thinks they’re behind the US in how the job is handled.  He thinks someone with good ideas stands a better shot at getting ahead in the West, and in Japan original ideas in game development studios from most employees aren’t encouraged.  He also seemed a little Jealous that the US is where most cutting edge technology was being used, and game development costs were higher, because more companies were willing to take risks. That sorta thing. 

      No idea how true it is, I think it’s more a case of the grass is always greener on the other side, and him reaching a brick wall after being at the same company for 20 years.  It’s not like he wanted to turn Rockman into a space marine or something, and this is often misunderstood.

  • SolNeko

    id like to meet the person who decided the “unspecified criteria” in an dark alley.

  • What the hell Capcom, seriously…you’re losing great oppurnity since right now the game would do OK anyway since there’s virtually no sensible competition if comes to software on 3DS. This game was a guaranteed success.

  • Mister_Nep

    And thus the final game I cared about coming from Capcom is no more. Well then, it was a fun run Capcom, but you have nothing I care about anymore.

  • sola13colorblue

    capcom pretty much gave us the middle fingers to us fans in other words

  • I guess all of that promotion and fan interaction meant absolutely nothing. 

  • Hours

    I legitimately don’t know what Capcom stands for anymore.

    Something is seriously wrong with the company right now.

  • Wake

    Ok. I need to look at the bright side because this just sucks. They can start from scratch and make a console version one day. I want my MML in HD.

  • raikage

    “failing to meet the expectations of the fans”
    I was so looking forward to play this awesome game and now they canelled it?!
    I wonder who’s the culprit that made that decision.

  • Juho Vuolo

    I like how the image in this article fits the news so well. Guess this fight ended with a bad solution.

    A very bad solution. I can’t wait to see what Capcom is giving us after cancelling this. To be frank, my hopes aren’t too high.

  • Ben Tan

    maybe cuz this game lacks the western stereotype design that capcom loves this gen : monkey cave men

  • d19xx

    They’re cancelling this, even though it’s positively received by fans but they’re still developing the upcoming train wreck DMC game that has been bad mouthed on just about every gaming site?

    • Gotta love the logic some of the Japanese publishers have right…

  • There is not enough anger that Capcom can get for this decision. The game was low budget and a significant way through.

    Boycotts don’t work but endless amounts of bad press certainly will. This game was a gift to the fans, a labour of love of one of the greats in the Japanese games industry and they just toss it aside?

    Capcom are emulating the worst of US publishing practices. I’m beginning to hope that they are completely successful in copying Activision. Even EA learnt that you can’t take this kind of approach to publishing like they did in the early 00’s before they made a real effort to win back fans.

  • Oh hey look, Capcom making weird decisions and less reasons to get the 3DS.

  • Feel bad for people who were looking forward to the game but not me. Legends 1 and 2 were ok at best.


    People, everyone! Hit like! on that page! Let’s reach 100,000 to bring this game back!!

  • MPHavoc

    Y’know, as enraged as I am, I can’t say I’m too surprised.  Capcom has become a monument of poor decisions since they canceled the Viewtiful Joe and Breath of Fire series.  I’m not casting stones on DmC because it’s more of Ninja Theory game and THEY have never disappointed me (unlike Capcom), so I’ll wait for actual gameplay vids and playable demos before I cast judgement.  But seriously, Capcom, what the hell? You know how much publicity you’ve received from Megaman fans since this was announced, yet you go dash those hopes for the long-awaited conclusion to one of your most innovated games without remorse or even a goddamn explanation.

    God, both you and the Nintendo of America branch need to take your head out of your asses and actually listen to your fans/consumers about what we want considering that WE’RE YOUR SOURCE OF INCOME.

    Just keep it up, Capcom. Soon your fanbase will go the same way as some of your best employees–straight to Platinum Games.

    (Walks away from the articule, muttering to himself in disgust)

  • Capcom has their tails between their legs instead of bringing Megaman Legends 1 and 2 back to PSN and why? Licensing issues? They published the game, they own rights to those games, they can make more profit. Are they insane or just stupid?

