Keiji Inafune Talks About Mega Man Legends 3’s Cancelation

By Spencer . July 20, 2011 . 1:02pm

megamanKeiji Inafune doesn’t work at Capcom anymore, but he was there when the Mega Man Legends 3 project began. Before getting to Capcom’s announcement, the creator of Mega Man spoke on more general terms. Canceling a game is a sad matter and development teams shave their life at work trying to make an interesting game. Luck, according to Inafune, plays a big role in whether a game sells well or not.


The decision to stop development was outside Inafune’s control, but as a member of the team, Inafune said he was sorry to the developers for not being able to support them. Inafune felt the development team, even after a transition when he left, was determined to make a good game.


Inafune also apologized to the fans. "I’m really sorry I couldn’t stay with this until the end." As a fan himself, Inafune continued to follow the development of Mega Man Legends 3. He didn’t purchase a 3DS for this title, but would have at least liked to have played the Prototype Version


Inafune ended his blog by thanking the game’s development staff.

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  • Alex

    He said that the japanese devloppers are dead, but now that he left capcom they really are becoming shitty.
    I mean cancelling all the megaman games and now ultimate marvel vs capcom

    • Roto13

      Well, it’s not like they haven’t been milking their fighting games for 20 years.

      • There wasn’t that many fighting games Capcom made between Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Street Fighter IV anyway

        • Capcom’s made quite a few fighting games. Don’t forget Darkstalkers, Power Stone, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Capcom vs. SNK, Capcom vs. Tatsunoko, Rival Schools and Red Earth. They also published the Fate/ games, like Fate/unlimited codes and Fate/tiger colosseum PSP games.

          … I miss Darkstalkers and Power Stone.

          • puchinri

            Does JoJo’s count entirely? I mean, making it counts, but can it be counted alongside the properties that they own? 

            But I agree. And I really miss Darkstalkers too. I wish they’d try milking it for all its worth lately. vov

        • Alex

          yes but now they’re back with new versions of the game like in the past with all the street fighter turbo alpha prime… but with dlc so they milk us a lot more.
          Look, i’ve only gotten the blazblue games on ps3 and at least they make adjustement in the game with a free patch and not a new game to buy.
          I think that dlc should be enough for SSF4 and MVC3

    • mikanko

      Inafune left the company because the people making decisions above him are too scared to deviate from what’s safe.  That’s the reason outsourcing a Resident Evil game to a company with a lukewarm track record gets approved over MML3. They want games from series like DMC and RE released period even if they can’t get their primary developers to work on it.  Nevermind they somehow expect said Resident Evil game to sell 2 million copies.

      A needed update to MVC3 that fans of the game want, and will buy, is not a problem.  Capcom will get a return on that investment, and Capcom having more money is a good thing for those of us who want to see them produce and develop more games.

    • Japan is not dead. They’re still making awesome fighting games like Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Tekken 6 and Marvel vs Capcom 3, what is Inafune complaining about? Japanese developers aren’t dead unless you rip their franchises off their hands and give them westerners who would only ruin them like Raccoon City and DmC. Western developers are no better with Bionic Commando, Dark Void, Call of Duty and all their games-based-on-movies like Thor and Green Lantern.

      • Alex

        I agree with devil may cry, the guy took himself as a model for the new emo dante. The reboot is a good idea but i dont like the what i saw of this new game

      • Guest

        You left out

        Yakuza series
        Shadows of the Damned
        El Shaddai
        Dragon’s Dogma
        Dragon’s Crowne
        Grand Knight History
        The Last Story
        Final Fantasy Type-0
        New Digimon PSP game
        Arcana Heart 3
        Last Guardian

        • I wouldn’t count Digimon (it’s still going? The original show was so bad, it’s horrible)

        • animaster

          Atelier Rorona
          Atelier Totori
          Atelier Meruru
          Ar Tonelico 3
          Tales of Xillia

  • Inafune would have actually got this released, granted it would have taken all of his usual tricks and bureaucratic manipulation.

    Why did they fight him on everything? Especially considering the many hits they tried to bury with red tape.

