Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Interview On Character Choices And Rebalancing

By Spencer . July 22, 2011 . 6:33pm


Shortly after the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 announcement, we met up with Ryota Niitsuma, Producer, to discuss the updated game. Our discussion started with DLC since it was a hot topic in the comments. Then we moved on to character choices and balancing before talking about simulation games.


Will owners of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 be able to upgrade their game to Ultimate through downloadable content?


Ryota Niitsuma, Producer: Right now, we’re only thinking about releasing a disc version.


Was there a data issue like Super Street Fighter IV?


Given the development schedule, there wasn’t enough time to work out all of the details to release it as downloadable content, as well. Also, for the reason you mentioned, there is so much data in the game it was easier to go this route.


Last time we talked about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, rights for Strider were the reason he didn’t make it in the game. How did you work out those issues?


We were able to get over the hurdle about the rights with Strider. I think one of the things that helped with that is there are a lot of fans out there that really wanted to see Strider in this game. He’s been a popular character since he appeared in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and a lot of people were disappointed that he wasn’t in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Because of that, we knew if we ever went beyond 3 we would try to put Strider in the game. Because that’s one of the characters that fans, more than any other, requested for. I think that really helped us clear the rights issues with Strider.




How is Strider different from his appearance in Marvel vs. Capcom 2?


His basic attacks are all pretty powerful. When it comes to his gameplay and moves, not much has changed from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The biggest change with Strider would be his hyper combos, that is where we made the most changes to. With his level three hyper combo, we decided to give him two different level three attacks. I think he’s the only character in the game who has two different types of level three hyper combos.


Firebrand is an interesting and surprising choice. Did you add him because the Gargoyle’s Quest titles are coming to the 3DS virtual console?1


Adding Firebrand in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 didn’t have anything to do with any other plans with the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series. The decision to put him in was independent of that.


We were looking for an interesting character on the Capcom side, we were thinking of using a character that could fight in the air. Since we decided on that, we thought if there is anything we could do to get some sort of monster or creature-like character. That lead us in the direction of Firebrand.


He’s a fun character. He’s not as well known as the other characters in the game, but I think if you play as him, he’s a real technical character. There’s a lot of depth to Firebrand and the more you play as him the more fun you will have.


1. While it is not available in North America yet, Gargoyle’s Quest is available as a Virtual Console download in Japan’s eShop.



He may not fly, but the Felyne [from Monster Hunter] is an interesting character.


One of the reasons is it wasn’t just about the appearance in determining which creature character to choose. We wanted their movements and the way the behaved to be creature-like. If it came down to a choice between Felyne and Firebrand, Firebrand is more creature-like all around.


What can you tell us about Phoenix Wright?


Unfortunately, the character roster for this game is out in the open. Everyone knows the names and faces of the characters that are going to be in the game and Phoenix Wright is one of them.


Right now, we’re not saying much about him yet. We still have a lot of surprises in store in regards to all of the other characters in terms of gameplay footage and what they can do. We’ll be making that information available as we progress leading up to the release of the game. Yes, those characters are out there, but we’re not speaking much to them. At this point, we want to discuss the four characters that have been announced.


I noticed there was a Mega Man Legends stage, but Mega Man himself isn’t in the roster. Why isn’t a version of him in the game?


I’m sorry, there is no Mega Man in Ultimate. We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut.



There aren’t as many X-Men this time around, but Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has a lot of Avengers. How were the Marvel characters selected?


When it came to the new Marvel characters for this game, we pretty much went with all of Marvel’s suggestions. We pretty much followed the list of characters they wanted for the game character for character. Maybe Marvel had some intentions for choosing that list and they wanted to focus on Avengers characters. On our side, when we were putting characters in the game, we didn’t think they were choosing Avengers over X-Men.


What kind of rebalancing did you do for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3?


There have been a lot of changes based on user feedback. We wanted to try to respond to certain requests to balance out issues and we’ve made an effort on that end. I wouldn’t say there has been a huge overhaul, but there has been some tweaking to the basic components of the game.


One example is the team air combo, we revised that a bit. You can do it at different times and the way you can incorporate it into your fighting style is a little different from the last game. You can knock a person way up into the top screen, middle level or knock them down. There are also certain moves where you can inflict nearly a meters worth of damage with one hit. In terms of that, we’ve done a lot of balancing all around.


Did you adjust the X-Factor system?


The biggest difference between Ultimate and the previous version is you can do the X-Factor in the air now. There aren’t any other big changes to it, I would say.


If you activate the X-Factor when you have one or two characters left, we tweaked the balance on it in terms of the strength and speed it gives your character.


Will Marvel vs. Capcom 3 have a story mode this time? I remember Frank Tieri from Marvel saying he was working on making a storyline for the game.


In terms of what Mr. Tieri was talking about, we focused our effort on the character endings, win quotes, and things like that. There is no official story mode that carries the game through. But, we added a few elements to expand on what’s there, but it isn’t a complete story mode that goes from beginning to end.


Since Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is built on MT Framework have you thought about bringing the game to other platforms?


I can’t really say we’re considering that right now. We’ll see how everything goes leading up to the release of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and also how sales do there. It’s not impossible, but we have not explored that option yet.


You worked on a number of Vs. series games, but if you weren’t designing those, what kind of game would you make?


Hmm… I think I’ve mentioned one time or another when I asked what kinds of games I like. I am charge of the Vs. series fighting games, but I do enjoy puzzle and simulation games. If I had a chance, I’d like to make a game like that.


And what Capcom character would you like to use for a simulation game?


I’m not sure what character would be a good fit. If I were to make a simulation game, I would make a protagonist that would suit that kind of game and maybe I could incorporate other Capcom characters as the supporting cast.

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  • Mega man didn’t enter the top part of the ranking? Um….if I recalled Mega man X did! So much bs capcom….so much bs

    • NanaMiku

      to Capcom, Mega Man is already dead. not only there’s no Mega Man in UMvC3, the also canned Mega Man Legends 3

      • Capcom does not care about Mega Man. Why should you?

        • Sweet, have Capcom sell the rights to the franchise to Inafune or another development company who do care about Mega Man and that will settle everything, right.

          • Hmmmm, like Nintendo… or CyberConnect2???!!! That would rule. But if Inafune got it, that would kick ass. I kinda wish that Yuji Naka and Inafune teamed up lol. That would blow my socks off.

    • xhunter

      Back when Zero was announced before MVC3 was out, they mentionned choosing Zero because Megaman doesn’t fit the fighting genre all that well with his buster and ability stealing and all. Seriously, Megaman was always weird and boring in fighters, I don’t see why you want him in here.

      • The fact that they said that the characters that was choosen was purely based off of the fan’s choice proved that Ryota Niitsuma is lying out his ass. There are plenty of polls that said Mega man X was wanted even on capcom’s community forum, their own god damn forum said that he was ranked 1 by the fans, it shows that game companys don’t give a rats ass about what the fan wants and that they can do whatever the hell they want. Yes Classic Megaman is like wtf, but X will fit better in this universe, cause 1 it’s not kidish, and two….look at freaking Hawkeye, he’s projectile out the ass…no diffference if X was put in, and if you played all of the X series, X does get more than just a buster, he have all the armor systems, all the different charge attacks of the bosses items, he have zero’s saber in X6, he even have armors where they are just tanks, Gaea armor ring a bell?

