Sony Prepares Akihabara Event Just For Western Developed Games

By Spencer . July 18, 2011 . 2:11am

worldgameFor years, Microsoft has tried to popularize Western games in Japan. With the original Xbox, Microsoft sold games like Tony Hawk’s Underground, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, and The Simpsons Hit & Run under their Xbox World Collection label. Adding diversity to Japan’s market was a good idea… except they left all the in game text in English. While the games were unlocalized, the Xbox World Collection titles included a Japanese control sheet.


West to East localization efforts have improved significantly since then with Japanese versions of popular titles and third party publishers like Spike scooping up text heavy games such as Dragon Age II.


Aside from publishing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time as a first party game in Japan, Sony has sat on the sidelines when it came to overseas releases. Most of their first party Western games were picked up by third parties. Sega, for example, brought over the first Killzone and Capcom handled the God of War series.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan changed their stance with the World Game Project. On July 23, Akihabara 85 will be home to a World Game Project event with hands-on demos of Resistance 3, inFamous 2, Shadows of the Damned, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Since the event is titled "World Game Project Fes Vol.1" it sounds like Sony has plans for more of these, which makes business sense for Sony since many of their first party games are developed in the West.

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  • Patrick de Kruijf

    Interesting, I never knew that the east had the same problems with the localisation of games as we did.

    I think they got the short end of the stick when they miss games like infamous and assassins creed.

    • Exkaiser

      I hear they have to deal with shoddy localizations a lot, too.

      Arkham Asylum’s translation was particularly bad, I heard.

    • well, actually, is not the same, maybe 20 percent of japanese gamers WANT to play those games, unlike us, probably 100 per cent of the “core gamers” want jap games getting localized.
      I really can´t picture a group of jap gamers sending letters to activision demanding “X” game to be localized. :p

      • how can you say only 20% of Japanese gamers want to play western developed games? it may be a lot higher or lower there is no real way of knowing. also 100% of core gamers want Japanese games is just a lie. what is a core gamer? why do need to use that term anyway? does it make you feel good or something?

        • Of course that there is no real way to know that, I´m just assuming by my own experience, my brother lived in Japan for 3 years and 99 per cent of gamers didn´t know what Mortal Kombat was, no joke. (just for the record, my brother like western games), but yeah, this was between 1999 and 2002. before the HD era. And well, sales don´t lie either. 
          Sorry if It bothers you the term hardcore gamer, but just for the record, and in case you didn´t know, I DIDN´T INVENTED THE TERM!!!, and usually, the term is used by western and jap devs ALL THE TIME.
          For me, hardcore has to do with video game´s difficulty/complexity and videogame knowledge…not an “attitude”, nor a “trend”, as you implied.

  • LezardValeth

    Hopefully this will promote a little more sharing between Eastern and Western type games although it appears that the West is becoming much more accepting of popular Eastern titles….5 years ago a game like Catherine would’ve been instantly scoffed at, at least it peaks curiosity nowadays with the general gaming populace. A step in the right direction for the future of gaming. We in the West are obsessed with shooters, the East is more Action/RPG oriented from what I’ve seen. Here’s to the hopes of bringing more of that content over to our shores.

    • Catherine seems like one of few exceptions this generation and I imagine it would have found an audience on the PlayStation 2.

      Beginning with this generation there’s been quite a bit of backlash against Japanese game design, with both the gaming press and consumers alike citing common gameplay mechanics and plot-related tropes as outdated and exhausted.

      To be honest, it’s a bit hypocritical considering Western developers have more or less been doing the same things with their games since the 80s, just the same as the Japanese. The only difference is these experiences are relatively new to consoles, who have since inception catered mostly to fans of Japanese games.

      Despite what developers like Keiji Inafune would have you believe, I
      think the lack of quality isn’t exclusive to the Japanese market. Even Western RPGs and Action games are mere shadows of their former selves, hidden behind a layer of technical achievement.