    • lostinblue

      They explained that one, it has proprietary stuff they don’t own.

  • Capcom got my hyped on MML again after seeing Volnutt in TvC but now….ughh.. there is no emoticon to what I am feeling…

  • malek86

    What’s with all the 3DS games being cancelled lately?

    Did developers really expect the console to fire up the charts as soon as release? I already thought it wouldn’t happen, it had a few problems going against it. It seems like developers wanted it to be a success immediately, and based their development plans on that idea. It seems a little short-sighted to me.

    On the other hand, I wonder if this is tied to the increased development costs. When I think about it, most third-party games on the DS didn’t do outstanding numbers, but it was probably balanced by the fact that you didn’t need much to break even. Now however, I guess 3DS development costs are comparable to the Wii, and that should have an effect. Perhaps they thought this MML3 would cost too much.

    On that note, I still think that 3DS/PSP multiplatform development is the best idea for now, since it allows to reach a good deal of the japanese market while expanding on the west on a new platform.

    • sandra10

      Developers expected this to be a repeat of the Wii – where the system sold itself on the idea alone. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

      I think you’re right. This is why I believe Ninja Gaiden and Dynasty Warriors are going to be canned as well (Samurai Warrior Chronicles and DoA: D sales weren’t the greatest).

      It probably is, at least for the moment, but I also think that third parties should localize their PSP games and port it to the Vita as early as they can. That should be able to breath life into the Valkyria Chronicles franchise, Type-0 will see much better sales, and maybe the Dept. Heaven games will gain some popularity (this is a long shot).

      • Sting’s just going to make more enhanced ports anyway.  Not that I have an issue with it…

    • SlashZaku

      I think most would go with Vita/PS3 if they can manage as far as platforms go.  Hitting a handheld and console with the ability to play between the 2 and getting to use pretty much the same assets.  And they’ve already said that Vita’s dev budget is more in line with PSP’s so I think most of that support would move that way once PSP support winds down (still sucks for NA/EU for the PSP fans waiting for news on titles since Japan is still pumping support into the guy).

      But honestly, I’d rather the handhelds forgo the ‘console’ multiplatform everything approach to retain some of their individualty on a larger scale (like previous gens).  I think some of Nintendo’s IPs need to make it out to jumpstart the 3DS is all.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I expect a lot of rage at their Comic Con panel for this. This is one of the only cases where I think it’s truly deserved. I mean come on, fans actually contributed to it. Capcom can’t just look the other way like with most games.

  • BGMcDF

    I try to be fair to companies, and believe me I’m always the first to play devil’s advocate, but lately Capcom’s just been baffling me. Really hope DmC turns out to cure cancer, because they’re bleeding fans on multiple franchises now.

    We keep hearing you guys care about Megaman, but he gets pulled from MvC and now two games canceled? I’m starting to wonder what the safety word is in this relationship.

  • So, is it time to start MML3 fan made project?

  • My dreams…

  • YsyDoesIt

    The third-party lineup for my 3DS becomes ever slimmer. Sigh.

  • One of the games I really wanted for the 3DS.  There’s other games I want for the handheld but this was a huge reason.

  • I didn’t expect that to happen, I feel sorry for all the fans who were waiting and contributed to this. I’m just glad that I’m not interested in Legends series, or Capcom will left me with a deep scar.

  • cmurph666

    Ugh, That’s it. I’m done with CAPCOM forever.

  • Juuu

    My condolences go out to the fans, especially those who contributed to the contests and whatnot. :/ I know how crappy it felt to hear Fatal Frame IV was canceled in America/Europe–I can only imagine how it feels to have the sequel you’ve been waiting so long for get canned altogether. Hang in there, guys! :<  

    • Sooo…anyone still hype for SFxT?

      *tear drops*

  • What is the point in making a game for this long?, What was the point in making us believe it would become reality?.You cant describe with words how low they sunken this time. This is soooo BAD!! I really think they should close down for good, and never ever try to create anything, ever!!! They didnt even try!!! It´s sick, man!! I would understand if they released the “prototype, and that it didnt do well. But it´s not the matter, right now. See it this way. THEY GAVE UP!! Cowards!! Liars!! They should be punished for doiung this to all fans out there, for even putting their sordid hands on someting delicate as Mega man.

