Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Will Have DLC Like An Unlimited Hyper Combo Mode

By Spencer . July 26, 2011 . 5:31pm

Ghost_Rider_4Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 won’t be out until November, but Capcom is already cracking on downloadable content plans. Players will be able to purchase arrange costumes and new modes from PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace.


According to Famitsu, one new mode players will be able to add is unlimited hyper combo mode. Pricing for this mode has not been announced.


The game will have 50 characters on disc and tweaks like mid-air X-factor activation. For more on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and the game’s characters check out our interview with producer Ryota Niitsuma.

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  • Will there be a mode that allows three of a single character?

    • That will be DLC. “Send in the clones DLC. Only 7.99”

    • mikanko

      please delete. double post :x

    • mikanko

      It will come with 2v2 and 1v1 modes as well. x_x

      • That would be too generous. x_x

        “Duo Duels DLC. Only 6.99”

        “Hockey Fight 1 v 1 DLC. Only 5.99”

        Search your heart you know it to be true D:.

        • mikanko

          The problem is like shadow battles it doesn’t seem like they’ll actually include anything worth having.  Sure they’re game modes that should be unlockable in the option menu, but they’re still pretty worthless.

          Now if they had some kinda 2v2 MvC1 Dreamcast mode where 4 people could play that’d be kinda neat.  But I just don’t think anyone choosing this stuff knows what the hell they’re doing.

          • If we went back to MvC1 quality modes I would be really happy. I would actually think about getting this game. It does seem like they are just making modes out of thin air doesn’t it?

          • mikanko

            Exactly.  Someone in charge says they need to make nickle and dime content because it’s what all games are doing now.  They come up with something like this with no thought at all.  Like some other people have expressed I’m kinda glad it seems the game modes will be worthless, because I won’t feel any need to buy them. 

            Sometimes I just go on the marketplace to look around for some random stuff to spend MS points on because i have 60 odd points left over and am surprised by the random crap games release as dlc these days.  This is even stranger than those because I don’t see why anyone would actually want this.

  • i can’t believe i used to root for dlc, look what it has become. this game is an addition to a game many of us already own, having dlc ready for it before it’s even out is ridiculous. it should be shipped with all these modes on it.

    • Not your fault. When DLC came out it seemed like a solution to most things but, it seems its causing more and more trouble now.

  • lurkingsalt

    There’s a good and bad way to do DLC. I think the more I hear about the way Capcom does their DLC rollout is not something I can support. When they made you pay extra for a RE5 online mode I knew that wasn’t going to be the end of plain “key unlock” for content already on the Disc. Burnout Paradise is how you do DLC.

    • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

      Blazblue’s CS2 update is how this should’ve been done

  • Nice you can make DLC for other modes and not make the actual entire game and character a DLC that messed up.

  • epy

    Oh Capcom, you make it so easy to dislike you. Like I always say, cosmetic DLC is something that doesn’t bother me, DLC to keep expanding on a complete game after it has already been out for a while is great.When you charge extra money for something that affects gameplay, on day one no less, you’re doing it wrong.

    To add insult to the injury, most likely these extra modes will be on the disc you already paid for so you have to pay again just to unlock them.

    Maybe its because I come from a time where you used to actually play the game to unlock stuff (yeah, ridiculous I’m sure) but most of the time I read something about DLC, it is another scheme to nickel and dime gamers. I’m sure publishers will rejoice when our kind die out.

    • mikanko

      A dlc game mode that gives you unlimited hyper meter doesn’t really affect gameplay.  It’s basically just giving you an option from training mode selectable outside of training mode for gigglefits.  Outside of possibly having drunken vs. matches with your friends, no one will take this added game mode seriously.  I think it’s kinda dumb, and no one will actually buy it, but it’s kinda harmless.

      edit: Unless people actually buy this.

  • Way to go Capcom. Many fans already feel riped off, now you want them pissed off.
    If you’re planing DLC ok. But develop it and announce it after the game ships. I completely agaisnt day one DLC and overpriced DLC too.
    Too bad only few developers actually use DLC for great things (Burnout Paradise as a prime example).