  • Aiddon

    Still doesn’t make your attitude any less petulant or pathetic

    • mikanko

      Sheesh, the dude worked at Capcom for over 20 years and is responsible for Megaman’s creation.  Cut the guy some slack.  You’re basically criticizing someone for quitting what had for him become a dead end job.

      • Aiddon

        this is the equivalent of a father leaving his family and then having the gall to go to his son’s funeral. I feel more for Eguchi who had to take up his slack. It doesn’t help that Inafune did nothing but act like a drama queen and crap on anything ANY Japanese dev made regardless of how good it was.

        • mikanko

          Yes, criticizing the development process and thinking that US and European game studios were more progressive obviously means he thinks all Japanese developed games are crap.

          • Aiddon

            no, even at TGS he said “everything made by Japan SUCKS!” like a crybaby, ignoring stuff like Catherine, Blazblue, and pretty much EVERYTHING by Nintendo. He does NOT deserve sympathy for the way he has acted, especially since other people suffered for it. I’m done.

          • Surely you have an article you are taking Inafune’s direct quote from?

        • Guest

          um…it’s nothing like that…

      • puchinri

        He actually isn’t responsible for Megaman’s creation. He early on, he actually came to the first few titles pretty late and only handled art and later some character designs with someone else. (And Megaman already had a design when he came on to the very first project.)

        But I also agree with Aiddon 100%. It’d be a slap in the face to me if he left the project and all of a sudden, he was telling fans sorry.

        • mikanko

          Well, partly responsible then during the NES era.  Regardless, the man is human, and is regretful that the game got canceled.  His reasons for leaving his job at a company that he spent 20 years at are his own, and I’m doubtful it was an easy decision on his part.  Criticizing him for publicly speaking his regret about a project he was likely passionate about seems a bit low.

          • puchinri

            I just think that at this point in time, his speaking his regret comes kind of half-assed to me.

  • I really wonder if the backlash to this and other things Capcom as of late really changes anything.

    I can’t remember the last Capcom product I bought…

    I’m actually th–oh, MM10.  Eesh.  If the Mega Man franchise is dead, someone needs to tell me because it’s the only thing from Capcom I’m buying these days.

  • joesz

    Can’t he take the rights(or does he still owns it since he was the creator of him) and restart working at it from the scratch at his new company?

    • That would be great

    • Perhaps that is the “certain criteria” that were missing from MML3. The rights to use Mega Man!

      …I know that’s silly, I’m joking. Would be kinda interesting, though.

    • Guest

      Or he can just finally make an Astro Boy or Casshern game

      • puchinri

        I hope he stays away from Tetsuwan Atom at least. 
        Wouldn’t it be smarter for him to just make his own (perhaps similar) property?

        • Guest

          Megaman/Rockman was originally supposed to be a Tetsuwon Atom game thats why I said it.

          • puchinri

            Either way, it’d be better if he didn’t touch poor Tetsuwan.
            And since Inafune isn’t the creator of Megaman anyway (even if he’s most associated with it), it makes more sense that he would do something original.

          • Guest

            The thing is, if he makes something similar to Megaman then it won’t be considered ‘original’ and might get a fan backlash. However, if he does Casshern, Space Ace (Tatsunoko), or Tetsuwan Atom, then he’s making a game based on a classic character so they can’t link it to Megaman/Rockman as a copycat

          • puchinri

            Well, I don’t mean he has to make something similar to Megaman even. We wouldn’t expect the other creators of Megaman to have to make something similar after all, would we? (Then again, maybe some people would, lol.)

            I’d say Space Ace would be a good way to go for him. But I just don’t even know if he would *want* to do something at all similar to Megaman.

  • From what I’ve heard, Megaman Legends 3 was never actually meant to be. A supposed Capcom employee stated, in 2010, that MML3 was a gimmick to sell the 3DS. The post even had the exact date of its official cancellation.

    • True or not, that is a dirty gimmick.

      • It’s kind of strange how they used this series of all things to push the 3DS. Did they really need to given how much heat the initial announcement got?

