Saiki Is One Of The Newcomers In The King Of Fighters XIII

By Spencer . July 29, 2011 . 12:31am

SNK revealed Saiki one of the brand new characters made for the console version of The King of Fighters XIII. Players will need to clear certain conditions before unlocking Saiki.



kof131 kof132


Pre-order The King of Fighters XIII and you also get an additional character, a version of Iori who his regained his pyrokinectic powers.


kof1316 kof1317


SNK also outlined the various modes in The King of Fighters XIII. Players can battle through a visual novel-esque story mode, challenge other players via online battle mode, and complete missions (survival, time attack, and trial) in mission mode. The King of Fighters XIII also has a tutorial mode, arcade mode, practice mode, replay mode, gallery mode, and customize mode.




The King of Fighters XIII is slated for release on October 25 in North America and October 27 in Japan.


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  • Question answered! Palette swap customization is awesome. Saika looks pretty neat, but those arm guards…

  • epy

    As long as the conditions to clear require playing the game and not paying 8 bucks, I’m in.

    • Saiki is in game but Iori 98 is going to be DLC though i don’t think he’ll be 8 dollars, around 5 is my best guess

      • Yeah I don’t think that SNK would be stupid enough to go the Blazblue route and charge people nearly $10 a character.

        That being said, if we do continue to get characters like 98 Iori, the 96 Boss team, the 97 Special team just to name a few teams, then I think that it would be absolutely worth it to have DLC in this game at any price, and the tournament community would be forced to adapt to the changing conditions of the market.

  • Adelheid and Rose pic
    Rose: aah, nii-sama, the tournament is starting soon. i’ve prepared the best seat for you

    Heidern, Mary, Ramon, Vanessa
    Your mission is to perform further investigation into these
    individuals (probably TFTP), and prevent this threat to humanity

  • BGMcDF

    Proper Iori’s back? My team of Terry and Leona welcomes this. 

    • mikanko

      He’s dlc according to people at Evo

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    Me- So Snk…This is gonna be the best KOF-Rebirth game right?

    SNK- Well KOF XIII everything a KOF fan would want; Including your favorite character- Ash Crimson.

    Me- SOLD!!!

  • New Stages, Lots of Modes, Color Edit, New characters and there are few more to come and good old gameplay.  KOFXII was a disappointment but SNK are fixing that with this

  • Hmmmm, this actually looks pretty cool. I’m actually tempted to get it. Too bad I suck at fighting games.

  • z_merquise

    So this screenshot:

    Does this mean Ramon, Blue Mary and Vanessa (and perhaps, Heidern) are the other console-exclusive characters?

    This just keeps getting better. KOF XIII looks like it got lots of content and it really seems that the people who worked in this game really show their love in this. I really wish that they found success with KOF XIII (so that they can work on HD 2D Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug after).

    I admit, I’m not a KOF fan (I’m more of a Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown fan) but I’m really interested in this game and I’ll get this day one. Pre-order even if possible.

    • I think they’re just show up for the Story Mode but won’t be playable but who knows they might.  Hopeful this will do good and maybe we’ll see some Garou 2, Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug in the future

    • mikanko

      Just means they’re part of the story mode.  There’s B. Jenet, Bao, Momoko and Tizoc showing up in story screens as well.

    • PrinceHeir

      i cannot wait for this :)

      hopefully they add this characters on the arcades as well, since i would love to see some high level play from the japan, especially SBO ^^

  • i want i want i want i want i want i want i want i want

  • i am very aroused right now

    i can not wait for the other character reveals

  • Ah Color Edit mode. How I’ve missed you from the previous KoF console releases…

    Saiki’s *technically* not new per se (he’s the actual boss after all), but I guess he continues the tradition of “playable bosses in the console release” trope. If he’s a nerfed version or not waits to be seen (and no Igniz in 2002UM is not nerfed IMHO)

    • Technically he is new cuz he doesn’t fight nothing like his Boss version, and he doesn’t do too much damaging from what i saw on gameplay.  And Igniz was nerf…he couldn’t spam specials from out of his ass : p

  • Mister_Nep

    I had forgotten about this game. For all that they’re doing right this is a definite pre-order. I’ll do that today.

  • cmurph666

    Yeah, Color edit~! I bitched on the Atlus forums for that~! Win~!

