Original Console Goddess Are Playable In Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2

By Spencer . July 26, 2011 . 1:34am

neptunia1When Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 begins, the console goddess from the first game are in the Gameindustri Graveyard. You can free them at some point in the PlayStation 3 game because all four – Black Heart, Green Heart, White Heart, and Purple Heart are playable characters.


Dengeki PlayStation mentioned this bit of news and introduced some of the game’s team attacks. News about those have not leaked yet.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk-2 comes out on August 18 in Japan.

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  • William Carpenter

    Absolutely disgusting picture. Ugh.

    • You gotta be kidding? That’s a great choice of awesome art for this article~

    • …So? You don’t know what kind of game this is, do you?

      • William Carpenter

        I’m aware the game has a lot of pandering sexual content, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there needs to be any tentacle rape. Or rape of any kind. 

        Not to mention, I think rather highly of Siliconera and would rather not see it play any part in spreading the use of rape imagery. 

        It just doesn’t need to happen. It does nothing to enrich or strengthen the game, or the article. Fanservice is one thing, but this takes it to an entirely intolerable level. It should not be considered normal or acceptable. 

        • First of all: Calm down and stop over-reacting. Secondly: Not everybody shares your standards, good or bad.

          They never said anything about rape, you know. Just bondage. And considering you can rescue them at some point, I don’t imagine anything violent happening, particularly if the game is still carrying its comedic tone from the first one. And it’s not even a sexual game; it’s a reference-fest with fan-service.

          You might be looking at it the wrong way, i.e: too seriously. These games are anything but.

          • And though I seriously mean zero offense by this, a crucifixion could be construed as a sort of bondage–someone is “tied up” against their will, which is all this dude seems to have an issue with, after all. I pray he never finds a Christian church since I guess that would also be “intolerable” and “unacceptable.” Was…was that a pun?
            *disclaimer: I consider myself Catholic, so I’m not attacking any faith. Just saying his view of “rape/bondage” is a bit…manic.

          • Well… seeing as the Goddesses are captured, I’d at least assume it happened against their will. Calling that “rape” is going overboard, however.

        • Guest

          Oh and who are you to arrogate to yourself the right to decide what kind of sexual content should be considered normal or acceptable?

          • shadowind

            @google-f220bea076d70484ed80d066ff356820:disqus   Virvum is right! Who are YOU to decide what kind of sexual content is considered to be normal or acceptable?

            You come across as being one of those religious prudish-types? Probably a Mormon or a Westboro Baptist-type with your silly holier-than-thou attitude.

            I play hentai games myself (not all the time, though) and read hentai manga every once in a while and yet I know the difference between what’s real and not real.

            You do know that you’re now probably hated by a lot of people on the board; myself included because of your attitude.

            As another poster said on this thread: It’s thanks to idiots like you that we can’t have nice things in this world because your kind read into things that aren’t even there in the first place!

    • SolidusSnake

      Bondage =/= rape

      They’re not even nude so obviously they are not being raped, just tied up. Chill out bro.

      • William Carpenter

        You don’t have to be nude to be raped, bro.

        I will not chill out.

        • I’m going to step in now and ask you to drop it. I changed the image, which was actually the only screenshot of the main characters from Neptunia as seen in Neptunia Mk-II.

          This discussion is clogging up the comments not just here, but on the front page too. So, thanks for ending it here, everyone.

          • William Carpenter

            Thank you for changing the image.

            Like I said, I’ve always thought really highly of Siliconera. My criticism was never meant to be an attack of any kind.

          • If you have criticism like this in the future it should be e-mailed to us instead of being posted in the comments because now this entire post, which was *supposed* to be about character additions went on a tangent. Thanks for e-mailing us in the future.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            I’m a bit disappointed the picture was changed, myself.

        • It’s not though. There was no implication that they got raped at all, it was a bondage theme picture for fanservice, I’m sure they don’t like their situation but rape? Seriously, I doubt you actually know what that is or you overreact, whatever~

        • SolidusSnake

          You are the one being a sick perv by imagining rape when it’s just a bunch of girls tied up. People like you are the reason we can’t have nice things.

