El Shaddai Designer’s Dream Game Is An Action Game With An Akira-Like Setting

By Spencer . July 22, 2011 . 5:34pm

image Sawaki Takeyasu, the lead designer on El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, doesn’t work at Ignition. He runs his own company called Crim, which released  "Gideon: The Man whom God disliked" shortly after El Shaddai’s launch in Japan. Square Enix plan to release a drama CD of Gideon next month.


"I’m still waiting to be called on for future titles," Takeyasu said speaking with Siliconera. Before working on El Shaddai, Takeyasu was part of Clover Studio and the Okami team. Since the idea for El Shaddai came from UTV Ignition in Europe, I asked Takeyasu what kind of game does he want to create.


"I would want to create an action game with a high tech, but abandoned world. Something like Akira. I think that would be fun."


"Do you think UTV Ignition would support your game," I asked. Takeyasu kindly said, "I would like for them to support my idea." Readers, would you want Ignition to support Takeyasu’s idea?

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  • Why has this not happened yet? Someone support this man’s dream immediately!

  • MCoelho

    I’m surprised that still didn’t happened, do it right now sir, while that i wait for El Shaddai’s US release.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    I would really want Ignition to support Takeyasu’s idea!
    Akira-like setting? HELL YEAH!!!

    • OMG, yes please Takeyasu-san! I loved the bike chapter on El-Shaddai and REALLY felt the Akira influence. I hope the other regions embrace your title when it’s released

      • Shinji Kazuya

        I keep forgetting about the El Shaddai demo. Is it already up on Europe?

      • Belenger

        Bike level was so refreshing and random, felt like a mock to FF13 looked GOOD and worked quite right, the whole game was an aesthetic experience.

        Truly enjoyable experience of 2011, its going to be so hated by button smashing people, sort of Shin megami tensei pure action game.

  • Wake

    Based on the demo I’m having mixed feelings over El Shaddai. It’s a beautiful looking game but it’s the perfect definition of style over substance. I’m still not dismissing it and I’ll probably wait for reviews and opinions if there’s actually more to the game than its style.

    A cyberpunk sandbox game has been a sort of dream game of mine. I know it probably won’t happen but I really wish Rockstar would somehow make a cyberpunk, steampunk or Fantasy type of free roam game. But luckily Deus Ex, Prey 2, Skyrim and Dragon’s Dogma are coming to fill my Sci-Fi/Fantasy needs.

  • Steven

    I think it sounds like a very cool idea. So yeah, I’d like it if they supported it.

    I’ve always thought that a Ghost in the Shell sandbox-like game would be awesome.

  • imaguni

    And jeans, of course. :> But I’m definitely all for this idea!

  • puchinri

    That would be awesome~. I hope he gets to work on that kind of game at some point.

  • vrakanox


  • Between Magic: the Gathering and various other media, I can’t  help but feel that I’ve fallen in love with the name Gideon.

  • Room201

    If I had the funds to create unique and artistic games, I would call you Takeyasu, I would call you.

  • The gaming world today is starving for more originality. I’m all for your dream game Takeyasu!

  • LezardValeth

    A post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world dominated by rioting and biker gangs and under the control of an oppressive military/government? And we’ll be making this into a video game you say?

    Take my money, you can have it.

    • PrinceHeir

      that would be badass :)

      imagine roaming out of the streets, people beating each other, lots of protests, guns everywhere.

      that would be amazing :)

  • I think you have most if not the entire readership of Siliconera at your back supporting you.

  • sandra10

    I’m very confused. Is Gideon a game? If so, is there any info on it?

    • Gideon is a book and soon to be a drama CD (imagine like a radio drama, but on CD). It isn’t a game.

  • I’d definitely buy it. I’d be crazy not to!

    Especially thanks to that one high-tech world in El Shaddai. TAKE MY MONEY.

  • Scallion

    Uh, yes.

  • 100% YES. There would be nothing greater.

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