        • xhunter

          So what, X would switch armors midbattles? That’s impossible to incorporate succesfully in a moveset without wasting an unreasonable amount of time planning and testing this to balance it and make it fun. As for Zero’s blade, well Zero’s there, that would be copying his moveset a bit too much. And X being reaslistic and not “kiddish” has nothing to do with it. Arthur and Wright are already enough out of place, that wouldn’t be a problem.

          • oh and Aurthur switching armor in the game doesn’t waste unreasonable time? On top of that it doesn’t mean he switches different armor give him one Armor, the Ultimate armor would do the trick as they seem to went with that in X5 when you had to fight when while playing as Zero, look the point is that Capcom doesn’t give two shits about what the people want, and with that they’ll lose alot of supporters, which makes companies who they are today, cause they have people buying games from them cause they want to support their favorite franchise

          • xhunter

            Arthur switches armor midbattles in his game. X doesn’t.

            And my point is, they said way before MVC3 was out that Megaman was out of the question. The fact you guys even voted for him in the first place probably only showed them that you guys don’t care what THEY say either.

          • Asura

            “That’s impossible to incorporate succesfully in a moveset without
            wasting an unreasonable amount of time planning and testing this to
            balance it and make it fun.”

            In other words, Capcom is lazy and doesn’t care about the fans.

          • xhunter

            Or you think making fighting games is easier than it really is.

            I mean… it is possible. It’s also possible to include 150 characters in a game. It’s possible… but is it worth the effort at that point?

          • neon6

            Same reason Venom didn’t make the cut.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            How is X switching armors so much worse than Amaterasu switching weapons?

          • xhunter

            I don’t know about Okami, but I know X doesn’t change armors at will during his missions. + as far as gameplay goes, I think changing weapons with Amaterasu wasn’t fun.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            It’s true, X doesn’t change armors at will during his missions, but phoenix wright also doesn’t get into super brawls with people in the court room, yet he’s in the game

          • xhunter

            And yet I think Phoenix could possibly have a better moveset than X. He’s gonna be ridiculous but it’s why he’s probably the one character I want the most so far. Seeing X go physical would be boring since it’s, ya know, Megaman, and him having ranged attacks with his buster and abilities would be boring to play with or against. Phoenix is just gonna be ridiculous, like Roll was. They still gonna be fun to play with.

      • “Megaman doesn’t fit the fighting genre all that well with his buster and ability stealing and all”.


        So many possible combat styles and attacks…They just don´t care about him.

        • xhunter

          Go ahead and make it happen then if it’s that easy to make.

          • Asura

            If you ever get horrible treatment from an airline company and voice it, I’m sure others will tell you to go and make your own airline company and make sure the customers are satisfied.

            In other words, your post is stupid.

          • Exkaiser

            You know what, I’ll make my own airline company.

            With blackjack! And hookers!

          • xhunter

            The thing is, I won’t. Because I realize I wouldn’t be able to do it and that it’s much, much harder than it looks.

            Same with making a good, balanced and fun fighting game.

      • Do you work for Capcom or something? Every one of your posts is coming off as “I personally don’t like the idea of Mega Man in, so everyone who does is stupid”.

        • xhunter

          That’s pretty much it. Megaman in a fighting game is a pretty absurd idea if you ask me. He really didn’t work well in MVC2 if you ask me, why would he now?

          • Guest

            Megaman Volnutt was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom and…..ok you seriously going to tell me Roll and Phoenix Wright make more sense as fighters than Mega Man?

            Some serious Kool Aid you’re drinking there pal..

          • xhunter

            And Volnutt was not fun to use in Tatsunoko.

            Roll was fun. Really fun. I liked what they did with her in both Tatsunoko and MVC2. But you can’t have Megaman and make a really normal fighting game moveset. Megaman without using his buster and weapons isn’t Megaman anymore. But using stuff like his weapons with Volnutt just doesn’t make a fun fighting game experience.

            We’ll see for Phoenix Wright. But yes, they make more sense. Because the end result can, even if not faithful to their original incarnation, be awesome.

  • Yu_TheKing

    I just wanna see the rest of the character trailers.

    No use crying over spilt milk I suppose.

  • Blah blah blah is all I hear when Crapcom speaks. Constant BS is not good

    • Altritter

      Constant bitching isn’t, either.

      • well that’s clearly how I feel. No “bitching” here.
        Opinionated people will be Opinionated

      • MPHavoc

        That’s an ironic statment, considering “constant bitching” is the reason we’re getting these new characters in the first place.

    • With all this bile that Capcom stories seem to generate here on the Siliconera, it makes me wonder why they even bother.

      • Locklear93

        Because bile or no bile, they’re a business, and people buy their products.  They’re not out to win adoration, or avoid scorn; they’re out to support themselves, their families, and their shareholders, and making games does that. :P

        • Exactly.

          Business 101: Make money, or else.

          Plain and simple. If it won’t make you money, don’t do it. Putting in Mega Man will not bring in enough money to justify this decision, so they didn’t do it.

          • Sadly, making games is an art form, and when art is exploited. . . well

          •  Bullshit. Seriously. Megaman would bring in more money than they know, and 1 out of 12 characters makes no difference.. I can honestly say that Rocket Raccoon will not be “raking in the dough” for this game.

          • mikanko

            Take a look at sales of recent Megaman games and then take a look at the sales for the games the characters who are making it in come from.  With the exception of Strider and Red Arremer there’s really no contest those other characters are well ahead of our favorite blue bomber.

            As a Megaman fan I am disappointed by this, but I think people shouldn’t be taking out their rage mindlessly on the developers of a fighting game.

            Honestly, the quality of Megaman games isn’t what it was. Obviously my opinion, but starforce or battlenetwork are no Rockman X4.  It’s sad.  I am not educated enough on the matter to know if declining sales of the series propelled the quality downwards, or vice versa, but it is the way it is. 

            If Megaman fans really need something to be bitter about though, concentrating efforts on Marvel vs. Capcom game doesn’t strike me as being very productive.

          • Pandering to a small section of the fanbase never made a lot of money for anyone.

          • Guest

            To mikanko: Megaman 9 and 10 weren’t well recieved and popular games this gen? The Starforces and Battle Network games were oversaturated spin offs.
            Capcom just didn’t feel like focusing on a proper new Megaman game or Legends and Inafune leaving certainly didn’t help matters. But to say that Megaman is not popular is total BS and you know it. MvC game featuring characters only would bump their popularity rating to the public thats playing them.

    • I agree in a way. I am a big follower of capcom but for some reason, they have been falling off terribly. It sucks that they have turned for the worst this gen in some cases. Hopefully, they get their spark back because I still love them :(

  • Covnam

    I was surprised to see Hawkeye, but after reading this, “When it came to the new Marvel characters for this game, we pretty much went with all of Marvel’s suggestions.” I guess Marvel wants some tie-in/publicity for the upcoming Avengers movie. I was personally hoping Venom would be coming back. Oh well, Phoenix Wright should be awesome.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      I think one of the main reasons Marvel didn’t want Venom to be included was because Venom as everyone (everyone who doesn’t follow current comic events) knew him isn’t around anymore. It’s all about Anti-Venom now

      • mikanko

        Yeah.  When asked directly about it at Comic con, I think it was Svensson or Seth that said Marvel directly told them “no” on Venom.

        Same person asked them about Cyclops and it was stated that the Dev team never inquired about him.  Be kinda interesting to see which chars Marvel has directly rejected besides Juggs and Venom now.

