The King Of Fighters XIII Has Five Brand New Characters

By Spencer . July 28, 2011 . 12:01pm

Rising Star Games announced they’re going to bring The King of Fighters XIII to Europe this winter. The news came with a new trailer…


… and a few facts like The King of Fighters XIII has over 30 playable characters, that number includes five characters never before seen in previous King of Fighters titles. Rising Star Games also says there are unlockable customization options (different colors, parts, and icons) plus special endings for story mode depending on the team you pick.


The European publisher also promises global online play that has been optimized for high speed Internet connections. They say the revised online system reduces the time to wait for a match and more importantly lag during fights.

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  • Code

    rar, really looking forward to giving KOFXIII a shot, after XII’s mess I’ve been kind of hoping they’d turn things around, because I thought the game looked excellent for the most part. Loving the supers though in that video, not sure if they were from XII, but they look intense >w<~!

    • They weren’t

    • mikanko  Footage of XIII matches in action.  To be blunt XII was a broken and rushed product in most every way, and inferior to most previous games in the series.  XIII plays way way different, and with these 5 will have 13 or 14 more characters than XII.  If it has online play that’s in the realm of BB or AH3 quality wise it should be a great game to play. 

      ‘Bout the only thing they haven’t fixed from most reports is the AI is still awful, but that might be fixed for console… or not.  It’s not really a game you’re supposed to play alone.

      • Code

        Yeah I generally avoided XII when I started hearing about how slapped together it was xpx” Plus at the time Blazblue had just hit, so I was really occupied by a great fighter any ways. But awesome, to hear XIII is really stepping things up. I’m hoping they opt for GGPO too, given it’s worked well with similar games like BB. 

        Yeah honestly CPU AI isn’t a big deal to me, as long as I can play online people I’d rather get my practice that way any ways. But looking forward to giving it a shot.

        @Wayne LaBranch
        Ah alright cool owo; I didn’t think so, but wasn’t 100% for sure.

  • I doubt they’re going to make new characters from scratch, I guess we can expect some Garou characters such as Freeman?

    • well that’s what they probably mean,  we’ll probably see characters who haven’t been in KOF yet like Freeman or something else

    • mikanko

      First thing that pops in my mind are Those From the Past.

      Since this is wrapping up the Ash saga they’re really the main suspects for new characters that haven’t been playable in a KoF game before.

      • So you’re saying the new characters never before seen would be boss characters tied in from the plot?

        Makes complete sense to me! :D

        • mikanko

          Considering there are 9 of them and most of them have never before been seen aside from hooded figures in the background, it kinda does! 

          Especially with two of them being in the animated intro that’s apparently being added to the game if you go by the footage in this trailer. ^^

      • Ladius

        I agree with you, but I have a little doubt: considering SNK is apparently working on a really tight budget, can they waste money creating characters they won’t be able to employ in the next KoF saga? Of course KoF14 will probably be a dream match, but still I imagine they would try to make the most of their rosters by planning them accordingly with the series’future.

        That said, the trailer’s hint and the reasoning behind TftP’s inclusion are sound arguments.

        • mikanko

          Yeah, I’m kinda surprised too.  I thought Billy, ’98 Iori, Saiki and maybe one more. 

          The way I see it though is it’s either a typo/error on Rising Stars site saying there are 5 new characters who’ve never been in a KoF before, or there’s at least a team from TftP.  One of the new backgrounds also looks a ton like Adelheid’s from 2k3(?) I think, but that could mean anything.

          Heh, I’ve tried so hard to keep my expectations as low as possible for this because the scene where I live is pretty small and there’s almost no chance to get them to play this, and I have no expectations for the online. 

          Also just in from the Evo build via peoples twitters, Elizabeth and Raiden have been nerfed.  Betty pretty bad it sounds like =/ 

          K’ has actually received buffs.  Saiki looks broken x.X

          gogo console balance patches.

      • neo_firenze

        Would make a lot of sense.

