No "Professional" Monsters In Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2

By Spencer . July 21, 2011 . 1:10am


Japan has two versions of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, the original release from 2010 and Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional which has even more monsters to scout. Nintendo is bringing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 to North America on September 19th.


And to clarify it’s just Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. None of the content from Professional is in the localized version.


I played a demo of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 where my character, JOKER2, scouted a slime and chimera. Rory Bellows (Square Enix loves their puns) guided me through the menus and warned me about a giant snake (pictured). The game switched to a dual screen cutscene of the snake slithering through a tunnel.


Like the original Dragon Quest Monsters Joker you cannot control your monsters. After you choose "fight" your team decides which enemy to target and attacks to use. New to Joker 2 is you have three monsters under your control. I meandered through a cave, occasionally surprising monsters by touching them while their backs were turned. Battles, at least in the demo, weren’t a challenge. Once I had a chimera on my side monsters were no match for JOKER2 (all caps).

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  • shadowind

    I’m truly disappointed that this isn’t the Professional version that’s coming out in English. I guess this is one game that I’ll be skipping if they can’t be bothered to bring out the upgraded version.

    • I concur. My pre-order just went out the window. I’m tired of Japanese companies handing us the inferior versions of their products as though to say “Here, we gave you something, now quit complaining.”

      I don’t see why we should eat scraps while the others get steak.

      • Wasn’t a so-called “inferior” version released in the Japanese marketplace first by a Japanese publisher and *then* Professional was sold separately as a second game? Going by your analogy, scraps were served before steak.

        Not saying what’s right or wrong, merely throwing this out there as food for thought.

        • EusisLandale

          So, running for the food metaphors, would it be better to say we’re just getting the appetizers while they got the appetizer and the meal?

          • Exkaiser

            I’d say they got a juicy steak and then a second steak with onions on top.

          • It’s more like they order a two-pound steak, get a one-and-a-half pound steak, and later order a two-pound again and this time actually get  the full two pound steak

          • Exkaiser

            @facebook-100001526135754:disqus  You kidding me? I’m pretty certain the original Joker 2 was a full game.

      • landlock

        Don’t forget Nintendo had to license this off of SquareEnix there not doing it themselves and they need to make a profit. Chances are the license for DQM Pro was more money as it’s a newer game.

        SquareEnix is known to have high license fees at the best of times.

        • kupomogli

          Other than a portion of the sales going to Square Enix, I’m sure this cost Nintendo absolutely nothing to release the game in the states.  Just as long as they are the ones localizing it.  Reason I’m assuming this is that the agreement was for Nintendo to make Dragon Quest popular in the west for Dragon Quest 9 to be released on the Wii.  Obviously we have no idea what the contract fully entails, but it may have meant every Dragon Quest game on the DS, or maybe every Dragon Quest game this console generation.

      • shadowind

        I agree with you there although at least Namdai were good enough to give us God Eater Burst instead of the original version.

        • MrDolomite

          Have they even put up any DLC quests since the preorder ones?

          • lag0morph

            Yes, they have.

          • SirTeffy

            Actually, no. They haven’t. And they won’t be bringing any more DLC over, either.

          • MrDolomite

            Unlocking the preorder DLC for everyone isn’t exactly the same thing. I was looking more towards seeing if they were ever going to update the game with Yaksha Raja and Ravana, but it looks like that’s not the case.
            And that’s disappointing.

      • Phoenix_Apollo

        Be happy we’re getting this at all though. Can’t say the same about Fire Emblem DS 2 or Ace Attorney Investigations 2.

        • It’s all well and good that they threw us a bone, but all the Western market is doing is reinforcing the mentality that we’re okay with receiving an inferior product when we go out en masse and purchase it regardless.

          There are plenty of great games I’d love to get in America, such as Soma Bringer, Cross Treasures, Onechanbara Special, Another Century’s Episode and more, so I am glad we’re actually getting the game, but I won’t reinforce the idea that we’re content to receive a lesser product. Sooner or later, something has got to change.