        They were also asked about Doc Oc, which was kinda weird because there was fragmented data on him in the original game disc.  From what little they said it almost sounded like Marvel changed their mind on wanting him in, which is kinda odd.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          I think it’s odd, too. I was actually looking forward to Doc Oc. He’d fit perfectly in this game. Walking around on two tentacles, stretching around to bash people

          • mikanko

            It seems Ghost Rider and Vergil will be picking up the slack left from Omega Red and Spiral though.  It’d still be interesting to see what they could do with Doc Oc, and how they would fit him on the roster

            It’s weird that Marvel hasn’t wanted more Spiderman rep in the series, though I am happy to see cosmic Marvel make it into the game as in general I like the stories better than earth based stuff.  Black Cat or any number of Spidey’s villains could fit the game just fine I think.

  • KeyCross

    I liked the questions, I wish I could say the same for the answers. But I guess in every cross-over you can´t make the whole fanbase happy.

    Can anyone give the url to the poll many people refer that says megaman appears in the top places?
    I saw a link once, but no graph was shown in it.

  • Makes me sick as an upcoming game developer myself…it’s like the 3 years i spent so far learning about making games is making me cringe when it shows that company don’t care what the people think, and show how one sided everyone is

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      “Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking.”
      Yup, totally, mhm, yeah

      • Evilhero1

        Did you guys read the bottom of the post. 

        That poll was NOT endorsed by Capcom. 

    • Babababa Bullshit excuse from Crapcom 8D

  • puchinri

    All the Marvel characters were really of Marvel’s choosing? I kind of get there being a lot of Avengers, considering what’s going on with Young Avengers (and they’ll be advertising that Avengers movie soonish, no doubt), but considering some of the titles and such that they’ll have coming out soon (and fan-favorites), some of those choices aren’t looking so bright.

    Either way, I am excited to finally get this (for Strider mostly).

    • SonicRulez

      You mean you’ve never heard the raging fanbase for Rocket Racoon and Nova?

      • puchinri

        Not compared to the Runaways fanbase (also kinda scorned) and other such ones. ouo;
        (Speaking of which though, I’ve seen some funny talk when it comes to Rocket Raccoon. x’D)

  • Gwah, I’m still pissed about no more new girls, specially on the Marvel side. Oh, well, I have the original, I’m happy enough with that, SPECIALLY if they don’t plan on expanding the singler player aspect. I’m not good enough to have fun online, but my buddies, who are my source of fun with this game don’t give a damn (or know) any of the newcomers. I’ll just get KOFXIII instead.

  • Neuhaus

    X factor in mid air? Now that’s a neat idea I can exploit with Wesker…That aside. Its nice to see that everyone does not give a crap about how they got Strider in, which by the sounds of it was difficult. No, let’s worry about Megaman who has no real business in a fighting game. If Tatsunoko showed me anything—-he would have been terrible. I’m curious though, to see all these Marvel characters I don’t recognize. I mean…if fans had it their way we would have MvsC2 roster all over again. Cause by the looks of polls at least over 50% of the characters demanded have been added. Unless by 50% its actually that Megaman alone is 75% and all these fantastic characters announced are 25% of the vote….which means as long as Megaman gets in….then the rest are just secondary foil?

    Capcom might not always listen to fans, but they did put in a lot of characters people wanted. And they are releasing a game that will actually feel like a product then a beta run of MvsC3-the-rushed-edition.

    Out of curiosity since I don’t follow Megaman polls. Was Megaman the top in -every- poll? Official ones, I mean.

    • If you could find the official polls and link us to them I’d love to see it. I can’t find them. Other than that the main one was the poll from capcom-unity.

  • Let’s spell out the PR speak, shall we:

    RE: Phoenix Wright: “we intentionally put him in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, just to pander the game to our home market, Japan, even though we consider the entire Marvel VS Capcom series as a western franchise.”

    RE: more Avengers members: “the truth is, Marvel will have an Avengers movie out soon.  What better way to prepare the pre-hype than to present more members in Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3?”

    These two are what I immediately have grasped.

    • William Carpenter

      You know the only real Avengers member in UMvC3 is Hawkeye, right? I mean, yeah, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, and Nova are all members of the newer spin-off teams, but it’s not like they shoehorned in Black Widow or Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver or Beast or Wonder Man or Ms. Marvel…

      … although frankly, all of those characters would be awesome.

      And it isn’t as though Phoenix Wright doesn’t have fans in the US. He has plenty of very vocal ones.

      • doubleO7

        Only Hawkeye? Aren’t Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man part of the Avengers too? And wasn’t Spiderman also an Avenger at one point?

        • Neuhaus

           Wasn’t Hulk, Captain America, Ironman, and Thor the only true avengers? Hawkeye wasn’t one of the original avengers…Of course all my avenger knowledge comes from that avenger cartoon—which i hope they make as a DLC costume for Hawkeye because the outfit currently…is….um…not what I imagined…

        • SonicRulez

          Wolverine too. So 10 all together.

    • Guest

      They put Phoenix in because fans clammored for him desperately to be in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars even though the developer said it would make no sense as a fighter.  But Megaman Volnutt was originally in Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes. They added Zero in UAS and later again in MvsC3. Also there were tons of requests for Gene of Godhand to go in UAS too so this and Megaman requests is nothing new or little to Capcom…

      Oh and Capcom is stupid; I always said they shoulda put in Date Masamune or Asura to bump THEIR own games coming out; it makes sense for Marvel (hence the Avengers movie comment) but it doesn’t make sense for Capcom?
      Yeah so thats why Frank West is in both TvsC and now UMvsC3. I guess the new upcoming Dead Rising game with him in it has nothing to do with it…no coincidence there.
      Or the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 and Inafune leaving.

      Capcom is giving a middle finger to Megaman fans and Inafune indirectly and is being shady and hypocritical about it. Face the facts

      • #TatsunokoVSCapcom #TvC has always been a Japan-centered game, since it’s a VS game between Japan’s #1 anime studio, Tatsunoko, vs Capcom.  Besides, I have a feeling Capcom consulted their Japanese fans, which led to that move.

        As for Trigger/Volnutt, when Capcom explicitly said Tatsunoko will have egalitarian representation and which it did, that’s the reason why Trigger was there.  Again, Japanese fanbase called the shots here.

        Specifically about Date Masamune, care to realize he’s “too Japanese” for Americans, who mostly understand camping and “MAHVEL BAYBEE!”, that they don’t know Sengoku era of *Japanese* history?  It doesn’t help Sengoku Basara 3’s US release was seen as a financial flop.

        Yes, I’ll give you Asura, even though Capcom is using franchise sales figures of more established franchises like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Street Fighter, to justify the number of representatives they got.

        Likewise for Frank (even though I know you were being sarcastic there).

        Capcom is angry because they couldn’t think of any more respectable ways to milk the Megaman franchise and bonus points for Inafune, who realized that.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Someone else wanted Date :D, he would make a better character than most of the characters added in UMVC3 imo

  • I love the Megaman question.  Its like Capcom knows we despise them for what they did, besides that,  Same old game with little changes, i’m not wasting money on it, got better companies who i know are trying to entertain me

  • fermented

    People are making the character polls sound like they were actual democratic votes, but the final decision for the Capcom side of the roster lies on the development team.

    The polls were certainly a large influence though, and outside of X and Gene the top characters on the poll are well represented in the final 4 out of the 6 Capcom characters added to this game.

    If they felt that they couldn’t put X in the game and do justice to his character while also making him viable competitively, then I’d rather not have him in the game.

    • That’s not how they felt at all, according to Nitsuma’s quote. Capcom WENT off the democratic votes.

      He says “We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them
      to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom
      characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking.”

      According to the fan request that they apparently saw he was number 1 on that list.