        For fun’s sake, my picks for five SNK characters never to appear in a KoF who I’d like to see:
        1) Fio (Metal Slug)
        2) Bob Wilson (Fatal Fury series)
        3) Hokutomaru (Garou: MotW)
        4) Alfred (Real Bout 2)
        5) That damn juggling monkey (The painfully frequent Neo Geo CD loading screens)

        OK, I’m gonna go back to trying to ignore KoF XIII now so I don’t go crazy with anticipation.

        • a_paranoid_nerd

          +1 for Bob Wilson. Or Rick Strowd.

  • “(…) more importantly lag during fights(…)” 
    I hope so, every SNKP game so far have a crap netcode, it is even worse than the first online plugin for kawaks

  • urbanscholar

    5 new characters? Ok Billy is one, playable Saiki has been confirmed for the evo build. So that’s 2/5.

    • Code

      Also technically Mai might count considering she wasn’t in XII.

      • urbanscholar

        hmm maybe but I doubt it. They would be new to the console version like Billy.

      • No cuz she’s in the game, i think they mean New characters who are not in the arcade version

        • Code

          Ah alright I gotcha >w<' I wasn't sure if they meant just new since XII, or new since the arcade version. 

      • Uh nope. Mai’s been in the game since the very first info about the game.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    It seems that since Mortal Kombat came out, all my cousins are playing fighting games… Maybe I can get them to play this… Though I still haven’t gotten BBCS2, I kind of want that more… Well I still got a lot of time…

  • cmurph666

    Let’s see, we have Billy Kane…

    Now we need Blue Mary…


    And I think they found space holders for Saiki and Iori ’98.


    • Or Oswald but yeah i see those characters being in it too

    • “five characters NEVER before seen in previous King of Fighters titles”

      • cmurph666

        Oh in that case:

        Rock Howard

        or a bunch of the remaining members of Those From the Past.

        • which part of NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN PREVIOUS KING OF FIGHTERS TITLES  you don´t understand?, Blue mary and Yamazaki WERE SEEN BEFORE, you silly fanboy.

          • Ladius

            Have you read the post you are quoting before insulting him and going all caps lock? He was joking, and well, the characters he mentioned in his second post have never appeared in a KoF game (and never will, aside from Rock).

          • 1-Did you happen to read my first reply and his reply to that reply?
            2-Clearly, he isn´t joking about yamazaki and blue, in fact, since Billy was announced, everyone (most fanboys, actually) are asking for yamazaki and blue. 
            3-Technically, Rock has never appeared in any KOF. To my eyes, Maximum impact doesn´t count as a REAL KOF. (I do like M.I though)



  • I NEED TO GET A 480p TV for this! Game looks hot… not so much on 52″ 1080p. 

    Does it look not as bad on 720p? 

    • that’s why I kinda kept my old TV. I only used my 52″ for Uncharted and Final Fantasy XIII.

    • mikanko

      Pretty sure the game plays on an lcd in arcades.  Best bet would just be using a 24″ asus monitor or something similar.  Most 52 inch tv’s have really bad lag for fighting games anyways.

  • mikanko

    Never before available in a KoF title?  TftP confirmed?!  O_O

    Oh please SNKP, let online at least be as good as Neo Geo Battle Coliseum and not say… anything else you’ve ever released on console.  Please?

    Going by the trailer I’d almost put money on the 5 characters will at least have some of Those from the Past. You can clearly see two of them in the animated opening fighting Kyo. It’s largely been rumored they were and the drawing board to be in XII before they ran out of money and had to put an unfinished product out a couple years ago.

  • Look at the wording in this article: “five characters never before seen in previous King of Fighters titles”? So characters from the rest of the SNK world?? Awesome! As much as I love KOF, I love the rest of SNK. 

    BTW, please work on a 2D samurai shodown next, followed by last blade. K thanks.

    • It could be that (let´s hope) or It could be another 5 “Ashesque” never seen before androgynous characters, let´s hope for the first alternative.
      Anyway, I would really love to see jack turner, john crawley, axel hawk, marco rodríguez, lawrence blood, Jin chonrei, jin chonshu or franco bash.

