Playing Final Fantasy XIII With Japanese Voiceovers And English Text Now Costs Less

By Spencer . July 23, 2011 . 4:00pm

imageFinal Fantasy XIII is going back in Japanese stores this week. Square Enix re-released the game as part of their Ultimate Hits line, which is Square Enix’s own "Greatest Hits" label for Japan.


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong followed suit and re-released their version Final Fantasy XIII too. This release of Final Fantasy XIII has Japanese voiceovers with selectable English or Chinese text. So, if you want to play through Final Fantasy XIII with "Kimi ga Iru Kara" at a budget price and don’t mind "ULTIMATE HITS" stripes on your boxes this is the version to get.

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  • Hmm. I have a few questions:

    Will this version be compatible with the Easy mode patch that just came out for JP?
    Do the saves of the NA/Eur/JP FF13 carry over or is it an entirely different game?
    Is it compatible with NA Ps3s?
    Are the trophies entirely separate or are they in conjunction with the previous versions’?
    How much does it cost?

    Honestly, the answer to the first and last questions are what I care about the most. I’m disappointed that the US version didn’t get the Easy patch.

    • kroufonz

      all save from all region are supposed to be compatible with the asian+chinese version, i can continue my region 1 US save file in Asian+chinese version (the one with jp voice+eng/chinese sub) , and i believe this budget release will also work the same way.
      since this get budget release (which mean it sell quite well) and dissidia also get the same jp voice+english sub, i’ll just wait untill the asian+chinese version arrive before buying FFXIII-2

    • Aoshi00

      I think it should d/l the easy patch automatically, I just popped in my Jpn ver now and it updated itself (48Mb).  The save files might be different from the US ver’s, I beat the Jpn ver first before and then when I got the US ver it didn’t see my Jpn saves, not sure about the Asian ver.  The same trophy list were shared by both Jpn & US ver.  I hope the US ver of Catherine would have a new trophy list and not share my Jpn one so I could see the new trophy names (my Jpn/US ver of Operation Darkness had different achievement lists). Now I’m just replaying Orphan to watch the ending in Jpn… w/ the easy patch I might be able to complete all the side missions one day.. It’s nice that the PS3 ver is getting patched for free now to be the same as the 360 Int’l ver. I hated it my 360 Int’l ver had the Ultimate Hits stripe on the side even though it was a first rerelase for the Jpn 360, I never get any Platinum Hits or Greatest Hits/Best of ver. if I could help it.

      • Lucky! The Us didn’t get the Easy patch, which is what I was hoping for (It was smart of me to go ahead and play through it anyway, but still). I don’t particularly mind if the Saves don’t transfer because I was gonna start a new game anyway, had we gotten the patch. It feels awkward going around at full power and I have to get the element rings anyway.

        Since the International version came with the Easy mode, I’d assume the Ps3 version would come with it preinstalled anyway. Hmm, for the JP version, did you have to be logged into a Japanese PSN account or is it some other server outside psn that handles patches? 

        • Aoshi00

          I know, I didn’t mind the different ver. not sharing the save files either since I wanted to replay the whole thing anyway.  So the US ver’s not getting patched eh?  That’s too bad, at first I assume all ver for all regions would get patched.. 

          I’m not sure, I think the PS3 Ultimate Hits might not have easy mode on disc and it’s still a patch compared to the 360 ver, but it’s very small at 48 Mb.  Nah, you don’t need to log onto your Jpn acct. for the game to recognize the patch, it would detect it when you start w/ your regular US acct.  That’s the thing I prefer PSN d/l to Live marketplace d/l, they share across regions. but w/ Live once you log off from your Jpn acct that d/l stops.. but for PSN d/ls, they all continue no matter which acct you sign onto which is very convenient..

          • Darn, I was hoping maybe it was a psn thing. I was thinking if I had a jp psn account, I could sorta cheat the system ,but I suppose that was a dumb idea, haha.

          • Guest

            I thought the U.S. gets the easy patch on the 26th of July..

          • Aoshi00

            Really?  If so, that’s great since I never finished the US ver on PS3 (I only beat the Jpn ver and then in Eng w/ 360 Int’l).. w/ the easy patch staggering some high HP enemies is much less time consuming.. I hope all ver would get patched, that’s what I assumed was going to happen at first, but they said there was no announcement for the US ver before..

          • Where’d you hear this? Don’t get my hopes up for no reason, man!

  • I might get it to see how the japanese VAs are (though i prefer english most of the time)

  • this pretty commen for Hong kong and i gotten Dissidia 012 from them with english subs and jp voices.

    noting new but nice to know.

  • XypherCode

    very nice! :D

  • I DEMAND that NA gamers get JPN audio of FF13 as DLC. IF temco koei’s dynasty warriors 7 can do it, there is no excuse that square cant unless they just want to be dicks to their gamers.