      I’m glad that more games are being localized for Japan though. It’ll be interesting to see how the industry evolves as everything becomes more and more global. I hope both Western and Japanese developers step their game up and manage to find a balance.

  • z_merquise
  • The Japanese video game market has a lot to learn from the Western video game market and vice-versa. Hopefully this will help foster some better communication between the two markets and result in even better games.

    • i don´t agree, jap industry was doing just fine without Microsoft. 

      • malek86

        The japanese industry shuns Microsoft for the most part, so I don’t think that’s a problem. Besides, it’s Sony doing this program, so… quite the opposite of MS.

        And I wouldn’t mind if japanese developers and western developers got together and shared some common ideas. If it brings something new to the table, I’m all for it. Honestly, both western and japanese games have got really stale as of lately.

        • The problem is that most bad japanese games are because producers want to “westernize” their games, they force devs to do crappy games, just for the sake of the market. Just look at all jap devs that still have fully control over their games, Falcom, Atlus, Cave, Treasure, SNK, Grasshopper, Platinum, From software (hope they don´t fuc% things up with dark souls), hell, even Nintendo!!!, they just don´t listen and don´t really care “what´s popular on the west”, unlike capcom, konami, square and all those greedy pricks who are willing to destroy their games just for a couple of millions, and by doing so, sacrificing their core audiences (wich we are a minority) for semiliterate gamers (wich sadly are the majority), none of this would ever happened If Microsoft never entered the video game industry.
          I blame greedy jap companies, and Microsoft for bringing out semiliterate and stupid gamers to the scene. Call me old fashioned, but It seems that core games and casual-blockbuster games can´t coexist. I really wouldn´t mind if the 2 markets were more polarized, but the problem is that WE (core gamers) are getting lame games just for the sake of this other majority.

          • SirRichard

            Yeah, Konami sacrificed their core audience by making Metal Gear Solid more…oh wait. But then there was Contra 4, which was so Westernized it was…more or less exactly like the old Contra games. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow counts as being Westernized, to be sure, but it was a pretty good game regardless, and it wasn’t even developed by Konami!

            Hell, just because Resident Evil became more action-orientated after 4 isn’t a sign of “sacrificing their core audience”, and their more recent games haven’t been particularly Western-orientated anyway, so why is Capcom on there? Dead Rising still has its Japanese influence, Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Asura’s Wrath are lovably out of their minds, and Street Fighter is still Street Fighter. 

            Oh, they’re making Dragon’s Dogma, the lone WRPG in their line-up. WESTERNIZATION! BETRAYAL!

            You do know Square Enix never considered the West when designing Final Fantasy XIII? And judging by how the sequel hasn’t made any major differences, they still haven’t. So they acquired Eidos; so what? They wanted to appeal to more people and make more money. God forbid a company do that, especially when said company put more money and even helped the development of a sparkling diamond like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

            So who exactly has been sacrificing their core audiences through “Westernization”? Certainly no-one you mentioned.

            And core games and casual blockbusters can’t co-exist? So why is the PS3 home to the likes of both Demon’s Souls and Uncharted, the 360 home to both Deadly Premonition and Halo, the Wii home to No More Heroes and Wii Play Motion?

            Lighten up a little, mate. Just because everything isn’t exactly to your liking doesn’t make the entire industry awful.

          • 1-I never mentioned MGS, even though Peace walker is an unplayable mess, and boring as hell. 

            2-You mentioned games from 6 years ago, Contra 4 is great and RE4 is an absolute masterpiece, can´t say the same thing about 5 though. Castlevania L.O.S is meeh, they could have name it L.O.S and skip the Castlevania part, I mean, first, It has anything to do with castlevania, and 2nd, it´s just another generic hack and slash with good music and pretentious art direction. “I know it wasn´t developed by konami”, but still, It was published by Konami, in fact, that was exactly my point, so, what´s the point arguing on that?…and It supposed to be a masterpiece cause Kojima was involved!?, try harder next time i say, even castlevania 64 “had” more atmosphere than L.O.S.
            Please, Konami haven´t made a good game lately since MGS4, being Otomedius the only exception.