      The guy is lying through his teeth, right in front of us. You guys are defending this? Really?

      • fermented

        I get the feeling that there was something lost in translation when Niitsuma made that comment, as it is obviously wrong and that Megaman X was indeed at the top of polls.

        I’m not defending him and his decision at all, I just don’t base my decision to buy a game on whether or not they have my favorite character in it.  Believe it or not I actually enjoy the game for its gameplay, a gameplay that is a lot of fun and has very good character diversity in high level play for a game of this nature.

        However, the game still had several issues holding it back from being a great competitive game, issues that I hope were addressed in this Ultimate version before any focus was put on pleasing casual fighting game fans that are more interested in who is in the character roster than how the characters actually play and how viable they are in competitive play.

        • NTyron52

          That’s exactly how I feel about the MM fanbase. Basically, they went all over the internet making some childish comments and being completely ignorant about they wanting Megaman… basically, they want him in there just for him to be there, nothing else.

      • MPHavoc

        What amuses me is Nitsuma’s original response to the lack of Megaman is because “we didn’t want characters with similar movesets”, yet we have Akuma and Ryu on the same roster.  While I’m a Megaman fanboy,  whether he  appeared in the game or not never hinged on my decision to buy the game. I appreciate the game for what it is and its new additions in the cast.

        But the contradicting excuses and blatant lies over the reasons Megaman was excluded is what vexes me.  Capcom, if you don’t want him in the game, just be honest and give us a legitimate explanation that doesn’t insult the intelligence of your fans. Flimsy, paradoxical excuses about gameplay redundancy and lying about voting results are not endearing us to your perspective.

        • mikanko

          I think both Akuma and Ryu are kinda dumb choice too.  There are more Streetfighter fans overlapping into MvC’s demographic than there are Megaman fans.  While it might not be a good idea gameplay wise, making an exception for Ryu/Akuma makes more sense than making the same exception for Zero/Megaman.

          It’s not like Niitsuma or anyone has ever said character popularity or how well a character fits into the fighting game based off of gameplay were the only factors they use in picking the cast.  It’s obviously a combination of both.

          Nowhere in this interview is he saying there’s no demand for Megaman in the game.  He clearly says there is.  Just that it wasn’t enough when they put together all of those factors and came up with a list of characters they had time to finish.  Since this is a pretty subjective thing, and people who play MvC care more about getting a good character into the game over getting specific character from their favorite other game, I don’t see him contradicting himself.  Just choosing his words very poorly, and open for misinterpretation.  It doesn’t help when the man is clearly going through a translator.

  • aoihana

    “there are a lot of fans out there that really wanted to see Strider in this game. He’s been a popular character since he appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and a lot of people were disappointed that he wasn’t in Marvel vs. Capcom 3”

    Yeah, right! If Capcom gave two shits about us fans then where the hell is Mega Man? Oh, but wait, he didn’t “make the cut” in the popularity rankings. Capcom IS Mega Man, how did he get the shaft not once, but twice?

    • NTyron52

      But Megaman is not popular in MvC2 at all. In fact, the reason why he is not in is because of YOU Megaman fanbase, you guys wanted him, WAY too much in order to ignore any other fanbase out there.
      Also, there are other fanbases not only you guys…

      They asked for Frank, they have him. The G&G fanbase asked for Firebrand, they have him. The DMC fanbase asked for Vergil, they have him.

      The Megaman fanbase asked desperately for Megaman, making childish comments, being annoying and ignorant, while butchering the game itself, they DON’T have him. Honestly, you guys are the ones who are killing Megaman, not Capcom.

      • Decisions about what characters are or aren’t included are based on both demand and what makes for an interesting game. I doubt Capcom didn’t add Mega Man out of “spite,” especially considering that there are other Mega Man characters/stages in the game. 

        For whatever reason, he didn’t make the cut. It’s probably for several different reasons, and not just one in particular. There’s no use pointing fingers at fans when one doesn’t have all the facts.

      • Thought better of this. Please remove, mods.

      • Erm… In the whole Q/A about Firebrand being in there didn’t really mention anything about the fanbase… : Just that they wanted some flying creature and Firebrand was the one they picked… lol :/

  • john411

    Capcom is completely lying through their teeth with the “no demand for Mega Man”

    I’m just mad they couldn’t just at least put Roll in.

    • NTyron52

      They are not. They did listen, it’s just that these “fans” of Megaman are being completely annoying and ignorant thinking that only their fanbase matters.

      • Guest

        Until you pull an actual quote from Capcom stating that, quit pulling that out of your ass

        • @cowcowcow:disqus Comments like this one are why I truly wish sometimes I could click Like more than once and have it count. :C

      • mikanko

        The community representatives for Capcom have said pretty clearly when asked by fans at Comic con that Rockman X was one of the last characters to be ruled out for the six they had time to put in the game.  He wasn’t intentionally left off the roster for any other reason than they had the other six as a higher priority, for whatever reasons.  To spite fans of the game was certainly not one of them.

  • Balance? Marvel Vs Capcom series? Hah.


    • Asura

      It got a bit better than MvC2. That was a rehash of 5 characters. A bit better…

      • Rehash of 5 characters? Storm, Sentinel and Magneto aren’t 5 characters.

        • Asura



        • mikanko

          You’re making Cable and Iron Man cry in a corner right now.  They really enjoyed those first few years of MvC2, why go and ruin their memories by bringing up the latter life of the game.

          • ;_;, I’m sorry….

          • It’s well-deserved, actually, since Iron Man got away unpunished for his deeds back in Civil War, while people will NEVER live down Cable’s AHVB, back in New Age of Heroes.

          • mikanko

            It’s okay.  Rocket Raccoon will get Air Hyper Mongoose Beam and have a smaller hitbox and better mobility.  The contempt he will cause across the land will make people forget Cable ever existed.

  • kevinposta

    I dunno what makes me sadder: That Mega Man still isn’t in, that Capcom is contradicting itself hard and using a lot of bs to cover why he isn’t in, or that certain fans defend that he isn’t in by saying he is either a bad character, isn’t fit for a fighting game or that he never played good.

    This week…I shall dub it the “I realized half the world hates Mega Man” week for me.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      To me, it just seems like Capcom hates Mega Man, no one else.

      • Asura

        Mega Man can’t make a good fighting character!

        Now… Phoenix Wright on the other hand…!

        Seriously, people are ridiculous.

        • I supported both… I wanted to have a team of Phoenix Wright, She-Hulk, Daredevil. And a team of X, Zero, Bass.EXE. Dreams will be dreams…

          • mikanko

            I’m not a big Daredevil fan but I woulda loved to see him in the game just for team lawyer.

            Now with Strange, Hulk and Victor we can at least have team PHD.



            There’s always Ran from Justice Gakuen!

          • NTyron52

            I wish there was another photographer… you know, to make a team of Frank West, Spider-Man and another photographer? Even funnier, Frank and Spider-Man make jokes and they like being funny.

        • Guest

          It’s TOTAL BS because when they were making Tatsunoko vs Capcom, these SAME requests were being made and the developer clearly stated that they thought about adding Phoenix Wright in due to requests (remember, there’s 2 versions of T vs C), but like Speed Racer, at the time they said they just couldn’t figure out how he could be a viable playable character. Of course Volnutt was in no prob but NOW? Oh he’s ‘unpopular’. Oh but Zero makes it n both games…

          • mikanko

            To be fair I think the work they did on Phoenix Wright in TvC probably helped a lot with them finishing him for UMvC3.  It’s not like they figured it out in the span of a month.