        • Resident Evil Revelations is the biggest game they have for 3DS.  There are other choices they could of gone with for that “Shenmue 3” shock value like Power Stone, Strider or Darkstalkers but given Mega Man is known on a Nintendo handheld they struck gold in this supposed plan.

          • Then they put far too much effort into it than was necessary.

          • The thing is, who’s to say they put much effort into it at all? Capcom has almost always excelled in public contests; with the increased usage and popularity of the internet, their traditional “Create ‘Blank’ for a Megaman Game” was made all the easier. Let’s also not forget how old MML2 is- if the idea for the third game had been there for so many years, it wouldn’t have been all too difficult to construct a false prototype.

          • The devroom, any public input at all, the concept art, the voting, the announcement of a public prototype. None of these would have been necessary. If Mega Man Legends is as cherished as I’m led to believe, a simple announcement of it would have been enough. The fact that they legally released the user-submitted art back to their original owners seems like a last resort to me.

    • Hypothetically speaking, if that were true, then I feel like it worked. But what exactly would Capcom have gained from this though? They’re also really sullying their reputation with this as well.

      • KotaroInugami


      • dragoon_slayer12

        With 2 3ds title in a 3 month span, and more down the road, I say a lot

        I wrote more before, but it didn’t show up

      • The supposed Capcom employee had not given a name nor was it a public announcement ( again, why it should not be taken as undeniable proof ). Perhaps it was utter coincidence, perhaps it was true, either way; Capcom likely has hopes of releasing various 3DS titles in the near future. And, what else would a company like Capcom have to gain from it all? Money.

        • KotaroInugami

          So your point would be, they wanted to trick us into buying 3DS, which they get no money for, with the promise of MML3, in order to make sure we have a 3DS for when they release other games for it that the fans who bought a 3DS (in order to play MML3) don’t want. Seems kinda counterproductive.

          Add to that they want to let us down, then want us to buy thier other 3DS games. Just doesn’t make much sense financially.

    • Daitrombe

      I remember that, I still had hope however.

      At least I won’t have to buy a 3DS anymore.

    • If that /v/ post was true (and I won’t believe it is until I see an archive link), then it only confirms my theory that the only issue here is the legendarily bad timing of all of these announcements.

      • It was debunked quickly:

        “Easily proved fake. Here’s an archived thread from well after when those “screencapped” posts were supposed to be, and the post numbers are lower.”

        • That’s what I thought. I would think that he woulda returned to say “I told you so” by now.

        •  Hahaha, well, there goes that. Thank you.

  • I almost feel sorry for Inafune… almost, because it’s his failed for how Dante looks and how DmC will have bad slow clunky combat.

    • MPHavoc

      Um, how is that his fault? He was never apart of the development team responsible for Devil May Cry.

      • He wanted Ninja Theory to change Dante completely from the inside out.

        • PersonaBull

           Do you have a source for that claim?

  • BelmontHeir

    Not even Inafune bought a 3DS to play Mega Man Legends 3. I think that tells you why the game got cancelled more than anything – all these people wanted to play MML3, but none of them bought a 3DS. The system is just not selling well. Capcom could either pump development money into a niche title like MML3, on an untested system that isn’t moving units, or they could make UMvsC3 and be guaranteed to at least sell a million copies.

    That is the sad truth. The global economy is not doing well, 3DS is not a success story, and Westerners easily forget that Japan got hit by an earthquake a few months ago. I’m sure that didn’t help MML3 at all.

    • Thats not necessarily a fair assessment. Granted Nintendo hardware generally performs much better it very often has no real killer software until the holiday of the following year.

      This is a game that will sell consoles actually Inafune is very good at that kind of thing. Ever notice that a number of his projects were actually a big help in solidifying a console’s install base? The most recent example being Dead Rising, a game Capcom also was reluctant to greenlight.

      Point is, people beat up on 3DS but they’re not really being fair. Its not the second coming of handhelds but it is a damn good one.

      • As good as MML3 might have been, I doubt it would have pushed that many 3DSs.

        MML and MML2 had very poor sales and I expect MML3 would have performed similarly.