            3-MVC 3 is another excellent game, the same goes to SF4 and TVC. but you forgot to mention Lost planet and It´s sequel!!!, dead rising and It´s even worst sequel (and sorry, but i can´t see the jap influence on that one), bionic commando, dark void, jeez, that´s triple AAA garbage my friend, DMC and the upcoming piece of garbage operation racoon city, do the math, 3 great games versus 8 worthless piles of crap, sorry, but that´s not the Capcom I used to love and respect. I can see why mikami, Inaba, Kamiya and co left the boat.
            I really have high hopes for Dragon Dogma, but i say, let´s wait and see.

            4-Square, ok, maybe their problem isn´t western related, in fact, it may be quite the opposite. 

            I never said there weren´t GOOD GAMES, (ok, maybe i was too carried away) what I really meant was that there´s just too many bad ones, and looking at where companies are aiming, we are gonna end up “pay per play” and buying DLCs every fuc&ing month… and small companies like Treasure, Cave, SNK will cease to exist, just because japanese devs are too concerned on “what do your average casual american gamer play?”.

          • PrinceHeir

            wait what?

            im pretty sure i read at the interviews that square took some feedback from westerners when designing FFXIII

          • mikedo2007

            Wow I can tell from your comment, your taste is not quite well-balanced.  I think you may want to read this:


          • Interesting (I really mean it), but as the article said, “…They’re the kind of people who respond to Famitsu polls, so they might not be representative of Japanese gamers as a whole.

            And yes, even If this were true..or becomes a reality… I would love to know more about the demography of the people who answered the poll.

            And just for the record; I like some western games, (Bioshock…Bioshock…Bioshock, and frankly nothing else) but there´s a lot of games that I don´t personally like but I respect (MW, GTA, Batman A.A), super meat boy and many others)… What I´m saying is that why jap devs have to do games like americans!?, It´s like saying that Toriyama (akira toriyama), Eiichiro Oda or Katsuhiro Otomo should start making superhero manga, WTF!!!. Some people have said that a balance between the 2 styles would be ideal, why!?, why merge 2 styles of videogame development!?…and I still can´t see the superiority nor the huge gap between american and jap games, why suddenly western games are so superior!?, again, where´s the gap?, where´s that big western game that changed everybody´s lives?, Heavy Rain, red dead redemption, pleeease…personally, the only mind-blowing game of this generation was Demon´s souls… and personally, this gen has been the worst gen ever!, DLC, HDD, death of genres, recycled ideas, countless rip offs… It´s all about sales and numbers, thank god for platinum games, thanks to nintendo for supporting small studios and thank Sony for keeping ONLINE gaming FREE.

          • SirRichard

            (Maybe it’s how Disqus works, I don’t know, but I can’t respond to your newer comment so it’ll just have to be this one again.)

            1. You didn’t have to. It’s a Konami franchise, and it’s highly influenced by the West. You talked of sacrificing core audiences and mentioned them; they haven’t sacrificed anything. Also, it would seem we’ve hit the snag in our little debate; opinions are subjective, and what I see as fine you see as bad and vice versa.

            2. LOS was more than a generic hack ‘n’ slash; it wasn’t just “mash buttons until everything is dead”, doing that would’ve gotten you killed a lot very early on. Dodging, blocking, watching enemy movements and attacking at the right time, choosing which magic type to use when you attack, it was more…strategic (for lack of a better word) than God of War or Devil May Cry. As for not making good games: Contra/Castlevania/Gradius ReBirth? Harmony of Despair? Silent Hill: Shattered Memories? Or did you find those all completely unplayable and awful as well?