    • kupomogli

      Expansions.  That’s all DLC should be used for in my opinion.  I know I’m beating on a dead horse by saying this again, but I wish it would go back to how PC games back in the day did it.  There was no nickel and dime DLC.  It was full expansions to add entire dungeons, etc.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        And I agree. If Ultimate MVC3 had been a downloadable expansion, instead of another retail disc, I would not be boycotting Capcom right now.

  • Ah they are starting to become like Bioware and Bugdesda with discussing DLC MONTHS before launch. Really, they cant add the mode on disc before release?

    • kupomogli

      Capcom has already developed DLC months before launch.  Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine are already on disc in MvC3 but you have to pay to unlock the characters since not everything was on disc(voice files, etc.)  All the DLC for every other game AS SOON AS THE GAME HITS STORE SHELVES.  I mean seriously.  Resident Evil 5 with all the DLC already on disc, except for the two extra story modes.

      If all this wasn’t developed many months in advance and then either released as disc locked content or DLC then I wouldn’t care. Bioware planned for DLC to be released after the release of Dragon Age Origins. What happened? They actually developed it. It wasn’t already done months in advance, except for the voucher for some of the DLC which was kind of bs that they didn’t place it on disc, but I got the Ultimate Edition now so whatever. Atleast with the voucher they didn’t nickel and dime you like Capcom does every single release.

      Skyrim is coming out this year. I bet you there’s additional content added in the future. Something similar to Shivering Isles I’m sure. Is it already ready? No. And that’s why something like that doesn’t bother me.

      • mikanko

        I think they messed up with MvC3.  I think they had Frank West and at least a few more characters planned for dlc, but the earthquake did suspend their operations a bit.  When the dust cleared they got to see how badly Jill and Shuma Gorath sold, and realized just how unfinished MvC3 was with negative player feedback about the horrible online, poor PS3 framerate etc.  They decided fast tracking a disc release was the only way to fix the game and stay profitable, as well as not let the development time they spent making new characters go to waste.

        Not that it’s right, but MvC3 was more or less an unintentional beta, and now we’re left with what might be the completed game for 40$.  I don’t think a dlc patch would really work as it sounds like there’s enough of an engine and netcode overhaul to exceed whatever limits Microsoft/Sony has for patches.  I don’t really think it’s a bad value, but I’m not entirely sold on them fixing a lot of what makes the game broken. 

        I think MVC3 is fun, but I get the feeling that the development process suffers a lot from what Inafune complained about before he left Capcom.  Things like allowing you setup your button config on the character select like you can in Blazblue should be an obvious inclusion with any game that gets played at tournaments and people using different controllers.  When Seth Killian brings it up to people on the development staff of SF4 or MVC3 they act like he’s crazy.  I get the feeling he really has to pick his battles so they don’t start tuning out his input altogether, but there really are a lot of Capcom people making decisions that’re totally out to lunch.

        edit: In other words I guess I just think Capcom decision makers are more stupid than they are sinister. u_u

        • Evilhero1

          ^  I agree

          With that being said, for the amount of entertainment hours I got out of MvC3, it was $60 well spent.  I would much rather have had that, than sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for UMvC3 for 9 months just to save a little money.

          • mikanko

            I’m in the same boat, though probably feel a little better about it than most since I sold my copy of MvC3 in June.  :o

            I definitely got more than 60$ worth out of it in that time though.  

    • lurkingsalt

      The only thing is that ME2 and Bethesda games give sooooo many hours of content already. I’m talking 100+ easy for Oblivion and the upcoming Skyrim. If they want to charge for some new stuff that’s fine by me.

      • DanteJones

        I agree, and the DLC or expansion packs usually add on at least 15-20 extra hours on top of what is already a ridiculously long game if you get around to doing all the side-quests and whatnot.

      • “The only thing is that ME2 and Bethesda games give sooooo many hours of
        content already. I’m talking 100+ easy for Oblivion and the upcoming
        That gots nothing on my 800 hours in Super Street Fighter 4.

        • That’s nothing on my 1000+ hours on Sonic Adventure 2 and Kingdom Hearts II.

          • Evilhero1

            Yeah, but how many people on average spend that much time on those 2 games vs the time people spent on average on fighting games? 

          •  You got that time like since the games released back 9 years ago, I got 200 hours in a month of SSF4 came out. Heck I probably have 1000 hours of gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2 too, to bad my memory card got corrupted. 

