Kirby Wii’s Actual Name Is…

By Spencer . July 21, 2011 . 11:00am

kirbywiiKirby Returns to Dreamland. A Nintendo rep mentioned it while I saw the Wii game.


This Kirby title brings the pink protagonist back to his roots. It’s a platformer where four players can work together and ride each other. No, there aren’t four Kirbys. You have to play Kirby Mass Attack if you want to control a small Kirby army. The other characters are Meta Knight, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede.


Check Kris’ hands-on impressions of Kirby Returns to Dreamland for more about the upcoming game. Nintendo plans to release the game this fall.

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  • And ride each other? What?
    EDIT: Oh sorry, I guess that meant and ride with each other. :X

    On a side note, I’d love to be waddle deeee. The eternal underdog.

    •  Actually, I think they meant ride each other. See Dedede in Kirby 64.

      • Kris

        That’s correct, Kirby and friends stack.

        And it is adorable.

    • I want to play as all four, but single player is tied to just Kirby isn’t it?
      Waddle Dee looks most interesting with that awesome spear.

  • Finally, a game that is worth playing from Nintendo will be released not too soon. It’s about time. Most of the releases lately did not appeal to me at all. I am looking forward to this and Kirby Mass attack. Now, I have to wait on those number of Mario games for the 3DS to come out and my 3DS collection of games will be complete. By then, some other appealing game would be announced.

  • Syltique

    I heard that they were going to include a subtitle originally, but changed it at the last minute.

    “Kirby Returns to Dreamland (Along with any chance of a Xenoblade or The Last Story NA Release!)”

    Kind of catchy.  I’ll probably get this game.

  • Kirby will be a wonderful game, I hate it how the people that complains about wii not having any games this year won’t try some wonderful games released in the whole life of the wii, unplayed gems like Little king’s story, Sakura Wars  among many many under rated games on the wii

    • puchinri

      Seriously. (And your icon fits so perfectly!)
      But usually, people use this as an excuse to whine about the games they don’t get so it doesn’t matter if they are missing out on other great games.

      • Sadly so called hardcore gamers (mainly fps fans or graphic whores) wont try other genres just because they dont fit with their stupid standards, as a recommendation please try Sakura Wars and Fragile, disclaimer: Nothing against FPS but I’ve found most of their fan base to be closed minded when it comes to trying other games.

        • puchinri

          That’s very true. I’ve noticed a lot of games some of the so called “hardcore gamers” won’t play just because of the genre (or even graphics and/or art style). Fragile is definitely on my list, and I am looking at Sakura Wars myself.

  • Zonic505

    What a fitting name, considering the last “true” Kirby game (yes, Kirby’s Epic Yarn was great, but it was originally a new IP, but they put Kirby in it to make it more appealing) was Kirby 64. I seriously can’t wait to get this.

    • Someone never played Amazing Mirror, Squeak Squad (even if it was short), or Super Star Ultra.

      • Zonic505

        Sorry, should’ve been more clear.

        True Kirby game on CONSOLES. I’m fully aware he’s had quite a few games on GBA & DS.

        • Let’s not forget our little pink friend got his start on the Gameboy. so don’t spit on his handheld games as some kind of less-important spin-off.

  • It’s about time, Nintendo.  It’s about time.

  • Jirin

    Can they spit each other as projectiles?

    Cause that would be awesome.

    • Kris

      They can! Kirby can actually use all three of his allies as projectiles simultanously.

  • puchinri

    I feel it kind of literally brings him back to stuff, I swear I saw a stage that was almost a Wii’d up version of one from Canvas Curse. But that’s still fun too~. I just wish there was more 64/Crystal Shards in this, what with it being a console Kirby. ;u;
    (Will we ever get another Air Ride? Maybe for Wii U? With online still~?)

  • Where did he go?

  • Bakuryukun

    I really hope that there is a Zero3 at the end of this one, they need to revisit the whole Dark Matter thing again.

    • Airbaton

      I agree I really liked the jarring tonal shift of some of the older games with Zero and Zero2.

  • AJ

    Not to complain, I like the concept of this game, but I heard that Kirby is the quintessential character to get around stages.  I know that might seem obvious at first, but with multiple playable characters, it seems strange.  In New Super Mario Bros Wii, a toad could get around just fine.  So, why not this time?  I mean, a Meta Knight run would be a ton of fun.

    • Unfortunately, the co-op in this game DOES suffer a bit from “The 1p is god” syndrome. The first player is the only one who can enter doors and copy abilities, and the abilities of the other characters don’t really allow you to navigate through the levels entirely, though they are useful for beating bosses quickly and clearing the road of blocks and enemies.

      It’s still fun, though a bit limiting. I know this because I played a demo of this game at the Nintendo Gaming Lounge at the Comic-con.

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