            3. Lost Planet 2 flopped, killing that series for good. You can’t see the influence in Dead Rising? If it were developed in America, it would be gritty and serious and ultimately awful. Developed in Japan, it came out with a sense of humour and tried something new with zombie games; letting you go (possibly literally) insane in the ways you can have fun with them. 

            Let me guess: Operation Raccoon City is completely awful from the get-go because it’s a shooter, right? I don’t think we’ve even seen the game in action properly, how can you judge it from a CGI trailer? A fair pass on DmC, Ninja Theory haven’t proven themselves competent…ever, and their work on it thus far hasn’t been encouraging.  And you’ve completely forgotten Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Okamiden, the Bionic Commando ReArmed games, Mega Mans 9 and 10…Capcom have been releasing good stuff, you just don’t seem to be paying it any heed. They aren’t AAA releases, but then that’s why you should support them if you hate their AAA releases.

            I sincerely doubt the problem is with any company; I think it’s more with you. The developers aren’t putting out exactly what you want, and thus it’s terrible. Maybe I’m being unfair here, but you’ve given me little cause to think otherwise, mate. You’ve only given the impression that absolutely everything that isn’t from Japan is terrible, and what does come out of Japan is terrible for not being like it was years ago. Not everything will be to your tastes.

            There has always been bad games, mate, there were far more in the past than there are now, from any part of the world. You just notice them more now because of the increased focus on reviews in the market today. A lot of Japanese devs aren’t focused specifically on casual American gamers, more are trying to appeal to as many as possible as opposed to one audience. 

            My god, these reams of text,

          • I agree, regarding L.O.S there isn´t too much to add, I hated it and most people loved It, I can live with that, but still, I would have preferred another 2D castlevania on the DS, or even 2.5D on the PSP. You can say again is waht I WANT, but I can bet that there´s a lot of castlevania fans that would have preferred the same, but again, I can live with that. I´m all open for new franchises. So i really don´t care. But It bothers me that most people insist that the game captures the charm of the original, that´s just plain stupid. (just for the record, I love both styles of castlevanias, classic and metroidvania)

            I play beat em ups and action games since forever, and L.O.S is not a good one, battles are long, boring and repetitive, how can you even compare it with DMC!?… but I guess my real problem with L.O.S is that It tries to be an action game and It tries to be an adventure game, but It fails on both.Harmony of despair (for me) It´s just a “decent” looking mugen. I really don´t know what was the target audience for that one. And it was an absolute unnecessary game.

            I forgot about Contra, granted, but still, is not a masterpiece and it was a complete fanservice game, the game works, I can tell you that, but It was uninspired and a “cheap” attempt to make a quick buck.

            Gradius rebirth, cool, but hey, do we really needed a Gradius REBIRTH!?, c´mon!, Gradius collection on the PSP was more than enough. It would have been cool If they made a REAL REBIRTH, let´s make a 2.5 HD with multiplayer on fuc%ing disc format, shall we?. Again, quick bucks.

            Shattered memories, no comments. Ok, so It´s not unplayable, but god what a bad game overall. Yet again, “let´s make ANOTHER Silent hill and another remake!!!, what´s next, silent hill HD collection!?

            There are already gameplay videos of operation racoon city, before that, i hated the game´s character design, they forgot the whips, the axes, the laser guns and nuclear rocket launchers, who is the character designer?, a 14 year-old kid?…and whoaaa!!!, Hunk´s pupil?, “uuuuuuuu, that´s so clever!”
            And after I saw the gameplay, jeez, characters look like they are floating and sliding around, awfully crappy physics and It looks like crap. As I said earlier, I totally adore RE4, for me is one of the best games ever created, my problem is not the action, I´m not one of those pretentious fanboy-purists that whine about the lack/loss of survival horror, RE5 is a well animated game (outstanding actually), It´s gorgeous and it has a solid soundtrack, but co op puzzles are so forced and they are dumb, RE5 recycled without mercy all that was good about 4, and they failed… and overall, the game has no atmosphere at all. I still have my copy of the game though, the game is fun, and pretty solid.

