Kakashi Chronicles Characters Confirmed For Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

By Spencer . July 29, 2011 . 2:31pm

imageEarly leaks from Shonen Jump confirm three more characters for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. According to Tale Tale Source, CyberConnect2’s fighting game will include characters from the Kakashi Chronicles chapter.


Players will be use Minato, Obito, and young Kakashi in the upcoming title. Although, it is unclear if all three are playable characters or some are support characters only.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation is slated for release next year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Now this is great! Can’t wait to play with Obito :3

  • Thats cool. I’m waiting for a Kimimaro confirmation…..

  • Wow this is great though a spoiler for me, as I havent even seen the episodes for the characters. Hopefully more young characters are in, as well as the student Naruto and student Sasuke designs.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Editors don’t worry about spoilers when the information is years old >_>  (even older if you count the manga)

      • Were they even in the manga? 

        • Yes. I believe this arc came right before the time-skip actually.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Yup, this mini-arc took place between Part 1 and Part 2 of the manga. Really good story imo. You should read/watch it

  • i hope obito doesnt have a stupid special since he didnt do any outrageously huge jutsu before he died

  • shion16

    Probably Minato is gonna be playable and Kakashi and obito their support characters

    • Possible but if they are how can support characters have their arc feature but not be playable? Unless the whole thing is a big QTE thing….

      • shion16

        I dont think thwy will have their arc.
        There no memorable battles in this arc and a fighting game is about this ones

        • The last battle was epic !!

          • shion16

            yes kinda
            But how are they gonna add their oponents? They cant put one episode enemies in a game

          • They can “create” the ninja war (with kishimoto) as we saw just the last part with minato’s team :)

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    No lie. Rin never gets any love. Poor girl… Anyway, looking forward to seeing how Young Obito and Kakashi play in game and seeing their ultimate jutsus.

  • @Lexaus_the_Alchemist:disqus I’m sorry but Rin gets no love because she didnt do anything. Well besides get Obito killed but you know…

    • malek86

      What, Rin is badass. She somehow managed to remove Obito’s Sharingan and make a flawless eye-surgery on Kakashi in the span of few seconds. That would be seriously impressive, if it didn’t smell of plothole.

  • darkfox1

    Minato was already in Storm 2 but he was the Hokage. I don’t see how putting his Jounin version THAT much different. I hope it’s young Kakashi,Obitio, and Rin

    • GVmanX

      It’ll likely be an alternate costume.

  • No Rin = FAIL!

    • Why? There’s barely enough information of her to make a good playable character, they’d have to make up moves just to have her as an assist!

      • As if they hadn’t done this before. I remember Jiraiya using a FLAME Rasengan before they even introduced the Fuuton Rasen Shuriken

        • AnimeRemix

          But isn’t he a Toad Sage? Or better yet, a Sannin?

          • Pretty much a move we didn’t have to see to know he could do it.

          • shion16

            but that was an ougi , not a regular skill.

            And even if they tried to make Rin a playable character, shes only a medical ninja, she dont have offensive skills for a fighting game

          • According to the plot no one, not even Minato, had been able to add an element to the rasengan prior to that day. The 4th failed, Kakashi failed… Jiraiya didn’t try.

            @shion16:disqus We got Kabuto, Sakura, Tsunade and Shizune as medic nins. There are plenty of medic nin techniques that could be used. Chackra scalpel (sp?) to mention one. Either way, this is Kishimoto’s fault for ignoring the character. We don’t even know how the heck she died.

  • Nice. Wondering how Obito’s gonna play out…

  • A_W_E_S_O_M_E i loved these episodes T____T!

  • Christian Wright

    give me kurenai.

  • I’m hoping that they keep with trend started in Storm 2 where all characters are playable and support.  I’m not a fan of support-only characters, even if it makes sense for some of the less developed characters.

    Also, I hope they add a mode where you can switch between your characters for true team fighting ala Marvel Vs Capcom.  

  • KyoyaHibari

    Obito is a good addition, I want Kurenai, Anko & Shizune back though too

    • Isnt Kurenai on maternity leave?

      • SuigetsuHiramura

        Pregnancy-style jutsu!

      • KyoyaHibari

        It’s Generations remember? We can have Shounen-hen Kurenai I guess

  • hope they put them in impact too =)

  • Asura

    Giving Obito his own moveset is about as bad as giving Rin one. So if he is a character, he better be a support only.

    Young Kakashi, I could see him getting some random sword combos in and having him utilize his dogs. That would be enough to warrant him being his own character.

    • AnimeRemix

      I don’t think he will be support only. I mean, seriously, he was playable in Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 for the PSP. If he was playable in a PSP title, then he should automatically be playable in a PS3 version which is far superior than the PSP version. =P

  • TempestTwin

    OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! I am so going to buy this game when it comes out, I <3 kid kakshi and i loved those kakashi chronicle episodes, they are one of my favourites in the whole of naruto.

  • Oni123

    I want to see Kushina Uzumaki! =D crazy hair combos lol

    • SuigetsuHiramura

      OMFG THE HAIR IS ALIVE!!!!! lol, kinda reminds me of that Fuka chick from the the last filler arc they dubbed. 

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    Well, Ultimate Ninja Storm Super Extravagant Spectacular Generations you sold yourself to me…. would you mind wrapping yourself in pretty wrapping paper and giving yourself to me for my next birthday?  Okay sweet, thanks…. lol

    Anyways, Vic Mignogna voices Obito in the english dub, correct?

  • SuigetsuHiramura

    I wonder if they’ll add kid Nagato, Yuhiko, and Konan as well.  Kid Itachi would be pretty sweet too.

  • SolNeko

    pleasantly suprised by this, they did say that every character shown in the anime would appear. hopefully they arent support only T_T

  • darkfox1

    So like I wonder If Kishimoto is ever gonna explain what happened to Rin. Think Kakashi confirmed that she died but like how???? Someone needs to interview Kishi. Wonder if Siliconera ever reviews Manga writers. I know this is mostly a gaming news sight but I see anime/manga news here and there. 

  • Can We Play , or Support Rin??:(

  • protofox

    wonderful, more great characters. now while this is great news from you CC2. please re-balance the game from storm 2. please. less broken, more competitive.

  • comrade91

    the game should 6e way longer the storm 2 and make the story mode just like how it really happen on the show. have naruto in 9tails mode. wjen u go awakening u should not leave ontil the gaem ends. and the game should have level like tenten should not a6le to 6eat naruto in sage mode and should not 6e in the same rank as him. cerrent characters should hit harder then others. the online should defferent types of online plays not rank match

  • comrade91

    6ring the game to where the war ends follow up in the manga too

    • I think they follow the animu storyline. So the animu hasnt even started that far. If they did then, we would most likely see Naruto’s 9 tails controlled mode form.  Though, they could always surprised, which would be epic. 

      • comrade91

        i hope they put naruto 9tails mode in it i would 6e happy and all the kage 1 thru 6 from every nation 

  • comrade91

    put evey6ody in the game not just cerrent people 6ut evey6ody that knows how to fight and make the game more like dragonballz

  • Raksha5 Akashi

    Obito-kun! ^_^  Waah, I want this game now!

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