    • Guest

      Absolutely worthless comment. Ugh.

  • DanteJones

    To free, or not to free: that is the question.

  • maxchain

    Is that the Gameindustri Graveyard in the headline image?  Why don’t we, er, take our time rescuing them.

  • Seriously the more the merrier especially if it’s sexy console girls…and bondage tentacles? 

  • Well, that’s good to hear. But there’s another question: “Are they gonna be DLC?” The first game announced Gust and Nisa playable as well. But look what they pulled back then.

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    Hey! Where’s the awesome bondage picture?

  • I wonder if they are going to do a save import that would unlock extra stuff in the new one if you still have the old game saved because that would be cool.

  • Croix

    Well, I’m sold. All the original characters (possibly minus Red) plus new characters in a new and hopefully improved battle system is the way a sequel like this game should go.

    Once again, though, I bet the other console goddesses aren’t playable until the end of the main story. Which I’m okay with if there’s a similar amount of post-game content.

    • It seems improved in every conceivable way and I do believe you get party members at a regular pace (though I’m not sure about the four big sis CPUs). I also have my fingers crossed for post-game content.

  • PersonaBull

    This is a silly question, considering how much money the DLC must be making them from the first game, but is the DLC (outfits/weapons and stuff) going to be usable in the second game for those characters? I really doubt it, but the idea crept into my head so I just had to ask. Honestly, I might get some of the DLC if that’s the case (I’m uselessly waiting for bundles at this point) since it would fit the price tag a lot better if it was still usable in the next game. Just a thought!

    • People actually bought HDN’s DLCs?!

      No offense to them in any way, but the first game’s DLC line-up is… just weak, to put it mildly. Many of them are stat-boosters and equipments that cost 1$ each. And the swimsuits “advertised” in-game as gallery pictures, which costs 2.45$ per character. Or how about Processor Unit sets that come down to 5$ each? Worst of them all is the two bait-and-switch party members stated on the back cover whom, after purchase for 2$ each, you have to level up all the way from 1.

      I was really dumbfounded by how shamelessly they asked for more money for a low-quality product with a straight face; some of them being what should have been in the game to begin with, no less. I honestly felt insulted when I first saw their DLC list – not anymore, though the disappointment is still lingering. But what’s done is done; that attitude better be fixed this time.

      • I think “personified game companies also make appearances” =/= “party members” just like “featuring music by Mix Master NickyD” =/= “NickyD’s physical presence”

        I think your conclusion boils down to personal assumption.

        • That’s true. I don’t disagree what you said, that they’re not explicitly stated as part of the party.

          However, the way Gust and Nisa are positioned along IF and Compa is still implying something, even if not directly: What would an average player think of two characters juxtaposed right beside two characters who joined the party not long after the game started?

          Another thing is that none of the non-main characters got a definitive avatar, let alone a bigger half-body art; this applies even to some NPCs that actually were part of the story dialogue. Gust and Nisa got one each, which is another implication; they’re certainly not vital to the story, so the other possibilities are as bosses or members, the former of which they’re not, because they don’t have much story presence to begin with.

          Lastly, both of them are displayed alongside other six characters in, aside from the back cover, the instruction manual and the opening movie itself. If that’s not strong enough an implication, I don’t know what else it’s supposed to mean.

          And sure enough, they are party members in the end. You just have to pay for them, which is something the cover didn’t mention.

          Overall, my gripe is towards the general business practice surrounding the game. It is my personal reaction to dislike the practice, yes, but saying that still doesn’t excuse the laziness.

  • epy

    I never doubted them to be playable… at 5 dollars each as day one DLC. Costumes, I don’t mind. Weapons, ok. Playable characters as DLC with no way of unlocking them in game is something I’ll never agree with.

    Here’s to hoping I’m dead wrong in this case.

  • So by “free” does that mean they’re unlockable and not DLC? Here’s to hoping…

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