            X is the character who they’ve gone on record with saying narrowly missed the cut to make it into UMvC3, who would hopefully play very differently from Volnutt.

            Inafune and Niitsuma both said they made a conscious decision to exclude Megaman from the first MvC3.  They thought Zero fit the game better (and is arguably one of the best 10 chars in the game, so I’d agree with them).  It’s safe to say Eighting didn’t have ideas or character concepts floating around for X till after MvC3 first came out in February.  It’s also been said by Niitsuma when UMvC3 was announced a few days ago that about half of the work for the new characters was done around the time of MvC3s release in February. 

            When asked about villains from Capcom not being in MvC3 Niitsuma said he had tried really hard to get Nemesis in the game, but they had problems with ESRB.  It seems they’re ok with a PG-13 ver. now. <. X anyways. 

            /troll off


            edit: and from the other post, I know MM9 and 10 are well received. 9 especially is awesome. The sales of the series are still substandard compared to likes of RE, DMC3, Phoenix Wright, Dead Rising which are all million sellers. It’s not like he’s getting bumped off for non-profitable characters with the exception of Arremer and Strider who’re making it in for other reasons.

      • NTyron52

        Nope, Capcom hates the fans that are being annoying and ignorant when it comes to Megaman. Really, these Megaman fans are being completely ignorant.

  • mikanko

    Firebrand is looking really awesome the more they show about him.  If not on my main, I’m definitely putting him on my secondary team, probably with Dormammu and someone else.

    Ghost Rider sounds interesting, I hope they’re successful with the idea of a faster Dhalsim.  Between him and Vergil hopefully they’ll find their answer to the void that’s left by Spiral on the roster.

    I’m excited about most of the balance changes they’ve shown so far, but not liking all of them. I’ll just wait and see. Hope they decrease x-factor damage a bit more still.

    Strider being the most requested character kinda confirms what I suspected.  While I disagree with a lot of Capcom’s upper management decisions lately, Seth Killian has his hand on the pulse of the fighting game community.  He probably has a better idea about which character Capcom fighting game fans wanted the most over a poll with a tiny number of entries.  To hear Seth talk recently at Comic con to some people reporting on their blogs, it sounds like Gene and Megaman X were very close to getting in and just narrowly missed.  Sounds like Strider is the only char getting in based on fan request more than any other factor.

  • Since Capcom likes putting lower voted characters in over higher ones, they should have added MegaMan.EXE. As for Venom, if they have a problem, just add Anti-Venom. Christ, is it really that hard to choose? Hell, even Carnage is making a comeback in the comics since he survived the Sentry’s onslaught.

    Even though, if they’re going but what’s current, they shouldn’t add DMC3 Dante since he’s no longer young. But hey, he’s a popular incarnation, so they’ll add him! Hell, let’s show support for the reboot by adding the real Dante to the game! Makes a lot of sense. 

    Let’s ignore MegaMan since he’s not popular whatsoever. 

    • FireCouch

      Marvel decides on who gets in.  Capcom hardly has a say in it unless they REALLY want someone in, like Shuma Gorath for example. 

      • I know that Marvel decides on who gets in. That’s what I meant with the Venom/Carnage situation.

  • Oni123

    Maybe They are saving mega man for DLC?

    • NTyron52

      With how the Megaman fanbase are whining and crying and being specially ignorant… I doubt.

      • Guest

        Yeah like FIREBRAND is really more popularly requested then MEGAMAN

        Capcom’s just trollin as usual. Like when they excluded Leon Kennedy from RE Mercenaries 3D

      • Luke Boyce

        Oh my god just SHUT UP, man.

    • That’s gunna be a dick move.

  • Q:I noticed there was a Mega Man Legends stage, but Mega Man himself isn’t in the roster. Why isn’t a version of him in the game?
    A:I’m sorry, there is no Mega Man in Ultimate.
    We had a lot of requests from fans for Mega Man or at least one of them
    to be in the game. Out of all of the requests we got for Capcom
    characters, he just didn’t enter the top part of the ranking.
    Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut.

    …..Where have I heard this ludicrous statement before? Tsk. Tsk. I guess they really do like putting lower requested characters over higher ones. Oh, here’s an idea! Instead of putting the, what you may call, the non-top ranking Mega Man, why don’t you instead put in the really popular, hard-hitting, midget Roll?! …….NO! That is a sack full of snails! But hey, that’s how you guys do business right? So, wouldn’t it have been smarter to ask (Yes ASK. They allowed requests remember?), “What are the characters you do NOT want to include in Marvel VS Capcom 3 the most?” so that we can pick the characters we LOVE for you to finally put them in, since; unfortunately, you guys like doing the things that YOU asked on YOUR sites the OPPOSITE? That basically means that you guys are LIARS and think of, what I bet, messing with people’s emotions that YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ENTERTAINMENT! No! I’m not mad! I’m just flat-out disappointed!
    ……..By the way, IF Marvel is supporting this game, I’ll buy it for THEM ONLY. I love Marvel! :3

    P.S: For those of you who keep arguing with me, I must need to remind you people that this is MY OPINION! So, duh! There shouldn’t even be any arguments for the matter! If you like it, read this message (and reply if you like), but if you don’t, STOP WASTING YOUR TIME! ………..Thank you. :)

    • Asura

      Not that I disagree with your MvC related rant, but if somebody disagrees with your comment they have EVERY RIGHT to waste their time in saying why they disagree with it. There is an argument if you present a claim that can be argued and if a person with such an opposing viewpoint wants to butt in. Sorry bro.

      • Well that’s true, but like you said, they will be WASTING THEIR TIME. They can do whatever they want, I don’t care, but it’s best to use that valuable time on some other matters instead of arguing about my opinion, since I will gladly ignore it, nor reply to their messages. Simple solution in my part. Besides, it’s not like I’m being mean or offending anyone (well, maybe Capcom fanboys, which hopefully there isn’t any). If they don’t like the message, or me for that matter, simply ignore, but people arguing with me is not gonna offend me in anyway, because I don’t care. Good day. :)

        • Asura

          Your wasting your time too. Your whole stance on this is ass-backward.

          • WilliamJasper

            What does “ass-backward” mean? Why must people make up dumb words (unless it’s a joke) and just state something like “Your whole stance on this is also referring back to you”? He just typed, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE MESSAGE, OR HIM FOR THAT MATTER, SIMPLY IGNORE! Come on man…..He already took the risk of posting the message on this discussion, which means HE ALREADY KNOWS THAT, but he posted it anyway, because it was HIS OPINION, which it seems that you’re taking too seriously to make a reply like above. Now, you’ll probably take this message seriously and reply below, which right now, I won’t care anymore.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            You’ve never heard that expression before? My grandmother used to say it all the time. It means doing things the opposite of how they’re supposed to be.

  • Christian Wright

    balancing? take out phoenix and get rid of characters that have dive kicks not add more.

    • FireCouch

      Or get better at the game.  Learn not to get hit by dive kicks, dodge projectiles, etc.

      • Alexis Matthews

        Would you stop, FireCouch?! I mean really, grow up, and stop thinking you’re so smart! Everyone else is right, you need to get a life! >:(

      • Christian Wright

        there’s a difference between broken mechanics and skill. when you have characters that cant compete against a mechanic in any way possible, then the game is not balanced.