    • I’d rather have Easy mode, an actual gameplay adjustment, than an audio swap. Seems much easier to do.

      • PEOPLE WANT EASY MODE????? people actually had trouble in FF13?? I dont know what to say. The game was easy already. the new mode should be called super easy mode. I rather have a ‘hard’ mode(but really it would be normal mode) 

        • It’s not a matter of difficulty, it’s a matter of Tedium. I’ve beaten every real challenge in the game, with the only things left to do is max out weapons and get the “Have All Items” and “5-Star Cieth Stones” Trophies. At Max chrystarium, that’s just tedium that I would rather not go through, especially since I just went through the entire game last week and, in order to get the All Items trophy, I have to go through it again. I Could do it relativley easily, that’s not the issue. It’s the fact that I’m not motivated to try when I know how long it’ll take.

          And Tell me that the game is easy again when you play it like a normal FF by NOT using Auto Battle even once and Reloading everytime you die. That’s the only reason the older FFs seemed harder than they actually were.

    • Aoshi00

      It would require another set of videos from the Jpn game, they are not going to put out a 20+ Gb patch for the Jpn voices as DLC…  The different ver of DW7 didn’t have different lip sync in each ver right? 13-2’s release date is only 1 month after the Jpn one, you could still import the region free Jpn ver if you like.. that’s what I’m doing.

      • Belenger

        ^This, it happens because the whole of cutscenes are actually videos, there’s little to no actual pre-rendered engine cutscenes, all of them are videos even the ones standing with just basic camera work.

        The whole actual mechanic game with battles, monsters and whatever is around 7gb, all the rest are just videos…. seriously just videos, ending alone is worth 5-6gb.

    • I trying to figure out how it would take 20 GB + since FF13 is only 18 GB on the ps3 version for both audio and graphics.  Both NA and JPN version of FF13 have the same lip-sync animations when I was looking at lightning summon odin. There is no need for the extra videos for the JPN version.Just the audio pack. but if anybody can clarify this. 

      • Final Fantasy XIII was 35 GB for the pre-rendered cutscenes alone. I’m not sure which portions of the game they supposedly re-synced for the English voicework, but I imagine it would end up as a rather large patch.

      • Aoshi00

        I own and beat both Jpn and US PS3 ver, each ver has different lip sync respective to Eng and Jpn for all the real time and pre-rendered cutscenes, like MGS4 which is another enormous PS3 game.  How did the PS3 ver only have 18Gb?  The 360 ver’s cutscene videos were compressed and had 3 discs w/ 18Gb, you mean the PS3 and 360 ver were the same size? I think we should be thankful S-E went thru such lengths animating each ver of the game differently, instead of like Advent Children, w/ the US dub not matching w/ the Jpn lip movement.

        Sure it was nice to have the extra easy mode, some of the enemies (not just bosses) from especially the later chapters have unnecessarily and ridiculously high HP, and the easy mode balanced it a bit by making some enemies taking less time to break, instead of a perpetual tug of war that drags on. I didn’t find the game particularly easy if you choose all the commands on your own instead of using auto.

    • godmars

      Heck, I wanted a monster encyclopedia with rotating/scaling views and a movie player mode for after the game was finished.

      But then I also wanted an interesting game for the $60 I put down. But then that last was my opinion. And my money… 

      • Aoshi00

        I wish more (or all) games w/ so many cutscenes should have a video viewing mode from the menu, even Prof Layton games do.. that way I didn’t need to make like 80 save files for all the cool vids.. that’s the prob w/ Nier or Xenoblade, which only have 3 save slots.. if there’s no video gallery then at least don’t limit the number of save slots to just a few.. I made mulitple save files on different flash drives for Nier on 360, but the PS3 ver only allows to save on the HDD.. each time I’m sad to overwrite the last one w/ the awesome cutscene.. 

        As w/ full price, you still have a choice when it comes to 13-2 right.. I don’t think I could wait regardless lol.. 13 was by no means my favorite FF, but it still had its merits, and in retrospect, there’s really a lot more worse games I’ve paid $60 or more before..

        • PrinceHeir

          you can always back them up on the USB and replace them as you go.

          and yes it’s tedious but it’s something.

          • Aoshi00

            I know, I thought of doing that for Nier, but each flash drive would have 3 saves (save slot 1,2, & 3), and I’ll have to overwrite the HDD saves whenever I reload them later and need to be careful not to erase anything important, quite troublesome and risky if I don’t remember which is which..  I don’t know why the PS3 ver doesn’t let you save on a USB like the 360 ver.. the reason why I want to save all the movies is that I want to compare the Jpn and & US cutscenes (I made like 15 saves w/ my 360 Nier w/ the HDD, memory on HDD, and 3 flash drives).. that’s why I still haven’t played a lot of Replicant..

