Catch All Of The Comic-Con Pokémon Cards For Pokédex 3D

By Spencer . July 24, 2011 . 9:02pm

Nintendo gave out a different card for Pokédex 3D each day at Comic-Con. We collected all of them just to share them with Siliconera readers. Print these out and scan them with Pokédex 3D and you can take pictures with Woobat or Reshiram. Enjoy!



pokedexwoo pokedexwoo1



pokedexzek pokedexzek1



pokedexzeb pokedexzeb1


Darmanitan (Zen mode)

pokedexdar pokedexdar1



pokedexres pokedexres1

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  • They really are pushing the 3D Pokedex huh?
    Add shiny forms Pokemon Company!

  • Roto13

    You could print out any AR marker and use it. Or draw it, even, if you have a straight edge. 

  • Suicunesol

    Has anyone filled their Dex yet…?

    I wonder if it’s even possible, because for some reason my 3DS recognizes the AR markers, but the Pokemon themselves are always blacked-out, which leads me to believe that I’ve hit some kind of limit.

    • You can only get a single elemental monkey and it’s evo, one Frillish gender and evo, 1 Unfezant, and one season of the deer on a single 3DS.
      You need to trade with some else who has the ones you need.

      • It’s pretty easy to get them all. Change today’s date, boom three more. Rinse repeat.

        • No literally the game only lets you get one of each of those.

          It’s programed that way.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

            No the system will download 3 a day if in sleep mode, via spot-pass. You’ll see a little blue ball on your home menu telling you new Pokemon has been added. I have 90 on my pokedex at the moment and all the current stickers to go with it. It’s not difficult to get more it just takes forever because you can only get 3 a day.

            Edit: In reply to the ones below because it won’t let me reply for one reason or another, @JoMa there are only 153 released Gen V pokemon, hence why it got stuck at 153. There are 3 pokemon that Nintendo haven’t officially released yet bringing the total to 156 which is the exact number of new pokemon in Black/White.
            @Jordan, I am far too lazy to google translate that so I will not be thanking you because I know I am right.

          • No I think Ben Sylvia is right because I did the date thing on my 3DS, and I was stuck at 153 at some point and it stopped giving me Pokemon even if I skip three months. XD I deleted all of my save data and redownloaded Pokedex 3D again and did the trick again and BOOOM! still got stuck at 153. TT__TT

        • Suicunesol

          No, man. My 3DS has stopped downloading Pokemon. I haven’t gotten a new Pokemon in over 2 weeks. And I know Spotpass is still working because I still get Dead or Alive DLC.

          • goldidji karm

            me too weird huh?
            3ds fc:287895895027

  • Neat! Thanks for posting these. I was able to just point my 3DS at the screen and it registered all five and added Zekrom and Reshiram to my Pokedex.

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