            Ghost trick, okamiden, ace attorney, b.c re armed, m.m 9 and 10, cool, great, haven´t played okamiden though, but I never mentioned handhelds, and, hey, they got B.C re armed, and what happened after that?, Grin went bankrupt, and re armed 2 was made by I don´t know who, and It sucked. being the soundtrack the only good (no, not good, GREAT) about the game.

            Again, all I´m saying is that jap devs shouldn´t CARE of what the majority of western gamers want, It always was that way… It seems to me that good games are a rare thing nowadays, just look at the exodus of all major jap companies, this fight is clearly a money between MONEY and ART, and It seems to me that Nintendo is the only company that has achieved that desired balance.

          • SirRichard

            (Herp, have to respond to this one again.)

            …I’m going to be frank: you’ve completely lost me. What exactly do you want out of videogames? You apparently hate nearly all of what the industry puts out, why do you keep playing games if this is the case? I mean, fair enough if you just haven’t been able to enjoy anything, maybe you’ve worn yourself out on videogames? 

            “Just look at the exodus of all major jap companies”? What do you mean by that? They…haven’t gone anywhere, they’re still there. And to be honest, a good deal of Japanese developers don’t actually care about markets outside their own. Look at, say, those who focus on PSP development. The quality of a game doesn’t hinge on who it’s aimed at or who the developers cater to, it depends on the skill of the developers. Idea Factory and Compile Heart, for example, aim primarily at the Japanese market and cater heavily to the more…obsessive, shall we say, parts of it. They don’t care about the West, they still put out utter crap.

            I’ll agree with you on that last bit; Nintendo are the only ones who’ve managed to hit that balance between games they want to make and getting money. But others haven’t managed it yet, and for every time they want to try and get that art/money balance right, they need to make titles designed to sell to fund that one and keep them afloat should it flop. Many still manage to make good games despite this, they’re just not to your tastes.

          • you’ve completely lost me too, What exactly do YOU LIKE about videogames?, you seem to like EVERYTHING, sorry for not liking everything that capcom or konami does… again, I play a lot of games of this gen, in fact, I don´t have time to play everything I want, so where did you get the fact that I should give up on gaming? I already told you that I love SF4, MVC3 and TVC…I´ve played RE5, ghost trick, all ace attorney games, shin megami tensei secret journey, bayonetta, vanquish, ninja gaiden, lost odyssey, Bioshock, DMC4, Mass effect (a piece of unholy crap), Portal, dragon quest 9, demon´s souls, megaman 9, 10, no more heroes, sin and punishment s.s, muramasa, mario galaxy, bionic commando re armed, resonance of fate, ff13, peace walker, patapon, loco roco, etc, etc, etc, I´m not saying that ALL GAMES OF THIS GEN ARE CRAP, I said that, It seems that the west is constantly bashing the east for making “the same ol games” while THEY do “the same old games”, someone commented here that western games look fresh cause these games were never released on CONSOLES, I totally agree, It bothers me that western media (a big percentage) are constantly pointing fingers to the east while western devs (most of them) keep on making the same ol crap. And It bothers me this jap obsession for overseas success… mainly because I`m foreseeing a complete lost of identity or an unnecessary fusion between west and east, hell, It´s already happening… and I already gave you examples on that. You can´t expect artists change their style only for the sake of money… or change “anything” for the sake of money,  sorry, but i just don´t see LIFE that way. And specially when they still SELL WELL, so this is not about money, not even about big money, this is about a SHITLOAD-I-DON´T-KNOW-WHAT-TO-DO-WITH-THIS-MONEY this is how this corporate pricks are (capcom, square, konami), again, this doesn´t surprise me, but It bothers me.About that exodus, you didn´t heard that okamoto left capcom?…mikami, inaba, suda, kamiya and a lot more left capcom!?…yamaoka left konami?…inafume left capcom?, Takahashi Meijin left hudson immediately after konami bought hudson? this is exactly the same thing that happened with (I don´t know if you like comics) Marvel DC and Image comics, artists were treated like crap and they all left and formed iMAGE COMICS.
            It´s the same here. I know that they are “still around”, don´t be a docuhe, give me some credit here, all I´m saying is that If they left CAPCOM and KONAMI, It probably was because of company policies, the same policies I`m criticizing.

