El Shaddai’s Lucifel, In A Way, Is Game Designer Sawaki Takeyasu

By Spencer . July 20, 2011 . 3:35pm

lucifel "When I thought of Lucifel, I had an idea of how I wanted him to look immediately," said Sawaki Takeyasu, lead designer on El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. In the game you play as Enoch who is chosen to stop God from flooding the Earth since he has a pure heart. Lucifel, the suave character who asks Enoch if he has enough armor, guides him through his quest. Since Lucifel has a stronger personality than Enoch, I asked Takeyasu about his vision for the archangel.


"His design was inspired from various American movies I saw. When I imagine angels, they don’t necessarily have wings and halos. I wanted to show Lucifel as a human. Lucifel is basically a good looking guy with red eyes, that’s the only element that isn’t human," Takeyasu answered. Lucifel’s red eyes is his only out worldly physical characteristic. He has the ability to travel through time and occasionally breaks the fourth wall by speaking directly to the player.


"A lot of people tell me Lucifel reminds them of me," Takeyasu added. "I think some of my personality may have rubbed off on him. That’s another reason I had an idea of what Lucifel would look like right away."


In the beginning of the game, Lucifel brings Enoch a pair of denim jeans from the future. I wondered if that’s something Takeyasu would do for Enoch. He laughed for a second before saying, "Yeah! The reason why there are jeans in the game is because I really like jeans. Before I even started creating the game, I wanted my main character to wear denim jeans and that’s why Lucifel brought Enoch jeans."

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  • puchinri

    Man, I love you Takeyasu~. Thank you for Lucifel and Enoch wearing those jeans. ♥

    • Zero_Destiny

      Enoch in jeans always makes me chuckle. lol Everything is weird and Other worldly and then you notice Enoch is wearing Jeans. XD It’s like the only normal looking thing in the game besides Lucifel and it’s so out of place (in a world of not normal things) it’s just so awesome. lol The jeans made the game more crazy and I love that.

      • puchinri

        Lol, that’s very true. I like how plain distinct and out of place it is. A main reason I love the jeans is because he’s plain sexy in them, and I feel a little less guilty when his armor gets destroyed because he just looks so good running around in them. x’D

        • Zero_Destiny

          I hear ya. The ripped clothes are awesome. lol I’m a dude and I feel super [email protected] when that happens. XD I feel like Kenshiro when he rips his shirt off or like Goku when he went Super Saiyan (His clothes were ripped to shreds in that fight). Something about that is just so cool. :D

          • puchinri

            Haha, right? Oh man, the Kenshiro one is perfect! x’D
            It is totally awesome~. It’s like there’s all this GAR just radiating off them and onto us.

          • Zero_Destiny

            It makes me feel like a Tough Boy Tough Boy Tough Boy~ (Oh man I’m being so nerdy right now but I don’t even care XD).


          • puchinri

            Hahaha, that was well-played! (And embrace the nerdiness! It can only increase an individual’s level of awesome!)

          • 128bitigor

            And people moan that it’s sexist when exactly the same thing happens to Aya Brea from 3rd Birthday… haha

  • Gotta give plenty of credit to Sawaki. This is the only fantasy character with a good taste in jeans and still looks classy in them.

  • Edwin Bradford

    Siliconera, I don’t get it? Why is the Game Designer being credited with the physical appearance of the game? Is “Game Designer” being mis-translated from “Art Director” in Japanese? I read some Japanese, enough to know they don’t use the title “Game Designer” in Japan, the role is called “Game Planner”, a I believe is much more descriptive of what they actually do.

    In a Western Studio you have the…

    Art Director = How it looks
    Game Designer = How it plays
    Lead Programmer = How it works

    I’ve worked in the game industry for around five years in four different companies and I’ve never come across the appearance of the game being decided by the Game Designer. They own the story and the context and hence the setting but the Art Director is the one that really decides how it looks. 

    Surely the Art Director and Character Artist should be taking credit for character appearance. Can someone please clarify why I see articles like this and other Games Designers like Keita Takahashi (Katamari Damacy) taking credit for games they’ve worked on when the Art Style is the most distinctive factor and that is not the job they did.

    Enlighten me.

    • 128bitigor

      Maybe because, as the case with Keita Takahashi was, some Game Designers are also responsible for Art Direction? I think that would be common enough in Japan. Nomura was pretty much father of Kingdom Hearts, Kojima could (but who really knows) decide about every single aspect of the game. Then again, Game Director may entirely influence the art direction just by leaving the job to the Art Director who shares similiar view. (Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa) Is it really that set in stone? I don’t think so, certainly not in such big projects. 

      All in all, isn’t Takeyasu just a game director? 

  • Edwin Bradford

    Smaller projects are more likely to have crossover of roles because they might not have an Art Director.

    Establishing roles on a team is essential, it prevents people without specialist experience making decisions in areas they do not understand. The problem with the arts is that everyone thinks they’re a designer so its very important to stop non-visually literate members of the team from making visual decisions. 

    There’s a very easy way to resolve this, find the concept art and see who created it. The media loves to create cult personalities, game stars, I do not believe particular individuals, Kojima, Takahashi et al. are responsible for the creative success of projects, in my experience projects are made by good teams that work together and it is wrong to ascribe their success to any single cult individual.

  • cj_iwakura

    No Louis Cypher inspiration? Come on, be honest.

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