      • raymk

        I played SSF4 and MVC3 more than 100 hours easy though so thats not saying  anything.  Fighters tend to have a longer lifespan if your competitive and not 
        casual. Being DLC day one is not fine for any company no matter how much content they give out and bioware games aren’t even long so its most def not ok for them to do it.

      • raymk

        I played SSF4 and MVC3 more than 100 hours easy though so thats not saying  anything.  Fighters tend to have a longer lifespan if your competitive and not 
        casual. Being DLC day one is not fine for any company no matter how much content they give out and bioware games aren’t even long so its most def not ok for them to do it.

      • Horsearmor…

        But at least you spoke correctly, of content, not of good content or anything in the lines of that.

  • Rihawf

    DLC for me it’s “Don’t Look at Content” because that’s a rip-off.

  •  I really starting to think I may just rent this. I love Marvel but Capcom is a joke. I bought the stinkin collectors edition too. I wonder if I can sell it w/ its tin case and actually get some good money…

  • man Capcom is completely abusing DLC’s at this point, is re-re-re releasing games,  most of the time the incomplete version, not enough that you have to slap us with this? not even Square Enix goes that far

  • add character dlc !

    screw you capcom

    i am still buying dragons dogma though :P you bastards

    • lurkingsalt

      They can’t possibly do an upgrade version of that game right?…….right? But seriously, I don’t feel like they do this with Dogma, because if they do, that will really be the end all of my Capcom purchases.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      Buy Dragon’s Dogma used.

      • So that they think “Dragon’s Dogma sold bad, we never do something like that again”? Very intelligent move.

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          More intelligent than rewarding a company that treats its consumers the way Capcom does.

          • FireCouch

            A company that makes potentially good games like Dragon’s Dogma.  Right…

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            Don’t care how good their games may be, their business practices are despicable. Buying ANY of their games new is supporting those practices.

  • Yu_TheKing

    I hope this doesnt mean that people can just spam Hyper combos all day. I’d actually like to see a story mode not just endings.

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    And all of this DLC will be included on disc when you purchase Hyper Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Arcade Edition

  • ffboi7

    I’m calling it now! Theirs gonna be DLC where it allows you to choose 3 of the same characters! And its gonna $5 xD and it will be on the disc already! Oh Capcom how I love your way of taking my money! JUST TAKE IT ALREADY XP

  • Guilherme Campos

    and capcom stealing our money again…  game isn’t complete yet and they have already announced a dlc….

  • Oh capcom, how you love to screw your fans over 10 versions of a fighting game, and charging money for things that i find are not even worth being called dlc,crushing your fans hopes by the cancellation of MML3. Oh how i miss the era of the SNES,n64, Ps1,ps2. Where ALL characters, costumes, content were in ONE cartidge/disc the FIRST time. This is the worse generation where companies have abused their gamers, and its only going to get worse if gamers allow companies like capcom to pull stunt like this. I think companies have forgotten that its US GAMERS that made this industry huge.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      In fairness, Capcom were doing this back then, so it is not a problem with this generation. Don’t you remember how many different versions of SFII came out for the SNES and Genesis? The only reason why it even upsets me now is that back then, they had no choice but to release new versions. We live in the age of DLC now. There’s no reason for upgrades to not just be downloadable.

      • The difference is that in the SF2 era, those games were released first in the arcades. And the price you pay is still the same due to it’s being coin based system. Just saying.

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          Not everyone had an arcade near them or were allowed to go. When they had arcades, I was still a kid and my mom was convinced they were filled with drug dealers, so I never went to one.

    • Evilhero1

      You can say what you want about Capcom, but it’s never been a better time to be a fighting game fan. 

      As a member of the community since 3rd Strike, nothing makes me happier not only seeing the scene revived, but it also being well supported by even the developers.

      • HistorysGreatestMonster

        Better support would’ve been to have just made UMVC3 DLC in the first place. This is literally just abandoning one game in favor of another and then charging people for modes that either very few people care about or should’ve been in the game in the first place.

        • mikanko

          I think if they could find a way to cram this into dlc they would.  They probably make a decent profit on a 15$ download, but would be interesting to see what the difference is between that and a 40$ released game.  Considering it’s what SSF4 AE sells for as a disc, I think it’s probably the same, or at least pretty close.