  • HistorysGreatestMonster

    I still would like some English voices for the visual novel story mode. It’s going to be very odd to hear a Terry Bogard or Blue Mary speaking in Japanese. But with all the other great things this game has, I would be foolish to pass it up over something small like that.

  • mikanko

    According to an interview with Dream Cancel, Atlus says that participating retailers are giving a 4 CD Soundtrack with preorders of KoFXIII.  Japan pre-orders get a ’98 Iori download code, so no idea if US will get the same, but a 4 cd soundtrack…

    … *insert “shut up and take my money pic” of choice*

    Also, for those interested, Saiki appears not to be a charge character.

  • AJ


    On a more serious side, Iori 98 is downloadable.  Which means he is DLC.  Which could mean that he is not one of the five characters that have never been in a KOF before, that are also on disc.  Which means that only 1/5 are revealed.  Which means that there is downloadable characters.  Which means Yamazaki, Oswald, and Vanessa have chance.  Which means that it’s awesome.  Which means that I’m looking into this too much.  :(

  • “The King of Fighters XIII also has a tutorial mode, arcade mode, practice mode, replay mode, gallery mode, and customize mode.”

    Bravo, SNK! Bravo!

    • Guest

      I wonder if they are improving the netcode and how you play people online. I didn’t like that whole lobby thing with the waiting and all in XII…

      • Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about the most. But I was concerned about the content in XIII too, and SNK has really pushed it this time.

        • Guest

          Yeah cause in SF IV you snap a finger and you’re playing someone online barely any waiting. Even Arcana Heart 3 you fight more often than KoF XII (even when it first came out too)

  • PrinceHeir

    oh my god!!!!!!

    the green pic reveals blue mary, ramon, and my main girl vanessa!!!!!

    please put them on the game!!!!!!

    this is gonna be amazing, i hope this game sells well so that we can have another dream match game. or a new Samurai Shodown in these engine but more darker and bloodier ^^

    • yes to all this… Infinitely big yes to a new Samurai Shodown that is as dramatic (not necessarily bloodier, but rightfully gory with swordplay) as the first 1-5 with fun finishers like Sam Shodown V Special

  • His pants are great.

  • Ladius

    Atlus USA has just announced a four (yeah, 4) CD OST preorder bonus full of KoF music… this is so absurdly awesome it’s worth a news of its own as soon as the pictures are out, me thinks.

    I will preorder both versions of the game on VGPLus, thanks for being awesome once again Atlus! :D

  • hadjimurad

    i’m really looking forward to this game, and it sounds great so far. but, honestly, this character is not appealing at all to me.  would it have killed the designers to put any detail on his (?) outfit?  i honestly don’t get the obsession with 70s drag (Ash too).

  • wow, they remade Iori´s team stage (KOF95) This keeps getting better and better.

  • Guest

    This is looking ten thousand times better than Warhammer Space Marine

    but they still need to redraw Athena imo get rid of that fat moe face do not want

  • Chiupon

    edited derp

    • Chiupon

      Google answered my question, nevermind. LOL
      I’m so out of the KoF loop. 


    Do you realize how long I spent trying to figure out KoF99’s slide scale color customizer?  TOO LONG.

    This simplified version looks awesome!

    Also, Saiki looks a bit too familiar SNK.

  • #JustTooSweet !!!

  • Saiki. Boy or girl? Also liking Iori with his pyrotechnics back, too.

  • Now your talking to me baby that i like !

    amazing news

  • AzureNova

    All I can say is Ooooooooooo to pic kof134, she’s sexy lol

  • KyoyaHibari

    I hope he’s not treated like a boss character and given cheap moves but are totally nerfed, if he’s normal that would be a decent addition to the roster, Adelheid is in the pics too, I guess he wuould be alright if they gave him new moves.

  • Souji Tendou

    He is NOT a new character, please get the fact straight. Technically he’s in the Arcade version, even you can play as him in the “leaked” version by hacking. SNK just made him unlockable legitimately.

    I’m just dissappinted in the news that stated Flame Iori’s gonna be a DLC character. “Sigh” what have the fighting games become nowadays. -_-

    • Yes its the same Saiki but this isn’t the Mid Boss one, its him before transforming so yes he is technically a new character since he doesn’t play like his Mid Boss version or Ash.  And Yeah it sucks about Flame Iori being DLC but its not really that big deal…unless he’s expensive which i doubt besides they do this to any game

  • So…they just took Ash and turned him into a female character? Where’s the creativity?

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