    • Erm isn’t the reason for the “uppercut atks” (like shoryuken, ryuenjin, etc.) to counter most dive kicks? :/ I might be wrong but I’m not sure… Just asking

  • NTyron52

    Okay… this Megaman thing has to stop right now…

    You Megaman fanbase, are being selfish, ignorant, making childish comments and arguments which is pretty much preventing Megaman to be in this game. Basically, so stop thinking you guys are the only ones that matter, in fact, that’s pretty much why Capcom didn’t put Megaman in.

    G&G fanbase asked for Firebrand, they have him. DR fanbase asked for Frank, they have him. Fans asked for Strider, they have him. DMC fanbase akes for Vergil, they have him.

    The Megaman fanbase who kept whining, crying, and begging to Megaman be in because they are completely IGNorant, while saying that this game needs Megaman only because he’s the mascot of Capcom and no other reason besides of that, you DON’T have him now.

    You see what you just did Megaman fanbase, you ruined the chance of Megaman make the cut in UMvC3. And don’t come – I repeat – DON’T come with this excuse that Capcom is killing Megaman, It’s don’t guys. You are the ones who are killing Megaman because of this overwhelming and childish rage, you guys aren’t being civilized. Which leads me to believe that you guys don’t even know what you want.

    Capcom did the favor for all other characters (Vergil, Strider Hiryu, Frank, Firebrand, Nemesis and Phoenix Wright) because those fans weren’t so whiny and crying fans, those were fans who asked for those characters without being so annoying unlike you, Megaman fanbase. Honestly, I didn’t see any of these new 6 Capcom characters being requested by fans in the way the MM fans are requesting for Megaman now, acting like a child.

    And yes people, Capcom does listen to the fans. They’ve put 3 highly wanted
    characters, 2 wanted by their own fanbase and 1 left from MvC3. But they didn’t include any Megaman, because of all the things I said
    before, stop with this whining, seriously… can’t you be civilized?

    The last thing you can do MM fanbase, is to be civilized… seriously,
    you’ve hit the bottom…or go even further if you won’t be civilized.

    And really, I don’t care about Classic Megaman in MvC3, I’d like to see X instead but the damage is already done, by you MM fans… :(

    So I said the truth. You guys wanted the truth, you now HAVE the truth. But I guess you guys can’t handle it…

    Just wow… I spoke everything I regreted to say before… I’m feeling so much better now.

    • Tokom23

      Very nice, Capcom fanboy….Do you actually have proof of what you just stated above? Like, for example, did Capcom actually tell you all this stuff? Did they email ya? Have you worked for Capcom? Doubt it…..but if you do, I would gladly love to read it, since you think you’re so smart that you have “THE TRUTH” (which no, we do not care. We never asked you for THE TRUTH).  -_-

      By the way, this will never stop. We have the right to blame Crapcom (and it’s not just the Mega Man fan base either, but you probably know this already, since you’re so smart), and if you don’t like it, I suggest you ignore them. If post stuff like this, well isn’t quite obvious that you’re actually SUPPORTING the rage and arguments here? No, you probably figured that out already, since you’re SO smart. Once again, I would love to see yours, or better yet, anyone’s proof for that matter. Insult more, and I’ll just ignore. Good luck. :)

      • kupomogli

        The truth?  You can’t handle the truth!!

        Or maybe you can.  That quote just popped in my head when you said “the truth.”

        • Simply lol I’m loving this site and its hilarious comments and replies. :P

    • Hew Weng Xin

      There are many people in this world. All are different but all fight for a cause. I don’t believe in every other game there was no person who is whining and crying for their favorite characters to be in this game. You have no right to take it from those people.

      You’re okay with the character rooster but many people aren’t. So quiet down and let them. They have to right to see their favourite character to be in the game. Stop saying Megaman fans are whiny crybabies. You have no right to say so. Not all are. People poured their soul into Megaman Legends 3. Stop spouting crap without more details. Heck I don’t even like Megaman.

      I love Phoenix Wright but I have no clue why is he in here and how the hell is he going to kill people by poking his finger I will never know.

      • lol Poking his finger. I absolutely agree with you. Oh, and like Tokom23 said, I would be honored if you showed some proof here as well, that is actually BELIEVABLE. I shall be waiting for your response. Anyone insult and I will ignore as well. Just some proof would be requested, not insults.

    • SonicRulez

      Actually, to be point blank, you’re wrong. The G&G fans had nothing to do with Firebrand, he said so himself. The people in charge of character selection for Capcom’s side did that themselves. So far the only characters that are a result of fan reaction are Strider and the exclusion of Mega Man. The reason every Mega Man fan globally is going on rant after rant is apparently Capcom doesn’t think we’re vocal enough. The way people see it (and I’ll admit, I see it) is that if Capcom is going to say with a straight face that Mega Man isn’t popular, we have to speak up and correct them. They know that and you know that. You don’t see any of the 6 Capcom characters being requested the same way? Well….yeah, they’re already in it. Not to mention there are like 3 fans of Firebrand and make way for the fighting prowess of Phoenix Wright and Frank West. This is turning into TvC which I figured Zero was part of and Frankie decides it. You didn’t say the truth, you said your opinion.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Phoenix Wright was also one of the highest ranking characters on the Capcom Unity polls (sadly) so alot of people (other than myself and perhaps a few others) are overjoyed at this, personally, I find that the only legitimately reasonable character decision on Capcom’s side is Hiryu, sure alot of people wanted Phoenix (I’m assuming as a joke or else that just really tears me) but it was a stupid decision IMO. Vergil is ok I guess, since I figured out the Dante DLC is Sparda not Vergil lol, Nemesis is ok but we have 3 RE characters already, Firebrand no one wanted really, and Frank we already have in TvC so I find that pretty pointless.

        • First of all Pheonix Wright has been known to be able to withstand blows that would kill many people. Second of all, Arthur and M.O.D.O.K. seemed like joke characters to me IMO. Phoenix Wright is tough, and why not show that in a game like MvC3 where (most, not Mega Man or Squirrel Girl, or Venom)characters are given the chance to show it.

          • KyoyaHibari

            He can withstand blows that would kill most people, ok…that doesn’t give him any moves or abilities for fighting, that just means he’s an abnormally vital attorney.  

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Ehm. So basically, you’re saying that Capcom didn’t include Megaman out of spite?

    • A textbook example of an Anti-fan, ladies and gentlemen. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-fan)

      I’ll be honest, I TL;DR’d your post after the first line, since it’s a clear wall-of-text version of what you’ve tossed at every Megaman fan since MML3 got cancelled.

      We get it, you’re annoyed. Move on.

    • WilliamJasper

      ;:( ….I don’t think anyone asked for who you cared for or not cared for, and I’m damn sure no one asked for, wanted, nor even cared for, like Tokom23 typed, “THE TRUTH”. If you hate Mega Man fans so much, then please don’t waste your own time writing crap like that and simply ignore them. In fact, I think you wasted many people’s time replying to your message so they can type some sense into that little head of yours, but you should at least be grateful that people are nice enough to type some lessons and information here, just in case you lose it again like you did now.

      • NTyron52

        Well, apparently the only way to I chill out on this topic was to say all of these things… I said only because I wanted let it out and man, it worked, and a lot.

  • So they didn’t balance the most unbalanced aspect of the game…

    • What was it?

      • X-Factor

        • No, that was far from unbalanced… It gave you an advantage depending on how many people were left in your team.  I barely find anyone who uses it anyway. 

          The only time time it’s annoying is when you throw dark phoenix in the mix. It’s like X-FACTOR BOOST (because you’re the last character left!)  and DARK PHOENIX BOOST! (cuz you died with 5 hyperbars left!)

