The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D Is Nintendo’s Second Million-Seller 3DS Game

By Spencer . July 29, 2011 . 1:11am

3DS_ZeldaOT_1_scrn01_E3On a positive note for Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D moved 1.08 million units since its launch on June 16 (in Japan) and June 30 (when Nintendo’s fiscal quarter ended).


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D was a hit in the West with 810,000 units sold. Nintendo sold an additional 270,000 units of Grezzo’s remake in Japan. This makes it their second million-selling 3DS game, following Nintendogs + cats.

Update: The error regarding this being the first 3DS million seller has been rectified. Thanks to all those who pointed it out!

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  • AnimeRemix

    Congrats Nintendo! I’m pretty sure you need it! Now… Let’s focus on more good 3DS games (Not interested in majority of them that’s currently out)? And how about throwing in the Red 3DS in America? I mean… I’m quite desperate to play OOT 3DS (along with other 3DS games) while having a Red 3DS…

  • BGMcDF

    I love OoT and all, but I’m starting to pray remakes tank so we at least move forward with games, even if they’re only sequels.

    • epy

      Really? I’m kinda hoping for Majora’s Mask 3D here. I only played that one once or twice.

      • BGMcDF

        No. NEVER. Majora’s Mask is one of the two games I hold sacred. Here’s the thing: it’s still perfectly playable. Go back and play it. I run Majora’s Mask annually every August. But it’s not unplayable. Anyone who can’t go back to play an old game because of its limitations imposed by time frankly deserves not to play it.

        Move forward. Remakes should be restricted to where they actually improve or add the product in a substantial way. Not a novelty like 3D, which is a fresh coat of paint on an admittedly dated title. Perhaps I’m being narrow-minded here, but 3D feels like a gimmick right now. We’re stressing it too much, putting the cart before the horse. OoT is the Zelda FFIV; how many times must we repurchase the damn thing?

        • epy

          Never said anyting about it being unplayable, just feel the title would benefit from an update and also more people that didn’t get to play it back in the N64 days would get a chance on it.

          I play more retro games than most, though it feels weird calling them retro when I played them back when they were hot new stuff. Just finished my nth run of the first Zelda a couple of months ago.

          On remakes, I don’t complain much. It’s not like the old version will cease to exist just because a new one is released. You can ignore the new version and just keep playing the old one if it annoys you. With all the new stuff coming out all the time, and the little time most people have available, it’s not like you will run out of stuff to play. And look, even though OoT 3D was just released, we have a brand new Zelda coming soon. New stuff IS being made.

          I don’t really care much about OoT 3D because I played the original to death, but I’m not going to hate on it just because of that.

          • BGMcDF

            It’s nothing about remakes replacing games I love. It’s that those games are still able to be played and that remakes seldom change enough to justify their being produced. Oh, it’s in 3D now? Is that really enough of a change that we are okay with Nintendo retreading instead of making a new Zelda for the handheld? I don’t think it is.

            Remakes usually don’t represent much and don’t add much. There are good ones, but frankly I’d trade those if it just meant companies would stop trying to relive the glory days. OoT has its place in history, and if you really want a part of that, go back and play the original game. Honestly, it being one of the best games ever has to do very much on the time it was made. Released today, even with proper graphical updates, it wouldn’t be. Because all the changes it brought have been made. Final Fantasy 7 is no different. Part of their legacy is they were trailblazers, and to rerelease that game in today’s market under the assumption that it’s some golden gem nobody today is appreciating is missing the point.

            I love OoT, don’t get me wrong. But it has its time and place, and this remake has done nothing to convince me it should have been made. A slight beautification and some 3D are bells and whistles, not a feature. Has the narrative been improved? Where’s the gameplay fixes? So on, so forth. It should honestly have just been ported again. But I digress, we should agree to disagree.

      • Hopefully that Operation Moonfall is a success and Majora’s Mask 3D is brought out.  On remaking Majora’s Mask for the present day they need to learn from the many faults of Ocarina of Time 3D and incorporate several changes that must be done to make it more compelling and relevant in this day age.  Auto regenerative health must be added to enhance the gameplay experience and make it less about finding hearts and being an heavy burden on the player given them undue stress during and before boss fights since hearts are difficult to find and rely too much on luck in breakable objects. Cutscenes need to be given a heavy focus and the game given strong voice acting. Ocarina of Time felt lifeless without extensive voice acting and thus it was hard to feel immersed in the game.  Compared to other games in the genre, Ocarina of Time felt rather retro and unable to stand against more modern games due to its lack of numerous modern mechanics such as strong presentation and production values as well as regenerative health, satisfying exploration, and in depth character development leading to a much more enriched experience in world exploration. The difficulty needs to be tweaked and the game given strong context clues in terms of boss fights.  Too often boss fights were reduced to blindly hacking and slashing to take on opponents. It felt archaic, though it got the job done, but I never once in the game understood how to defeat the bosses since nothing in the game indicated how to do it.  Hopefully they make magic play more of a prominent role and enhance the capabilities of Din’s fire, as it was the best move to use in Ocarina of Time and my go to source for offense against bosses. They can also tone down the difficulty of enemies, Ocarina of Time was brutal as the enemies hit too hard. LozOoT was the hardest and most frustrating game I have ever played and one that has brought me to tears in how cheap and difficult it is. Unless the remake of Majora’s Mask incorporates all of these changes then never shall I try any previous gen game again.