          • SirRichard

            (So sorry about that, my new firewall stuff just messed up my internet connection for about a day.)

            Hey, I’m not trying to be a douche, mate, I just didn’t get your meaning. Sorry for offending you.And no, I don’t like everything, I just haven’t been as open about what I hate as you have thus far. If I might get one personal beef out of the way here, the general usage of “American” and “Japanese” styles of development bothers me because it implies that us Europeans don’t have our own style, or that (and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone believed this) Europe doesn’t have videogame developers, or that we only copy everyone else.Let’s try and calm down a bit, we’re all getting a bit mad here. Now, I see what you mean about the increased bashing of the East as of late – it bugs me that Bioware, of all developers, claimed JRPGs aren’t RPGs when their own games aren’t much different and they seem to believe that roleplaying is all about romance – but the East isn’t entirely innocent of that either. There’s generalizing idiots everywhere, we just hear the ones over here all the time. I think you’re being a bit too pessimistic about a combination of development styles, mate, but then again I was really optimistic about the 3DS for a good while after launch. At any rate, I don’t think we’ve seen any combinations so far, just emulations of the other’s styles. Binary Domain, I think, is a recent example of that.  I don’t think we’d see a loss of identity, as it were; Demon’s Souls was a Japanese game with heavy Western influences, but it still had a Japanese twist (by which I mean, it had its own little eccentricities such as giant flying manta rays that snipe people with large spears fired from their tails).

          • wasn´t really offended, no sweat, It´s always cool to debate with samrt gamers such as yourself, even though our tastes may differ.

            “Demon’s Souls was a Japanese game with heavy Western influences, but it still had a Japanese twist (by which I mean, it had its own little eccentricities such as giant flying manta rays that snipe people with large spears fired from their tails).”

            completely agree, In fact, when I saw that boss (the manta) I was blown away, and I really thought “jeez, how can these guys manage to put a flying manta on a dark ages themed game and it still looks credible and not out of place ” (sorry for my english).
            And yes, japanese games have a lot of western influences (american and european) but not necessarily game related, I believe they got their inspiration in movies, literature, architecture, and art in general. The same goes with manga and anime.
            Silent hill, resident evil or even street fighter have a lot (a shitload, actually) of western influences, but as you said, there´s always that japanese “sick”twist.

          • PrinceHeir

            what?? Peace Walker wasn’t that bad in terms of controls.

            it just needed a dual stick and 2 more triggers. but yeah there are instances where i feel hopeless when playing the game.

            for example going alone taking down that mark 2 tank. it was painfully annoying as hell.

            i need some CO-OP :(

        • FireCouch

          I like how Kojima and Mercury Steam did some small collaboration to create Lord of Shadows.  I thought that game was great, and I wonder if it wouldn’t have been as successful if it wasn’t for that.

          • mikedo2007

            I want to see Kojima’s team to develop a Splinter Cell game for Ubisoft with some bits of Metal Gear since after seeing Ubisoft and Konami put Altair’s costume in MGS4.  I would like to see western developers help with the Japanese game industry, like have some of the well-known western game being developed by Japanese.  Like let’s have Dragon Age 3 (or 4) handle by From Software.

  • malek86

    I was wondering something. Why are japanese games often brought to the west by niche companies (NISA, Atlus), while western games are usually localized in Japan by the biggest companies around (Sony, Squenix, etc.)?