          That equals like, godly too much strength, lol

          • No, it was quite unbalanced. The damage and chip damage each character deals are already insane. Throwing X-Factor in makes it even crazier. I dunno, I actually ran into many who used X-Factor, most using it as a last resort because of, as you said, the remaining characters advantage. I also don’t believe in rewarding the loser, and X-Factor does so. And I’m not too sure having one combo with X-Factor wiping someone out is called balanced.

  • The new characters are nice!  Especially since I’m a Strider fan!  Now if we can only get them to fix the wakeup times after aerial raves and air throws so we won’t get OTG combo=dead character.  Seriously this is so silly.  Make it like the other games in which you had time to roll, seriously!

    • Dude, that’s one of the best parts of MvC3 lol. Taking out OTG would just make it more like SF4 with 3 characters at a time. OTG attacks are an important part of MvC3 gameplay, and taking it out is like asking them to take out DHC or something else important. OTG combo != dead character – it’s not like OTG’s are the main thing that kill characters off. If anything, people would sooner remove X-factor than OTG’s, those are real character killers.

  • outputrotation

    I think when he says that Megaman didn’t rank high in character requests, he’s NOT talking about capcom-unity polls.  He’s probably talking about some market-research report or probably some japanese fan made poll….  I don’t think they read the English fan websites at all

    • Market-Research report? lol Anyways, it’s not only Mega Man I’m (and many others) pissed off about. It’s basically the WHOLE GAME! All they did was add new characters, Spectator Mode, tweaked gameplay a little, lowered X factor, added very few story elements, and added a new life bar. THAT’S IT! Have they fixed the unbearable lag and no-button responses that MANY people have (even if you have great connection, if you face someone VERY FAR away, you will have these)? Have they made the rage quitter get a LOSE (or at least an incomplete match, their penalty sucks) after quitting a match? Have they made Arcade Mode more fun? I don’t see that anywhere! All they did was fix crap that doesn’t really matter (well except spectator mode maybe), and only added a few GOOD characters, which is Strider, Ghost Rider, Phoenix Wright (maybe), Frank West, and Vergil, but no one else like Spiral, Baby Bonnie Hood, or freakin’ ROGUE?! They expect me to pay $40 for this?! I don’t care what people say, I’ll just wait for something like Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Arcade Edition, or whatever the hell they put at the beginning and end of their game titles!

      Sorry…I ranted again. Please forgive me (well you probably won’t, but it’s worth a shot). I wasn’t mad at you in any kind of way, honestly. Besides, they did quote:

      Ryota Niitsuma, Producer: RIGHT NOW, we’re only THINKING ABOUT releasing a disc version.

      So maybe there’s a bit hope for this game, though I have my doubts…..

  • Had it been any Mega Man, I would’ve have wanted Mega Man from Star Force

  • Two of the things I hated in MVC3 were the online ranked matches. I hated how When I looked for a ranked match and found none, it’d send me a damn menu back. And then when I DID find an opponent, he/she was 10 ranks ahead. I’m a damn “Fighter”, why would I want to fight a “9th Lord”?

    • KyoyaHibari

      I’m pretty sure 9th Lord is one of the lowest ranks if im not mistaken.

    • I never even bothered manually finding a match. I just go into training mode, turn on Fight Request, and train while waiting. I can usually get player matches instantly, but ranked match takes a little longer. As far as rank matching, I always set my rank limit to “same” and most of the time I don’t have any problem fighting much higher ranked people.

      And 9th Lord is like 1 or 2 ranks above Fighter, not quite 10 ranks above.

      • Yeah, I just found that out. Weird, but, it doesn’t matter. Because everybody plays like a beast in that damn game!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I am not a Megman fan. I was hoping he wouldn’t be in the game, personally. I didn’t like how he played in MVC2. Never got to play the first one, but I think he was in that too, right?

    That said, the excuse for why he’s not in there is bull. Megaman X was at the top of just about every poll I saw, including the Capcom Unity ones. He certainly was a lot higher than Firebrand, who I don’t think even made the top 20, or Rocket Raccoon. It is obvious that Capcom are trying to divorce themselves from the character, given the recent history of their actions against the franchise.
    Just like how Gene did very well in the polls too, but he isn’t there. It’s because Capcom aren’t planning on ever selling a Godhand sequel, so it’s best for them if the character is forgotten.

    I just hope that everyone who is upset about this actually puts their money where their mouth is and either doesn’t buy this or buys it used. The only way Capcom ever listens is when sales are low. Remember when PS3 owners wanted a trophy patch for Bionic Commando Rearmed? Capcom weren’t giving it to us, but still expected us to buy the 3D Bionic Commando. When that flopped, suddenly, the trophy patch appeared as a way to try to get us to support them again.

    This game MUST do poorly or Capcom will never learn. Sadly, I don’t think it will. I see too many people saying, “It has Strider. I have to buy it.” 

    • Considering that the last few Mega Man games have all been strictly-budgeted digital downloads, even if all the super-pissed Mega Man fans didn’t buy the game, it wouldn’t make much of a difference. 

      He’s a character with a certain level of popularity. If he was really as popular as everyone makes him out to be, you can bet there’d be a lot more Mega Man. I think this is just people reacting to the Legends3/UMvC3 thing happening at the same time.

      • malek86

        I will also point out that MM9 (and presumably MM10 too) sold a lot more on Wiiware than PSN/XBLA, so maybe Capcom thinks there’s more of a feeling between Nintendo owners and Megaman (wasn’t he in TatCom?).

        On that note, yeah, Capcom sure chose the wrong time to make both announcements. Some better timing would have made things a lot easier, I believe. Sometimes I think they like ruining themselves.

      • mikanko

        Yes.  I wish this was more evident to some people here.

        As someone who grew up with Megamans as my favorite games as a kid, and fighting games as my favorite games as a teenager, I don’t really see how the two are related at all.  I’d probably be happier to see Rockman 8 hit Japans PSN as a digital download over him included in the game, Tron and Zero are both awesome characters already.

        I’m sad about the current state of Megaman, but because we haven’t had a decently budgeted Megaman game in forever.

        I’m glad to know who made the roster for UMvC3 because my mind is swimming with possibilities for the characters, but I would have rather not seen the roster leaked at this point.  If we didn’t find out UMvC3’s roster till the last week of October as was planned this saltstorm might’ve been avoided to an extent. =/

        • NTyron52

          Pretty much, unfortunately… I actually call this Megaman age, the dark Sonic ages. he’s games aren’t bad nowadays, it’s the character itself who hasn’t been so great in the late years.

          Seeing how Megaman hasn’t been doing so well in the late years (with the exception of Megaman 9 and 10) won’t help him either… they should do something appealing and different in the next Megaman game, if there is one.

          On a side of note, I’m glad to see MM 9 and 10 sold pretty well and had some pretty decent gameplay, but I’d like to see some changes in the franchise while keeping the feel of his classic games.

          I don’t hate Megaman, but I don’t like how the fans are reacting in this situation. They are pretty much acting angry, thinking their rant will make Megaman come back in a new game or in UMvC3 but they are destroying this possible future… it’s pretty sad, but it’s true, unfortunately.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Capcom, I really wanted to ‘put my gunz on’. :(

  • kupomogli

    I like this question the best.

    “Last time we talked about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, rights for Strider were the reason he didn’t make it in the game. How did you work out those issues?”

    And the fact that there was such a long reply that said absolutely nothing about the question in general other than “it was the fans that helped clear up the rights with Strider.”  Such a long answer and he basically said nothing.  Maybe that’s because Strider was held back for no other reason for the rerelease?  Capcom knows that on all the MvC games Strider was everyone’s favorite character and he was really high up there on characters that people wanted to see even before the games release.