          MvC3 was far more unfinished than they realized when they put it out.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they had originally planned a Super MvC3 early on, but I suspect it was originally planned to be a 2012 title.  This update was fast tracked when they realized how fast everyone’s interest was waning with the broken online.

          • NTyron52

            It also makes me wonder if they saved certain things from the previous game to this one. Strider and Phoenix Wright is very popular around here, people would go crazy just to play with them, so would this be a way to increase the sales of this game?

            The worst part about it, they are making DLC costumes for this game. You know, they should at least put some of these on disc and not charging us for 5 bucks… MK9 at least did that with all characters by adding some alternate costumes as unlockable features.

            I would also like to know, why aren’t they making the alternate colors from some of the Marvel characters more like the original ones from the comics… is it too hard for them to do it? I don’t know but, they are professional game designers.

            edit: @mikanko, I know that all of them are based off some of their previous comic forms, I’m just saying, some of those characters, in the comics, have a different appearance rather than just a color swap. Dormammu for example has a color based off on one of his comics on this link you posted… I’m just saying, why can’t they make those textures to sound more like the comic counterpart rather than just a color swap?

          • mikanko

            They’re adding 2 colors for each character and specifically altering the textures a bit from the previous game for all 6 colors a character has.  Phoenix’s black outfit has an X on it instead of the Phoenix symbol now etc.

            One of the problems this game has with palette swaps is Marvel is very picky about the colors the marvel characters get, and almost all of the alt colors Marvel side has are in reference to costumes they have in the comics. 

            http://www.1up.com/do/blogEntry?bId=9085015  Fortunately the extra textures are free :p 

            Too bad you still have to pay for Elvis Modok or Mohawk Storm though.

            so uh… your question doesn’t really make sense since all of the alt colors for the Marvel characters are already based off previous comic forms.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            How big were the Fallout 3 DLC packs? How big was Dragon Age Awakenings? The episodes from Liberty City? The Undead Nightmare? They could’ve made this DLC.

          • mikanko

            Dragon Age Awakenings still uses the same assets though, and is able to stay under 2 gigs.  This is a case where the update would probably be closer to the same size of the game.  Stuff like Frank West was cut out of the first MvC3 because they had technical difficulties with resource limitations of the consoles.  Same reason they gave for spectator mode. I’m really thinking they’re dumbing down the games graphic engine a bit so they can put more things on the screen and improve the online.  Would explain why lots of impressions at comic con said the game looked a little worse.

            It’s hard to know for sure, but I think if they could release this as an update they would since they’d probably get more sales that way.  If it would be theoretically possible to patch the game, the changes would be great enough that it would create a lot more work for them than simply releasing the game over again.

            Microsoft’s policy is a 2 gig limit for dlc, considering an install of MvC3 is like 6 gigs, I think that this would be bigger than any of your examples. Hell, SSF4AE is like 600 megs, and that’s just 4 characters and balance changes.

      • Thomas Maloney

        maybe when the arcade scene was actually popular in America? XD

    • mikanko

      You do realize that in the 90s SNES/PS1 days Capcom updated their fighting games every 6-9 months with a new release right?

      I think 9 months is longer than the time between Xmen vs. SF and Marvel Super Heroes etc.

      Just saying, this really isn’t something new, and maybe you’re looking at the past with rose colored glasses.  I totally support you in being resentful about MML3 though.

  • Let’s see. UMVC3 was -announced- what. . . a week ago? Not even a week? And we already have a formal announcement for its DLC?

    Good god, I think this is a new record guys, even for Capcom! D:

    • Nah they did like the same thing for MvC3, well talking about DLC characters before the game was out but i must say they really a rushing  huuh

  • I wonder if it is going to be as AWESOME as the shadow mode =S

  • Unlimited Hyper Combo mode…sounds stupid and i beat it something that we don’t really need but that’s Crapcom :D throwing Patches and DLCs noone cares about

  • BGMcDF

    “50 characters on disk,” you say. Is this the verbatim source wording, or am I reading too carefully?

    • puchinri

      That gave me pause and made me wonder.

      • 19 from both sides of the original game equals 38. 

        6 from both sides planned for Ultimate equals 12.


        • NTyron52

          For those who didn’t pay for Jill and Shuma Gorath they have to pay for it now… so technically:

          12 new + 36 originals + 2 DLC = 50 characters.