        • epy

          I don’t think I can agree with most of what you said here. It seems that this was your first Zelda game. Zelda has never had voice acting aside from grunts during battle and a word here or there and I’m one of those that do not think it needs it. The cutscenes in OoT were very well directed and the music played at the specific times it did made them exciting. This is not nostalgia speaking, I just played the game a few months ago.

          I’m sorry to hear that you had problems with the difficulty, but as far as Zelda games go, OoT is certainly on the easy side. While I haven’t played the 3DS version, I doubt they actually made it harder. On what you said about bosses, I cannot agree at all. In Zelda games, boss battles are all about finding the right strategy, their battle patterns and weak points, in other words, find how to inflict damage to the boss without gettting damaged yourself. It is certainly NOT about mindless hack and slash.

          Now, again I’m puzzled about you getting lost. The game makes it easy to find the next place to go and I hear the new version has these fancy visions in case you’re lost.

          Finally, finding heart pieces in Zelda games is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game, at least for me. It adds to the gameplay beyond going to dungeon->killing boss->getting treasure, rinse and repeat.

          I can agree to some point about making the magic more effective. I never really used it aside from puzzles or places I really had to, but you’re practically asking for them to make Zelda something that is not Zelda, which I cannot agree with. Maybe its just not your cup of tea.

        • You are going to hate Majora’s Mask.  It is one of the most experimental, creative and more challenging of the bunch.

          I don’t get the regenerating health suggestion. Make that for a rare equipment or something.
          If you want more magic, I recommend asking for another game like Zelda II.

        • Pasta_Soup

          Did you play the same Ocarina of Time that everyone else did?

          Auto regenerative health would make so many other aspects of the game invalid.  Why buy potions?  Why collect heart pieces?  Why should the player even be careful when traversing a dungeon when he could just simply recklessly clear a room of enemies (not that it’s even that difficult) and then stand still for a few minutes as his health regenerates.  Regenerative health is so overused now.

          Collecting Heart Pieces is an incredibly fun aspect of the Zelda
          franchise, as stated by Epy.  It gives a much greater sense of
          exploration and it never gets old finding some hidden grotto or chamber in some secluded area of the Zelda world.  Treasure hunting adds to the sense of adventure.

          You proposed that they should focus more on cutscenes.  Zelda has always had interesting cutscenes as they tend to use music and atmosphere over other games that focus too strongly on voice acting or crazy dynamic camera angles.  Share with us a game that you believe has great cutscenes and we’ll see how well it would translate into a Zelda title (not that it really needs it).

          Don’t really see how you found the bosses to be simple Hack n’ Slash fights considering every single boss requires some type of puzzle aspect to reveal its weakness.  None of them are even really that difficult once you figure it out, and usually figuring it out comes to watching the enemies attack patterns a few times and browsing your inventory for the right equipment to counter said patterns.

          I think Zelda just isn’t your game, which is a shame.  They really are fantastic.

        • FireCouch

          So, essentially, you want to complete change what makes Zelda, Zelda?  Okay, good plan.  I’m sure that will go down well.

        • I believe you said Ocarina of Time was your first Zelda game. If you’re saying there need to be “changes” because YOU thought it was hard and difficult, you need to stop right there. Majora’s Mask doesn’t need to fit to your needs if you want it. Clearly Zelda is not your game. Ocarina of Time has been around for over ten years and Zelda games are Zelda games. We, who have been playing these games for years, don’t need to cry over the fact that enemies do significant damage to bishounen Link. WE don’t need or WANT to “tone it down” because you think it’s too hard.

          Zelda is not a RPG. It’s an ACTION ADVENTURE GAME.

          • Well that falls in line with my post that the game just doesnt stand against modern games. Its missing too many modern mechanics and focuses on the wrong things thus inhibiting the experience with it. After ten years, the games should have had modern mechanics implemented to facilitate a more streamlined, fun, storytelling, and presentation focused experience. Altering and decreasing the enemy tactics, toning down their difficulty (or just offering a difficulty selection), and decreasing the number of enemies would have worked wonders.They could have gone beyond giving it a shiny paint job and evolving its gameplay. Hopefully they do that for Majora’s Mask.

          • Okay I don’t think you understand. This is Zelda. Zelda has a certain play through and style that has been going on for decades and it’s not going to magically turn into what you call “modern games”.

            As if you didn’t know Ocarina of Time got a major remake from it’s Nintento 64 game. If you can’t see the difference between the 3DS and N64, I don’t know what to say. It doesn’t get any fucking shinier than that.

            Zelda is a series with a hero named Link. Link doesn’t talk and there’s no voice acting because this series requires to read the text that appears in the box on your screen. Link hacks around with a sword and travels around the world to save the princess. Certain enemies will murder you and there’s going to be some required thinking for you to figure out how to defeat them. This is how Zelda is, this is how Zelda is played, this is how the characters and story of Zelda continues. And that’s how it’s going to STAY.

