Square Enix Hired A Marvel Comics Artist For Heroes Of Ruin

By Spencer . July 20, 2011 . 6:30pm

Early in its development cycle, n-Space was quietly working on Heroes of Ruin without Square Enix. The developer shopped around for a publisher and struck a deal with Square Enix’s London Studio. Like most titles, developers have to send ideas and art for approval. The publisher sends back suggestions, if necessary, and the two parties discuss the direction of the game.


Square Enix decided to touch up n-Space’s art and they hired Adi Granov who created covers for Captain America and X-Men volumes to do it. “This work was done by Adi Granov that Square [Enix] had hired to do artwork. We set up all of the initial art and internally created the character classes. All of that goes through an approval process where we send it to Square and they offer their input,” Chris Bromby, art director at n-Space, said in a Siliconera interview.




“This is a different artist’s interpretation of what we have in game, a very talented artist,” Tim Schwalk, producer at n-Space, added. This piece of key art showcases the four classes in the Nintendo 3DS game – the Savage, Vindicator, Gunslinger, and Alchitech. Of course, the characters look different in game and I asked Bromby about the transition from concept art to 3D models.


RUIN_2 “One of the challenges working with the 3DS is the screen real estate. You can’t take a realistically proportioned character and convey them on the screen as well. We have a slightly stylized look to the game just because the proportions need to be exaggerated so they can be readable on the screen. That’s where we worked with Square to come up with a good look for our game,” Bromby explained.


Heroes of Ruin will be available early next year.

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  • The comic looks fierce. The guy in the top left corner looks similar to Wolverine.

    “You can’t take a realistically proportioned character and convey them on the screen as well.” When they are able to do something like that, it’ll be in the next generation of handheld video games.

  • that… actually sounds kinda appealing

  • Now this is how you reach out to American audiences, since the bottom line for us western gamers is *we enjoy Japanese gameplay*.

    Bonus points for Square Enix, hiring a Marvel comic book artist, since in the eyes of western gamers, comic books are the only form of entertainment that can top video games… in America!

    • mangusbrother

      personally though i prefer more japanese-styled games. the more western they get they tend to have more gore, muscle and swearing. A clear sign of this is probably seen in the Nier Gestalt/Replicant games. Very rarely do i find these kind of games appealing so i will see this as a step backwards rather than a step forward.
      Square (and also Square Enix) have always taken pride in their graphics which always excelled above others. As long as these stay appealing to my tastes and the story stays as awesome as usual i won’t complain. However american style comics reduce the quality quite a bit imo.

      • I understand your preference for Japanese art, but blame the obnoxious minority, who claimed they were spoiled by Nomura’s style and Square Enix ate up that red herring.  >_<'

        Personally, I too think this is blatant pandering to the western "we hate JRPG" crowd.

        • mangusbrother

          SE shouldn’t try to satisfy that crowd by displeasing the huge magority who accept se for what they truly are known for.
          Nomura and amano are the true geniuses behind se’s art. there’s no way se should expect their long time fans to simply accept some wester comic artist as a new head artist.

          • Hraesvelgr

            They should expect long-time fans to deal with it because that is what any reasonable person would do, so long as the product itself is good. Art style generally has absolutely nothing to do with whether a game is good or not, and the people that complain about it are typically just looking for something trivial to complain about.

  • You forgot Granov’s most important Marvel work: he was the artist on Iron Man: Extremis, where he redesigned the Iron Man armor into what was ultimately seen in the movies. He also did some design work and promotional art for both Iron Man movies, I believe.


  • badmoogle

    I called it the first time i saw this artwork and i didn’t even knew who the artist was.:p
    The poses,characters,colors and the overall gloss just scream Marvel.

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