        • I wasn’t even aware that Mega Man Legends was a big a deal as it apparently is until a few dozen fans kindly informed me that I have no clue who Mega Man is.

          • Guest

            He is a combination of Tetsuwon Atom (Astro Boy) and Casshern Robot Hunter…

          • I don’t think it was necessarily the blow to the cult following for a cancellation announce more than the actual give and take between fans and devs alike.

            How much of that there actually was leading up to this is what people would like to know.

          • As the old saying goes, too many cooks spoil the soup.

        • Yeah Mega Man fans alone would of bought a 3DS for it, it would of still have been a good push towards the 3DS’s library.  If games keep getting cancelled that is not going to make the consumer confident in the platform.

      • BelmontHeir

        I’m not trying to beat up the 3DS. I bought mine at launch and I love it. I was looking forward to MML3. But as others have pointed out, MML1 and 2 didn’t sell that well. They can’t put the original games on PSN to drum up hype due to “licensing issues.” And the 3DS doesn’t have the install base to justify funding niche games (yet) for a big publisher like Capcom.

        • Ah, I apologize then, I misunderstood. I wil say this tho, they said the same thing about Strider in MvC, and they said it was “impossible” to make costume packs because it would involve changing the model. Capcom has a knack for lying, completely possible this is one of those cases.

          I mean they did re-release them on PSP which is a current gen handheld.

    • If the full game came at 2012, it probably would of done ‘okay’.  Nintendo’s titles coming and sell more 3DS units it may of helped its fans get the handheld.
      Now, there are people who may not get a 3DS due to MML3.  This situation went either way.

    • Most folks typically wait for a game they want to be released, rather than buying the system right away and waiting. This is especially true for a game that was never green-lit. I can’t help but feel Capcom didn’t try hard enough to save the project.

      If they expected people to buy a 3DS ahead of time all the while reminding fans that the game hasn’t been given the go ahead for full development, then they were expecting far too much from fans. That’s like having someone move across the country because they “may or may not” have a job when they arrive.

      They also canned it before fans even got the Prototype Version. What happened to gauging the fans’ enthusiasm based on this? They apparently cancelled it because of a lack of excitement from fans. It’s like we didn’t even get a chance to show them.

      It was a risky game I’m sure, but Capcom fudged up here in my humble opinion.

  • They’ll probably resurrect the project to vita but  expect a lot of DLC that will “support the project” typical capcom only to later release a full upgraded version at retailers, I hate capcom they’ve been pulling this crap all of the time.

  • KotaroInugami

    Bottem line, I just want to hear the black and white facts. They were vague from the start saying “It failed to meet certain criteria,” and I want to know what that criteria was.

    People want to assume it didn’t get enough support in the development room, or its because Inafune left, but I look at these as blanket statements angry fans use to sooth themselves and others.

  • Inafune never said anything like that and ‘self-xenophobia’ makes absolutely no sense.

    • puchinri

      He kind of did talk down on Japan (as far as game development goes) and really… Er, overly praise the Western devs. It’s not that he was entirely wrong, but he definitely exaggerated both sides and was pretty condescending about it to me.

      • PersonaBull

         Development practices, not art/style/gameplay. The uphill battle of getting games approved and not tampered with throughout development is the problem he wants solved. He doesn’t want space marines, he just wants visions to become a reality without being bastardized shadows of the initial idea.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    All in which were before mvc2. Remakes and ports don’t count as new.

  • ZBaksh386

    Damn it.

  • Guest

    Lol so even Inafune doesn’t own a 3DS? 

    that says a lot…

    • That’s not what I read. I read he just didn’t buy a 3DS for this game, but he’d have liked to play the Prototype Version.

  • Guest



    I guess it is the fanbase fault.  At least now they should realize the audience the game had…

    • KotaroInugami

      Wow, just wow. :/

  • Inafune its not ur fault, you don’t have to apologize.  The one at fault is Capcom thinking a good game won’t sell :l,  they’re too busy wasting money on Re Versions of the same game and stupid crossovers

  • Here’s a good question:!/CapcomEuro/status/93720826087620608

    Why is it the fans’ fault per what Capcom Euro tweets?

