Resident Evil 4 HD And Code Veronica X HD Scare Up September Release Dates

By Spencer . July 25, 2011 . 5:02pm

re5d Capom is readying two high definition Resident Evil ports. Resident Evil 4 HD will be available on September 20 as a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live download. A week later, on September 27 Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD will join Leon and Ashley’s HD party.


Both games feature remastered graphics and trophies or achievements, but other that’s the extent of new content in these HD ports. In Japan, Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD will be bundled together in a double pack on September 8.

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  • Marcus Stephens

    Was a price announced?

  • Is the Resident Evil 4 HD remake based off of the Gamecube or PS2 version?

    • Zonic505

      It seems to be based off the PS2 version, as it’ll all have the content/extras that was added to that version such as those Ada missions.

  • epy

    Will greatly prefer for them to release the games on disc, not that I want to buy Capcom games any time soon.

    • Aoshi00

      Usually I don’t get too hung up on the game being on disc, but it’s too bad the US ver doesn’t have one like the GoW, Ico, or many other worthy compilation.. they’re big d/ls too..  this would be the chance for me to finally finish RE4 though :)  Still, the Wii ver w/ the remote was very good.

    • nyoron

      I think they are coming on disc… according to Gamespot at least.

      Capcom made the news today during its Resident Evil panel at Comic-COn, where the publisher also said both games will be available at retail and, as was previously announced, digitally.

      • thebanditking

        Capcom really needs to clarify this, I want these on a disc or no sale.

  • Ereek

    I love Code: Veronica, but I’ve already bought it twice, even if it was ~10 years ago.  I think I’ll get it on a sale.

  • Wake

    The Wii RE4 was perfection. The controls were just perfect. I might pick up a Move controller if this game supports it.

    • Aoshi00

      Wii RE4 was indeed great, at first I thought RE5 Gold would be great w/ Move (one of the reasons I got Move before), but I didn’t like playing RE5 w/ Move somehow after a chapter or two, found it harder to aim.. I heard many Jpn players prefer the controller to Move for NMH Heroes’ Paradise as well saying it’s not as responsive and the charging the sword more of a pain (why I couldn’t get into the Wii ver before)..and unfortunately Red Zone Ed actually dropped the Jpn dub unlike the previous Heroes’ Paradise..

      • mikanko

        Since they’ve yet to say anything about it, I doubt seriously that it will have Move support anyways.  Pretty much every game with Move support had it listed as a key selling point early on it seems.  =/

        I thought the same thing about RE5 when I picked up Move and Gold edition, but yeah, the PC ver. with a mouse is easily the best control config in the game, I’m just annoyed they never released the dlc for PC RE5. :|

        Hoping Child of Eden or No More Heroes works with it better, because right now my Move controller just collects dust.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, I don’t think they would implement new Move control for RE4 either.. My Move was literally gathering dust too (I got it for mainly RE5 Gold and Heavy Rain before).. but recently I took it out to play Tumble which was the most fun next to Sports Championship’s ping pong lol.. w/ hardcore games motion control is usually a miss since it’s less precise unless it’s like on rail shooter..  I’m not sure how well Move would work w/ Child of Eden, but it’s pretty great w/ Kinect, shooting and homing is simple, but it’s tiring moving your arms and flicking your wrist constantly..

      • Wake

        I’m a bit disappointed. I might have dodged a bullet there. I was planning on buying Move when it came out for RE5 but it was still fresh in my mind. How could they mess that up? The Wii didn’t even need the Motion plus for it to be accurate in RE4.

        I’m still on the fence on whether to buy Heroes Paradise. I like the control scheme that they cooked up for the Wii but if the Move isn’t as good I might just skip it. The one hit sidequests were annoying enough but if I have to do them with a janky controller I might go crazy.  

      • PrinceHeir

        wait what?!?!?!

        they drop the JPN voices in the Red Zone Edition????

        this is the JPN version right???

        • Aoshi00

          Yep, I was thinking Red Zone would be the ultimate bug-free dual track final Cero Z ver w/ the bonus that’s cheaper right, they dropped it, so it actually doesn’t have the Jpn dub from the previous Heroes’ Paradise, except it’s bug ridden..  so at least I didn’t import the 360 ver for nothing lol.. but they still won’t patch the dang thing w/ the freezes and sometimes audio and subtitles out of sync :(..

          I actually did a lot of research, watching the Jpn trailer and only heard English so I thought it was weird, then I went to the official Jpn site, no mention of Jpn track at all under spec.. later I posted a question on Amazon Jpn but no one answered.. then I read some reviews, no Jpn audio just like the original Wii ver.. So it’s not the Euro or US ver not having it, even the Jpn ver doesn’t have it either, disappointing.. so there’s really no reason to get the Jpn ver other than the different cover.. and the naked viewing mode is DLC and not on disc for Red Zone..

          • PrinceHeir

            what a disappointment :(

            still will buy this but i was expecting the ultimate No MOre Heroes game.

      • I don’t have a source at hand right now, but I remember reading that the way PS Move calulates the cursor position is less precise and prone to some drift. It should be possible to make a solid cursor though. Killzone 3 Move support got some good feedback.

  • Wait we have to download them? that kinda sucks unless i saw it wrong.  It still kind of annoys me that they could make an HD version of RE2, 3 and Code Veroncia but this is Crapcom they fail on things

    • Xeahnort

      Capcom USA/Europe want us to pay for both games and people will fall for the company’s latest money-sucker. XD

    • doubleO7

      It was announced at Comic-Con that these would see a retail release in the US in addition to a PSN/XBL download. I’m surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned on Siliconera yet. Maybe Spencer doesn’t know?

      • lostinblue

        I like the sound of that.

      • PrinceHeir

        awesome stuff :)

      • thebanditking

        Yes I have been dying for clarification on that new story, Spencer can you get us the details. Though I wonder if “retail release” just means download cards at gamestop, which would be a let down..

  • cmurph666

    I admit it…

    I never unlocked the Linear Launcher in RE:CV X.

  • F.O.X

    Japan gets a physical copy of the game right?

  • Hexen

    Ahhh… I’ll buy it for a high price!

    • PrinceHeir

      not Enough Cash Stranger :P

      Disc Version for me :)

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    So, I’m guessing no option to not use tank controls in Code Veronica.

  • eilegz

    if re4 cost 10 maybe i get it, otherwise stay free.

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