  • urbanscholar

    I would imagine us getting the vanilla version came down to localization resources. I still would have liked all the bells and whistles of professional myself though

  • I’d like the better one too but no way in hell I’m skipping it.  i waited forever to play the second one after the first.  Plus we don’t know the circumstances.  This is not going to be a large selling game.  if the cost for the proffessional was prohibitive to Nintendo, isn’t it better they just release the first one, rather than neither?  If i had told you you could have regular or neither, would you have chose Neither?

    i think peopel assumed they’d get Pro and that’s why there are so upset about this.

  • I’m disappointed, but I’m still getting his game. Hopefully sales of DQM2 inspire a Professional release (I kinda doubt it, though).

  • kupomogli

    How long has Joker 2 Professional been out and Nintendo can’t do the minimal localization additional it would be to release that one instead?  I’m sure behind the scenes Nintendo is being forced to release Joker 2 due to that agreement they made with Square Enix and definitely not out of the goodness of their hearts. 

    Nintendo has proved time and time again the lack of respect they have for their fans.

    • Considering Nintendo is probably the only reason Dragon Quest IX and VI got released in this country at all, let alone published in respectable numbers, I respectfully disagree.

      They should’ve released the Pro version though- I can’t imagine they’ll do it later unless they’re required to release every DQ game on a Nintendo platform. (Which they might be, since even freakin’ Itadaki Street is making it to the US…)

  • Zero_Destiny

    Well this is my most anticipated game for my DS. ^_^ Joker 1 was pretty fun. Not as good as the original Monsters games but I loved it all the same. So glad we can get to play Joker 2 in English. T-Minus 37 days until it comes out. I can’t wait for it. XD I need a new Dragon Quest game to put endless hours into leveling up and exploring. It’s the only way satisfy my  gamer heart.

  • I’ve never been a big fan of the Monster spin-off series, but I do find it odd that they would choose to release the earliest version, instead of the most recent one here in the West.

    And for those saying they’re being lazy, consider the fact that every time we got a Dragon Quest game in the West, it’s always been updated of over the Japanese release (from as simple as a save feature and touching up the graphics in the original, to adding voice overs and fully changing the inventory screens in VIII). I think this has something to Nintendo’s policy lately, with regards to releasing Dragon Quest titles. Every DQ game released on the DS was basically unaltered from their PS counterparts, and in some cases, lost features, like party banter in IV.

    I can’t say what their thought process is, maybe they just don’t want to invest anymore into their current platforms (DS and Wii) in America, and so we’re not getting the best treatment as we would like. Or maybe they just don’t want to risk much more on Dragon Quest then they have to (which is odd, you’d think selling the most complete version would be a better marketing strategy).

    Either way; we can just hope for Dragon Quest X to receive a better all-around marketing strategy, as it is one of the main games in the franchise.

    • Zero_Destiny

      Nintendo has put tons of money into Marketing Dragon Quest. Dragon Quest IX had a huge and I mean HUGE campaign to advertise it. Other niche game series like this couldn’t even dream to have such a big campaign. The advertisement for Dragon Quest VI wasn’t as big but Nintendo ran both internet and magazine ads which is still pretty good advertisement for niche games like this.

      Likewise Nintendo had absolutely nothing what so ever to do with Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V, and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1. Those we’re all handled by Square Enix themselves. The DS carts are smaller too. It’s harder to add or change things on a DS cart. You’re working with very little amount of data. Especially in Dragon Quest IX’s case. It pretty much fills up the game cart to it’s maximum amount.

      • Well you know they could just you know re-code the game for a larger cart

        Hell Professional, IIRC, barely takes anything up on a 256mb card, so they don’t even have to do that.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Why go through all the expenses to re-record all the data for Dragon Quest IX to add stuff for it and then go for a very big campaign. You’d have to be insane and not want to make money. I mean the campaign for IX helped a lot and brought about the largest numbers in Dragon Quest history in the west but it was still only a bit above 1 million copies. You’d have to be insane if you want to take such a massive game and reprogram it to add something not needed then make a massive campaign and then only sell 1 million copies.That’s just dumb no offense. :P

  • dude must not have playd the first one right… i had alot of control over MY monsterz… im really jazzd bout us getting the second one even if it IZ the reg n not the pro

  • Lol you didn’t play this correctly then haha :P You can have full control over your monsters if you so choose. It’s much more fun ^^

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