            And if the concept is that too hard for you to grasp then the Zelda franchise is NOT FOR YOU. If you complain about Ocarina of Time, don’t touch the Master Quest at all then. As Alan says up there: Suck is up, princess.

        • Suicunesol

          Give it up guys. :P We should have half expected this from Tsuntsun-chan. Gameplay in games is just too much for him.

          @Tsuna: BTW, Navi the Fairy tells you (albeit vaguely) how to go about defeating each boss. I understand not knowing how to get her to do this because the button isn’t placed very ergonomically (though on the N64 controller it’s very accessible). When you L-target the boss, a fairy icon shows up in the left corner of the touch screen. If you press it, the battle will pause and she’ll give some good hints. This remains true for all enemies in the game, except Ganondorf.

          As for everything else you’ve said, well… that couldn’t be further from a Zelda game. What’s the point of health at all if it regenerates? Magic could be given a stronger presence, though–I agree with that.

          I guess this shows just how far along games have come when you give a new generation player an old generation game. It really shows how games, as well as the players, have changed.

          • L-Targeting was just nebulous. I didnt utilize it until near end game and it just seemed to make things take longer, feel slower, and felt clunky. The game should have mentioned it earlier or streamlined its usage. Navi should have been more descriptive, it was just unhelpful. 

            Having health regenerate relieves a burden on the player and allows gameplay to feel faster paced and more immersive. Who likes taking breaks to find health when they can just take on the enemy and see their health recover as they avoid hits. It just seems so odd to play games in this genre without it, you know?

          • Suicunesol

            Really?!! I recall that Navi frequently reminded the player in the beginning to use L-targeting on this or L-targeting on that, especially in Kokiri Forest. There was the girl on top of the shop who told you how to use a fairy, and the training guy in Kokiri forest who told you how to perform backflips and whatnot with L-targeting. And don’t tell me that you never used L-targeting to shoot enemies with your slingshot? Because if you manually targeted enemies every time before you shot them, then no wonder it felt slow paced and difficult.

            Regenerative health relieves a burden on the player, but at the same time a sense of uncertainty and danger is lost when the player knows that he is safe at all times. It is very unimmersive when nothing in the game world makes the player feel fear.

            Because FEAR is FUN, man.

        • Suck it up, princess.

          It was the perfect update to the most perfect game ever released.

          The sheik stone addition was enough of a “hold my hand mummy, guide me through the game pwease” type-thing to see you through.

          If someone broke your arm or set you on fire, you don’t regenerate health immediately. Real men cut grass and break pottery.

          I sorely hope your original post was a prank, because you are everything that is wrong with gaming right now. You are the reason why there are no fun 3d platformers for me anymore. You killed banjo, kazooie, raz, and everyone else.

          You’d peepee yourself playing majoras mask anyway. You wouldn’t step outside again at night for fear of the moon falling on you. bah.

          • Suicunesol

            Aw, come on. Don’t offend him so much that you’ll scare him away. Tsuntsun-chan is fun to argue with.

          • I’m only having fun too :)

            He’s very well educated, and his turn of phrase is fantastic. I have no doubt he’s around 15 and has vast amounts of knowledge that myself at 25 couldn’t hope to process, but he does sound soft :P

            I love this site. I’ve been watching many commentators do their thing for a long time now, and feel it offers more than kotaku or destructoid do for me. I had to step in and say hello in a big way.

            Gaming is only beginning to reoffer me the goods I crave, which is actual gameplay, not a walkthrough-within-the-game interactive movie where the unskilled feel safe when they venture through every corridor. I want that last redead to hop on me from nowhere when I’m trying to escape a falling castle with the princess. I loved having bongo-bongo beat me into going from 18 full hearts and three bottled fairies to only having a quarter heart of health left as I landed the final blow.

            The old Nintendo are back in a very big way for me now. They have most recently realised that their huge audience and mass sales were due to a particularly fickle crowd who only latch onto the next big fad.

            I’m sorry Tsunwanwan, but these “evolutions” in gaming you speak of are training wheels. They’re mummy’s kisses to your booboos. If you’re not willing to ditch the glittery-pumps and grow a pair, then please appreciate that this game is almost as old as you probably are, and gaming has not evolved since then. It has gone through the motions and made progress for progress’ sake.

            Continue to play the games you love, but appreciate when something isn’t for you, it could mean the world to someone else. And evidently with this game, it means A LOT of someone elses.

    • Considering the 3DS, I think it’s better to not pray that they tank– if games tank, it’s not going to be as simple as companies thinking that people want sequels or new IPs. They’re going to more likely think that people don’t want to buy games for the 3DS.

  • sandra10

    Didn’t Nintendogs + Cats or whatever already top a million?

    • That seems to be the case since from April 25th where two 3DS games were platinum selling hits

  • kevinposta

    Nice, I was kinda worried seeing the original figures, but this should definetly help open some doors for future games since I am sure people bought 3DSs solely for this game.

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