          Capcom is really clever with DLC… they should at least not put the DLC on the disc. DLC costumes were the same case.

  • Here lies Capcom:
    “We went out stingy”

  • So, Capcom is already planning for a third release of this game, eh?

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    It’s funny how DLC happy Capcom are with the GAME THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DLC IN THE FIRST PLACE!

    Do as I have pledged to do, people, and please only buy Capcom products, from now on, used.

  • Why bother? They’ll release a third edition with all DLC included for a cheap price. I’ll wait for the Arcade Edition. 

  • Yesshua

    I see two things in these comments consistently.  Many people think that unlimited hyper combo mode is a dumb idea.  Many people object to Capcom planning content to be released as downloadable for a fee.

    But… if you feel both these things then actually this is a good thing isn’t it?  You don’t want this mode and you don’t want to pay for it.  It’s optional.  Isn’t it best that DLC be the least important content?  DLC like gimmiky game modes and costumes.  If the content you don’t like is DLC then you can pay for the content you do like and not pay for the content you don’t care for.  And everyone wins.

  • mikanko

    This sounds just as lame as the shadow mode, and I have a feeling will sell equally abysmally.  At least I hope shadow modes didn’t actually sell to anyone.  Did someone buy a shadow mode?  Can I slap that person?  Why pay for something you pretty much already get with training mode?

    Pretty sure they’ve gone on record saying for more characters they’ll have to evaluate UMvC3s sales before deciding if they’ll have any, but none are planned.  They’re at least leaving it as a possibility.  Since X and Gene were the two Capcom characters that just missed the cut, I hope both could make it in, and maybe Marvel can get a couple girls.  If they still want to represent cosmic Marvel put Gamora in there.  Poison shouldn’t be the only chick with a sword in a Capcom fighting game!

    I like some dlc costumes in SF4, but really not digging the current lineup for MvC3.  Maybe Trish in Gloria or Lady short shorts would be cool.  Tron in Rockman Dash Roll outfit would be cute too.  That said, I’ll probably laugh a bit uncomfortably if Zero’s dlc costume is Megaman X. D:

    • jugun

      that would be Megaman X anyways,I’m a big Megaman fan,but c’mon Zero is way cooler than X

    • puchinri

      I really, really hope Gene makes it at least, but I’m hoping for X too. And Marvel seriously needs some ladies in there. (Still hoping for Misty and Molly!♥)

      • mikanko

        I have no idea who might make it, but Capcom just kinda dumbly said they picked characters not thinking about sex at all, and just used the names Marvel gave them for their new 6.  (Which I’m not too unhappy with, Nova and Rocket are both BAMFs)

        Hopefully there’s enough sausagefest feedback that at least they’ll get a girl or two from Marvel this time.  I’m not sure what recent comic series Marvel wants to promote though, which seems to be key.

        • puchinri

          Yeah, I read that. It made me a bit frustrated. 

          Hopefully~. I know they’ll have Villains for Hire soon (and H4H was probably doing well), which is why I thought Misty would be a good bet. And since Wanda came back, I thought they would add her (since it was a big deal and a lot could come of it), but heck, there’s a lot of potential in regards to stories, promotions and female characters that would have been smart moves. (They already have X-23, so smart there. But adding a character like Hope or someone, or a Runaways character if they’re still working on that movie would have been smart.)

          • mikanko

            Wanda seems a safe choice, Black Widow and Ms. Marvel would be probably be the safe guesses too I think.  Misty or Molly would be awesome sleeper pics, or even Nico if they do want to promote Runaways but those would surprise me as much as Rocket Raccoon… which means anything’s possible I guess!

            Seth has said the team likes to stay away from previous fighting game characters when possible(why Strider is the only returning MvC2 char), but I won’t be surprised to see Cable or Cyclops either, which’d be be kinda meh, but I guess I’d prefer them over Emma even if I want more girls in the game.  I’m pretty okay with no X-men making this game, but I’d like to see them try and adapt Illyana or Kitty, and I think both’d have a lot of potential.

          • NTyron52

            I also think Cable and Cyclops are not that great as some people think… I still don’t want Cyclops because I’ve seen enough of him… the only way I would want to see Cable is if they fix that Viper Beam thing, to have more recovery time.