    • mikanko

      The issue with Strider had most to do with licensing because they’d have to pay fees to Strider’s creator as he’s not the sole property of Capcom.  Strider is a defunct franchise.  Getting Capcom to agree to pay for his licensing is easier to do when you have their community reps telling you that the fighting game community would be more stoked to see Strider than any other character added to the game.

      I don’t know that there’s that much to explain other than individual legal questions which they’re more or less encouraged not to talk about.  Similar to how Arc System Works weren’t exactly describing in detail their issues with Guilty Gear character rights and Sega.

  • MPHavoc

    Coming from the kid who’s doing nothing but going “WAAAAH!  LEAVE CAPCOM ALONE! THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOU SHOULDN’T SPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM EVEN IF THEIR DECISIONS SEEM ASININE! WAAAH!” I just find it hypocritical to hear you speak about “whining and crying” when that’s all you’ve been doing in this thread. Oh and misusing the word “ignorant” and basically repeating yourself like a broken record with every post you make, selling your opinions as “facts” with little basis or substance.
    God, a opinionated troll and a corporate sheep in one.

    • Who, me?

      • MPHavoc

        Nah, I was trying to respond to Ntyron’s chain posts/rants about Megaman fans, but Siliconera is screwing with me.

        • Sorry. I like to think I’m the only one who knows better at times like this.

  • Everyone should be in charge of Capcom. It’s amazing with the strong response here that they haven’t from day 1.

  • NTyron52

    Now that I’m calm for that comment I did today, I have something in my mind:

    Is Capcom saving Megaman for a “possible” update to boost the sales of this game? I don’t know about you but, I have a feeling they saved certain characters for this game, for the same reason. Strider Hiryu, Phoenix Wright are both very popular and one of the most wanted characters by fans, not to mention, Phoenix Wright is  popular specially in Japan, while Strider is more popular in America. They said Ghost Rider was too “punchy” although he was kind of wanted too.

    Something tells me they are saving Megaman for an update, not a sequel because it wouldn’t have the same effect (probably). Since Megaman is very popular and highly wanted in both Japan and America, he would increase the amount of copies for this game?

    It sounds crazy but, seeing how Capcom’s handled their games, it sounds like it.

    • fermented

      Maybe Mega Man is being excluded in this game because they are planning to have him in the next Smash Bros. game, the ultimate game for fanboys that are more interested in playing as their favorite characters than playing a competitive game (not saying that Smash can’t be competitive since Melee can be, but the vast majority of Smash players and the developers themselves are not interested in making it competitive).

      • puchinri

        I was actually debating (maybe almost arguing) this with a friend at one point. To me, Smash doesn’t need to be highly competitive because it is a fanservice game in that regard, and that’s perfect to me (I don’t think all fighting games need to be so competitive as they all should be fun and get you pumped). Then again, maybe there’s a different kind of competitive to consider too.

        But people have been mentioning MegaMan in SSB and such, so I wouldn’t be surprised (and that would be awesome).

    • Also, I’m under the impression Capcom is spreading out their character representations throughout the VS. franchise, since Cross Generation of Heroes.  You noticed in that game how Soki is the rep for Onimusha, while VS. vet Morrigan did likewise for Darkstalkers?

      I won’t find it hard to believe if that continues in the Marvel section.  Heck, I I’d be okay with Protoman as the Classic rep, with X as the main Megaman unit, which Classic himself did for 1&2 and likewise with Trigger for Tatsunoko.

  • mikanko

    My last thought on this post that always gets sidetracked by the Megaman thing.

    Nitsuma clearly says Megaman had a lot of demand.  He admits it.

    He says according to their list of popular characters he wasn’t at the top.  We don’t know what his list looks like, so we have no proof to deny him.  I personally think the number one character requested by people who play MvC would have been Strider, and don’t think the Unity poll is representative of the development teams list.  The much smaller poll on Shoryuken.com had Strider #1 with Megaman X at number 2.  Strider beat him out with TWICE as many votes though, but details will be details.  150 votes compared to 2500 votes compared to 2,000,000+ copies of the game sold.  It’s impossible for us to know where they’re getting their numbers.

    He then says Megaman didn’t make the cut.  We don’t know what factors were used, and he never says the cut was based off popularity.  It obviously wasn’t.

    That’s it.  I don’t see the lie, and I don’t see how this dude Inafune asked to make a fighting game a couple years ago is betraying fan trust.

    Before people cite how many characters from the Unity poll did make the
    game, you should realize that he’s talked about Nemesis, Frank West, and
    Phoenix Wright being in development for either original MvC3 or Tatsunoko vs.
    Capcom (same team of people making both games), and it was probably
    easier to finish those characters than make any from scratch.

    I would probably bet money Firebrand was in development at sometime before there ever was a Unity poll too.  Not a lot, maybe 10-20 bucks, but yeah!

    It would take cash money to pay me to play the DmC reboot, and I’m equally turned off by Operation Raccoon City.  MML3 getting cancelled sucks, and I don’t see how they couldn’t have expanded development to the Vita or PSP if they were worried about the 3ds install base.  I’m not in love with a lot of what Capcom does these days.

    But this bloke is just trying to make a fighting game. =/

    • mikanko

      PS:  For Inafune conspiracy theorists.  Inafune didn’t design Megaman, as was recently called to my attention here about a week ago.  He did design Zero though, and when I looked it up has even said that he thinks a bit more fondly of the character since it was completely his own design, and not his predecessors.  He didn’t even design X, and left him for another artist on the team.  But Zero is his baby!

      If you really want to get paranoid, maybe Inafune and Niitsuma are in cohoots.  He could have asked for Zero to be put ahead of X for MvC3 to prolong Inafune’s legacy while he ditches this horrible company of blowhards to make a game about bad puns, awesome cute animals and devious girl doctors.

      I put more credibility into this theory than the idea Capcom reached out an iron fist and flicked the people making UMvC3 over at Eighting really hard till they stopped trying to put Megaman into a game that’s already met a pretty nice quota of characters enhanced with bits of metal and wiring.

      … that’s all I got. <.<

      • NTyron52

        Congratulations Mikanko, you basically said everything I wanted to explain but I couldn’t find the answer. You did a pretty good job there, your idea of keeping Inafune’s legacy on Zero didn’t even come in my mind although I do know he didn’t design Megaman X or Classic and only designed Zero.

        Basically, I think this is pretty much the answer I’ve been looking for to say to all of those angry people out there who pretty much can’t accept any other opinion besides of theirs. Again, thanks a lot Mikanko!

        • mikanko

          My PS is kind of a joke post(I thought some sarcasm was evident), but I am pointing out that Zero is 100% Inafune’s character, while Technically the blue bomber wasn’t.  <.<;;

          He was quoted something like he liked getting full creative control over making the other main character in the game who got to steal all the best scenes.  I'm sure he was being tongue and cheek to an extent.

          I don't think there is any secret agenda behind Megaman's inclusion or exclusion.  Just pointing out it's kinda silly for anyone to say Inafune leaving Capcom has much to do with anything.

          • NTyron52

            That’s my opinion about it too! Inafune leaving Capcom doesn’t have much to do with anything, like you said.

            Well, I thought your PS was indeed some sort of a joke post, I just replied both of your comments since people still think Inafune leaving Capcom has something to do with it, I’m not saying entirely, but not much… kinda weird the hardcore Megaman fans don’t even know Megaman is not entirely a creation of Inafune’s, right?

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