            And w/ Xenoblade, it doesn’t even let you move the saves to a different SD card (at least Last Story has 16), otherwise I would use new SD cards to hold the older saves.. anyway, no movie gallery mode and very few save slots are really annoying :(…

            BTW, I just found out even the Jpn Red Zone Edition for NMH got rid of the Jpn dub (good thing I canceled the pre-order in time), so it’s not dual audio unlike Heroes’ Paradise.. so I guess I didn’t get the bugged ver for nothing lol.. it’s better to get the US ver then since the extra content is on disc instead of DLC..

            Oh, I don’t remember if you said you were a Macross Frontier fan, there was this concert earlier today on Jpn Home right.. I was there 30 mins earlier and it kept loading and loading then it didn’t finish until after the concert started and I totally missed it *.*… made me wake up early for nothing.. that’s why I hate Home..

          • PrinceHeir

            damn it why do companies love to limit our saves T____T

            oh well at least i have my Paradise to drool over. still that’s a shame :(

            now im afraid if they do make a PS3 No More Heroes 2 game, will  they include the same JPN VA cast??

            always love Macross, thoguh my favorite is Macross Frontier. the music is just lovely, and yeah i remember reading that concert. too bad i was studying for my finals that day T____T

          • Aoshi00

            I’m not sure if they would make a HD port for NMH2 now (especially they threw in some bosses from the 2nd game in this), and even then they might not give it a Jpn dub since they’re abandoning it in Red Zone, guess there’s a reason for its budget price, they took something away :(…

            I haven’t watched much Frontier, I remember you said you were a fan. I was just a little peeved because I stayed up until 3am that morning.. then slept a couple of hours and woke up at 6:30am, the concert was starting at 7am (8pm in Japan, or 20:00..).. I checked the time difference (13 hr) and logged on early enough so I have enough time.. but the loading took forever and kept failing, then finally I loaded up everything by 7:30am.. and by then I couldn’t watch the concert, I was only able to watch the trailers repeating while everyone else was watching the concert *.*… I heard it was over an hour long and the songs were pretty epic..

          • PrinceHeir

            well they could do a time paradox thing and release No More Heroes 1 bosses like Dark Star and Helter Skelter :)

            man that’s tough, oh well maybe next concert???

            oh did you watch the Gundam 00 movie???

            what’s your impressions?? i have mixed feelings since this part of the movie is way off O_O

    • Guest

      There is a big difference in quality between the localization of FF XIII and DW. I’m talking about lip synching in the 1080p cut scenes.

  • Darkrise

    I think I’ll wait till HK get’s FF XIII-II with the eng sub and jp voices.

  • Wish it was free DLC like Dynasty Warrior 7.

  • Lich King

    This is actually what we all wanted from every RPG games coming out from Japan.
    Heck….I don’t mind SRW OG being released like that too.  hahaha

  • This is why I’m ordering the chinese version of XIII-2.

  • when they say English text…do they mean ALL dialogue subtitles, the menu text ,and world encyclopedia text are in English(or Chinese)?! somebody please confirm! cuz if this is true, well this is the version i wanted to buy a year or so ago! OTZ

    • Aoshi00

      I believe there’s an option to display everything in Eng., otherwise I don’t think many people would import the HK ver when they can’t read everything else in Chinese in the game.  You know we actually haven’t even heard the Jpn dub for 13-2 at all at this point.. all the trailers we’ve seen so far are in Eng..

      • Hello Hello! i think i just confirmed the ok-ness of this version of the game. in the following youtube video, from minute 9:00 and onward, you can see cinema, as well as world-map and battle gameplay of the chinese+english version running with original voice acting and English text someone please correct me if this erroneous!

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, some people who bought the HK ver did cfm that before… That’s some fan dedication.. I thought I spent a lot of money by getting 3 ver of the game, novel, OST, & the drama CDs.. So that’s where all the original art have been hiding, in the Ultimania Omega guide, the US guide had virtually no art at all.. now I want to collect that guide too w/ the art and interview..

  • I will only buy FFXIII-2 in japan dub and english sub…

  • When money gets tight, that’s when the ideas start pouring in. xD

  • runesong

    Wow, awesome.  Thanks for the tip, Spencer.  This is yet another reason why I love me some Siliconera.  :)  

    While I had no issues with the dub, I can’t say I haven’t been curious about the japenese voices. (Maaya Sakamoto as Lightning?  Yes, please!)I totally ordered it.  :D

  • I need a version with Jap voiceovers + Sazh’s english voice + english subs. Haha.

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