Major Spoilers In This Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Blue Post

By Spencer . July 19, 2011 . 1:47am

Dengeki PlayStation shared screenshots of Arianrhod, the seventh Angis in Ouroboros. What is Arianrhod thinking while she’s watching Crossbell engulfed in a sea of flames?



Arianrhod is a martial arts expert and known for showing no mercy on the battlefield. She thinks of Lloyd, the main character in the Trails series following Trails in the Sky, as a formidable foe.


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Screenshots show Arianrhod using Saint Technique Grand Cross, which captures her enemies in a massive tornado. Arianrhod also carries a massive spear in her hand, which she used to slay countless enemies.




The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue comes out for PSP on September 29 in Japan.

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  • as a huge Falcom fan I can’t wait till this game comes out. i wonder if they will localize this and the other Legend games given the PSP situation in the west. hope xseed publish it.

  • (Warning, assumed spoiler zone)

    So. Crossbell in flames. Thanks, seemingly, to Ouroboros and Arianrhod.


    I swear if she starts busting out about “rengoku no hadou” like a CERTAIN OTHER Apostle of the Snake I can think of I’m probably just gonna throw my hands up and let her kill me (and I’ll also say that there’d be like no real difference between The Society and the Cult of DG, so I kind of doubt it).

    So full of anticipation for this one. If only America was more caught up on this series, because god damn it is going to take years for us to get to this game at this rate.

  • Vyrhn

    i hope this game get a localization sooner, i don’t want to wait for 4 years just like sora no kiseki

    • Well you might have to wait at least 3. I mean if Falcom decides to release the other 2 Trials of the Sky games 1 at time for the next 2 years :|.

      • Vyrhn

        whoops i forgot that sora no kiseki still has 2 more games, hope both get localized soon :)

        • Guest

          wut about the fighting game….

          • There is a fighting game O.o?

          • neo_firenze

            It’s more in the style of something like Power Stone, using the Ys Seven engine.  Fights feel a lot like Ys Seven but without a party of three, and with some additions to the engine like jumping.

            Awesome sound and some nice art in the loading and story screens, but the core gameplay is… well, it’s not really going to satisfy as a top notch fighting game.  More of an Ys Seven “arena” novelty, with extra Falcom characters from multiple Ys and Legend of Heroes games.

            And anyway, like I said… it’s import friendly!  There is a story mode, but it’s a dream match story in an action/fighting game, so it’s not the same kind of need to understand what’s going on as you would have in a normal Ys or LoH game.

          • neo_firenze

            Ys vs Sora no Kiseki doesn’t need a localization, it’s very playable without any Japanese language skills and it’s region free.  It’s also not that great of a game, so I’d much prefer Xseed to spend their time focusing on localizing the Sora/Zero/Ao no Kiseki games instead.

          • Guest

            Nooooo hush thy ill mannered tongue; you spout lies. LIES. Thou would like to play the game in English so that I may understand the story plot and things of this nature….

          • neo_firenze

            Hehe… not that I wouldn’t buy a localized Ys vs. Sora, but if that was to cause delay or lack of release for any of the Sora no Kiseki games or their sequels it wouldn’t be worth it. Understanding the story is not really key to playing the fighting game, plus I think the Sora/Zero/Ao no Kiseki games are better games.

            Still, it’s Falcom. Which by default makes it better than most stuff out there :)

        • I hope so to. I think I am actually going to finally buy Trials of the Sky on the PSP today. I wanted it since March but I was finishing up other stuff.

  • Mister_Nep

    I’ve already bought 2 copies of Trails in the Sky. How many more copies do I need to buy to get this XSeed?

  • Zenkito

    <3 looks like I'll be buying this one as well. 

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Oh man! And we in Europe haven’t even played the first one.
    Hope Ghostlight announces the release date soon!

    • We’re working on that.  I’ve actually was assigned to start doing some work on Trails in the Sky yesterday. Nothing major yet but still it’s exciting.

  • I have to finish Zero no Kiseki…

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