  • I can’t wait to see the new characters.  Either its the Old Outlaw team or they’re adding in characters that SNK haven’t used in KOF yet (Garou Characters, Buriki one, etc)

  • god, I loved those new backgrounds, oldschool to the max, you are doing It right SNK.

  • I would really like to see Alba and Soiree in the game but… nope :(
    I bet the 5 characters are “Those from the past”…maybe.

  • SNK, you never failed to impress me….well except for the 3D games (such as Samurai Shodown Sen), but we do know you guys are trying lol. I was happy with…..just about everything at first with this game, but now they made it epic beyond belief to me. I’ve been waiting for this game forever. This game is sold to me, no matter what anyone says. Sold! :)

    Note: Besides, they don’t have as many people in their company compared to most others, such as Capcom (over 1900), Nintendo (over 4700), Square Enix (over 3,300), and Konami (over 5100! O.O). Snk only has about 230, so I think it’s mighty impressive that they are still alive and well today with just a short amount of people, and are able to create games like this when they’re not 3D or when they realized the mistakes they made in their recent games such as The King of Fighters XII (12).

    • Guest

      Samurai Showdown RPG

      This I wanted in English

      whycome that never happened…

      • Kris

        90’s SNK translating an RPG into English? Oh come now, you wouldn’t really want that…

        • Code

          Haha, no this is EXCACTLY what he wants!

          • Guest

            DO WANT

          • Kris

            Let’s go and defend the justice, Poppy!

  • PrinceHeir

    please Mark of the Wolves characters!!!!

    Rock Howard or Kain would be nice :P

    though i want my Vanessa, Oswald, and Blue Marry first :P

  • About time this ended. Did anyone honestly like the Ash Saga?

    • Ladius

      Any saga that bring us characters like Oswald, Elizabeth, Duolon or Shen Woo is fine by me. Ash is also an interesting character to play, especially in the KoF context.

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      I did. I liked Ash as a character and I liked that he was pretty much a faster Guile/Remy. I thought the NESTS Saga, while introducing a lot of cool characters, like Kula, Angel, and K’, also had a lot of characters that didn’t fit. 

  • KyoyaHibari

    This is gonna be sweet, so for my 4 I pick, Hotaru, Angel, Tung/Jhun & Geese

  • Kuza21

    Here’s hoping one of those five characters is Vanessa.

    • William Carpenter

      ^This guy knows what’s up.

      Vanessa is my GURL.

  • puchinri

    Well I know where I’m ordering my KOF13 from.

  • Guest

    This looks about a thousand times cooler and hotter than Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  • Customization? I love colour swaps, but what does it mean by parts?

    I’m totally psyched for this game. I’m not going to lie: I haven’t touched a single King of Fighters game for more than ten years. Nostalgia’s going to hit me like a runaway cement truck, and I’m going to like it. I feel like the music in the video already brings something back to me.

    • xAKUM3TSUx

      Some charcters have certain elements you can add on to them. One example is Takuma wearing his/an Oni-mask. Plus there is a color pallet editing system.

  • Istillduno

    Sweet don’t have to import now.

    Not sold on the online thing though, everyone talks about reducing lag, but plenty of games have just hidden it, keeping the graphics looking smooth but having the inputs delayed instead.

  • AJ

    I just read the entirety of the story of KOF up before 13, thanks to a visual guide of a devoted fan.  I thought it was so interesting, I passed it to a friend, who isn’t that into fighting games.

    And even he found it enjoyable.  I’m definitely getting this sometime when it comes out.


    Botan, Shroom, Rimelo pleeaassseeee

    Also Vanessa and Adelheid

  • NTyron52

    Why am I thinking they will add a homosexual in this game, while he also looks like an androgynous person? lol…

  • Souji Tendou

    5 new characters? Now THIS is the news I’ve been waiting for.

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    It’s Ash Crimson!..Stop looking at me that way. So what if I like him. I’m just different lolz.

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Rock Howard is all I ask for

  • God yes! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. BUSTAH WOLF!

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