    • BelmontHeir

      I really have no words. As someone I know put it, this is a giant middle finger to the fans.

      • Not sure what the story is.  The other tweet to it is this:!/CapcomEuro/status/93720402160926720

        ‘We weren’t asking people to do much but response to dev rooms was cool at best’

        It’s a strong bet I’m pulling this out of context but it just seems to me that they’re saying that we weren’t showing enough interest out of the amount of feedback we were giving them.  How much ‘feedback’ they wanted is the question and how much of a cop out that really is would be yet another one.

        • They didn’t release the prototype either, which was a clever marketing tool.  With it they could of not only gained more support for the dev room with suggestions on fixing the game but they could of reached to other forums for advice and discussion.

          What foolish fool foolishly cancels at a foolishly foolish time.

        • RupanIII

          Just checked that link.

          “My inbox is literally being swamped with this one. I’ve no direct
          confirmation if this is true or not, but I feel this is worth a mention.
          According to users on 4chan’s /v/ video games board, fans discussing
          Mega Man or cosplaying as Mega Man characters are being removed from
          Capcom’s San Diego Comic-Con booth:”

          If true, wow Capcom.

    • JustaGenericUser

      Ahhhhhahahahahaha, oh wow.

      Someone spread this sh** around, ’cause such stupdity and hilarity needs to be witnessed by all.

    • godmars

      And all I can say is they should have put it on the regular DS if not the PSP.

      • PSP would of been worse than 3DS, considering its condition in the west (but in Japan would of been good).  DS is dying but at least the audience is still big.  Since they didn’t localize Investigations 2 I doubt Capcom cares about the DS anymore.

        • Thomas Maloney

          Don’t care, I’d just import it if they put it on the PSP (since I doubt CoA would bring it overseas).

    • ‘it’s a shame the fans didn’t want to get more involved’
      That’s total BS. Did they want the fans to come and do the game for them, minus the pay?

    • RupanIII

      Wow. Talk about a low-blow. It’s already a PR nightmare, then they try to sweep it all under the rug by blaming the fans? I don’t even know how to respond.

  • Hoho, banned! :D

  • FireCouch

    Oh my god.  You are such a fool.

  • kevinposta

    Even if I dislike his opinion about the current gaming industry… I sympathize with him this time. He always expressed he wanted Mega Man legends 3 to be developed. The one time it does, it gets canned before it gets any possibility.
    It must be sad to see the character you designed and loved is being ignored by the company…

  • If it was out of his control, what’s he apologizing for? I wanna hear it from the jackasses who gave up on this thing in the first place!

  • Guest

    Inafune you shoulda quit after you completed the game. Finish what you start if you really cared for the project and its fans…

    Or could it be crazy Capcom execs pulling an Akuma death super getting back at Inafune leaving by killing his abandoned love child project?

  • Yeah, there’s just no excuse for this. Sorry Inafune. 

  • Hope they let him make the next MegaMan game.

  • Inafune-san seems like a nice guy. This is a nice gesture from him.

  • This is very nice, but I think he should’ve quit after he finished the game. Then again, he quit even before they announced the game, so it’s not really his decision at that time right? Keiji was treated badly, and I wouldn’t blame him if he quit a company full of trolls. So obviously, he’s not at fault here. I’m hating on Capcom, not Keiji, or better yet and quite possibly, hating only the president and chairman of Capcom, because are they not the ones that makes all the decisions of the games? Maybe one day the fighting group of Capcom will quit too and make the games that we, the fans, and they, the creators, will love, and won’t LIE TO OUR FACES, HOPEFULLY!! >:(

  • You know what would have been nice? IF HE ACTUALLY EXPLAINED WHY HE CANCELLED IT!! God, does Keiji suck.

    • To Steve:

      Dude, they canned it because it wasn’t what they wanted it to be.

    • Elijah Anderson

      He wasn’t working at Capcom anymore and didn’t cancel it, derp herp.

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