            Now I’ve never played God Hand, but I like the concept of Gene. Although I’m not sure how they could make a movelist for him since he has 100+ moves, and choose the best to represent him better.

            The only Capcom character that I would like to see make it in, is Asura from Asura’s Wrath. I know the game is in the development, and that it will be released next year, but I think he could be a very interesting character, I’m hoping for it. The MvC twitter channel gave a hint about him, but I don’t know…

          • puchinri

            Black Widow and Ms Marvel would probably be safe too, although I feel like they’d be added just because kind of? It’d be pretty smart to add one of the Young Avengers. But yeah, Nico would be pretty nice too. I think Molly fits being such a bruiser/beat em up gal, but Nico would be tons of fun to use. I do think the Runaways make a little more sense than Rocket Raccoon (they’re kind of mirroring ‘Pool in popularity lately and both have talk of a movie and planning has gone somewhat far), but I suppose Misty makes more sense than the Runaways and kind of Iron Fist (which makes me sad that he made it in and not her). Curse the status quo! x’D

            Cyclops could happen, but he’s slowly becoming such a background character to people whenever he pops up. Emma would actually make more sense, and I would love to have her in just for the personality and character/charisma she’d have, but she wouldn’t be as much fun to actually use. Honestly, I think Marvel themselves are shifting their attention more to both Avengers teams (for somewhat obvious reasons) and the X-Men are as popular, but they’re not as hardcore as they usually would be on selling them. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get more of them. (We already have X-23 anyway, and Wolverine too, right?)

          • mikanko

            I would probably find a spot on my team for one of Nico or Molly, but I mainly just hope Marvel keeps their picks a bit unpredictable.  X-men get brought up because of fan requests and people unable to escape the nineties nostalgia, but I totally agree there are enough.  They do have a good number of girls though compared to some of the other series.  If an X-men gets added I’d just want Magik or someone else off the chart.  Thought Cyclops might be at the forefront with the new books having him and Wolverine appearing to be in a pretty big tissy fit, but I honestly haven’t really kept up with anything from the main line of X-men in forever.

            I think they’re going more towards comics than movies but it’s hard to say how far in advance they’re picking the game characters next to how far in advance comics are known to being announced.  Looking at Iron Fist and Strange next to the recent Defenders announcement makes me curious though.  Why I mentioned Cable is I guess he was announced to be coming back to life at comicon too(big surprise <.<;).  Not that he doesn't fit in great next to Deadpool, but with Rocket coming I think we've met a good gun quota. 

            But yes, more girls!  Hopefully interesting ones that haven't been in MvC before…. I guess I'd make an exception for Psylocke if they re-tooled her moveset to give her more swordy action though.

  • jugun

    I like Capcom,they don’t judge the people by their race or religion,they just want all my damn money =.- 

  • Good discussions you’ve been having on this turn of events with Capcom . . . they upset me too but as an o.g. gamer I will still buy this game and maybe it’s DLC too . . #swag

  • Electrium

    I’m trying so hard not to be an angry Capcom hater, but they’re making it oh so difficult…announcing specific DLC plans months before the release?  The mode is probably already done.

  • So what they’re saying is event mode was the beta for dlc in this game. Yep, I’m done.

  • So what they’re saying is event mode was the beta for dlc in this game. Yep, I’m done.

  • LezardValeth

    I just can’t fathom anyone even considering buying this had it not been for Strider’s inclusion. Even then I still can’t think of anything except for how I’m NOT buying this game. Sorry Capcom, when you finally make up your mind and decide to release a definitive version of this game that’s all-inclusive I might consider making a purchase, until then you do not have a customer for any further releases.

    • FireCouch

      Um, because it’s a good game?  I think that’s reason enough for buying it.  If Strider wasn’t in the game, I’d easily purchase it as well.

      • Thomas Maloney

        have fun buying the same game again.

        • NTyron52

          Well but the good thing is, this not a FPS.

        • Bakuryukun

          It’s really just not that damn bad, it’s 40 bucks. Which you can further reduce to like 10 bucks by selling your old copy ahead of time. That was my solution.