    Also, it’s always the big games which get localized in japanese. Is there anyone bringing the more niche western games in Japan?

    • i remember Capcom localizing “something”, don´t remember what though, but It was big.

      • yes it was, GTA 3.

      • mikedo2007

        Capcom handle a lot of big western game, it’s not only GTA.  Before God of War 3 and the 2nd PSP God of War was published by Sony themselves in Japan.  Most of God of War games was handled and published by Capcom.  I remember Capcom published Call of Duty: Big Red one for Japan.  I know Spike Game, SEGA, Konami, and Square Enix published western game in Japan.  I know Take-Two has opened a publishing office in Japan and they no longer needed Capcom to publish future titles, if you look at LA Noire Japanese cover, Capcom didn’t publish it at all.   

    • mikedo2007

      I would like to see Atlus and NIS and also Ignition to publish Western games for Japan.  I would like to see:

      Atlus to publish The Witcher 2 for Japan, NIS to publish Dead Space 1 and 2 (since EA couldn’t translate and release it in Japan).  There’s probably a lot of western game that need Japanese release.

      I know 2 Japanese game which handled Visual Novel/Dating Sims that also published Western games.  Cyberfront, and Russell Game.  Cyberfront which publish the Strike Witches game on 360 also published FEAR 2: Project Origins, and GTA: Chinatown Wars (all version) in Japan.

  • SirRichard

    I wonder how Shadows “FEEL MY BIG BONER” of the Damned will be accepted over there…probably pretty well, actually.

    • Never seen someone have turrets syndrome while typing before…

      • It´s “Tourette” though.

      • SirRichard

        It’s inevitable after going a few rounds with that game, believe me.

  • “This comment was flagged for review.”

    what? someone get offended by my comment?

    • FireCouch

      Some people on this website are overly sensitive and can’t take criticism, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was offended.

      • I don’t know who flagged his comment, but I think we’d like to up the discussion level beyond “i hope this will be a failure!! 95% western games sucks!” Don’t like Western games? Cool. Want to comment? Sure, but try to put some thought into what you post.

        • this is not a forum…i’m not discussing with anyone. mine was a simple short comment to a blog post. the message is simple…there isn’t anything to add…

          this is unnecessary censorship (the message is still not visible)
          my comment was not offensive at all…

          why defend western games when 95% of the posts on this site is about japanese games? i don’t get it…

          btw…i won’t comment anymore. so, not worry…

      • malek86

        I wish people would justify their criticism, rather than just saying “I hope this will be a failure”.

        • FireCouch

          I completely agree, yo.  When people spout nonsense without any reasoning behind it, it just makes people angry.

          • If you agree with malek86.. why did you write the comment above? His comment was exactly the kind of comment you criticized. 

          • FireCouch

            Oh, that’s because I never even saw the comment that was deleted.  Based on reading what you guys said, it’s a statement that just says something like “Western games suck”, which is a silly thing to say.

            I was just making an individual point that originated from the guy talking about how his comment was deleted.

          • Fair enough :), in the future please let us handle questions like that since the flagged comment isn’t available for others to see.

  • Yukito

    Where is our event in the west for Eastern developed games Sony? Oh wait, you don’t make those anymore…

  • sandra10

    They should really think about doing the same thing in the West for Eastern games since Japan is the only region that actively supports the PSP.

  • RagnaXBL

    Hmmm dunno how to feel about this…

  • AzureNova

    I say more power to Sony. The world itself needs to be more diverse and open to new ideas.

  • I hope SCEJ’s stance on Western games would actually influence SCEA’s stance on Japanese games.

  • CheckEmBrah

    F*cking Ameriboos. 

  • mikedo2007

    I’m not surprised, I remember a Kotaku article about western game are losing stigma, and also some or most of Japanese game are being outsourced to Western developers:

    I would like maybe for the developer to learn from western game, I want to see something change and helpful for the industry.  I don’t want JRPGs that play the same formula over and over again.  Japan should learn something from game like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.

