Upcoming Atelier Meruru DLC Adds Pamela To The Party, Rorona Costume For Meruru

By Spencer . July 26, 2011 . 1:01am

meru3Gust’s first wave of downloadable content for Atelier Meruru: The Alchemist of Arland 3 includes three party members packs. Players can turn Juana, Rufus, and Pamela into playable characters for 500 yen ($6.50) per character.


Juana, a storekeeper from Earls, uses a boomerang in battle. Rufus is armed with a whip and Pamela, Rorona’s mentor the ghost who makes cameos in a number of Gust games, has an umbrella. Speaking of Rorona, the next issue of Dengeki PlayStation includes a code for a Rorona costume for Meruru. A Meruru music mix pack will also be available for 300 yen ($4). (note: Gemaga is also giving away a Totori costume with their next issue, which is pictured here.)


Gust is also giving all Atelier Meruru fans a new area to explore. Makina has new materials to harvest and gigantic monsters to fight. This addition is free. Atelier Meruru’s downloadable content will be available on the PlayStation Store starting July 28.


meru1 meru4 meru2

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  • Pamela playable?!

    I’m terribly interested in this! I have been pinged so heavily by the fact that Pamela is in the Arland games since I learned it, and using her in battle sounds great! (I loved playing Mana Khemia)

  • There’s some errors in this article =/

    Pamela is a ghost/shopkeeper, Astrid is Rorona’s mentor.
    The costume described is actually Totori’s outfit from Atelier Totori.

    Edit: or at least, the screenshots you’re showing are Totori’s costume. Entirely possible the code from Dengeki will be a Rorona costume, since I already heard Gemaga will be giving away the Totori costume code too. But then the screenshots wouldn’t make sense…

    • You’re right about Pamela, I mixed that up and thanks for the correction. Rorona’s costume is from Dengeki. We don’t have any screenshots of that so we posted screens of Totori’s costume which is included in Gemaga.

  • haqua

    inb4 comments on meruru’s second screenshot

    Also, Pamela<3 Now I just need Iksel. Or Tantris.

  • Being the last Arland series, Gust sure know how to attract players.

  • Hours

    That’s actually Totori’s outfit that Meruru is wearing in those screens, not Rorona’s.

    I’m glad Pamela is going to be playable, I’ve always liked her many incarnations.

    Now, I wish they’d bring back Gerhard from Atelier Totori, and make him a playable character.

  • Picture #3: “Gust knows the appeal of their own games.” :3

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Don’t make it all their fault!

      Just perhaps Meruru chose to wear a see-through short skirt that flaps up exposing her pink pantsu while out unicorn hunting.

      • Oh, it’s not just Gust’s fault, of course not. Siliconera is just as guilty for posting it. XD

        Or, if you want one more culprit: Kishida Mel.

  • malek86

    500 yen sounds like a lot. Didn’t the extra characters in Neptune cost 200 yen each?

  • Yukito

    Kinda nice. I love Totori’s outfit the most anyways. It is so pretty.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Oh damn! The second picture is so awsome cute! Can’t stop looking at it! > <
    Needs Atelier Totori fast!!!!

  • Rufus with a whip?! o__o

    That sounds… interesting.Meruru would probably look good in Rorona’s clothes. Haha. She looks pretty cute in Totori’s.

    AND FINALLY. PAMELA PLAYABLE! Although I probably won’t be able to have an older Rorona playable, I’m pretty satisfied with this.
    And a new area to explore. For free! That’s something you don’t really hear everyday in terms of DLC.

    • Pamela was playable in Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis too. She was definitely one of the best characters in battle.

      • Oh. Really? Sadly, I’ve never played a MK game before.

  • Fayharn

    Can anyone point which dengeki magazine will it be? I have been searching it on dengeki site and amazon.co.jp, and I found nothing :<

  • Now just throw in a DLC for adult Rorona and I’ll be good.

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