  • No thanks, Capcom. My money is going towards the release of Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

  • Anime10121

    This is frekin CRAZY!! I’ve owned all the versus titles on PSX, and if I can recall there was a code you could put into the main menu to make all hyper mode.  Why is it now that we have to pay for it?  I hate the fact that publishers believe that just because we have dlc now, that it means they can keep stuff already on the disc locked unless you pay for it.
    Not that I was buying this game new anyways, as Capcom has been on a HUGE disappointment streak with me lately and Megaman Legends 3 was the straw that broke the camels back.  Used all the way!!!

  • Anime10121

    This is frekin CRAZY!! I’ve owned all the versus titles on PSX, and if I
    can recall there was a code you could put into the main menu to make
    all hyper mode.  Why is it now that we have to pay for it?  I hate the
    fact that publishers believe that just because we have dlc now, that it
    means they can keep stuff already on the disc locked unless you pay for

    Not that I was buying this game new anyways, as Capcom has been on a
    HUGE disappointment streak with me lately and Megaman Legends 3 was the
    straw that broke the camels back.  Used all the way!!!

  • StaticDestroyer

    Really this stuff should be on the disc already, if you’re expecting people to buy the same game twice in a year you should sweeten it as much as is possible, and given that it’s a modifier and not even anything substantial, there’s really no reason for it not to be included.

  • i think I’ll wait for the Ultimate Arcade Edition :P

  • This is bullcrap that could easily be changed in the pre vs menu where you change time etc.

    Lets take standard feature and call them a mode and then charge for it.

    I think I’ll wait for the super turbo remix arcade edition

  • Mike Krause

    Rabble rabble rabble, I deserve stuff I didn’t even know existed when I bought this beta(lol) months ago! Boycott rawwr rawwr. Cheap basatards. 

    If you do not like it, you do NOT have to buy it. 

  • You know, I was thinking about getting this game, but these comments kinda make me feel otherwise…

  • This is not exactly the kind of DLC I was looking forward to. Cheap mode DLC and in-disc costume packs are still a cheap ripoff.

    Just keep the damn DLC to “NEW MEATY CONTENT”. Ok, Crapcom?

  • NTyron52

    While I was reading this, I thought about some modes that could have been better:

    -Ratio Mode. CVS2 style. No tag-outs. No assists. Just go through
    characters in order. You can distribute power levels between characters
    to boost their offense, defense, etc, just like CVS2.

    -2v2 4-Player Mode. Kinda like the style of MvC1, each team is composed of 2 playable characters plus one that is an assist,
    which can only be used a certain number of times. Activating a Team
    Hyper will put both players of a team on the screen for a certain length
    of time.

    That’s only one of the 2 things that could’ve been better, there’s a lot more that I can think of. Even a mode which randomly picks your characters and stages could’ve been better than this.

    • mikanko

      1v1 2 outta 3 match mode would be neat too.  It’s not hard to think up genuine modes that’d be cool.  None of them should be dlc though.  At least this is something ultimately worthless that can just be recreated in training.

      • A non X-factor mode would be nice as well.  Keep it traditional.

        • NTyron52

          I also would want to see a Story Mode… the universe thing would be really cool, with each character traveling around with partners, talking about stuff, how it all began. Mortal Kombat 9 was pretty good, it was quite cheesy but was entertaining.

          Either way, this shouldn’t even be DLC, it should just be an Online mode. Charging us some bucks just to see something you can do in training mode is just bad. It’s as if, they are struggling to make effort in to this game…

    • the7k

      Wow, thanks for stealing that right off of where I posted it on SRK at around comment #45.

      • NTyron52

        Yeah about that, I’m pretty sorry. I just wanted to post it here in this website just so people can have some better ideas about what it could’ve been instead of this thing… sorry, again.

  • For those that really care, wait 9 months.  If you don’t hear rumblings of a sequel, the game probably didn’t do well enough to warrant another one.  You can then buy this one for $10 off and feel better about yourselves.

  • hystzen

    Deja Vu i remember them claiming DLC for the beta version MvC3 that didnt happen apart from useless shadow modes then they released new version of game. meh

  • KyoyaHibari

    Oh joy, the ‘Ultimate’ version STILL will have DLC made to expand the game EVEN FURTHER, just put it on disc geez.

  • I hope they have more characters on DLC too, such as Green Goblin, Blade, Carnage, Ken, M.Bison, Megaman & Guy

  • da only game from capcom i plan on getting is sf vs tekken

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