    • Guest

      Fallout 3, Mass Effect and Dragon Age are mediocre at best so learning from them would be counterproductive.

      Since the release of the Xbox and the decline of PC gaming the Western game industry has become a shadow of its former self pandering to lowest common denominator with an attention span of a ten year old spoiled brat with a graphics fetish who likes interactive tubed on rails Hollywood movies with the depth of a puddle where “if you press a button something awesome happens”.

      There are still some awesome Western games being released by niche developers for the PC but the majority of Western console games is a lost cause.

      • SirRichard

        Loving the mass cultural generalization going on in your post, there. Am I a spoiled ten year old brat with an awful attention span and graphics fetish for liking Fallout 3, then?

        • Guest

          Fallout 3 is one of the few exceptions but that still doesn’t mean it’s a good game. (especially compared to 1+2)

          • RupanIII

            It’s a shame how most people haven’t played 1 & 2, they’re so much better than 3. 

      • mikedo2007

        Are you that stupid??  Fallout 3 won Game of the Year, and Mass Effect 2 won GOTY?  Also Fallout 3 and Mass Effect sold well in Japan.  I don’t think it would make people stupid.  uh, were you hiding under a rock when you said this?

        • Guest

          Since when does winning an award mean anything especially considering today’s incompetent gaming press?

          Sry but if you have played games like Baldur’s Gate 1+2, Gothic 1+2, Fallout 1+2, Planescape Torment etc. then today’s Western games are a bad joke to you and them winning any awards would be hilarious at best if it wasn’t so sad.

          It’s comparable to today’s Hollywood industry. We get a good movie here and there but the quality was much higher in the past.

  • mikedo2007

    Oh, I’m glad to hear Dragon Age 2 is getting release in Japan like few month after Dragon Age 1 premiered in Japan, and sold really well.

  • theworldofnoboundries

    Hope this event won’t create more West RPG and killed JRPG as till now most of the RPG i played is JRPG and i am pleased with it.

  • Guest

    It’s a trap, don’t be fooled Japan.

    You won’t find any Western games worth playing on consoles.

    • mikedo2007

      uh, are you a Japanese supremacist or something?

      • Guest

        No, I’m a PC supremacist when it comes to Western games as anyone who likes good Western games should be.

  • I love games no matter where they are developed, be it western or eastern. More companies should be doing stuff like this for both regions.

    • mikedo2007

      I would love to see more collaboration between US and Japan.  I know Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a co-production between Japan and US, and look what you get.  Probably one of the most antipicating game for this year.  I want to see something like this, it would be cool to see this:Fallout: Tokyo, a collaboration between Bethesda and From Software or Level-5.

      Dragon Age 3: Bioware and From Software could work this.  Demon’s souls reminded me of Dragon Age.  Maybe having both could make Dragon Age 3 more superior then the first 2.

      Future Splinter Cell game: should have Hideo Kojima involvment in the future.HAWX: Ubisoft should get the Ace Combat Team to do it.

      • Guest

        You’ve got to be kidding me.

        You want to throw all the developers and games together so that in the end you get one big mishmash and everything looks the same, sounds the same and plays the same?

        Yeah that sounds like fun… NOT.

        And btw. Squenix only rendered the cutscenes for Deus Ex and that’s it. Hardly anything I would call a co-production.

        Dragon Age was mediocre (1) resp. terrible (2) and had nothing to do with Demon’s Souls whatsoever. It was basically the exact opposite of it.

        • mikedo2007

          So, If Japanese company can allow western developer to make their game, why can’t western game company allow Japanese developer to do their.  I imagine Splinter Cell can be done by Kojima, and I could imagine From Software can do Dragon Age game.  Geez, you have a strange taste for video game.  I have the right to make an opinion, just don’t blast my idea.

  • PrinceHeir

    yay Deus Ex Getting some love :)

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