  • god dammit capcom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Capcom is a joke!! They should cease to exist!!

    All fans out there! Hear me out!! Capcom made us go through lots of pain and suffering for this game to even become real. At 29%, are we gonna stop here?? You want to get Mega man on that schuttle, and back home?? All the sweat, blood and tears for nothing!? Dammit!! Dont give up witout a fight. WHAT THEY STARTED, THEY MUST FINISH!!! Make them do it!! Dont let them get away with this. Dont let them take away our dreams. Fight for Mega man!!! Fight for our blue hero!!

  • RagnaXBL

    Well I can’t say i’m gonna drop capcom forever like some of you are :D especially with SFxT coming out, but i don’t think capcom should get off easy after this one, i think people should let them know how dissapointed every1 is

  • I bought a 3DS only for this game, now I’ll think if I should return my 3DS and wait for the PS Vita

    • Herok

      i all honesty i dont think that help because crap like this happened because 3rd party devlopers say there isnt alot of support for 3ds so getting rid of it is actually going to make this worse for everyone who is keeping theirs

    • Is there only one game you want for Vita too?  For early adopting that is a huge mistake.  Wait until there’s like 5 games out IMO.

  • It’s not over yet.

    Vote Up the Megaman Legends 3 comments in Capcom Unity’s suggestion box, found here:

    Also, “Like” the Facebook page here:

    We will make our voices heard!

    • I put something into the suggestion box too.  Saying that putting Megaman Legends 1+2 on PSN and when the games sell well, it will show them that the fans want the next game in the series.  That and since we have lost 2 Megaman games, they owe us.

    • mikanko

      The people who working on the game don’t have jobs anymore.  I’m pretty sure it’s over =/

  • ForeverFidelis


  • Gambling Gambit ♢

    I hate Capcom for so many reasons!NamcoxCapcom prived to the west
    Megaman ZX left in a cliffhanger
    Ace Attorney Investigations 2 canceled for the west
    Megaman.exe Operate Shooting Star same as above
    and now Legends 3 canceled
    Worst gaming company EVER!! Im not buying anything from Capcom now on.

    • Yeah, forgot about the Ace Attorney debacle. Yeah, it’s the sad and ugly truth that Capcom just doesn’t care for its fans anymore and because Keiji Inafune left they don’t feel like trying fresh ideas either. Guess we have an infinite amount of REs and SFs to look forward to. t(-_-t)

      • I can’t help but feel they’re just trying to spite Inafune with the last two Mega Man games they’ve cancelled.

        There’s no reason to not release a demo you have to PAY for that is probably already done for any reason than that.

  • Historiata

    Well, at least this wasn’t the result of them promising to PSNize Megaman Legends 1 + 2.

  • Learii

    relased mega man legend 3 for ps3 if remake  forget 3DS plus we don’t need the game to be 3D anyway

  • …Capcom it’s not me it’s you.

  • So after all the involvement with the fans and raising everybody’s hopes…they just said ” no ” ? And this was one of the first Capcom games in a while I may have considered buying. 

  • dont know if this is real but i guess it really is

  • KeyCross

    Capcom, you dissapoint me.

  • Yeah after a long time checking the estore weekly for the prototype and this being the main reason by far that I bought the 3ds I dont know what to do.  This was just one of those games where I would think to myself it would be crazy awesome if it ever happened, then it got announced for production and I was so excited.  Now I’m just heart broken over this :( curse you capcom.

  • All fans!! Join in on the facebook page!! Capcom wont get away with this!!

  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooo…

    http://www.points2shop. com/?ref=uin1307418959 Sign up with that link and get
    250 pts. free plus get paid to complete offers and watch videos

  • Tokom23

    *School Rock Song*
    We, the people, in order to form a more perfect union,
    Establish people we can trust and ENSURE THEY WON’T PLAY WITH OUR EMOTIONS! >:(

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