Twinkle Star Sprites Falling On To Virtual Console

By Spencer . July 29, 2011 . 4:28pm


Twinkle Star Sprites is on its way to Virtual Console in Japan. Nintendo lists the shooter/puzzle game mash up for release in August.


For those of you that never played Twinkle Star Sprites before, it’s something like a mix of Puyo Puyo and vertical shooter. Enemies you shoot down are sent to your opponents side. Two players pass them back and forth until one player can’t keep up with the cutesy creature rush.


When Twinkle Star Sprites comes out it will cost 900 Wii Points ($9). That’s the same price as Art of Fighting 3, which is also slated for release in August. Hudson’s Super Adventure Island II is also on track for an August release and like other Super Famicom games it will cost 800 Wii Points ($8).

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  • malek86

    Oh yes, TSS. Too bad it probably won’t leave Japan.

    I wonder if they’ll eventually make a XBLA/PSN version or something, at least that would have more chances of getting localized.

  • TSS is like a mixture of competitive bullet hell and some horrid candy-coated cuteness I can only imagine would manifest as some sort of doe-eyed gummy kitten with a candy shell.

    Which is to say if that actually popped up on the VC over here I’d have a reason to touch my Wii again.

  • Mister_Nep

    So this plays like Touhou 9 then?

    • Yeah, I suppose you could say that, but Twinkle Star Sprites came out way before.

      • Mister_Nep

        Oh of course, but it helps me to have a point of reference with a game I’ve played. I’ve never played Puyo Puyo so I don’t have a point of reference with that.

        By the way, what’s your avatar? I’ve been meaning to ask for a while now.

    • kevinposta

      More like Touhou 2, I’d say

  • Code

    rar, it would be great if Twinkle Star Sprites made it to Virtual Console over here owo’ Since it’s so hard to get otherwise opo; Fun game, and it’s a shame there aren’t more like it, and play it quiet regularly with friends locally while munching sweet tacos >w<~!

  • I remember this game next to the Waku Waku 7 arcade…those were the times T.T

    • Code

      Love Waku Waku 7 >w<' Never had the pleasure of experiencing either of these games in arcades though omo;

      • Hehe, that place where i used to play near my high school (luckily its still alive in these days *-*) was a SNK / Neo Geo paradise :) , it still has some of those old arcades nowadays :)

    • kevinposta

      Oh my god, yes, I remember waku waku 7!
      I used to use Arina (was that her name?) and the nurse robot! Such fun times had

      • XD it was Arina, the furry girl :p ( i like the song in her stage ), i always used (and still do) Maruru, the big cat with the kid on the back.

  • Sounds interesting. My Wii’s personally pretty dead to me at the moment though. So I don’t care if it comes out here. Maybe it’ll release on the PS Minis? Since it is, after all, a Neo Geo game? I’m crossing my fingers.

    For the record, I will plug my Wii back in the moment Monster World IV comes out:) I still can’t believe that got an ESRB rating! I haven’t played that since Gametap was still a retro game streaming service, instead of a rather useless Steam competitor. It’s awesome. Although in that case, I KNOW it’s also coming to PSN, so I’ll probably just buy it on my PS3 XD

  • Love Twinkle Star Sprites. One of my favorite shooting/bullet hell games of all time.

  • Want to play this, especially when I enjoyed the Touhou version of the gameplay.  Bring it to the import section of various download services please.

  • Give.

  • Juuu

    First reaction: 8D *insert all sorts of happy squee and gurgling noises*

    Second reaction, upon realizing this is Japan-only and will probably stay that way: :D…..:<….8'C okay…

  • Skaz9000

    Anyone even slightly interested in this game really ought to give it a try.  The unique genre of shooter/puzzle, and the colorful happy art style cover up a pretty intense and deep versus game.  Really a shame that this game never officially came out here in the West. I really hope this makes it here.

  • Skaz9000

    I guess it did technically get a release on the bizarre Game Tap >_>. Hopefully it might help its chances if nothing else …

  • Now this is nice.

    As a lifelong arcade gamer, this is a must-get for me.

  • BTA

    Used to play this on GameTap a lot. I absolutely loved it, and if it comes to the US VC I’ll definitely pick it up.

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